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City-building game(s)

Found 13 results

  1. El Paso & Ciudad Juárez.sc3

    Version 1.0.0


    El Paso & Ciudad Juárez in SimCity 3000. Two cities on each side of the border. El Paso is situated north of the border and the troubled Ciudad Juarez is situated south of the border. El Paso has a high level of control and is a functioning and civilized city. Ciudad Juárez, however, is the world's most dangerous city outside of a war zone. Therefore, crime is booming and the police are almost non existent.
  2. Great Southwest Building

    Version 1.1


    The Great Southwest Building, formerly the Petroleum Building, is a skyscraper built in 1926 and located at 1314 Texas Avenue in Downtown Houston, Texas, in the United States. The structure was originally commissioned by Joseph S. Cullinan, founder of The Texas Company, to house the offices of his growing oil and gas business. Designed by New York architect Alfred Bossom, the building features Art Deco styling with unusual Mayan touches including reliefs and a stepped back style on upper floors to mimic a Mayan pyramid. This is the second version of this building, the old one is now unavailable. Textures and nightlights were improved. Click on the image to check the other views: INFORMATIONS The model is available in two versions - LM and CO$$$ - and with and without the annex building. All of them are corner W2W. Landmark - with annex Plop cost: 70,000 Lot size: 3x2 Commercial Office - with annex: Lot Size: 3x2 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 Landmark - no annex Plop cost: 55,000 Lot size: 2x2 Commercial Office - no annex: Lot Size: 2x2 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are four .zip files in the download area. Be aware! Great Southwest Building (with annex - MN): this is the version with the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (with annex - DN): this is the version with the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (no annex - MN): this is the version without the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (no annex - DN): this is the version without the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Note: inside each .zip there are the Landmark and Commercial Office folders. If you don't want one of them you can delete its respective folder, but never the .SC4MODEL. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only).
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/31/austin-shooting-multiple-victims-reported-in-texas?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet As of when I'm posting this, there's little information circulating as to what exactly is going on. This article I found is as sufficient as I could find. I'll try to remember and update this thread with new information as it surfaces, but if I don't, if you guys would be so kind as to leave posts down below with new information regarding this, that'd be great. My prayers and condolences to the victims and their families as well as the city of Austin.
  4. This past week the carefully guarded design by Pelli Clarke Pelli for Weston Urban's Frost Bank Headquarters in downtown San Antonio was finally revealed. This will be the first major commercial office tower built in our downtown in almost 30 years, and we were promised an iconic, skyline changing building. "Weston Urban proposes cutting-edge skyscraper for Frost headquarters" - Richard Webner and Steve Bennett, San Antonio Express-News "Frost Bank Tower Design Signals a 21st Century San Antonio" - Iris Dimmick, The Rivard Report It's...err...shorter than what many were anticipating! That has been the immediate, universal reaction as the design will rise only to 400 ft. However, once you get past the diminutive stature, it's actually kinda pretty. Admittedly, downtown San Antonio has no modern glass towers, so this really is cutting-edge for us: JACKinBeanTown at Skyscraperpage.com actually composed a skyline shot: For some, the octagonal glass design is too modern, while others think it is too restrained and boring. Seeing that skyline cut-'n'-paste with the octagonal Frost Tower flanking the octagonal Tower Life Building tells me Pelli Clarke Pelli knows exactly what they are doing. The current site is a motor bank landscaped along its perimeter with live oak trees, which the developers have promised to largely preserve, particularly the live oak allée: Not yet shown is how the rear base of the building will relate to the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project, which is creating a linear urban park out of a neglected drainage creek paralleling the Riverwalk. At one point, the creek project facing the proposed tower site would have looked wondrously like this, but it has since been toned down more like this. I admit, I was partial to the wondrous look. Frost Bank will also have new, more conventional buildings in Fort Worth and Dallas, but the benchmark for San Antonio was the iconic Frost Bank Tower in Austin, whose completion in 2003 inaugurated a rapid building boom in the Capital City. It is hoped that the San Antonio tower will herald a similar boom in Alamo City. The iconic crown on the Austin building always seemed to me to be squat and peculiar, and it was a wonder just what sort of comparable crown might San Antonio end up with. I do like this cleaner, serrated crown. Former Mayor Julián Castro surprisingly announced this unsolicited tower project and its complicated public/private downtown land swaps in 2014 just before leaving to become U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and this building is seen as the crown to his mayoral "Decade of Downtown" initiative. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year and is aimed to be completed by 2018, in time for the San Antonio Tricentennial celebrations. Lastly, my own humor:
  5. Fountain Place

    Version 1.0.0


    Fountain Place is a 60-story late-modernist skyscraper in downtown Dallas, Texas. Standing at a structural height of 720 ft (220 m), it is the fifth-tallest building in Dallas, and the 15th-tallest in Texas. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_Place This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 4,800 CO$$$ Jobs JUST PLOPPABLE FILE Instal the version taht you need. To install this Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins For Dark Nite you'll need install Dark Nite Mode: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/ Have fun !
  6. Magnolia Building

