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City-building game(s)

Found 19 results

  1. Welcome! Saw something you liked in someone's screenshot but can't find it? Vaguely remember seeing something once, but you don't know where it is? Wondering whether or not a plugin of a certain type exists? This is the thread where you can ask for help finding things. When asking, please be as descriptive and specific as possible. This can help people to understand what you're looking for. If possible, screenshots are also encouraged. This thread is a direct continuation of the original topic, which got too big. Someone might have already been looking for the same thing as you, so checking there first might get you your answer faster. P.S. If you would like a particular BAT to be made, please request it in the BAT Request Thread.
  2. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Here I'll show you how my BATs are looking and your tips, comments and suggestions are welcome 667 Madison Avenue (New York City, NY, USA) 600 Madison Avenue (New York City, NY, USA) 261 5th Avenue (New York City, NY, USA) Great Southwest Building (Houston, TX, USA) Continental Tower (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Capital Building (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Park Tower (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Sophia Building (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Saint Thomas Building (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Castelo Del Mar (Recife, PE, Brazil) 32 Court Street (New York City, NY, USA) 15 Goitacazes Street (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) 1001 6th Avenue (New York City, NY, USA) Hauzeff Building (Molching Feinßed, EU, Molching) Palácio do Planalto (Brasília, DF, Brazil) Tiradentes Building (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Solar das Paineiras - Residential (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Magnolia Building (Dallas, TX, USA) Museu da Inconfidência (Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil) Porthos Building (Eindhoven, NB, Netherlands) 32 Old Slip (New York City, NY, USA) John Wesley United Church (Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada) Habib's (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Central Bank of Brazil (Brasília, DF, Brazil) Little Whinging Style House (Little Whinging, England) John-Mansville Building (New York City, NY, USA) CCBB (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Old Train Station (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Hampshire House (New York City, NY, USA) Santiago Civic Buildings (Santiago, RM, Chile) Aria Condos (Philadelphia, PA, USA) Edifício Acaiaca (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) 500 5th Avenue (New York City, NY, USA) Singer Building (New York City, NY, USA) Kemper Building (Chicago, IL, USA) John Adams Building (Washington D.C., USA) Skatteskrapan (Stockholm, Sodermanland, Sweden) Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Pripyat Azure Pool (Pripyat, Ukraine) Parc Avignon Residential (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Hearst Tower (New York City, NY, USA) Colégio Loyola (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Palácio Tiradentes (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Mineirão (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) Copacabana Palace (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil) Tacoma Financial Center (Tacoma, WA, USA) German Appartments Blocks (Erlangen, BY, Germany)
  3. Mushy's Random BATs

