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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. I want to make a SimTower-inspired game with a top-down view reminiscent to floor plans. So far, I made a couple of pictures to try to figure out how it will look and I made an ASCII console game that allows you to place "rooms," "hallways," and "elevators," (rectangles of various sizes composed of letters such as 'R' for residential aka apartments and 'O' for offices) save your layout and load a save game. I'm going to use this thread to collect ideas on appearance and functionality and keep you updated on my progress. This was my previous attempt (with HD but "classic" view): http://azemocram.github.io/OcramTower/ Here are some pictures I whipped up to try to get my ideas down (proof of concept art): I look forward to your feedback!
  2. Hi everybody, as I am starting to experimenting with asset creation (I am using Blender), I start this topic to share projects and problems. My first big issue is about underground textures. I have read some old posts about this topic, but I am still unsure I can apply them in my case. I am trying to get something like in the attached figure (side view). The building should "come out" of the sloped terrain. I can already get this effect easily by using one of the standard building templates, but of course textures aren't applied below the road level. If I use the "Japanese Garden" template as I read in some posts, I just get a mess, because the building becomes terrain conforming and the "underground" part does not show up at all (I have tried with the "Flatten Terrain" flag both on and off). Can anyone suggest a solution or a working asset of this kind which I might reverse engineer? I guess ModTools will be required, but I am new to it. Thank you very much! By the way, is it allowed to share also maps in this section or is it reserved to mods and assets?
  3. so I've been waiting for sub buildings to become native so I could finally finish off Flinders Street Station (from Melbourne) here's a quick WIP look - probably will release sometime soonish - maybe next week. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. Bayou redone

    First of all i want to thank you all for your kind words and appreciation. @kschmidt @JP Schriefer @Takingyouthere @raynev1 @whiteshark365 - thank you Second i'm announcing a major change to Bayou district. When i say Bayou i associate it with an old area developed untill let's say the beginning of the 50s, now a historical site with a lot of tourists coming to see the landmarks and to taste the local cuisine and have fun and all of that. So i've decided to rebuild the district with buildings from 1924 to 50s. A mix of art deco, modernist, brick buildings and maybe some buildings with a neoclassical touch.Still a WIP.
  5. Capital Connect

    Alexandria's rail service has never really been adequate. This map shows how the ATA (Alexandria Transit Authority) rail doesn't cover much of the area: City leaders have been trying to expand the line into a full network for decades, but have been unsuccessful until recently. The project secured $1.5 billion in federal funding, allowing them to turn this: into a reality. The network will be rebranded from ATA Rail to the Capital Connect. The Durham/Lafayette line's tracks will be doubled up, allowing trains to run on separate lines to each destination and run trains more frequently. Two tunnels, one under Wellesley Hill in western Alexandria and a much longer one under the Financial District, Brookline, the Seneca River, and Brownsville will be constructed. Viaducts and embankments will be constructed to Tyson's Corner and Charlestown. All 4 lines will terminate at the new Sanders Station on the western end of Downtown. Finally, an extension of the M's Purple line will be built to connect it with Sanders station, as well as a new Brookline Shuttle connecting Brookline station to Mattapan Square. Here's photos of the construction. Sanders Station under construction. Another extraction site and the future location of the Brookline Station. A tunnel-boring machine extraction site and the future site of the Brownsville Station. The six tracks of the Tyson's Corner, Durham, and Lafayette lines. Here, the Tyson's Corner line turns west before tunneling under Wellesley Hill. Preparations for constructing the Wellesley Hill tunnel. The entrance to the completed tunnel. Construction begins to widen the Seneca viaduct. The new double-wide Seneca station. The newly-built Burrell Heights station. The finished Sanders Station. And finally, after 3 years of construction, the first train pulls into Sanders Station.
