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City-building game(s)

Found 8 results

  1. Western U.S.

    After viewing some of the United States' most iconic cities and skylines over the past couple of updates - today we'll be taking road trip through some of the country's most stunning national parks and other impressive sights from the West. We begin our trip through the West in Southern Arizona - where we'll be visiting Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Established in 1937, it's a thriving community of plants and animals - and the only place in the United States where you'll get to see the impressive Organ Pipe cactus. After making our way through Organ Pipe's many winding roads, we now travel north towards the Arizona/Utah border to visit our first National Park and one of the world's most awe-inspiring natural wonders - the Grand Canyon. This five-thousand foot deep gorge was created over a period of 15 million years - and it's truly one of nature's best masterpieces. Monument Valley can be found further East, towards the Arizona/Utah border. This iconic symbol of the West lies in the middle of Navajo Nation, and offers stunning views any time of the year. We take a brief stop at Capitol Reef National Park - it might be less visited than a few of the other iconic parks close by, but it's just as beautiful. Small farms and orchards like the Gifford Homestead offer a beautiful contrast to the stunning red rock backdrop. Utah's Canyonlands National Park is our next sight - and this endless maze of canyons, buttes, and other dramatic rock formations can take your breath away. Although snow here can be rare, it makes for quite the exceptional sight - especially from the air. We travel further north for our next destination - Arches National Park. Landscape Arch is the 5th longest natural arch in the world and is one of the park's most awe-inspiring sights. We start heading towards the West Coast to view a few more natural wonders - but before then, we take a brief stop to visit one of the West's desolate ghost towns. It's been over a century since the gold rush, and nature has long since taken over - these long abandoned towns are truly frozen in time. Rural western California can be quite rugged and barren in some places - with only the occasional oil field in the distance breaking up the view. Our next stop is Sequoia National Park - we get a first hand look at some of its imposing Sequoia trees, some of which can tower over 200 feet tall. In the midst of a heavy snowstorm, it's a real winter wonderland. The last stop on our journey is Yosemite National Park - one the most impressive natural wonders on the face of the planet, formed by glacial activity millions of years ago. Massive rock formations like El Capitan tower nearly 3,000 feet over Yosemite Valley - and is a popular destination for rock climbers. But only the bravest would dare to take it on during a heavy snowstorm.. Half Dome is another one of Yosemite's most impressive sights - with one of its sides being completely sheer and the others being smooth and rounded, it gives it the appearance of a dome being cut right in half. It's one of the park's most iconic destinations - and cable routes offer brave tourists a route straight to the top for incredible views. One last view of Yosemite - an overview of the entire valley from above. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the West! Special thanks for photographs used in this update: dawn on the S rim of the Grand Canyon, CCSA2, Murray Foubister | Gifford Farm, Capitol Reef National Park, CCSA4, Towneb | Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, CCND2, Chao Yen | Yosemite valley, Yosemite National Park, California, USA, CCSA2.5, AngMoKio. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver Previous Update: "New York City - Landmarks & Mosaics" Thanks to @nRVOUS, @CorinaMarie, @JP Schriefer, @redfox85, @nycsc4, @9gruntsand1hammer, @bladeberkman, @etg-nc2nyc, @RobertLM78, @tariely, @mike_oxlong, @Krasner, @Handyman, @Angry Mozart, @Simmer2, @tonyr, @bobolee, @ESP15, @Odainsaker, @Duco, @Toby Ferrian, @Androgeos, @mrsmartman, @jakis, @The British Sausage, @kingofsimcity, @europe.au, @scotttbarry, @raynev1, @Fantozzi, @SC4L0ver, @Ling Ziming, @paulmc, @PHBSD, @MAW, & @adventurerneil for all the likes!
  2. Dumfries Teaser - 001

    NEW SCOTLAND - DUMFRIES TEASER - 001 Pictured here are homes along Valley Avenue, shortly before the road divides into the two one-way streets which go straight through downtown Dumfries. Most of the homes in this area are from the mid-twentieth century, and are owned by the Dumfrien elite and some of New Scotland's higher ranking state employees.
  3. Republic of Carolina

    So this is kind of a work in progress but I would like some suggestions on my building style. A Navy Ship Docked in Manteo A Krispy Kreme the most popular doughnut shop A rural town in the east Farms in the coastal plain A shopping center north of Raleigh A Resdential area north of Raleigh
  4. Yet another nut with a gun.

    This is getting to be routine. For heaven's sake, how long will the people of the United States tolerate this horror?
  5. Not sure how to upload

    So I just created... let's just say it's a big ass region. Anyway, I am not sure how to upload it onto the STEX so I can share it with the community (if anyone wants it that is). I searched for a "how to" but couldn't find it. Do I just upload the region folder? You download it and it will work? Thank you for your help.
  6. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/apr/30/china-overtake-us-worlds-largest-economy Everyone saw this coming, but it has come a few years earlier than expected. The US has been the world's largest economic power since the late 1800's (1872?).
  7. Syrian civil war.