    (OP last updated 10/16/16) Welcome to my BAT thread, which has no particular theme (hence the name). I kind of bounce around on projects and abandon/return to them on a whim, but I try to release stuff sometimes . My old releases were made with gmax, but all of my current and future projects are being worked on in Autodesk 3DSmax 2014. I will take most requests (in-thread or via a PM), though as I've said I'm not good at releasing stuff in a timely manner... so don't expect it to be speedy. --- Completed Projects - Finished projects that can be downloaded off the STEX. Click the links to go to their STEX pages. NA Semi Cab Pack 1 (gmax)(HD)(link) Extra: MMP Version by SimCoug NA 40ft Semi Trailer Pack 1 (gmax)(HD)(link) NA 53ft Semi Trailer Pack 1 (gmax)(HD)(link) American-Style School Bus Pack (3dsmax)(HD)(link) --- Current Projects - Unfinished projects that are being actively worked on. Memphis Fire Station No.21 (HD) (Name TBD) 370m container ship (SD) EU Semi Truck Pack 1 (HD) --- On-Hold Projects - Unfinished projects that are not being actively worked on, but will be returned to later. JPN Yokohama Apartments (HD) --- Planned Projects - Stuff that I haven't worked on. This list can include any requests I've yet to start on or stuff that I myself have an interest in doing. The list is not in any specific order. Just because something is on this list does not mean it will be made. This is just stuff I hope to do at some point. JPN Truck Pack Expansions for NA and EU Truck Packs Freight train props Assorted JPN buildings Mercedes Sprinter & Vito Construction props and buildings under construction A set of road -> subway underpasses for all Maxis and NAM road networks
  4. So I downloaded a handful of Japanese and some Generic Asian styled stuff from here and from other places, but nothing seems to be growing. I tried a bunch of stuff from a guy named Moonlight but only their 1x2 size houses and 3x3 housing lots grow and only the gas station. I've tried removing every other mod in plug in folder other then the asian lots and the maxis lot blocker, but nothing seems to work. If I remove the block maxis lots mod, then all of the maxis stuff builds and none of the asian stuff. I even removed Network Addon Mod and CAM to see if they where conflicting but that didnt help either. I've made sure they had power, water, and provided waste management. I've also tried all kinds of zone sizes from 1x1 to 4x4 and nothing grows. I've basically done everything one would need to make sure that a town grows. I dunno what else to add here to help as this is the first time I've run into an issue of having lots not grow in game. The only other thing I can think of is that either my setup can't handle Japanese/Asian mods with Asian characters in the names of stuff, or that it doesnt like my North American version of SimCity 4.
  5. I get asked all the time about what mods I use and where to get them. I have compiled a list of useful links and I wanted to share them here! Simtropolis Exchange -Most popular: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_downloads&sort_order=desc -Highest rated: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_rating&sort_order=desc SC4 Devotion -Most popular: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_lotlist.php?orderBY=popular STEX Hall of fame: Toutsimcity -Most popular: http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/index/simcity4/sort:Download.downloaded/direction:desc Capital SimCity: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc Japanese SC4 site links: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=361.0 -SOMY is a great example: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm Simtropolis STEX CD/DVDs (costs $ but its easy and helps support the site): http://www.simtropolis.com/stexcollections Strictoaster, a popular SimCity 4 and Cities Skyline streamer and Youtube creator, has a easy to follow spreadsheet for the content he uses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ya_32tupri4av11zGeX92yVh5L6en8KMi1syZgsf55I/edit#gid=0 Others: https://sites.google.com/site/sc4modds/ ...That's what I've got for what's popular and easy to access. If you have questions or others to add, please do so!
  6. Huston@NYBT

    Anyway, hey! Seems as though that I've just recently been invited by NYBT to join in and do a little New York BATing (which I've been meaning to do for some personal reasons -- namely ME:TMW episode ) Besides that, I've dabbled a bit in New York BATing as you've seen before, and now, I'm just going to be occasionally dropping by here to show you any progresses I make on any NY related BATs I make! Wow, so many projects, I'm going to die soon So without further adieu, here's some stuff I've already got in the works: Note - BAT priority is listed explicitly within any NYBT related works I have. Other projects may take precedence over these depending on what I have going at a given time. Images are also updated when a new post is made. Status in order of priority VERY HIGH HIGH MEDIUM MODERATE LOW UNSURE ABANDONED Status upgrade/downgrade/unchanged symbol key Ⓞ Unchanged ▲ Upgraded ▼ Downgraded Two Times Square Status - ▲ - Low Priority Trump World Tower Status - ▼ - Medium Priority 650 Fifth Avenue (V2.0) Status - Ⓞ - Moderate Priority Solow Building (V2.0) Status - ▲ - High Priority 100 Blecker Street Status - Ⓞ - Very High Priority Hope you guys like it so far. Currently as you can see, Trump Tower will be high on my NYBT priority list, and will just be a simple, first release as a symbolic gesture. Btw, thanks NYBT members for this interesting opportunity (I honestly never thought I'd ever end up being good 'nuff for this lol )
  7. I hate installers

