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City-building game(s)

Found 5 results

  1. Well here we go again... I decided to bring this theme back into City Journal realm back earlier this year. Actually I've done several updates (40-46b) since this February in SimCity 4 Devotion but well, I might repost it here so everyone can actually see what I work. This first entry is actually a complete repost of Update 40 Karasem: Limited Love (17/02/08) +----------------------------------+ Update 40: Limited Love Cibebek Utara, Cibebek, Karasem. A district in Karasem's 2nd largest city where don't want to live but have to be.... atleast that for several people live in this area inside the northern part of Cibebek. People can shop a cheap stuff into high-end stuff in the Plaza Tanah Baru, a shopping centre built in 2003 alongside with the surrounding commercial area. A commercial center next to Simpang Tanah Baru (Tanah Baru Intersection) where Jl Saika Raya (north-south) meets Jl Raya Krajan (west-east) This commercial area, where you can enjoy walking alongside the road while shopping or just enjoy the atmosphere is really feels like you are not in Northern part of Cibebek. Commercial area in the east of Plaza Tanah Baru Alongside with Jl Raya Krajan, the commercial area is rather elite even compared to those in the main road. Jl Raya Krajan near the Ruko Plaza Tanah Baru In the night this area is bright, either from the evening traffic near intersection which sometime a worst situation or maybe from the lightning system inside the shoping centre Simpang Tanah Baru at night This area actually not very far from a mass transit station aside from local buses or paratransits. Tanah Baru Station located below the overpass of Jl Saika Raya which one of the main option for the commuter in Cibebek Metropolitan Area. Its located in the Jl Saika Raya which is Cibebek's main corridor toward the downtown areas where located in the south of Tanah Baru. Tanah Baru Station featuring Cibebek's Cibebek Railway 4000 series train. Nightshot of Tanah Baru Station Yeah this area actually close toward city centre and have easy access, why it so miserable? lets go to the north of the Intersection to see whats happening.... A hypermarket in Jl Saika Raya Tanah Baru . Alongside Jl Saika Raya it still rather nice with the exception of the daily morning and evening commute time where it's a real bumper to bumper. Jl Saika Raya crossing the Krajan River People can see something different from the bright side of the city by visiting the Krajan River which located in the middle of Tanah Baru Subdistrict... Not only at the Krajan River, much of the Cibebek Utara district of the city actually consist of slums and semipermanent settlements which prone towards fires and other risks. Behind the hypermarket in Tanah Baru.. Going deeper from the main street shows the other side of this area.... People come here anywhere from Cibebek Province or other places in Karasem somewhere in Tanah Baru Utara Subdistrict. east or west from Jl Saika Raya, there are slums... A slum area in Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict. But, people in the riverside have much worse situation than any other area in Cibebek Utara District.... Not only live in the bad situation, they also in border of life when they got into the river whether incidentally or intentional since the river had a rather strong flow eventhough it has too many stuff in it, like plastic bag and used beds (no joke, somepeople really throw away their used beds into river). Riverside slum at Tanah Baru Utara Subdistrict Like in Jl Saika Raya, Jl Raya Pasar Krajan looks well and lively compared what behind it.... Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict is one of area in Cibebek prone to flooding. Back in 2014, the flood breaks into this area, it even hit the Jl Raya Krajan in the south of it, disturbing the citizens activities. Riverside slum at Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict Jl Tanah Baru Timur Dalam, an access road toward the residential area in North Cibebek crosses Krajan River. The slum extend until the border of Sawahan and Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict in the National Route 2 Eastern part of Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict featuring Karasem National Route 2 which connect Cibebek city centre with Keshan in Northern Karasem. As in the night, this area of city is very different with Plaza Tanah Baru where it's bright... Tanah Baru Timur riverside slum at night In order to reduce the risk of flood, the city government planned to do a revitalization alongside Krajan river which involve to reduce the river sedimentation as well to create the wall alongside the river. This already done in the Krajan River downstream as seen in Krajan Utara Subdistrict where the river in better situation. Krajan Riverside in Krajan Utara Subdistrict. Cibebek Expressway, the city main highway crossing the Krajan River in Krajan Utara Subdistrict. Although