  6. A long time ago Turjan requested a Vienna elevated train station: I liked the idea, so I forwarded it to Ninja_Thomek. He created this excellent model and sent it back to me for the import and network editing: The normal map is great: I hope that I will be able to release it before my vacation. The next version of Network Skins will probably be delayed. Here is the original:
  7. Right now I'm working on the algorithm that places the new large growables on the zoning grid. Here is my concept: Before the plots are calculated, the mod will check which buildings are actually available for placement. This is limited by zone type, density, district style and wealth level It will also create a list of buildings that are very close to the spawn point to avoid repetition The initial building list is sorted based on different factors (avoid repetition, promote buildings with similar plot width and similar architecture style) A priority list of plot sizes is calculated based on the building list Now the algorithm tries to divide the available area into plots. The goals: Prefer plot sizes with a high priority Leave no unoccupied space Create similar sized plots Prioritize corner buildings (those have their own lists) Avoid very narrow plots The last step is very complex. That's why I need your help! Print out this zoning map and draw the plots how you would want them. You can also do it in paint or photoshop You can also try to visualize different scenarios: Imagine a building style would only contain 5x3 and 8x8 buildings, or only small 1x2 buildings. The most important thing is that you mark the cells which are not used in a different colour. Upload the results! Here is a quick example: Have fun drawing!
  8. After using all those gorgeous assets in my cities for almost a year now I'm tempted to enter the asset fabrication world. Background for this is the serious lack of roadside motels in the workshop. I really miss them for my Red Rock environment. Now - I started to read tutorials, MrMaison's list of software and more - but my problem to simply start is the following: I use AutoCad and PhotoShop professionally. I'm quick and skilled with those programs. So it would be easiest to model in AutoCad, producing a .dwg or .dxf and export it to blender or similar to work on the polygons and texturing. Is anybody out there who has experience with this kind of transformation? My first attempt of a (hopefully) series of motels would be something like this: Let's see how far we get with this project...
  9. Today I inspected the zoning code of the game. It seems like the original plan of the developers were 8 cell deep zones. All of the data structures were made for that. That means it might be possible to increase the maximum growable size to 8x8! I'm currently trying to decrypt the decompiled code (which misses hints, comments and variable names). So far everything looks good, I understand what it does and which passages have to be changed. Here is a screenshot of a test: In the debug window you can see the output of a test script. It displays the "valid mask" of the zone block you see. A zone block has a max width of 8 cells and a max depth of 8 cells (though only 4 are being used). When you draw a pedestrian path on a cell, it is marked as "invalid" (0) as well as all cells behind it (that's why there are 5 zeros in a row).
  10. Agrophilia: A modern rural tale.

    This is my first city journal and entry so be polite with me please!! (Attention: Philia in Greek means friendship, φιλος-φιλια, philos-philia . Agrophilia is also used in political economy and sustainabile accounting. Its not only agro-economy but a political-economic system. By any means I didn't refer to any sexual arousal neither mental or psychological illnesses) Part 1: The founders. ''Agrophilia is not only a region. Agrophilia is a very way of life'' (Ruralson R., 3rd year Ab urbe condita) Once upon a time, three statesmen formed a regional state with the Queen's approval in a blessed land. They chose the name Agrophilia based on an ancient language with a dual meaning. Agrophilia means ''the friend of agriculture''. However, it means a way of life-related to the environment, sustainability and social interaction between the rural and the urban development. Sir Richards Ruralson, Dr. Cornelius Beancounter and Mr. MacPolitics shared a common inspiration. To make a sustainable economy attached to the joy of the rural life. To make a delicate use of land and to promote agro-economy, to develop new technologies, a new political system and a beautiful place for citizens to live. Kings Town (pic:10th year Ab urbe condita) Part 2: Investing on education. The foundation of Blackwell Academy The very first thing they realized was the need of a new educational system. A system which could introduce the love for nature and mother Gaia and the wealth by investing in the agriculture and the symbolic capital*. Firstly, they established the Blackwell Academy. The very first modules were agricultural technics, basic agro-economics, sustainable accounting and political theory. Part 3: The Longest Journey The second step was to establish the base of the town's economy. So, they travelled around the county to find a suitable spot for new farmlands and a new town. They spotted a place in which a poet once wrote: ''Oh Titan Gaia, your body is so lustful for man's hoe.'Your heart a vault with plethora of resources. But the Suns' children are shy and blind. For not, settling your plentiful hug. Your sweat of love forms rivers. Your sweet smile is mirrored upon the beauty of the area'' When they spotted the right place they found Kings Town. Part 4: The Kings Town They tried to attract citizens from neighboring cities by providing free land declarations to the new citizens. The newcomers had the chance to retrained in the Blackwell Academy and then to work on their fields, manufacturing, services or selling high-quality agricultural products to nearby regions. In order to make people love their new town, the founders decided to establish a new way of self-governance. They formed the Greater and Lesser assembly to hold in account the governmental stewards. The Greater Assembly was based only on producers and farmers. They had a binding vote over laws for or against. The Lesser Assembly formed by even children with a voting right for every matter from schools to economic strategy of the town. They also build a delicate red townhall, a courthouse, a clock tower, the patrons' saint church, the central train station and the first water tower. The town grew fast and more and more citizens populated the town developing both the fields and the commercial areas. They also build a small farmers market next to the town center providing healthy and tasty products. -symbolic capital: Tangible and Intangible assets produced by the landmarks, terrains' morphology, indigenous products, level of environmental attractiveness, local customs, ethos and human activity.
