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  1. Quote of the Day

    We don't have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it. -Douglas Adams
  2. Quote of the Day

    Life's too short to remove USB safely. - Ancient Nepalese proverb.
  3. Buildings many people didn't even know they were existing

    The Portopí Lighthouse, in Palma de Mallorca, my hometown; which is considered the third oldest working lighthouse in the world (after the Lanterna of Genova, in Italy; and the oldest of them all, the Tower of Hercules, in Spain too), entering into service in the XIV century. At first it was located near the Sant Carles castle, but as the fire of the cannons always broke the lighthouse lighting, it was transferred and placed over a medieval signaling tower, which was used in the Middle Ages along with another tower to close the harbor to ships at night by hanging a chain between them. As you can see, it has masts on the sides, that's because in the past they used them to hang flags for announcing the number and types of ships entering the harbor. (Here the flags, placed because of a commemorative event)
  4. Quote of the Day

    "Noodles, I slipped..." - Dominic in Sergio Leone's film Once upon a time in America.
  5. Small Cities with skyscrapers

    Well, the Spanish city of Benidorm, with a population of only 66642 is the city in the world with most skyscrapers per habitant in the world, and has 43 buildings taller than 80 metres, and some of them being close to 200 metres.
  6. I'm Super Part II

    Cool! It has a very cinematographic feeling BTW, could you tell me where did you find the big red building on the right of the first picture? Looks good! Keep it up!
  7. 3 word story

    ...was unable of...
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Awesome work though I would "flatten" the tops a bit the next time. I say that because at least in the island where I live (a place where that kind of walls is very common) the wall tops are surprisingly flat as a result of the process the craftsmen here use to build them, and not as "bumpy" as one would expect. What I trying to explain is that wall tops look like this: My will isn't to criticize it, it's just some feedback from a guy who sees loads of walls like that every time he goes to the mountain; and I must say that even without being as flat as I said, those walls still are fantastic creations. Keep it up with that brilliant work!
  9. 3 word story

    That would be...
  10. Ask a forumer anything...

    Certainly not because I live in Spain, and even if it was visible, tonight's gonna be cloudy. Could you define yourself with a song? If so, with which one?
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    That locomotive looks cool! Awesome job with the container lots, especially because you added new brands that are very present here in European ports. I'm sure I'll use that Maersk Sealand, Hamburg Süd and "K" Line containers a lot!
  12. Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack (TMIP) - Volume 2

  13. 3 word story

    ... started shouting at ...
  14. Buildings many people didn't even know they were existing

    Lemóniz Nuclear Plant, in the Basque Country. It was almost finished but changes in the government and protests made the progress stop and now it stands there, without changing for decades and still owned by the electric company which decided to build it.
  15. 3 word story

    ...as it laughed...