the area around the river still rather poor looking, this area which flooding in 2014, no longer flooding during 2016 flood which hit the Tanah Baru area due to the river revitalization work done in 2015 which done with several violence... Jl Kampung Dalam, where the previous work of revitalization meet the old looking riverside.... The city government planned to revitalize the river futher upstream, but this involve the displacement and eviction of the riverside settlement which mostly illegal. People alongside the river in Tanah Baru currently in the worrisome. They have a time bomb ticking where the have to move out from where they live now. Back in Tanah Baru Utara.... They don't know where to live after this, where they have daily activities. Other place just too expensive for them to afford..... To handle the displacement, city government currently building several housing project for people that affected by the project or other people around Cibebek Utara slums... First and second highrise building of the housing project currently being built in Jl Tanah Baru Timur Dalam. This area covered by the local bus with route from Tanah Baru Station toward Semawu in Northern part of Cibebek. Rusun Tanah Baru 1 & 2 (Tanah Baru Housing Project 1 and 2) alongside the Tanah Baru Timur Dalam. Other tower built literally right next toward Tanah Baru Plaza's commercial area which was a donation from the Plaza's developer Rusun Tanah Baru 3 (Tanah Baru Housing Project 3) built in Jl Raya Krajan in the south of the river. Some of the people think the housing project just too far away form they current location where it will be more difficult for people to reach where they have their activities beforehand... Tanah Baru Plaza with the housing project tower under construction. However, it is still very controversial whether it is a right thing to displace people in force as it might a violation toward the human rights. The citizens around the city still arguing about this.... Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict. Whichever the right decision, people of Cibebek just hope this area will no longer become the city eyesore without humiliating some people.. Thats all for today. hope you enjoy this rather depressing update.. and oh maybe something not depressing? Saika Utara CBD alongside the Jl Saika Raya. Before going further, I might ask all of the viewer here, should I repost every single of my Southeast Asian City from SC4 Devotion here, it might took a while but I will catch up with update 47 which will come soon. if no, then I might just jump toward Update 47 as the next update of this CJ. oh here's the link to my entries in SC4D: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=12773.440 +---------------------------------------------------------+ Replies: Bringing replies to the comment of Nakama Update 6: Memories of Snow: Well thanks a lot! trainspotting is interesting after all to search and took picture of your favorite train series... (atleast as what I think) Thanks ! a lot of these BAT's come from this site: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=6241eb1e8c3ced79919101314d0ca976 also I used stuffs from various Japanese sites which unfortunately many of them down now.. obrigado . unfortuantelly I'm not speaking Portuguese. Thank you ! as for the stations, I link to them in the bottom of this post. Thank you! well, I give the link in bottom of this post. Thank you! great to see you here as well! Thank you! Thank you! its a lot of work to give a real feel of Japanese city... as for the stations, I give the link later in this post. Thank you! I like to do railway in SimCity 4 especially in Japanese city theme. Thank you! well most of these stations still available to download, I'll give the link below. Thank you! its a real hard work to do it but I really enjoyed to do that update! as for the station, its below.... As for those who asked the link toward stations from my last Nakama update here's the link please note that some of the station in the update actually reloted : Hashimoto Station (first station): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=577 Mizue Station (second station): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=604 Kozue Station (third station): http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/285sta/285sta_c.html#-2-2-x Shin-Mizawa Station for local line (forth station): http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html (search for the station) Shin-Mizawa Station for HSR line: sorry I think the web already down Kurihama Station (Mizawa Line): http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html (search for the el rail station link) Kurihama Station (Nazawa Line): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=537 Iguchi Station: http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/1103tokestation/1103tokestation.html#b Mizawa Station: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=434 Again thanks for the replies in Nakama update!
