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  1. Cori, quick question-if I reduced the blur, would that give the coastline a more rugged look? Like the East Coast of the United States?
  2. Ah, I used it in paint. I just got the black paint and coloured in the water area. I managed to fiddle with the colours to make it a grey, but will see what I can make by blurring it up a little. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thanks for that, how do I blur the image in Gimp?
  4. Hi all, After a year of experimenting I've managed to find a perfect cloud online to build a country in, however when I use the PNG below, I notice my region comes out looking like this... Huge cavenous cliffs seem to rim the coastline around the entire landmass. I noticed it was the elevation that was too high, when lowered it creats interesting islands and esturies, but is there anyway I can change the cloud image file to tell SC4 Mapper to lower the elevation?
  5. No Rest for the Weary

    Wow, you put a lot of effort into this! I love the highway going through the forest by the way.
  6. Hi Cori, I've been using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office picture manager, I've got to the point of placing the greyscale image in the region but similarly to huzman, nothing happens. I: Created a new confi.bmp to a modest 12x18 pixels, saved over existing. Got a nice picture of some clouds of wikimedia, cropped the useless parts and resized the image using the forumla. Put saturation to -100 to create a greyscale image. Exported as bmp, saved it as "Grey2" Opened up SC4, pressed CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R, selected my cloud image and nothing happens. Any advice on what's going on? Is it Windows 10 or the puny Microsoft Picture Manager? Thanks
  7. Found an interesting old thread from 2004 off that forum Skyscrapercity. Apparently the OP has information SC5 was in development and another poster giving 2006 as a release date. Note the early 2000s computer problems some users complain of, a wish lists for SC5 which mirror most of the content on simtroplis for SC4 and a surprising disdain for SC4. I remember preferring SC3000 to SC4 when I first got it. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=116474
  8. I'm always interested in those stories about games that were planned but never made or released. So it got me thinking did Maxis ever consider or start work on a sequel to SC4 in the 2000s? I remember being 11back in '06 and thinking SimCity 5 was just around the corner. And even earlier just after my dad getting SC4 for us in 2003 thinking SC5 would be the greatest thing ever. What on earth happened to the development of SC4 after Rush Hour?
  9. Views from across West Illford -Part 1

    Hello, what houses are used in picture 1?
  10. Cori's Tree Shoppe

    Sorry I forgot to mention, the tree mod I downloaded were God mode trees that I can't get rid of without causing brown boxes. Is there anyway to revert back to Maxis God mode trees?
  11. Cori's Tree Shoppe

    Is there any way to remove a tree mod and revert back to the Maxis trees? I installed the Yucatan Tropical Tree Mod about 4 years ago and since then have tried to remove the mod but littered my cities with brown boxes.
  12. Show us your Riverside, Lakeside, or Oceanside.

    A small waterside haven, within the pincers of Great Missanda's bustling transport infrastructure.
  13. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Its strange, I'm not a very active member on Simtroplis, but Moose's passing has left me feeling quite sad. I think I first came across him on here when I was 14 or 15 not long after joining and being slightly alarmed that the moose on his avatar moved and smiled. In all my incohorenent teenage babbling posts demanding people fix things for me, find things for me or look at my City Journal, he would always be the first to make a measured and calm response. But I think what's left me feeling the saddest is what he (and Corina Marie) helped me with lately this year. In March he helped me when my City wouldn't start after upgrading to Windows 10 and in May, both he and CM walked me through how to increase the size of my reigon to whatever size I wanted, something I only dreamed of doing. I guess I feel a little sad that he won't be around to see the finish product he helped me make. I wish I spoke to him more, granted his technical posts sometimes (most times) went over my head, I always enjoyed reading his website, and reading his conversations in the social forum. Wherever he is, I just hope they have a Linux PC with a good copy of Sim City 4 for him. Not a goodbye Nonny, but a godspeed.
  14. 3 word story

    Leaking gas cylinders...
  15. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could please point me to some good ploppable flora that I can use. I looked on sc4 devotion and became overwhelmed with all the different choices. Ideally, some trees that are native to more Western Europe than North America will be the best. Regards