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  1. Amazing! So you can really follow the aging process. Great job you did.
  2. Wow, some very very interesting info here. Crazy that SC4 and even 3k had that much features planned.
  3. I keep on digging into SC4's game mechanisms and I was thinking about how far from reality the water system in SC4 is. It's also completely wrong in Skylines. I don't think any city in the world lays pipes under the ground to "cover" an area. Water pipes are usually running under the streets of a city. Also, water towers do not produce water (LOL...), they only serve to store water and provide pressure. I know it "adds some gameplay"... but it should be working about the same as the electricity system.
  4. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    It's... Roller coaster zoo tycoon. I just had a vision of a giraffe riding a roller coaster.
  5. Funny Screenshots

    Well... last time I saw a BMW driver use turn signals he blinked left... and turned right.
  6. I got completely bored with the "desperately try to make intersections work because the AI is awful and we won't fix it" game after a while.
  7. Wow wow wow... bad, evil people that make a game and ask you money in return. if you want to rant about DRM go to EA. You can play CSL offline, you just need to have steam installed. And the steam overlay can be disables by the simple use of a keyboard shortcut. [Edited]
  8. The "unknown error" is that your game is a pirated version, you admitted it in your request for boldlybuilding's WTC. Stop requesting stuff here, buy the game.
  9. It won't load "a bit faster", it will load ""incredibly faster"
  10. Well... you can sell a kidney, you don't need both.
  11. I'm giving myself a few kicks in the ass to finish remaking the nightlights of my old buildings so that they're as appealing as my latest ones... after that... we'll see I've got some other projects, not sure if I will keep on building for C:SL (maybe... who knows).
  12. Yep I'm fully aware of that (I bought SC4 at release... and yep it was demanding... and still is because it can use just one core). But is that approach really less calculations-demanding? Also... I still marvel at how alive SC4 feels. The cities "breathe" and react like a living being.
  13. So there no "solid" position for sims. I thougth SC4 had part of that by populating the buildings, and then applying changes to the group of sims inside it. Not going as far as taking each sim into account but still considering the sims in a building as a separate group. It is really fully statistical.
  14. Hmmmm.... so in the case of wealth, it's the land that gets wealthier and it's applied to a certain number of sims according to the density?! edit : (and the same for education, heath, etc...)