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Found 13 results

  1. Update 1- Intro Update

    *The next three paragraphs are just a "story" of the region since this is an intro update. You could skip it if you aren't into reading silly stories... (don't forget to vote in the poll!) Nearly two years ago I posted an update to The Forgotten announcing a recreation of Kellan and even created this new city journal, Kellan V2, to prepare. Unfortunately, I never actually managed to post an update and at one point Kellan became a completely abandoned project, but not anymore. Northeast Vancouver Island is now back and better than ever with the Kellan Valley and the Alpine Cities. The Kellan Valley is an urbanized, rapidly growing, and rapidly densifying valley that many now refer to as the "Silicon Forest" due to its bustling tech scene (and overpriced homes to match). Kellan, which used to be a small fishing and farming village on the Eastern shores of Vancouver Island, annexed vast swaths of land between 1981 and 2005 as the area's tech scene started to erupt, and saw it as a chance to create a new "urban village" plan to turn the city into the new gem of the tech world . Many residents claimed that this was just to artificially inflate the city's population for various financial reasons and to attract "hip" tech companies with the idea of urban villages, though Kellan's plan to create a walkable city miserably failed anyway as the city is now just as car-centric as any other city on the North American West Coast. Walkability isn't the Kellan Valley's only problem, skyrocketing home prices due to high demand and low supply, constantly gridlocked traffic, an explosive population boom that continues to stretch regional resources and services past their limits, and a "civil war" between residents over where to build new medium and high density homes while demolishing single-family homes (as many native residents claim lawmakers are trying to turn Kellan into the "Hong Kong of the West") seems to keep the Valley from becoming the true tech utopia it desperately wants to be so bad. On the other hand, The Alpine Cities are a group of three high altitude cities that are internationally known for their high annual snow totals that allow them to be the perfect winter resorts (the city of Peak not only averages 485 inches/1,232 cm of snow a year but also received over 1,000 inches/2,540cm of snow in it's snowiest year). Cedar Valley, one of the three Alpine Cities, is also home to Henderson Inc., a tech company that is not only known for their smartphones but is also projected to become the first tech company to surpass Apple in yearly revenue by the end of 2018. In contrast to the chaotic urban life of the Kellan Valley, life in the fairly affluent Alpine Cities is actually quite peaceful and continues to be immune to the curse of the dreadful population boom (save for the winter and spring snowstorms that practically bury the cities in snow). Current regional map of Kellan Current traffic map of Kellan Current political map of the Kellan Metropolitan Area. Fun fact, every single urban village of Kellan except for Downtown, Lakefront District, and Gresham, either used to be their own town/city or unincorporated farmland due to the fact that Radiation was actually the former "CBD" of the region and even had the largest population by a wide margin. Areas like Mountainview, annexed in 2005 with a population of 142,000 people at the time of annexation, even had their own municipal laws and local traditions before being swiped up by the city of Kellan in the late 20th century. The major freeways that run in/through Kellan. The Interstate 5 is a mega-regional freeway that starts at the US-Mexico border in San Diego, California and passes through numerous large cities including Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, while making the trek up the Pacific Coast to Anchorage, Alaska (although in real life the freeway actually stops at the US-Canada border near White Rock, BC). Similar to other cities along the I-5, the freeway suffers from horrendous traffic that progressively gets worse as you travel North on the freeway deeper into Kellan and climaxes at the I-5/Valley Connector interchange, a huge bottleneck that proves to be a nightmare for residents and tourists alike who are forced to sit through traffic that nearly gridlocks every single evening rush hour. While other area freeways do suffer similarly horrendous traffic, especially the Lakefront Express, their traffic jams account for significantly smaller portions of the freeways' total distance and also don't last nearly as long as those on the I-5. A map of the spider web known as the Kellan Metropolitan Rapid Transport [Authority], or KMRTA. At the turn of the 21st century, the region's population boom continued to get more intense, with the region's annual population change peaking at 235,000/year in 2006 (a peak the region has come close to passing). In response to this, the KMRTA came up with a plan to upgrade its puny two-line light rail system into one with numerous light rail and subway lines that will future-proof Kellan's transit and put all the other West Coast cities to shame. While the system is definitely not future proof as fast population growth has outpaced public transit upgrades, it definitely has put the other wannabe walkable cities of the West Coast like to shame when it comes to light rails and subways (however, cities like San Francisco are still significantly more walkable than Kellan and it's suburbs). A .gif of my progress developing the region over time. Some preview shots of selected areas in Kellan (Lakefront District area of Kellan) Usually, replies will be at the bottom but there are none, so hope you liked the intro update and don't forget to vote in the poll!
  2. Intro