  11. DEMO Region - Isle 001

    Version Demo@1.0-r0


    Hello people! My name is Seb and today I am sharing with you a Region I just began to create. The name is a little bit odd... It might change as the region isn't complete yet. So the idea of the map I am building is to make it a large island with many medium/large sized islands on the other sides. Also, the coasts are very high and the most flat part is at the top of those cliffes. So now, let take a look at the work wich has been done yet. (Reference to : http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69630-region-isle-001/)
  12. So here I am - my first attempt for a CJ about one of my recreations of real cities. BOSTON I picked Boston for a series of reasons: - I don't know the place too well (I'm in Europe and spent only 2 hrs at Logan years ago) that gives me a little freedom of design and less frustration if I don't get it right (or the game / assets are too limited) - Boston is all about traffic. C:S is a traffic simulator (I feel like city management and development is a lukewarm joke in C:S) and therefore it's fun to recreate the Boston traffic mess like the Big Dig. And there is public transport. - There is a big variety of districts, harbors, a centrally located airport, and it's not too big I started with a custom map from terrain.party and downloaded the main highways and railway as a reference through cimtographer. The 25 tiles would include the area I wanted to work with From now on I will try to document the process of this recreation and share my thoughts about Cities Skylines and all those wonderful mods and assets. I started at the bottom, near the JFK / UMass train station and worked myself up through South Boston. Now this part is mainly done and next I will move on up north i guess. This was the first big challenge. The I-93 / I-90 intersection close to South Station. With the C:S roads being too large it was a pain to construct. It apparently looks similar IRL - hard to believe. I really wish there was an update on the American Roads mod.... More to come soon, Cheers Dominic
  13. I spent the free time between my exams to make this train station. I started in Sketchup and migrated to blender for the texturing. I still have to create the pedestrian connections, which is very tedious. The bus hub uses gravel roads and works just fine. I also plan to integrate a 2-level subway station, and maybe a taxi stand if that is possible with after dark.
  14. I created a simple mod that allows you to replace the textures of any of the stock buildings. The mod is still in development, but it already works! Working Features: Replace the main texture of any assetPlanned Features: Replace the color variationsReplace other textures (specular etc.)Remove the original textures from memoryReplace textures of cars, props, trees etc.Texture packs as separate modsHelp needed! There are hundreds of vanilla buildings with oversatured textures (pink/yellow/blue roofs etc.). I want to bundle a texture pack with the mod that replaces these textures with remastered versions. My time is very limited, so I'm looking for talented asset creators who can extract and modify the textures. The textures are the intellectual property of Colossal Order, so we can not upload any of those to a public service like imgur. If you want to help me, please reply in this topic and add me as a friend on steam (steam name: boformer), so I can invite you to the closed beta. Also post your suggestions which assets need to be modified (and how you would modify them).
