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  1. hello its been along time glad to see the site still up and running. i havent played in a few years my disk wont run on windows 7 not sure why it works on my xp rig but that machine is so slow. hope everyone is doing well i miss being a regular.

    1. Fantozzi
    2. airman15


      I can run SC4 on Windows 7 but I had to tell it to run using one core. As for disks, see if you can find a disk doctor, they saved me many times before.

  2. Well I have been gone for awhile with a computer problem it crashed but now back with a new old rig so I hope to continue with my journal and with the site. I many changes have been made hope I can figure it all out. So enough about me how is everyone doing?

    1. airman15


      Computer crashes are the worst.. I remember when my desktop went down and I lost many of my cities.

      It's good to have you back! The hangar has been hopping recently and there are all-new projects that have made their way to the Exchange! Several GM-related projects and a bunch of other cars went up and there are a few more on the way!

  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    looks simple but works good
  4. Posting pictures

    awesome info thank you very much Thanks Nonny I left for a bit and the place got a new paint job LOL
  5. Posting pictures

    can any one explain how to post pictures now that we have a new format on the site? before I would go to my imgur site click the BBcode and copy it to the post this seems not to work anymore thanks for any help.
  6. wow take a few months off and they repaint the building wow I feel like a rookie all over I tried to post some pictures but site wont let me

  7. Might sound silly but how do I find my CJ to post updates to my CJ.... now that the new site update went in... by the way nice Job!!!!!!!!! none that by the way......

    1. _Michael


      City Journals are not upgraded yet and therefore not accessible. 

  8. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    a farming town
  9. I haven't been on here for awhile and your work is awesome as always
  10. Cities skylines on disc

    where can you buy a disc for this game In the U.S.A?
  11. its amazing how being in a relationship cuts in too your city building time but i like it

  12. speechless simply awesome would love to see a video of this city