  2. Energy poverty

    A new study in germany caused a discussion how 'poverty' can be defined exactly. This study determines that 15,7 % of germany's poplation is threatened by poverty. 330.000 homes were without electric power last year because they couldn't afford it. 44.000 also without gas. 6,2 million homes were threatened by a temporarily cutout of electric power because they had troubles to pay the bill. But can energy be a measure for poverty? Link only in german, sorry.
  3. Slipping through the cracks.

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    In the middle of the prosperous city centre there lies a makeshift trailer camp next to the highway.
  4. I sort of got off topic while discussing in Boformer 's thread so I decided to start my own thread. As much as I would like to see another education level (Primary school, Secondary school, College (preparatory school or community college, what is called a university now), and actual (prestigious) University), that is probably outside the scope of modding tools. Hotel zones would be nice but boformer could work with the creator of the "Rush Hour" mod for that. Cities: Skylines has 5 upgrade levels and 4 education levels but only 3 wealth levels. I think that upgrade levels should be tied to class and not density. Here is how I break down the wealth levels: L1 - Precarious Proletariat (poor) They're only one or two missed paychecks from poverty, uneducated (illiterate or primary school) laborers. Stage 1 housing are 1-tile shotgun shacks or trailers on lots of 2-5 tiles. Employed by extraction farming (fruit pickers), extraction forestry (lumber jacks), low wealth commercial (fast food workers), medium wealth commercial (dishwashers) and basic factories (agriculture and generic, paid more if they can read). They drive jalopies. "For me low-wealth are farmers, simple industrial workers, people working in fast food restaurants..." -- @boformer L2 - Working Class (low wealth) They're barely literate laborers with enough assets to survive a couple missed paychecks before dropping to L1 and enough drive to rise to middle class with a high school diploma. Stage 1 houses are 1-tile houses on lots of 4-12 tiles. Risen to this level from learning to read and getting a job [fast food manager or industrial worker] that takes advantage of that. They drive pick-up trucks, compact sedans, or chav'd up rice rockets (cheap Asian imports made to look like race cars). L3 - Stable Middle Class (medium wealth) They're successful high school-educated skilled workers or unsuccessful college educated workers. Stage 1 housing are nice 1-4 tile houses on lots of 9 to 32 tiles (3 to 4 tiles wide). They drive sedans, minivans, and decent sporty Asian imports. " Medium-wealth people would be teachers[middle, professors are upper-middle], engineers [upper-middle], medical doctors [upper middle], the manager of the fast food restaurant [working class, middle class for casual dining], office workers." -- boformer L4 - Upper-Middle Class (high wealth) These include middle class workers whose success have earned them newfound wealth in addition to former members of the upper class whose failures have dropped them to the same level as the noveau riche. Upgraded low density middle class build McMansions on their middle-class (mid-sized) lots. Downgraded upper class have nice architecture and deep lots but have started to rent out parts of their manors (turning into run-down duplexes or triplexes) and sold off their side yards to maintain upper-middle class lifestyle. Stage 1 housing occupies lots of 12 to 36 tiles with buildings having 9-16 tile foot prints. The upper-middle class live in track mansions (oversized cookie cutters without [side or front] yards) on 3-tile wide (4-8 tile deep) lots, "executive homes" (3 storeys, tacky or dull, small front yards with hedges), renovated historical manors with small yards, penthouses of middle-class condominiums, the lower floors of upper-class condominiums, lofts, and run down historical manors (small mansions) with standard yards. They include declining blue bloods, successful workers, and most yuppies. They drive luxury sedans, sporty autos, convertibles and luxury minivans where upper class drive luxury sports cars or classics and middle class drive cheap sedans and cheap minivans. The upper-middle class are college-educated (like the upper class), live in cheap imitations of upperclass buildings on middle class lots, or run down blue-blood property. They are the stepping stone between middle class and upper class though ceilings mean most never exceed this class and upper class can slowly fall to this class. They can arise from upgrading from middle class or falling from upper class. L5 - Rich These university-educated executives live in luxury villas or condominiums on 40 tile lots or bigger. They drive