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  1. This project looks promising already. Great work so far! I had already given up on waiting for something like this to be made. Thanks for picking this up again!
  2. What if there was a C:S Google Earth?

    I'm not against multiplayer at all, irrespective of the technical feasability. Some people actually played (or still play?) a sort of SC4 multiplayer where they have a common region stored on a server. That way people could download their map tile, work on it, submit it, view the other player's cities and trade with them. I've also seen multiplayer sessions like that where mods were allowed, everyone simply needed to have the same mods installed. If I understood @AmiPolizeiFunk correctly then that's pretty close to what he imagined regarding the concept, and it's even closer to what SC5 already has. From my point of view that's a nice form of having something like a multiplayer experience without many dependencies: the only things that need to be done are keeping the maps synced and make sure that everyone has the same mods installed when they play in the multiplayer region. SC4 is very suited for this kind of multiplayer: it has (proper, not the SC5-style) built-in regions and mod packs can easily be switched around (while merely trying to have interchangable mod packs in C:S will most likely make your brain melt). Of course there would be many things to think about if a region system was to be introduced in CSL too, like traffic connections, trade and what not, so to me it appears to be least suitable for multiplayer out of the three games I mentioned.
  3. I'm utterly unimpressed by this announcement, but it's free, so we can't complain...
  4. I have to agree with the others, the building looks beautiful even though it has a relatively simple shape! May I ask what the tri count is on this?
  5. This is fantastic. I've been looking for a way to make variations like this for ages and wasn't aware that this is possible. Thanks so much!
  6. Since I'm not a console player I'd have to ask all those questions as well at the first look, and they all have a point. However I can imagine that there are potential buyers out there for all the CSL-related stuff that CO makes. The kind of people on this forum don't seem to be the game's main target group, to me it's clear that they rather try to target a segment of players who play the game more casually, perhaps even children. The art style speaks for itself, and all the DLC features that seem half-baked to us may be alright for people who don't deal with the game and it's inner workings as much. As for the controls I think it might actually work out just fine if it's well done. I once played Tropico on a console and I was surprised of how well it handled with the controller. Of course nothing beats mouse controls for this type of game though. Anyway, the console release isn't for the dedicated players and modders, in other words most of the people who are active in this forum section. Maybe we have to be aware of the bigger picture and deal with it. To be honest, from the announcements before the game was released I expected something that was better thought-out than the game we actually got. I think most of us will agree when I say that the modding tools and support aren't the greatest, even though they were included at least. Realism wasn't as high on the developer's list as it would have been on mine and many others' who have to make CSL feel as realistic as possible via modding. Everything about ths game feels like a compromise somehow, but without the success that this ensured we might not even have the half-decent platform to build upon that CSL is now. I still haven't lost all my hopes for future DLCs, but they have been dwindling since the release of Snowfall.
  7. Hey there! Seems like you're talking about a variant of a Diverging Diamond Interchange in your second solution. That's an intersection style where the directions of traffic are swapped on a short road segment to eliminate left turns across oncoming lanes. Maybe you could look at some real-life examples on the internet to see how the real ones are built. The only way of having that in-game would be two separate two-lane one way roads next to each other, which will most likely require some mods like Road Anarchy in order to be built on such a short segment. Other than that, I believe the setup as it is now isn't unrealistic. The Turning Lane Avenue from Network Extensions has a suicide lane in the middle which can be used in both directions, so that's the closest you could get to having "no" designated lanes at all. I think it would technically be possible to have multiple of those suicide lanes next to each other, but I don't believe that there are enough cases where anything like that would be needed for anyone to implement that
  8. Sydney

    The most impressive images from SC4 I know!
  9. Well, as far as types of intersections go, the most compact type I can think of is a stack interchange which isn't that hard to build. Maybe you want to try the "Move It!" mod and the network node editor. I recently got those and especially "Move it" really helps building interchanges and visually pleasant exits and onramps because it allows you to edit placed roads. It also lets you edit the radius and bending of curves, so these two mods are worth a look I suppose!
  10. @GC_Vos Some really nice textures over there! They would however be a case for NS rather than NExt as long as they don't bring new functionality or a new mesh I think.
  11. Kra's creations

    Ah, well, that makes sense. I wouldn't use them in-game anyway, I was just curious because I'd never seen this.
  12. Kra's creations

    Well, I've just been working at some fixes for the North America Pack, thankfully almost all of my mods already work again after the update. So, while screwing with node textures, I noticed this on the NExt 2L Highway: Has this always been possible? I've never seen that behaviour before the update. Doesn't even look that bad on the orthogonal intersections, and the Y-junction looks a bit crumpled, but much smoother than one would expect. I find this pretty interesting (as long as nobody tells me that it's always been that way :P) On a side note, I like all the small improvements that the free update brought. I didn't expect it to be very useful or necessary, but especially the improvements in the sound department (Doppler effect!) convinced me otherwise.
  13. Congratulations! I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not going to get it because it doesn't fit the style of my cities. But I'm happy to see things like this being done! Maybe one day there will be the right one for me Hope it sells well!
  14. Kra's creations

    Thanks so much @Ronyx69, that was exactly the program I needed in this case. I got it to work! The APR maps go in the main mod folder for whatever reason. It seems indeed like Core+ isn't much less of a mess than the old Core mod, it's just a lot more spread out Now I'll be able to fix some of the issued I had with my pack.
  15. Any good maps for realistic cities

    Have you tried OWL's maps yet? I consider them some of the best maps out there. On the other hand, I haven't tried many maps from the workshop, so that's my only hot tip