    Version 1.0.0


    If like me you are tired of seeing the same intro, this little plugin is for you .. Here are three that are nice .... I will not hide my preference for the first ....
  3. 1. Introduction

    It's been a long time since I've made a CJ, 2 years to be exact. In the mean time I've since become an urban planning student. It feels just right that an urban planning student would play Simcity 4 and maybe start a City Journal too, perhaps. Possibly with an urban/regional planning sort of twist into it, perhaps. To spice things up this CJ is intentionally made up to be as challenging as possible. The mission? Fit 1 million citizens, into a map of 9 large SC4 tiles. Sounds easy, eh? The next proposition is that the city must be built on a map that offers almost no flat land. Well, that should spice things up a bit! There's more to it. The development, must also respect both realism and the environment. This means that I can't just zone development willy nilly or recklessly terraforming the hills, for instance. Like all my previous city journals, this CJ will have an Indonesian flair to it. I also won't mess much with what the game decides to build, artificially manipulating demand or going bezerk with ploppables, simply letting the game simulator do what it does best. Elements of Urban and Regional Planning are going to be present on all updates, as that's the theme of this CJ. The map used is a tightened version of Cleaner475's Prudencia. Originally a map with 16 large tiles (16km * 16km), I've reduced it to a map with 9 large tiles (12km * 12km). This is the map I'm using: Notice how I've named the tiles. I've split the individual city tiles into rows and colums, ie. row A column 3. This should make it easier for the reader to follow, as well as making up for better archiving. The system will carry on to the individual updates which will center both upon individual tiles and cities/suburbs/towns, as my cities are generally not bound to just one city tile. I just suppose the individual tiles are simply administrative subdistricts of a larger city. The city(regency?) itself is called Medang. It's a name lacking in originality and creativity as I once used that name for a previous CJ, but hey, that previous CJ had a similar theme to this so I guess that might work. Looking back at the map, there are some things I'd like to initially plan from a general, regional perspective about the region: 1. The city will have no highway system whatsoever, there just isn't any space present. Besides, highways only serve to split and/or isolate neighborhoods. Therefore, the biggest roads that are going to be used are avenues, with the exception of tile A3 and A1 where I may consider a highway passing there as a connection to places outside the region. 2. With no highway present, the main transportation option are going to be railways. As the city grows larger, I might consider using tram-on-road due to it being very compact and easy to fit onto an already developed city. 3. The flat areas in A2, B2 and B3 are prioritised for industrial development early on, as massive industrial development require flat land. As the region start seeing more I-HT/I-M demand, I might consider adding industrial zones on the slopes, or the valleys of tiles B1, C1, C2 and C3.. Most industrial development however, will be in B3 and A2, with B2 functioning mostly as the commercial center. 4. The CBD itself is going to be located in the center of tile B2. It's very hilly, which makes it very interesting to try build a CBD on. The reasoning behind this is to try keep the central business district away from the polluting industrial complexes, as well as placing it in a location that is central to everything else. 5. There is no way I'm going to build an airport there. As with the norm of urban planning, the plans are not absolute. They may change according to situation(ie. more industrial demand than expected), however. That's all I have for the Introduction right now! Next update will be about tile B3, so stay tuned! =========================================================================================== Like this? Leave a 5 star rating at the top of the page, or just leave a comment in the comment section below if you want to talk things about the CJ itself!.
  4. Okay, so I've been following development on a mod for SC4 (the SimMars mod) and have decided to make a custom intro for it. The biggest problem is that I have no experience in modding SC4 and I would have no idea how to start this modding process with the (complete lack of) technical skills I have. So, I am reaching out to the community to see your opinions on this. Is it doable? Do any of you people know how I may go around this. By the way, I don't mean to just change it in my game, if possible it is meant to change the intro to this whenver the game is started, so people can download this and see the new intro video. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for any help given.
  5. So everytime I start up SimCity 4 its the same intro movie every single time. I was wondering if there was a way to replace it with a new one. I did a google search and found a thread on here about how to skip it, but thats not what I want. I want to make a new one.
  6. Welcome in "Resource Replacer City", the famous city in the Test land, right next to to Test river! The testificates (that's how locals are called) are happy: They are segregated by their country of origin (Europeans vs. the rest) and wealth level. Poor people never get to see the villas of the rich, and all the refugees from across the rivers are sent to the Europeans People are also happy because the sun never falls. It is actually always in the right spot, and the time is always 4 PM... So, now that this is a legit city journal, let's start looking at the homes of our citizens!
  7. Jamestown: An Introduction