    This keeps getting hotter. This brouhaha has been on for over two years now, and it seems to be getting broader attention. The Israelis claim self-defence but is it really? There are too many toys in the middle east thanks to the "super powers" past and present. A plague on all their houses.
  8. General Overview

    Federal Republic of Valencia La République Fédérale de Valence Flag Coat of Arms Motto: We Will Be Location PLEASE NOTE: The Nations in Green are AIN Member Nations. The Republic has recently join the Alliance of Independent Nations Thank you to AIN Statistics Capital: San Corbevailles Government: Federal Constitutional Republic Heads of State: High Chancellor Philippe Rousseau; Commander in Arms Michel Laurent Independence: May 6th, 1947 (From Spain, France) Currency: Republic Dollar $RV 1RV = .878 USD EU Admission: 2001 EU Exit: 2006 UN Admission: January 18th, 1950 AIN Admission: June 15th, 2012 Official Languages: Catalan, French, English Population (2012 Estimate): 50,841,400 (24th, ahead of South Africa, behind Italy) Population Density (2012 Estimate): 492/sq mi (68th) GDP (nominal): $2.097 trillion (9th, ahead of Russia, behind Italy) GDP Per Capita (PPP): $33,780 (25th, ahead of South Korea, behind Japan) HDI: .864 (28th, ahead of United Kingdom, behind Czech Republic) Drives on the: Right International TLD: . rv Telephone Code: +384 National Colors: Blue, White, Gold, Red History Early History Valencia has a long history of being a part of major empires. The Roman Empire established the first developed city in the area near the end of the Punic Wars, around 145-148 B.C.E., which would now be located on the coast in the center of Valencia on the European Continent. It had prosperous trade relations with port cities all along the Mediterranean, including North African cities and Rome itself. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the region was split into two, almost congruent with the current borders of France and Spain. Southern Half By AD 850, the southern half of the country came under the rule of the Muslim empire whose capital lay in the distant Damascus and Baghdad. Although expansion was not rapid, the cities in this southern half remained prosperous and dealt heavily in trade of natural resources. In 1492, the southern half of what is now Valencia (on the European Continent) came under the rule of the newly formed kingdom of Spain. It remained under Spanish rule until the middle of the Spanish Civil War in 1937, when it was released into commonwealth status. Northern Half The northern half was not as lucky as the southern after the fall of Rome. It fell victim to the dark ages along with the rest of Europe, and all major cities and towns were abandoned within a hundred years after the collapse of the Roman Empire. However, the region slowly repopulated after it came loosely under the control of Charlemagne and the early Holy Roman Empire in 817 AD. Unlike the southern half, the north did not remain stable. It grew and retracted sporadically, and was in constant conflict with the Holy Roman Empire. However, since it was not a strong state militarily, it was more like a thorn against the empire, and was never really paid much attention to until the split of France from the empire and the rule of Napoleon. During the time of Napoleon, seeds of rebellion were beginning in the south against Spanish rule, more advanced weaponry reached the cities to the North. The North began to organize its military more effectively and carry out more destructive, although still small, campaigns against Napoleonic strongholds in southern France. Napoleon responded by leveling the city of Les Corbevais (now San Courbevailles) and killing over 300,000 civilians. Reunification In 1936, with the Spanish Civil War raging on, the South began covert preparations for separation from Spain. Due to the deep divisions within Spain and the constant switching of the “official” seat of Spanish power between Nationalist and Republican control, the territory was eventually released in 1938. The released territory established itself as the Protectorate of Valencia. With the fall of Paris, and the establishment of Vichy France, the North seceded successfully from France by 1940. However, it came under the territorial rule of the axis power Italy. From 1940 to the end of the war in Europe, Valencia played only a small side part. On the 6th of May, in 1947, the Federal Republic of Valencia was formed, and a constitution, created with the help of U.S. and British diplomats, was adopted in June of that same year. The north and south had finally been reunited. Initial Expansion At the conclusion of WWII, France, Italy, and Spain began to give up the majority of their colonies due to financial and economic trouble in the aftermath of the war. Several islands in the Mediterranean were under minor protectorate status of Italy and Spain at the time. These islands (then) were not very populated nor were they very economically successful. Valencia, was looking for more deep water ports as well as more land in the immediate area. Therefore, it was agreed upon for joint protectorate status with the islands in 1950, at the time of the Republic's entrance into the UN. Eventually, with popular opposition in the home countries of Spain and Italy, the islands were completely released, and in 1953 the islands moved from protectorate status and entered into full statehood with the country. Postwar Growth & Development After WWII, Valencia received aid from The Marshall Plan, or the European Recovery Program, which gave vasts amounts of money to Valencia and the rest of western Europe in order to help it stave off communism and begin to rebuild after World War II. This ultimately gave the Republic the ability to pursue an aggressive industrial initiative to ramp up its economy. Combined with large spending on an education system structured similar to Germany's, tax breaks on manufacturer's that produce within the country, free-port zones, and a dollar that was weak at the time compared to that of the US dollar (1RD = .798 USD 1975) the country was relatively industrialized by 1975 (~30 years after WWII). Beginning in 1964, the country began to modernize it military. It sought to become a competitor in producing