  15. Dear subscribers, modders an asset creators, I decided to leave the modding community next month. That means I will not create any new mods or work on any new features. I will only maintain my existing mods. There are multiple reasons for my decision: First of all I have to prepare myself for the upcoming exams. The last exam is going to be in the last week of September. I also want to spend more time with my girlfriend. Another reason is that no longer enjoy playing the game because of my modding activities. Digging through the source code of the game revealed too many poor design decisions in the simulation of the game. Before I go, I want to release 2 requested mods: a better tree brush a building texture replacer I also want to finish the Building Themes mod. SamsanTS is working on a great looking GUI which will be revealed soon. I will also finish the asset duplication functionality. I don't know if I will return after my exams. I thought about making my own city simulation game instead of making mods Thanks for your understanding boformer
  16. My newest project is a mod that allows growable buildings to exist on multiple (wealth) levels. To understand why this mod is necessary, a short explanation of Cities: Skylines' leveling system: When an empty area is assigned a zone type, buildings gradually start to fill it. All of these initial buildings are "level 1" buildings. Buildings will upgrade to the next level when certain requirements are met (Land value, Education Level, Service coverage). Every growable asset (vanilla and workshop) is only assigned to one of these levels. When a building upgrades, it will be replaced with a completely different asset. That's quite unrealistic, especially for high-density buildings: Year 1: Level 1 Skyscraper built. Year 5: Building demolished. Level 2 Skyscraper built on same plot. Year: 11: Building demolished. Level 3 Skyscraper built on same plot. ... You can fix this by uploading one building multiple times to the workshop, with different levels. Issues: There is still no guarantee that a building upgrades to the duplicated higher-level versionFor every version of the asset, a separate model and texture is loaded into memory Solution: The Better Upgrade Mod Asset Duplication My mod hooks into the asset loading process and duplicates growable assets. The copy still uses the same texture and mesh, so it will not take up additional memory space. Asset Creators can prepare their asset by bundling a simple XML file with their assets (format not final): The can also duplicate vanilla buildings. There is a separate configuration in the Skylines Installation directory which can be edited by the player. Upgrade Control The mod also hooks into the upgrading system and forces the building to upgrade to the asset specified in the configuration. Other Possible Features I'm not sure if I want to implement these. Feedback is appreciated: Create asset copies with a different zone type (e.g. a residential and a commercial version)Control which props show up in which version of the assetI also thought about merging this mod with the Building Themes modCompatibility with the vanilla game Assets with a bundled XML file are still compatible with the vanilla game. When you load a city without the mod, the modded buildings will just disappear. Development Progress The mod is still in early development. What works right now: User configuration in Skylines installation directoryDuplication of the assets (based on configuration)After that I will modify the update mechanism. After that I will create the system that loads the configuration bundled with workshop assets. Asset duplication can be seen in this picture. All of these houses use the same mesh and texture:
  17. Howdy all As my first post here, I wanted to make it worth it share a few pics with you all of a map I've been working on today. This is the far left side of the starting tile. Suddenly, a wild spring appears! Far edge of the playable area; seveal streams join further down and cascade into the ocean First top down view, starting tile is approx bottom centre of the frame Calm waterfalls add to the atmosphere The start of the smaller streams mentioned previously, this is near the upper corner of the map, visible, but not playable area (outside of 25 tiles) Spun the camera around 180 degrees from previous shot, looking towards upper left corner of map And finally, a top down, 90 degree view of the majority of the map. So far, I've only added 2 highway connections and 2 train connections. The train track follows the contours of the entire edge of the map, below the top surface level; There is at least 100 miles of train track already, it took about 90mins or so to lay out the one track, carefully following the edge, fixing terrain issues as they arose. If anyone has any suggestions I'm fully open to them Also if anyone has any ideas on how I would setup/layout a 3rd and 4th highway connection, I would really appreciate any ideas for that, as I'm kinda stumped because there are only really 2 workable edges of the map, and not 4 (they are just ocean) Cheers