    Just started a new city before discovering this site, so I thought I'd jump right in and start my first city journal! Here's a few quick shots to give you an idea of what I've got so far. I have most of the central area districts started, and a suburbs, but not a whole bunch very far out. Started plotting out and naming some of the outer districts and suburbs, and set up a few special industrial areas. A few bus lines are open as well, and I have plans for several metro lines when the need arises. I don't usually do very well with placing unique buildings or laying out special or interesting areas. Usually my cities are just a jumble of neighborhoods and tend to focus on how people get between them, but I want to try to use the unique buildings and tourism more to draw people certain places and to give the city a more realistic look and feel. I'm thinking of things like stadium clusters, venues, and things akin to Chicago's museum campus.
  8. Hello Gamers :)

    Hello everyone :), My name is David and i am 18 years of age. Currently a freshman in college, living in North Carolina. Was just cruising the internet and i found this forum and it looks like a fun community so i thought i would register:). What I like: I love gaming blogs and forums, weather its mobile, xbox, playstation, everything! I also love competeing, teaching, and learning with other people about games and how to become good in them. My favorite game would have to be Clash of Clans due to its competitiveness and i can just take it with me wherever i go (Galaxy S5). If anyone play Clash of Clans comment below because i'm looking for a clan, ill post a pic of my base below. I nearly have all maxed TH9 walls thanks to clashbot. But anyway, I cant wait to become apart of this community and meet a lot of you guys :).
  9. Oh hai thar!

    Oh hai thar! I thought I'd want to try to make a CJ about my experiences with Cities: Skylines. This city journal is not going to have an amazing backstory or lore to it. It is only going to be random images. This city journal is only going to feature images from my stream (http://twitch.tv/imAsser and http://hitbox.tv/SexyFishHorse) feel free to follow and tune in Enough of this. Let's get on with it!
  10. Obligatory Introduction

