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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    I love that train running through. I tried to do the same thing once, but couldn't get it to cooperate.
  2. I think it would make sense that the lower walkway holds the water out further than the quay without the walkway, so any water that washes up onto the quay with the walkway would likely leave a lower waterline. You could have the discoloration on the walkway and maybe a foot up the wall. I think that would look fairly accurate.
  3. Very impressive.
  4. I see. Yea, the traffic can be frustrating. I play strictly as a city painter, so the AI doesn't bother me too much. As long as the game runs and people are moving around, I'm good. I just want it to look nice.
  5. I look forward to them if you do end up doing them. I apologize if you've already addressed this, but what made you give up on CS?
  6. Are they being retooled for CSL?
  7. Awesome. What is that they're sitting beside in that last picture?
  8. Thinking about city journal

    It's been quite a while since my last post, obviously. My asset list kept growing and was starting to get out of hand. It was getting to where my computer could barely run my city with 24 gigs of RAM. I went through and trimmed the fat, going from 236 pages of assets down to 199. I still have a few things, mostly older trees, I'm planning to get rid of as soon as I've had a chance to edit a few assets to replace them. But I wanted to post to ask advice. I'm planning to do express lanes on the highway running through the downtown/CBD of the biggest borough. I've just barely started it and haven't put down any streets or buildings yet. The highway will be sunken pretty much all the way through the CBD. The thing I'm trying to decide is whether I should have the express lanes sunken along with the rest of the highway, running through the center like other express lanes I've seen, or should I make the express lanes elevated, creating a kind of double-decker highway with the main lanes sunken, and the express lanes elevated to where they're basically at grade with the street-level roads. Suggestions and examples are much appreciated. And once I decide, I'll get to work and post some pics of my progress. Thanks in advance.
  9. Great shots from a very realistic and authentic build. Nice work.
  10. Show us what you're working on!

    Nice. My one critique would be to get rid of the parking meter.
  11. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Looking good.