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  1. No, color variation is just an extra texture that tells the game where to add the color. Any asset can have 4 color variations. If more is included, then there's more assets in the pack.
  2. Assets is buildings, props, trees, citizens, vehicles, intersection and roads. An item on the Steam workshop can be more than one asset, which you have noticed. Sometimes it's a pack of similar items like a few props or trees that fit together, sometimes it's just a single item.
  3. Why do you have the mod installed manually instead of being subscribed to it?
  4. This is normal. It shows you the infoview when placing buildings. You might have had Toggleable Whiteness before to disable it from doing that.
  5. That's normal. For some reason map themes don't load properly when using continue. Just use the Load Save instead and it'll load correctly. Afaik it's an issue with the engine and so unlikely to ever be fixed. Also when using mods make sure you never do a second load - as in once you've loaded a city you need to quit to desktop (exit to main menu isn't enough) before loading another city (or an older save) - otherwise the game loads everything on top of itself causing a bunch of other issues.
  6. I moved this to the Modding forum as it seems a more appropriate place. Very cool project!
  7. @AmiPolizeiFunk Please be mindful of the fact that not everyone has the same amount of time to put into the game. Boformer is aware there's something up with the mod and bugging him about it isn't gonna magically give him more free time in his life. It's gonna take the time it'll take. If you can't wait for the mod to get fixed, then I suggest making custom roads instead.
  8. I Want to Be a...

    This makes me wonder what your motivation is. Every youtuber I've ever heard answer questions about how to get started on Youtube always says you should do it because you like making the videos. I can only say the same for learning 3D modelling and I imagine the same applies for programming. All of it is a lot of work, so you have to have some motivation to keep going - and doing it because you enjoy it is really the best way. As for buying the game I can only agree with what others have said. Asking strangers for money is a bad idea. Family and friends are a much better place to try - perhaps you can earn some money by helping them out in some ways. Also don't worry about the DLCs for now. You might not even be able to run the game with that graphics card and 4GB RAM is low for the game - you won't be able to use any workshop content if you also want the DLCs at some point. Start with getting the game, see if it works on your computer and if you like it. No point in spending money on DLCs for a game you don't even know if you like yet!
  9. Yes, they were prepared for the fact that we'd mess up roads and have them disappear. Any networks from mods don't count ofc, but any in the road category on Steam will just disappear from your city like a building would. However there seems to be some cases where it doesn't happen. Most likely related to a mod. I've tried and tried to break my cities by removing those new networks (all sorts of them, in use an everything) and I just can't get it to happen. But I know it happens to some people, so I'm assuming it's mod related in some way.
  10. It could be the reason for the loading issue. It's prob best to post over on the official forums - make sure to read this post and include the mentioned files when you make your post.
  11. Damn. Not super surprising, but worth a try.
  12. I dunno. Usually SteamID also plays a role, but there's no doubt the mod roads work differently than the asset roads. We could switch from the old to the new without a problem, so SteamID didn't matter there. However the mod roads break saves when they're missing while the asset versions just disappear (at least in a vanilla environment). I would imagine a mod would still be needed for the game to recognize them as the same when they're made with the editor, but ofc new subscribers would then get the benefit of them being assets which won't break in an update. Might be the best way if it isn't a huge amount of work getting the game to recognize the roads.
  13. Switch to this one, it's the most updated and has fewer issues, though it might still have this issue. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong that it was fixed - or maybe there was a bug in the whole recovery stuff (vanilla) and that's what I remember was fixed. If that version also has the issue it might be worth mentioning in the comments on that one. It's sort of a community fix version, so there might be someone who knows how to fix it. I can see it's been reported about a month ago on github for the original mod too, but I'm not sure if @AJ3D is still around and has time to fix RICO.
  14. 1) Did you try this with 81 Tiles being the only mod enabled? 2) Does this include new games too? Check your mods against this list of old and broken mods.
  15. Which version are you using? I remember this being an issue, but I think it was fixed. Must have popped back in somewhere.