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  1. I may be wrong but I think the sub buildings should not have their own RICO definitions, only the main building. RICO mod changes placement style to Manual for all RICO buildings.
  2. You need to change placement style, not placement mode. There are 3 placement styles: Manual Automatic Procedural follow the example in the video but instead of changing placement MODE to OnTerrain, change placement STYLE to Procedural
  3. I would need to look at the entire mod to be able to help, do you have a github repo, or can you send me the source code?
  4. Hmm. I'll see if I can figure that one out.
  5. I made the reset key to face north based on where the sun rises. I can add an option to set where you want the reset button to point you to?
  6. Ok, I've added this feature to Camera Positions Utility
  7. I can add this to my Camera Positions mod, only problem being, where is north? I read somewhere that the game has backward sun ecliptic, should I just set north as normal, with sun rising in the east, or what?
  8. So there are 4 slots for each decoration type, that are used to render sprites, which is why we have different sizes of "cliff" decorations, aka greasy blobs. This is pretty awesome though because it means we can have 4 different models for each decoration type. In these images, I'm using 3 models that MrMaison gave me, but with different scale/rotation to create more variety. Rocks are on the to-do list, I only changed the textures and resoltion on them so far but you can already see they look much better(the rock in the second image)
  9. Making some progress with a good friend's help Thanks MrMaison! It's possible to change the model used to render the sprites in 3d I agree with Judazz that it would be nice to selectively pick where you want them to grow though. Who knows, maybe it's feasible to mod it in?
  10. There is also the problem that the new ones are actually just 2d sprites on a plane, whereas the originals are rendered dynamically onto a render texture so they give the appearance of being 3d. The new ones look the same from any angle... even from top down. So yeah... trying to figure out how to load better plants that are also 3d. Meanwhile, at least I can increase the resolution of the originals... and change the texture too, perhaps this is the best solution after all, just making the vanilla sprites better.
  11. I've been tinkering with the decorations renderer... Results are promising, considering that I don't particularly like the vanilla sprites.. However, it looks kind of flat from up close... but still better, in my opinion. Could be better though, particularly considering they look a bit odd when you look straight down from up-close... What do you think?
  12. My guide is kind of outdates so I had made it invisible. But maybe the info is still useful even if old, so now it's back up. Sorry for confusion.
  13. This is from a workshop theme from OWL, didn't do anything to it. It doesn't happen to other users, just me. So I'm guessing it's either something in my GPU or a mod conflict.
  14. Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out what is causing this issue: Before I start the drawn out process of manual debugging by elimination, which will take ages seeing as I have 150+ mods to sift through, I thought I'd seek help from the community first. The Map Theme is OWL's Mediterranean Alternative, but so far no one I've asked can reproduce the problem. Maybe I'm running out of VRAM? no idea. If anyone knows which mod is causing this, do let me know. Thank you in advance!
  15. Yeah but that's on Valve's end. This is from Paradox: " You hereby grant Paradox and its affiliates the nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable, perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, publicly display and publicly perform your UGC, and derivative works of your UGC, in connection with the operation and promotion of the Game. " I suppose that doesn't give other users those rights, though. Still, I don't see how you can stop people from re-uploading content as long as they make even a minor modification to it, thus qualifying it as "derivative" work, unless you attach some draconian license to your content, which I haven't seen anyone do.