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  1. It might be worth taking a look at the Griffith Observatory and see what AI the parts use. It lets' you change the terrain around at least the back bit so the building can be exposed.
  2. The noBase shader and flatten terrain unticked should do the trick. But I'm guessing it isn't working properly for you? Make sure the subbuilding doesn't have flatten terrain ticked either - that could be what's up. Could you perhaps grab a screenshot of the building not behaving like it should?
  3. Default cliffs and surface rocks are up. Thankfully I'm done with the recolors soon, so I can start making some actual models again. I just have to get some moss on these surface rocks and do dark versions and then I'm done. Then I can start making some rock formation and do them in all colors! (Unless I take a little break and do something totally not rock related).
  4. That's some good looking dirt you have there!
  5. You're running version 1.6.0-f4 of the game and we're on 1.9.0-f5. Either you're running Steam in offline mode and should let it back online so it can update the game, or you have a pirated version of the game.
  6. I've moved the topic to the proper forum. Like Tim said problems with mods or the game should go in Technical Help Q&A. Do you only get the error when Traffic Manager: President Edition is enabled? Also if you can post your output_log.text I can take a look and see if I can find the problem. It's typically found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data If you're on Mac it's called Player.log and found here: Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Simply attach the file to a post here.
  7. Gorgeous! These are gonna slow down the expansion of my city decorating houses here and there and everywhere
  8. Arid versions of my cliffs and surface rocks are up. Next is grey matching the default ones.
  9. I just set it to night and speed up time in the asset editor. It takes a little to cycle through and get all different windows lit, but a x3 speed it isn't that bad. Ofc I've never done anything with tons of different window options.
  10. It's very strange! I've only ever seen it where a mod like Districts (limits services to a district) was to blame, but you don't have any of those.
  11. Is there a chrome shader?

    You could try adding noise to the specular map, that can really help break up the super shiny plastic covered feel of the game.
  12. Np. There's no garantee I'll find something that'll help, but who knows. Here's the mods you have that I'm not using: There's no obvious candidates for what might cause your problem. Honestly I'd be surprised if one of them was the problem. There's a few NullReference errors from IPT2 and Ultimate Eyecandy and I know RICO is acting up for some people as well, so I'd try disabling those first (Ultimate Eyecandy prob isn't the problem since it doesn't do much) and see if it starts spawning.
  13. If you have a list of mods you're using or post your output log I can at least compare to what I'm running, which might give us a few mods which could be the cause.
  14. How come you're not using Steam? It's way better to just subscribe to mods and have them install automatically (that way you also get updates).
  15. What's the road in front of it? Just the normal basic road? Any mods related to services? Have you tried moving it a little to the sides?