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  1. This is great!!!. All the features sound awesome. I can tell you right know tho that die-hard realistic transport fans(pretty much everyone on simtropolis) will probably only use the monorail and ferries, tho having the other ones is nice as well. I know I will. It's also great to hear road naming is gonna be officially patched in. Overall, I'm happy with what was announced. However does anyone think that parking is gonna be made a revenue source?. Well, that and highway's. Toll booths for that. Maybe the new police's there mentioning will make that possible?. What do you guys think?.
  2. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Wow, This really sucks=(. I remember seeing him around simtropolis quite often. For sure recognized the name when I arrived on the main page. A real gentlemn I can tell from reading the posts above me , but even more so, a awesome contributor to this awesome community. John, I may have not know you personally, but I knew you as a user of this fantastic site and you sure did have a presence. I noticed it, as did many of us. And now with your passing, there is a hole.But cities , real or simulated, always come back, and we will do the same. It will be tuff, no doubt, but we have this awesome community to get threw this hard time. We are after all "one community". A chunk missing now, but still have each other. R.I.P John,and enjoy your new tools!. God mode is really your's now. Have a blast and do what you couldn't do or even dream of. You deserve it.
  3. What I mean is why are there no lights on them, either on top or the sides as well as no fencing?. Also, is it me or does the quay's look like they should have the ability to put either paths or bike lanes on them?. What do you think?. One last thought as well, the floodwalls have that grass strip on their top and yet there is no tree's,shurbs,etc on them. I find this very odd. Do you?. Just looking for people's thoughts?. comment below.
  4. Thanks for the info GC_Vos. I appericate you looking at it anyways.
  5. Can someone please finish this?. I just cant get the canopy finsihed and texatures.
  6. First off, this model is not mine, tho the author stated in the description "Someone is welcome to update the asset and share it as their own asset. I think I'm done with this game". With that being so, I figured I improve it, such as better texatures,add night lighting, etc. Well I have tried for hours to just get the wall removed, but cant figure it out. That is why I am asking for your guys help. So, I have this model and need someone with the skills of blender to get better texture's on it,(brick wall around stage instead of concrete, better concrete texture for stairs) remove the center wall between the 2nd stage I added in blender(you will see what i mean when you open the model), replace stage roof with something more architecturally, and add night lighting to it. If someone could be so kind that would be great. here is the orginal link: thanks for your help!. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452538026 untitled.blend
  7. Mod idea- permits.

    This would be awesome. I would like this as well.
  8. Hey Modders, Great job with all you have done so far!. Maybe a runway bridge for airport runways. You know the type that go over highways,roads,etc.
  9. STEX 100 Million Downloads!

    Wow, congulations simtropolis. You deserve this so much.Cheers!
  10. Museum [Offline Only]

    Oppie, WOW, just wow. I thought I would never see the game get to this point a year and a half ago. This simcity seemed doomed when it started. But you sir have taken this game and made it to what the community wanted. A moddable, very little restricted, game. You are awesome as is the other modders who have helped make the game to what the community wanted. Thank you and huge congrats. 
  11. Excellent job!. Especially for a one man army. Can't wait to play this when it's done. Should be a ton of fun!.
  12. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Hey guys, real bummer of a read about city size in state of simcity post. Thy said it will not happen. BUT, maybe this is where having the modding community in simcity 2013 will fix this, or at the very least come up with some other solutions(ex:cities side by side to give illusion of a large city). Only time will tell
  13. The title truly says it all!. A HUGE milestone for the simcity modding community's desire to mod simcity 2013!. And for this, I will say, uh.... really actually don't have words to describe how big this is.
  14. Central Train Station

    Guys, this is the door we have been wanting to open!. This is the progress we have been wanting to make. This is the start to a MODDED simcity!. And no thanks to the one and only, phenomenal modder oppie.plus his just as great companion ProcsKalone.You man, are moving the modding community to success, with the wreck that is simccity 2013.
  15. RegionTerrain Pack file

    So kinneyj09, you are basically saying that if the numbers are changed in that one file, it will in turn make the city larger?. This of course because that file controls the area we are dictated the space we can build in. Either way great job man and keep up the great research.