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Weird freight Transport !

Lately I spotted some perculier freight transport directions ! Recently an new industrial area without freight station has been added. Normaly freight goes the shortest way to the nearest border. Maybe road traffic will take over but yet we see this traffic patern !


My new industrial estate ! Freight truck leaves to the left to the old  estate where freight is loaded !


Freight is loaded and the train takes his cargo all the way back to the first picture where it´s ?!? make a perculier move ???

Would the same freight patern apply for the old estate ?


Same freight station, but a different traffic patern, how perculier ?!?

This estate is more near the left tile border so the logical route !

Weird, programing would this occur with a normal 90 dgr railway bridge ? Simcity 4 dated and addition of NAM it´s most likely ! Nice to see goods distributed this all over the map, obviously the local market shouldn´t be forgoten, we know more money is made exporting, the game knows nothing else !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



Rural wondering around !

Rural wondering around !

Today I am again being buged with some perculier Simcity 4 oddity. Large farms are most realistic but even medium farms have the no roads acces bug !


Three quarters of the farm is fine, one quarter complaining. Road´s or street are nearby. Have another try this time, again some part not accesible, but afther running the simulation it dissapeared, wondering !

Hope you enjoyed this short CJ see you back next time !


Complete Rural Set !

Complete Rural Set !               *** Mystery solved ***   

The complete rural set conscists of 11 rural properties to fit in  a rurla enviroment. On my mayon instalation they appear normal. On my new system instalation they appear without buildings. Assumed this has something to do with my maxis blocking this doesn´t make a differende. Here the set !



Great set by GSHMails !

Mayon region view of some of the parts !


Same set on my new system !


What a difference ! Readme states to copy these files into the plugin directory.

Busstop1 - NYC Stop
Busstop2 - Modern stop
Busstop3 - Rural

Copy all three of each stop to use in the game.

These files seem to be in this set but still no result !

Touching in the dark ! Hope anyone have some idea what´s missing, any suggestions are very welcom !

Last night I opted there would be somekind of prop pack of the maker himself available. Some kind of rural props where there but no means 1

Today I opted to do it all over again and suceeded ! Somehow some props don´t display directly if not reploped as with this set Mushymushy congratulations on your pointing out for the buildingprops 1 and 2 !  As a final ending to this month CJ story on Scrap shack an picture of the set in its full glory !



Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


Some graphics problem on my new machine in Simcity 4 Regional view he famous glitchbar at every city tile. Researched the problem updated the drivers for no available !


Eventualy most will be covered with city or landscape but it´s quit annoying. It´s about the same size as the reconciliation line wich i turned of. Nvidia Geforce 7x series rumoerd to have this problem I got a Nvidia Geforce GTX 745 card. Anyone know a sollution. Welcome your response, have a nice day !



Weather Forecast for Today !

Welcome to my CJ of simcity 4 sometime odd and weared behaviour or obscure things. Today I present the wheater forcast for Today !

Sunny spells, end of morning a large thunder and gales front arriving to the region. Motorist are advised to have there lights on for the rest of the day because light will be scared. Late evening will see a return to better weather.

A satalite view of the region Now !


Please turn your lights on !


Thank you for your attention ! Weather will return to Sunny spells and light cloudy conditions. You can turnoff your lights !


Some odd simcity 4 behaviour !  Next week there will be the regular Mayon Province CJ. Last CJ concentrated on Fort Grayon,  furthur city development. Next CJ will take us to the Countryside, we´ve explored Sampson Valley, now it´s the turn for the Coast peninsula´s of Hartford and Grayon. Still a lot of city and town and some overall agricultural development to do. Worked on a obscure location, not yet finished wich will be revealed in a later CJ. Later CJ may go offshore, go to the outback, visit a new fancy place !

Hope you enjoyed this short CJ and see you back in the next one !






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