    Welcome dear reader! First off I'd like to say thanks for visiting, and ask you to bear with this first post as it is simply a intro into what I plan to do. My goal for this journal is not to simply tell you how much my city has grown, and what I've added to it. Its to tell the story of the city. What are the people thinking? What do the businesses want? How is each part of the city doing on its own? I'm going to tell the story of the city by focusing on three different levels. The first level will be city wide where our prestigious mayor will recap the happenings of the week. This will speak of what was bought, how the city grew, and how its doing on a whole. What was built this week? What changes were made in the structure? Whats the budget like? Crime? Fire? Health? Population or pollution? The second level is neighborhood wide where community leader from each area will recap what they though of what happened over the week. This will speak of how things affected them, and how each individual place is doing. What does the area need? How profitable/happy is the area? Any changes over the week? How did the changes affect your business, house, industry? The third level is the household. I will be selecting one family (building) to follow throughout the week. I will pick one from each neighborhood and tell their story. Where do they work? How much money are they making? Where do they shop? How are they doing? Kids? What do they think the city needs? I'm naming only the residential areas. They're are four areas split up by the avenues, so each area gets a name. The names in clockwise fashion from top left are Clearfield, Madison, Oxford Junction, and St. Paul. The commercial and industrial areas will be known only by their zoning. When working on the third levels I will focus on one business and its owner. So now that we know about how this is gonna work lets get to know the area. I'll be playing in the area called Whitewater Valley. Burnt Tree River Valley was named for the trees that are commonly found burned from lightning storms. The valley features a pristine mountain river offering clear clean waters and excellent shipping lines. Its natural splendor paints a perfect backdrop for tourism, and its abundant natural resources offer the ability to trade and manufacture. All in all the area offers a balanced type of town ideal for a starter area. I'll be building in the town called Twain. Candlebourne There's not much to say about the town at the minute. This area is a flat picaresque forest. Our illustrious mayor wishes to cut down some of the trees and set it up as a city with ferry connections as well as a trading connection. The mayor does not wish to mine it out or pollute the area however, so the plans are in the works for education systems. As you may have guessed I already have a few goals: Education Systems A Ferry Connection (A dept. of transportation) Trading area (To be set up later once other cities have been established) Others to come! So with those things in mind I present to you the recurring characters. Little biographies about each one, and what area they represent. I tried to put a little color into each person, so hopefully their people pleasing. Mayor Webb: Nathaniel B. Webb, 73 years old, previously employed as a museum curator. Why would a museum curator run for office you ask? Webb answers it perfectly in his quote, “It was my job to make every single exhibit perfect. After a day of that I was tired of seeing our lack-luster mayor let this city fall into disrepair. Let me tell you disrepair is not my standard of perfect.” So what platform did the crazy old coot run on? “Make Our City a Museum” He told people he would put all the effort he could into making each and every area just as beautiful and clean as the next. Whats his plan for the city you ask? “Not letting it burn down. Yep, I think that’s achievable.” He doesn't like to disappoint and loves to hear how people feel about his changes, so long as its something positive. Boutique Owner Savage: Ruby A. Savage, 32 years old, owns a clothing boutique inside the commercial district. Her boutique is called Uptown Grandeur and it is her baby. Because she is so far invested with the economy of the region, she is the perfect type of person to tell us about the problems and short comings on the district. “I don't believe in giving good feedback, makes people think they're better than me.” Factory Manager Miller: Brian C. Miller, 54 years old, manages a factory with in the industrial district. He worked his way up through the company, and so knows what each step in the supply line needs. The owner of his factory has commended him on the improvements to speed and production hes made. Because he knows industry inside and out, he is ideal to let us know what the industries of the city need. “Factories I know, just don't ask me to make magic happen with the books.” Clearfield Community Leader Thompson: Glenn K. Thompson, 44 years old, moved into Clearfield from a neighboring community and was elected leader for his higher education. Thompson is a macromolecular chemist who works in the industrial district. He doesn't think he deserved the position, but serves with dignity saying, “Clearfield deserves a clear voice, hopefully I provide that.” Madison Community Leader Gonzalez: Patricia E Gonzalez, 50 years old, works as a Administrator in the school systems of the area. She moved into Madison for its school district and because she has insider information on the school, she is idea for the community. The base is at its school, and so Gonzalez was quickly elected when it was realized she would use the information she had to press the issues. “I plan to get our children what they need, not what the Mayor wants them to.” Oxford Junction Community Leader Herron: Monica J. Herron, 65 years old, retired accountant moved to Oxford Junction after retiring. She wants a quiet neighborhood. Although she probably wont get it with both the police and fire house being positioned in the area, she still hopes. She was elected to the position simply because she had the time to spare and because she is quite the little firecracker in a debate. “Keeping books for a living has made me a rather patient person. I assure you I will win the waiting game that is government.” St. Paul Community Leader Williams: Donald V. Williams, 30 years old, is a insurance broker who lives in St. Paul. He was chosen for his winning smile and person friendly attitude. What the people didn't realize is that Williams is power hungry, and while he wants to fix issues, he also wants to get to higher positions with in the local government. “I tell you what, I'll get your problems fixed. If you continue to back me in elections.” Now you know who you'll be speaking to at the weekly meetings of our little hamlet. I'll leave this first post here with the promise of pictures and actual progress next week.
  11. Chapter 1: Sorta an Intro?