    I hate installers. Had to say it. I sincerely hope absolutely NO builder will use an installer again.
  8. HI all, Is there any mod, or way in which I can use the train models for decorative purposes, such as creating full sidings and stations? Either the default Maxis models or custom content? I have looked in the Lot Editor but cannot find any of the models. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi. I have installed numerous plugins recently, many from this site. Nearly all BATs. Yes, I have unzipped them all, and they were all functioning fine until today when I downloaded some more. Since then when I logged in, all of my previous BATs have turned to brown boxes, the previous items have vanished from my menus and when I look in the plugins folder, there are only a couple of items compared to probably over 100 and other items which were in the plugins folder have now been sent into different folders. I don't know what to do, as I don't know which plugin was responsible for the problem, but it's really frustrating as it has messed up several cities and is obviously hours of time downloading at the BATs and it appears they have vanished. Really need help here. PS I am not a super-whizz kid. My technical knowledge is limited.
  10. Hello I've recently reinstalled SC4 and I want to fill it up shiny new buildings, in the past I just downloaded stuff at random, w/o thinking too much, but this time I want a theme, going only w/ American(north and south) architecture. I'm not looking for anything in particular, as I reinstalled and only got some basic mods(nam, rtmt and a slope mod), so Residential, Commercial and industrial of all wealths lots are my focus right now, but civic, parks or anything usefull to someone away from the SC community for at least 4 years. Just one condition: I don't want anything that requires CAM, just thinking about installing it sipps away my will to live
  11. I where I could look for Ghetto and Hood building to go with my city.
  12. In February this year, the 2008 created SimCity Brasil suffered a technical issue and was forced to shutdown. However, a backup made by me (Klyte45) (ex-admin and ex-webmaster of SCB'08) from Deceber '12 was recovered later in CityBuilders.com.br site, then transferred to HalkyProject site. All content but the downloads. Finally, all files sent until December '12 can be found in a page inside the HalkyProject 3.0's temporary site. Are around 200 files including exclusive bats of Lilith, Klyte45, suico (Marcello Brandao, creator of first SimCity Brasil, in 2004) and others brazilian batters and modders. Are listed also files of old brazilian regions union (UBR, acronym in portuguese), predecessor of HalkyProject and initially based on SC4 and CitiesXL. The old forum of SCB'08 is currently offline due the closed HalkyProject 3.0's development mode. That content would be back in 2015, in or out HalkyProject site. However, the section of portuguese Diários (journals) could be online in this year, but only for new ones, inside the temporary HalkyProject's site. For news about the SCB'08 recovery and more, follow on twitter or our fanpages on the facebook (in portuguese): facebook.com/SimCityBrasil facebook.com/HalkyProject twitter.com/HalkyProject EDIT: New addres for the SBEx file list: http://www.halkyproject.com/sbex
  13. I currently work on an entry of my CJ and I want to build a village just with these lots, but my problem is that there are no Landmark versions of these included. I could really use them, because my Plugin folder is.....a bit "untidy" and I won't find any of the other R§ buildings, that hinder the fully development of the lots I want. And bulldozing everytime a unwanted lot appears doesn't functionate well too. So are there any landmark versions of these buildings, or can I create them with the LotEditor myself and if, how can I do this?^^ Thanks!
  14. I will pay anyone 100 dollars plus a full tank of Gas, whatever that costs, to meet up with me and install all of the required things on my computer so I can build with all of the cool stuff you guys make. If you live in the DC/Baltimore area, please message me so I can get this done. Thanks!
  15. I plopped a lot of BATs and it was all ok, I uploaded the city many times and there wasn't any problem but today a lot of BATs are empty, for example the marrast embankments: if I select a straight piece from the seaport menu and I plop it the embankment works well
  16. UK/English style lots/mods

    Hey Everyone I was thinking about starting a new CJ, based on an English city, or countryside and I was wondering if anyone knew any good mods or lots/bats that I could use. Here is a list of some that I already have: Euro Road textures mod The UK housing project (I have most of the lots now) NDEX portsmouth towers, all 3. I was thinking of stuff along the lines of civics, Transit, Housing and commercial. IF you do know some good ones, please reply with their link and i'll check them out. Thanks! Hazzzo
  17. The title says it all.
  18. i downloaded lots of bats on the stex, all from the same person, but when i played the game, and had perfect demand, perfect desirability, correct zones, and everything, the buildings would hardly grow at all, i got something like 5 of the downloaded buildings in my entire city after waiting ten minutes on cheetah speed. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
  19. recommend some BATs?

    Hey guys. Don't usually post on here but been a member for years now. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some C$ or C$$ buildings that would look good in a midtown section of a city or a popular area for a suburb? Not necessarily w2w, but some would work. I have a few files, but all I can get to grow are gas stations or other ugly buildings. I also wanted to ask if anyone recommends any I-HT BATs that have a lot of jobs, namely more than 400 or so? I have a few buildings, even a few that are 1000+ jobs, but they're plop only and are usually too big. Thanks everyone.

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