sports cars or classics (early 20th century luxury cars). "High-wealth would [be] the CEO of the fast food company, the office manager [only upper management, otherwise upper-middle], the chief engineer ([multi]millionaires and above [7-9 figures]). They would own one of those large villas on 8x8 lots with the grass that looks greener, only drive with sports cars." -- boformer Exceptional Tier 6 Unique Building - Multibillonaire's Mega Mansion: holds a single L5 household and increases revenue at top tier (high density, high wealth) offices Event driven poverty (shantytowns, tents, lean-to shacks made of corrugated steel or tin) pop up in public property and yards of L1 and L2 (which turns them into poverty level lots) and pay no taxes but consume no water and demand no electricity (but can consume it). __________________________________________________________ **If more education levels can be modded, then move requirements up one (Prestigious University grants "Very Well Educated" while primary school grants "Uneducated" and complete lack of schooling becomes "Illiterate"), lower range and capacity of international "University," add non-polluting L4 industry, add lower-polluting and more efficient L2 extraction (previously reserved for refining) and L4 refining (with basic becoming L3, and make extraction for farming and forestry (farms and working forests) hire 1 illiterate worker for every tile and upgrade to more intensive production (intensive agriculture and intensive silviculture) with over-educated workers (hiring 3 uneducated and 2 educated workers every 2 tiles) Tier 4 Unique Building - Prestigious University (14x10): requires 12 weeks with 8 colleges (more difficult than Grand Library), allows college educated workers (from the Hadron Collider or the so-called "Universities" which are community colleges (AKA occupational colleges, professional schools, trade schools, vocational schools, technical institutes, or universities of applied sciences if your a fancypants European)
  5. Overview ~ The City of Ark'bor is notorious for its criminal links to Omega Station. Major merc and gang factions from across the Terminus Systems base themselves here, but not typically on Ark'bor, but it's underbelly. The Underground City below Ark'bor is a city devised to test even the most fool-hardy people. No person is safe from death, and no place here is devoid of danger. Like Omega Station, corruption, social tension and confrontations are a big part of the Underground, and so are an eternal nightlife, brothels galore and black markets as far as thee I can see. It's hell under an industrial nightmare. And it's waiting for you. Ggamgus: Thanks a lot, and don't mind at all if you do that Forthwall: Thanks Forth! Kakado_to_save: Haha, funny you should say Thanks Eytan! Aaron Graham: Thanks! MilitantRadical: Thanks a lot! Dabadon5: Thanks! Alex_1210: Thank you! K50: Thanks k50 KonstantinII: Nice of you to explain, but I'm already fully aware of the physics I take a lot of interest in astronomy, and watch documentaries as well as read books, but I am again, following the game Mass Effect, and in the game, those are the given details of the planet "Tosal Nym". Thanks though Liszak: Really? Please don't, I can't have someone erasing there work because of me Lol, Thanks for the comment RepublicMaster: Thanks Will, always nice to see you around Linoa06: My all time favorite game series Thanks a lot!! SimCoug: It actually didn't require much considering I only used one type of tree, and it was dead (and some shrubs, dirt and rocks ) Thanks SimCoug MamaLuigi945: Wow, you're really too kind Thanks a lot! #1SithLord: Couldn't agree with you more _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Happy Easter everyone! And since it's easter, I've decided to whip up a rather special and interesting concept for SimCity, something that I'm sure no one has attempted. By using photoshop (a big contributor to making updates), I've tried to make the illusion that the city is underground by blackening/blocking out the rooftops. It hasn't exactly turned out great, but hopefully, it'll be a break from the typical above-ground cities we all make. Also, just to note, I've changed the name of the Antheon Nebula Cluster (my own star cluster creation for the Mass Effect Universe) and renamed it to the Violaceus Nebula Cluster, which sounded more appropriate for the nebula. So, in short, the Antheon Nebula is now the Violaceus Nebula. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the Xe Cha system's Tosal Nym in the Shrike Abyssal, to the Citadel in the Serpent Nebula. After hopping from system to system, cluster to cluster, we're now returning to the Violaceus Nebula (fomerly Antheon Nebula/Plain) to re-visit the Nesu'luun star system's Kanaze. To repeat, Kanaze is a planet, notorious in the galaxy for its criminal links to Omega Station, a carved asteroid joint with an inhabited space station in the Omega Nebula. The polluted planet's controversial capital city, Ark'bor, is the center of all the activies between Omega Station and Stagnum. Major mercenery bands and criminal factions in the Terminus Systems like the Blue Suns, Blood Pack and the Eclipse base many hideouts and gang operations between these two locales, often causing extreme havoc and deadly confrontations and in the process, killing civilians caught in the cross-fire or are not co-operative. Though often enough, the activities of these factions are not always evident on Kanaze's capital city. Most of the chaos happens in the city's true underbelly. A place where no mere person can survive without a tough outershell. In a place where hostilities are always a possibility, and where danger lurks more often than you'd probably like it to. That is, Ark'bor's Underground City. A large underground system of slums and cheap apartments, it's also home to the merceneries and gang factions of Omega and Kanaze. They often take base in the Underground's many abandoned offices and markets, turning them into their hideouts and base of operation in Ark'bor. Plunged into an internal darkness, the Underground is lit eternally with lights, illuminated signs and holograms that wildly appear around the city. All over the Underground, nightclubs and disguised brothels litter the city, likewise on the surface. Though the action in the Underground is more active than above ground, due to business being under the table, and invisible to higher galactic authorities. Every race in the galaxy lives under Ark'bor, in this poverty stricken subterrenean metropolis. Drell, Turians, Elcor, Asari, Humans, Salarians, Vorcha, Batarians, Volus, Quarians and even Krogan live under one city, side by side. And being so close to each other, confrontations between some are always an inevitability; with street fights, riots and widespread violence around the Underground found common. Along the sewage canal and some of the supporting beams keeping the city under safe from collapse, a roadway littered with trash and wildly parked vehicles, the Underground's inhabitants walk through as if a normal day, and the signs above their head continue to flicker and glow, illuminating the dark underground city. Pawnshops, markets, bars and strip clubs existing side by side. A popular go amongst all of the city's people. Crowds, more stores and clubs along the sewage canal. The poorest of the Underground's inhabitants setup tents along the roadway as affording or inhabiting cheap housing above them is either overated, overpriced, or overly dangerous. Meanwhile, in anther part of the Underground, a young Quarian is on his pilgrimage, leaving his previous life on the Migrant Fleet and instead living in Ark'bor's Underground City. He lives out his life in hopes that one day he'll be able to make something of himself. For now, he does nothing more than stare at his omni-tool, dazed and bored, sitting precariously on the weak aluminum and iron roof. Some parts of the Underground remain quiet. Empty. But when you look in deeper, there's always something that's bound to surprise you. Along the sewage canal again, trash, tents and more stores as well as another nightclub and brothel in the building. And a strange and suspicious looking faint "Blue Suns" logo is painted on the wall of the building. Could it be? Skycars pass by, the few who can manage to even own one, yet strange that they live in the poverty-stricken zone of the city, under all the glamor of spacious high-rises that tower above Ark'bor's smoggy industrial skyline. While people walk, minding themselves, the scene of Blue Suns mercs killing an unco-operative Salarian affiliate causes people to stop, watch for a split second in shock, and then scramble as fast as they can. The Salarians blood begins to spread over the roadway, an example of how easy it is to die in the Underground. In another part of the Underground, more people are found walking in the streets, obstructing a flatbed skytruck. It's looking more and more like the driver is about to target somebody. Best be outta' the way. This poverty stricken city, continues to prevail, at the cost of lives. Mercs hide behind every corner, and it's only a matter of time 'til someone else is targeted. The poor continue to live out their lives and signs illuminate the narrow roadways of the city. And no matter how you look at it, this city will always be shadowed in the darkness of the prevelent gangs that ride between Omega and Kanaze. Forever a city of death, despair, pain and survival. This is the Underground. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for viewing TMW! Rate, comment and +1 if you enjoyed the update.

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