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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. I am having an issue where BAT will not import any 3ds models that has PNG texture files. Most of the time, converting them to jpg works, but this can cause some problems in the model if the model that I downloaded has transparency in those textures. Sometimes the model does not read the loss of transparency and I am fine, but sometimes I get an ugly white into the model. This is all because BAT will not import 3ds models with PNG textures. If I try to import a model with PNG textures, nothing happens. Nothing is imported. No error message or anything, it just does not import. I was wondering if there is a fix for this? I Googled the problem but nothing about this came up. So there has to be a way to get it to read models with PNG textures.
  2. I am new to 3D modelling and not a lot of experience with texture maps. So it took me a long time to debug a problem with the illumination map output from Mod Tools dump. I do not think this is necessarily a problem with Mod Tools as it did not happen on the European models I dumped with it. The problem had first occurred with other models I had modified with Blender. To isolate the problem, I dumped a couple of asset buildings with Mod Tools and then went straight to the Asset Editor, Import to check out the problem. No blender processing, I imported the dumped .obj files directly to asset editor. Below you see the results with the original built-in asset on left side of streets and the Editor imported version of exactly the files that were dumped on the right side of the streets. At night some of the dumped/imported assets appeared to be randomly ALL lit up at night. Being a newbie to modeling it took me a while to focus on the illumination map. In the dumped illumination map almost all the mask value were 225 (= lights ON ALL over). It should have been 192 for neutral, i.e. no light at night. Changing the illumination map values from 225 to 192 with my graphics program (Paintshop Pro) fixed it.
  3. I am working on a mod for the Map Editor that allows the user to import real-world tree cover using a bounding box similar to that used in terrain.party. This mod will connect directly to the a Web API image server and automatically import the tree cover within the provided lat/long bounding box. The Earth's tree-cover can be browsed with a viewer at http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?url=http%3A%2F%2Fec2-50-18-182-188.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com%3A6080%2Farcgis%2Frest%2Fservices%2FTreeCover2000%2FImageServer&source=sd An early copy of the source is located at https://github.com/madtony26/TreeMapper Below is an example of the tree cover in Frankfort, KY: ... and the resulting forestry imported into the game: Here's what it looks like while importing trees into a flat map.. The importing process finishes almost instantly, but it can take several minutes for the game to update the Forest resource, which is somehow blocking the trees from rendering to the screen. I'm still working on understanding how that happens behind the scenes to speed things up (but even with the waiting, it's still faster than painstakingly planting the trees yourself. The density will be configurable. The following was imported using three trees per pixel from the image server, which looked great in the game. The trees were randomly placed near the pixel location, and the randomness will be configurable. The imported trees can also be used as a guideline for lining things up as they are in the real world. For example, the following interchange was easily replicated using the trees around it as a reference. Also, the highway path was easily traceable through the forest in the upper-right corner (below). The river that you can see in some of the pictures flowed nicely through a gap that could be seen in the tree coverage. I'm thinking about using Tree Mapper as the title. Some things I'm still working on before I can release the mod.. 1. Speeding up rendering the trees after they are first imported. The import happens quickly, but for some reason, they are not drawn until the forestry resource is calculated, which takes several minutes after the import. 2. Tree selection. Right now, it's hard-coded to use the tree you see in the images above. This will probably just be a simple drop-down selection. 3. Accuracy. Right now, the coordinate system doesn't match up perfectly with the terrain.party coordinate system. I read somewhere that the terrain.party author had some issues with higher elevation coordinates being off. To mitigate this, the user can provide an x-scale and y-scale that will stretch the imported trees to line up with the terrain.party terrain. 4. GUI polishing. Right now, it's pretty rigid. I want to get everything else working and clean up the user interface last. Need to add tree limit warnings. Development slowed down a lot, since I got distracted playing my Frankfort, KY map that I imported! The game is fun and will suck you in like that! I'll try to publish more updates and screenshots as I go. Lastly, any test cases/requests for cities to import tree coverage and terrain? I'd like to see how it will handle interesting cities that users would like to build on.
  4. So this issue has been recurring for me ever since launch. In summary, the asset editor will flawlessly load any template but then crash as soon as you select a (new or old) model. For reference, here's a post on Reddit discussing the same issue. I have gone as far as reinstalling the game, cleaning up the import folder, resetting the gamestate file and running the game without any mods. The crashes will still occur. What's strange to me is any of the models I select have either already been imported before, or will eventually load after three of four attempts, then fail again later on. I think this problem has been discussed before but since we are so far beyond launch I was wondering if any of you have experience with (solving) this issue.