    Wow, thanks for all the comments!! I was not expecting this many people to respond. Author's Note: Heyyyy, it's me! There's a lot of sarcasm that awaits ye in the next chapter! Bewareeee! This story is told in first person, as if we're the audience. And, you are! So enjoy! Or else. Chapter 1: Sorta an Intro? Okay, freeze that frame right there. No, no, pan to the left. Not that far left, imbecile!! There, this captures the true beauty of my predicament! See that? That's my apartment, or well, it was my apartment. That's the thing about Newport. There seem to be more fires than fire trucks these days. Ever since they started burning that nasty coal. But, I promised myself I'd cut the agenda for the story. Where was I? Oh right, Newport. Newport: a town's whose bi-polar population fluctuates between five and six figures, just like the executive board members of Big Moneyz Casino down the street. That casino is the second most successful money maker in this dump of a city. The first is the actual landfill, or should I say, the new "garbage incinerator". Not really sure what that's all about, but I heard it cuts down on diesel fuel pollution from the sanitation trucks. Those darn hippies always push for their silly reforms. Enough about this god-awful city, though. I'm not even going to be talking about it anymore. I'm leaving. I could very well end the story here, because I'm sure some of you came to see the big lights and glam of this charming city. The rest of you, why don't you stick around for a little bit? Considering there's only one highway in and out of this hellhole, I guess I'll head west... see what I can find. It can't get much worse, anyway. Tacos and wieners. It just had to be tacos and wieners. *sigh* Out West sux.
  12. Galesfeburg Introduction

    In one reality Galesfeburg is more commonly known as Galesfe City, and it is the largest city in Myon. In another reality at a different time, it hasn't even been founded yet. Where will the city start? How will it grow and develop? You decide! Most updates will end with a poll with several options of what to do for additions to the city, or in the case of the first update, where to start Galesfeburg to begin with.
  13. Introduction

    PROLOGUE After months of delay because of an accidental deletion of all my SC4 Mod files, I have recompiled most of my old plugins and can now finally begin working on this journal. OVERVIEW This City Journal is not a typical one, I'm not actually going to be using the vanilla game to build a city from a region. For me, what matters most is the outcome, what you the viewer/reader will experience. I want you to feel like you are reading a captivating picture-filled story or history book. If you are looking for a Journal where you watch my in-game zoning and building, this is not for you. In order to make this seem realistic, no in-game features will be shown (as much as possible). Each Entry will consist of a series of photos of a particular city or region in Asia. This will be mostly China, Japan, and Korea, but will eventually come to include Russia, India, and any others that I can think of. These entries will all have a specific 'theme', being both a place and a time, sometimes an event. This will make the reading experience very enjoyable, for you, the adventurer, will get to travel from the early 1900s, to the far future, back to the time of the Pacific War, or to the economic boom of the 1980s. I have collected the only the most high-quality modifications and plugins for your scenic pleasure. The image-editing program GIMP will be used , but moderately for after-effects and touch-ups. I will accept any questions, and attempt to answer all of them. Votes on what the next Journal-Entry should comprise of will be put in place if a large-enough number of people begin to follow. Now that you have been introduced, please check my journal for updates later this week, and enjoy this small preview image!

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