  18. Project SUGCAM (SUGC:AM) "Where's the agriculture? Where's the military? Why no bigger maps?" Current Events | has been released! School is still busy, the holiday season is approaching, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Summary | SimCity didn't come with agriculture out-of-box, for Quality Assurance scrapped it form the game, but that shouldn't stop us from making our own version! SUGC:AM, the future SUGC Agriculture Mod, will be the first official collaboration project for the team, and it will add some more fuel to the flame of SimCity. The mod will introduce a new element of gameplay into SimCity, and we'll start out small and grow into a massive part of everyone's SimCityData folders, given the one year we'll take to make it! All of the future content for the SimCity User-Generated Content: Agriculture Mod will come out in the phases described below: Work Phases | Phase I - Essential Functionality - 2 months, +/- 1 months Project Akar Agriculture Culture! (Menu Structures) All RCIHC Plop Farmhouse! (Base) Parklet Brand Farm Modules! (Production) City-Wide Distribution Brand Tractors! (Utility Agents) Project Orion Brand Farm Fillers! (Decoration) Plop Anywhere Crops! (Decoration) Phase II - Modernized Functionality - 3 to 6 months All RCIHC Plop Urban Farmhouse! Project Anpassad Custom Factory Farms! Natrual Farming play style! Project Pony Brand Grocery Stores! Project Pony Brand Distribution Centers! Major crop update! New resource types in-bound! GMOmega Farms. Corporate Headquarters! (AgroCo) Phase III - Imagined Functionality - 6 months, +/- 3 months Residential Overhauls! Balance Overhauls! GMOtown, U.S.A! Rise of the AgrOmegAcademy! SimPolitics? (Hint, hint) To-be FAQ | When will the mod be released? As soon as Phase I is complete, what has been completed will be released. How will you release the mod? This seems like a lot of stuff... Each primary function of the mod (RCIHC Plop farmhouses, City-Wide Distribution Tractors, Project Orion Brand Farm Fillers) will be put in a separate package, and you can choose, like Project Akar, what parts you really want and how you want to play your game! Download | Not yet, buddy! XD
  19. Hello Simtropolitans ! How are you ? For myself, very good ! So, today I would like to announce you the beginning of a Work in progress MOD for SimCity : Cities of Tomorrow. What I am talking about is maybe, for you, similar to some mods that you have seen on the ST/Exchange. Well, let's talk about what this mod will be and what are his functionalities and how it will work. First, the Core Project name is "Cities of Tomorrow : The "plus (+)" Addon" Let me introduce you to the first part of this Core Project. Let's look at how it's made : https://www.dropbox....e.graph.001.png So for now, I have started the "Core «ControlNet»". I am looking for testers and modders that are able to add some properties to the mods such as : Bulldozable, fix the showing "value" (etc.) in game. Criterias for testers : You have to make a log file : ".txt" file with what you seen (what do u think is going wrong, etc.), have Skype (please leave yours in my Private Inbox on Simtropolis) (having Skype is optional but I would recommend you to have it). Being able to speak at least : English OR French (Both is also accepted). Thanks for reading, hoping that mod will be a success and will reach the official version. -=Update=- Re-hello guys ! Talking about this Work In Progress. Once the "ControlNet Tower" will be fixed and working properly, we will start to build a MegaTower Level. Hmmm ? Interesting ? what is that "Level" about ? Well, you'll see later (if success) new levels who will work at your choices (Pumping water, etc.) for you ! This addon is a part of you and US. =) -=Update=- Here are ".txt" files who contains all the informations for new stuff to come. At the moment, take a look a these ones. -=Help process (Support us!)=- To apply to a task or to help us, please reply and use the following chart here : Thanks for reading and supporting me ! It's a huge project! -=Trylk=-
  20. -=!! TOPIC TO BE DELETED !!=- Hello Simtropolitans ! How are you ? For myself, very good ! So, today I would like to announce you the beginning of a Work in progress MOD for SimCity : Cities of Tomorrow. What I am talking about is maybe, for you, similar to some mods that you have seen on the ST/Exchange. Well, let's talk about what this mod will be and what are his functionalities and how it will work. First, the Core Project name is "Cities of Tomorrow : The "plus (+)" Addon" Let me introduce you to the first part of this Core Project. Let's look at how it's made : https://www.dropbox.com/s/os2dz1ju37esjb0/HowItsmade.graph.001.png So for now, I have started the "Core «ControlNet»". I am looking for testers and modders that are able to add some properties to the mods such as : Bulldozable, fix the showing "value" (etc.) in game. Criterias for testers : You have to make a log file : ".txt" file with what you seen (what do u think is going wrong, etc.), have Skype (please leave yours in my Private Inbox on Simtropolis) (having Skype is optional but I would recommend you to have it). Being able to speak at least : English OR French (Both is also accepted). Thanks for reading, hoping that mod will be a success and will reach the official version. -=Trylk=-

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