  5. I am using blender, and I think I have all my settings set correct (my units are in meters in blender) I have attached screenshots to show what my model looks like in blender, and then how it is exported into cities skylines. Is there anything I am missing/doing wrong that I could fix? Scene: http://imgur.com/OHBDVcL Settings: http://imgur.com/dzUkvfB UV Map: http://imgur.com/noAs4nj In-game: http://imgur.com/vu7fDc6
  6. Hi. Im looking for a experienced Skylines modder. I ran into an issue with trying to import my Normal map. My diffuse is sitting correct just like the UV map is telling it to do. How ever my normal map is completely off. I use Maya. Imported with a Lambert. In Maya it all aligns well. But it seems like in the asset editor of skylines the Normal map is on a completley different UV set. I double checked Maya and there is no other UV set then the main. Is there something I need to do in Maya to make it use the Main UV set? I'm gonna add some photos at the bottom. Any help is much appreciated:)
  7. Hi I've been trying to import a model from blender into Cities:Skylines using my model in an fbx format. However, when I open my building in the asset editor, I ran into several problems. These were: 1. I had this error pop-up: GetColors(): format not supported [System.NotImplementedException] Details: No details System.NotImplementedException: GetColors(): format not supported at (wrapper managed-to-native) ColossalFramework.Importers.Image:GetColors (int,int) at ColossalFramework.Importers.Image.GetColors () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AssetImporterTextureLoader.BuildTexture (ColossalFramework.Importers.Image[] sources, ResultType type, Int32 width, Int32 height, Boolean nullAllowed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AssetImporterTextureLoader+<LoadTextures>c__AnonStoreyBF.<>m__30 () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 2. After dismissing the error, the preview window only shows the bottom of my building, with no textures 3. After trying to continue anyways, the same bottom part of my building loads into the asset editor humongously large, still with no texture. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I can't find any similar problems anywhere. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance. PS: I'm very new to modding so I might just be doing some silly mistake, pls don't judge EDIT: I changed the texture from PNG to JPG and it "sort of" loads in. All other problems still remain unsolved.
  8. Hi there, i downloaded the "landscape_example.jpg" and the "config.bpm", followed all the steps (including Import, STRG+SHIFT*ALT+R, and so on) After that SimCity "worked" as regular to build the new Region, but as the result, i get a Region with dark blue lines on the Edge of some cities. I tried it with some "downloaded Regions" from here, but everytime the same issue. Any hints from somebody, what i am doing wrong ?!? Best Regards Skyflyer
  9. Hey guys, Been having crashes every time I try to import a model, even with the ones already imported and working. It will load the default template, then instantly freeze upon selecting a different fbx. On some rare lucky occasions I get a model to show up, then the same crash after clicking another one. The editor does load existing assets. Wondering if anybody else has seen this issue? Things I tried: Disabling modsCleaning up asset/import folderThanks a ton!
  10. I have a problem when I try to import grayscale .bmp images to the Shift+Control+Alt+R box, I always find the file correctly, but when I click OK, the box disappears and nothing happens. Does anybody know what to do from here? EDIT: I followed this site: http://www.sc4ever.com/knowledge/showarticle.cfm?id=1103
  11. Hi to all, I started extracting raw material from districts. After that, i cut the outside line for the train in order not to import raw material. Excess raw material is exporting fine (big trucks) but small ones (goods for vans) dont seem to go to the outside world. I started having error message "cant sell goods" from industries (or something like that because i have french version). I had to put back train connection in order to get rid of this message. Does it work like that ? Is there something i can do to counter that ? Thank you !
  12. Hey guys! I am new to both modelling and modding, so i really don't know what i am doing that much. So i made this model for a custom vehicle. Looks good in blender, i export it in game go to the asset editor and see this: (it's shadow looks like a cat so that's cool i guess.) Before this one i couldn't even load the model so this is progress but as you can see i need help. Below there are two images one is a render of my model other is kinda the properties and stuff. I also wanted to attach a blender file but it won't let me, sorry Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey all - I have been working on this problem for many days and I can't seem to figure it out. I have a swirl that keeps showing up on my imports. It makes them look like Poke Balls. I have no idea why. Does anyone with some experience ever have this issue? What was your fix? Anyone with knowledge of Blender care to lend some advice and an ear? I can supply screenies, I just need to know how to not get this swirl on my models. I can import them fine, I seem to have things unwrapped, and my materials/textures files should be in order, and properly named in the proper C;S folder. I have a feeling it's the UV unwrapping I'm not doing right. Thanks in advance! Here's a link to many screenies and a picture of the issue: http://i.imgur.com/ZjhoxxV.jpg
  14. Missions/Challenges

    Hello all, This is my first post on the forums, so this might already been asked before.. So back in the day of Simcity 3000 I remember playing mission maps (Like solving problems in Berlin etc.), and except for the tutorial maps I haven't seen this kind of maps back in Simcity 4. Is it even possible to export cities (not the regions/maps, but the cities themselves)? Is there a reason that no one makes challenge maps with a certain goal (or am I missing these?) I hope you guys can help me with this burning question! Peace
  15. Hi, I have 2 new cities that will do a garbage deal but no power deal can be made. Both have the power lines going off the map to each other with the connector symbol. The exporter has 4 power plants (overkill) and practically zero need for power. The importer needs power badly, has tons of cash reserves, and I cannot ever get a power deal going! From Google searches, this seems to be a common issue. Any suggestions? Thanks folks.
  16. Hey Simtropolis! So, my Electronics city, my FIRST Electronics city, is in a huge deficit. My Electronics city was fine until I destroyed all my processor factories and imported them instead. I have at least 10 computer factories now and they sap out the processors super fast. Now I put a trade port with all 6 storage lots importing processors. After a few game hours I was shocked from how 12 million simoleons fell below 1 million simoleons. Please help me! Here's some pictures of Corona, my first Electronics city. (Sorry the quality is bad, when I take screenshots it doesn't show the UI and yes, I already unchecked the Hide UI in the Settings.) http://imgur.com/a/Pfajk#0
  17. How does one go about getting a model made in Blender to show up in SimCity as a mod? Here is a pic of what I'm working on: I've also got the project uploaded to my Dropbox if anyone wants to take a look at it. http://dl.dropbox.co...C4Subway1-1.zip

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