military technology, not only so it can benefit militarily, but so it can also be a valuable export. Currently, about 17% of all industrial exports are arms to countries like, but not limited to - China, Japan, Australia, India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and some to the United States. United Nations & European Union Participation The Republic joined the United Nations, on the 18th of January in 1950. The bid was troubled by initial opposition from France, although the French leadership eventually were pressured to vote yes. It has served as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council twice, in 1977 and again in 1995. It began petitioning for entrance as a non-monetary member of European Union in 1990, but was not accepted until March 2001, due mainly to, again, initial French objection. In June of 2002, the Federal Republic of Valencia submitted a formal application to join the common currency within the union. However, due to political opposition at home, Valencia withdrew its application by December of that year. This ended up becoming a gift of fortune. With the debt crisis hitting in 2008, the country, although hit hard, was able to recover more quickly than its neighbors due to the fact that it had no responsibility to bail out any EU members, and was not directly linked to their massive debt since they were never part of the Eurozone currency. With both growing tension between France and the Republic in early years of the 21st century, by 2004 it seemed very likely that Valencia would leave the political union altogether. This still has not happened however, as there has not been enough support to actually withdraw from the country's political leaders. Relations Relations with most countries remained favorable, but cautious. Those with France are not so Rosy. The very existence of Valencia was a smack to the face as it cut off France from several deep water ports in the Mediterranean. They had only agreed to its acceptance to the general assembly of the UN and its entrance to the EU due to arms concessions by the Republic. Military The Republic of Valencia boasts a pretty advanced military due to having its own arms industry. It operates 2 nuclear ‘super’ aircraft carriers, 10 nuclear or conventional “SilentRS39V” model submarines, various advanced aircraft of American and Republic design, and a military personnel force of about 2.9 million. Currently, one of the super carriers is on loan to NATO, engages in the Persian Gulf, and the Republic is also in the process of building a 3rd carrier (so it will operate 2 for itself, 1 for NATO) The military has never been deployed in any military operations abroad, other than the limited border scuffle with French forces from time to time. However, U.S. intelligence satellites have noted that 1 of the super-carriers, several aircraft, and 5 of its submarines have been spotted in international waters around the globe, sometimes unannounced. Officially, the Republic either claims training exercises or denies reports of a breach of water borders with its Navy. French Intelligence agencies have warned the UN security council and NATO that the Republic is using American SilentR118 Reversed Magnetic Polarity Technology. This standard military tech developed by the American Navy during the later years of the Cold War combines magnetization of the hull of any vessel or craft with an efficient and quite engine configuration, which can make the vessels slightly hard to detect from time to time. It is believed that the republic has deployed these forces across the globe to gather intelligence specifically from the US or the Chinese. Since the country has never been at war, the majority of the money in the military budget can be spent on R&D, as well as upgrades, and buying technology like the SR118 from the Americans. Economy The economy was in no shape to compete with the world, let alone the U.S. by the 1950. Realizing that the only way to avoid future invasion was through the presence of a strong economy, the government launched an extremely aggressive industrial initiative (IGI1 - Industrial Growth Initiative 1) to expand the economy, aided by funding from the Marshall Plan. By 1975, the country had become one the major industrial exporters within Europe, and had a significantly well educated population. The UN raised its status from developing to developed. Although the original initiative grew the economy substantially, between 1975 and 1995, the country began experiencing a dramatic decline in industry through outsourcing and a rise in a service industry that could not replace the tax revenue that the industry previously provided. A second industrial initiative (IGI2) was launched. With a series of tax breaks and incentives, this effectively created a national manufacturing and industry policy that allowed industry to flourish. The economy, by jobs, is listed as 39% industry, 42% Commercial services, 9% agricultural & government employment, and 10% tourism. Civics The nation is a constitutional republic which contains a three tiered government: a judicial branch, which highest court contains 13 justices; a legislative branch, which is made up of the High Senate and the Palace of Assembly; and finally by a very powerful executive branch headed by the High Chancellor. The constitution contains a bill of rights. Among the most noticeable differences are that 1) all persons, including immigrants, wishing to become fully fledged citizens with the right to vote must complete a full service term within the military in some fashion (active duty, R&D, administration, etc.) 2) Immigration status is dependent on an educational attainment and job skill evaluation 3) Illegal crossing of the border is strictly forbidden, punishable by death for 2nd and 3rd time violators. (Currently Capital punishment is looking to be eliminated, so this may change). Demographics The nation is primarily Roman Catholic at 67% of the population, followed by 27% protestant, 4% Muslim, and 2% other (including Buddhism, Hinduism, and other indigenous religious sects). The racial makeup of the country is 53% Caucasian, 20% Mid Eastern (including Arab and North African), 17% Asian, 5% African, and 5% other.

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