    Version 1.0.0


    More pictures: DAY LIGHT MAXISNITE DARKNITE DESCRIPTION The Magnolia Building, also called the Magnolia Petroleum Building and currently Magnolia Hotel is an iconic building in the city of Dallas, TX, USA. Built in 1921 in the Beaux-Arts style, the building has the Pegasus horse at the top since 1934, the logo of the Magnolia Petroleum Company and later Mobil Oil logo as well when they merged. The Pegasus became a symbol in the city. INFORMATIONS The model is available in two versions: Landmark and Commercial Service. Landmark: Plop cost: 50,000 Lot size: 3x2 Commercial Service: Lot Size: 3x2 C$$$: 4,000 C$$: 5,000 C$: 6,000 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are four .zip files in the download area. Be aware! Magnolia Building - LM-MN : this is the Landmark version for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Magnolia Building - CS-MN: this is the Commercial Service version for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Magnolia Building - LM-DN: this is the Landmark version for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Magnolia Building - CS-DN: this is the Commercial Service version for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Note: if you download both MaxisNite files you can delete one of the .sc4model file. The same to DarkNite. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only). THANKS TO Reddonquixote for this awesome sculpture he did for the building entrance. Thanks also to those who helped me with some problems to render, Jasoncw, c.p., Mattb325 and mgb204. To check other models I'm working on just follow the link: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/61046-jp-schriefers-bats/
  7. So simtropolites, what is your opinion on High-Speed Rail in the United States? Be it in California, the Texas Triangle, Chicago, the Northeast Corridor, or any other proposed region. I just want to get y'all's opinions because I'm currently writing an in-depth research paper into the topic and I want to see if there are any potential arguments that I'm missing.
  8. Shooting at Fort Hood, TX

    http://news.yahoo.com/fort-hood-says-shooting-texas-army-224107447.html All things are currently developing. Right now we don't know all that much about the situation.
  9. Houston, Texas,



    G'Day Simtropians, This map of Houston comes courtesy of a request by old mate Portie. Thanks mate. Houston is a large port city in Texas. Named in honour of the then el Presidente of the Texas Republic, Sam. This is a real world map and was produced with dem and satellite data, it is accurate in scale and terrain and requires Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer. If using terra one requires a 64bit OS and terra need to be patched with the 4GB patcher. Details are in the readme. The map measures 81.92km x 61.44km. That is I think about all. Cheers.
  10. Hey yall I've been trying to make a proper interchange with frontage roads which includes the turnaround lane, allowing for only one exit ramp to serve all directions. It also makes for a very compact interchange. Anyone who's ever been to El Paso or Pasadena TX has seen these—I assume they're all over the state. They're also underneath the Metropolitan Autoroute way up north in Montreal, Canada. I was trying to make it with RHW with fairly poor results has anyone attempted it?
  11. Brad? Janet? Denton USA



    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to present a map courtesy of a request by DaTSchikinhed, Thanks mate. Well we all know Brad and Janet live in Denton, don't we? Denton County Texas is just north of Dallas. See me up CLOSE and personal. This is a real world map and measures 53.248km x 49.152km. it was produced with dem and satellite data. It is in .SC4M format and requires Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer to import it into SC4. The map is terrain and scale accurate. A readme is provided free containing instructions and links an a pic. I think that's all. Cheers
  12. Facts, History, and Information

    Dallas, Texas photo by Matt Clarkson Geography: Area: 385.0 sq mi (99.7 km2) Dallas city limits include several large man made lakes used for water for the rest of the metro area Topography: Located on the great plains, Dallas is mostly flat with scattered hills and shallow valleys created by streams; the Trinity River runs through the middle of Dallas Climate: Humid subtropical. Mild winters, occasionally strong cold fronts move in bringing snow and ice. Hot, dry summers. Spring and Autumn are both pleasant and warm, but stormy. Demographics: Population (2010 census): 1,197,816 (9th in the US) Metro Population: 6,477,315 (4th in the US) Density: 3,697.44 sq mi (1,427.38/km2) Diversity: 56.6% White, 23.2% African American, 2.5% Asian, 16.4% other race, and 1.3% from two or more races. Latinos make up 43.1% of the total population. Religion: Located in the "Bible Belt" there is a large Protestant, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic influence. Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism is also have sizable communities. Economy: Metro GMP (Gross Metropolitan Product):$379,863 million Major Industries: Cotton, Telecommunications, Retail, Banking, Oil, and Natural Gas Fortune 500 Company Headquarters: 12; Metro: 24 Transportation: Major US Interstates: Interstates 20, 30E, 45, 635, 820 Major Airports: Dallas Love Field, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport Mass Transit: DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Light Rail and Bus service History: Throughout the 16th to the mid-18th century, Caddo Native Americans inhabited the Dallas area. In 1841, John Neely Byran built a log cabin near the Trinity River and surveyed the area. After the survey, in 1844, J.P. Dumas laid out .5 square miles of blocks and streets near present day downtown Dallas. Dallas was incorporated in 1856. Right before the Civil War, Dallas county voted in favor of secession. The war did little damage to Dallas; however, the Reconstruction Period brought myriad hardships and challenges to Dallas. Slaves were emancipated in June of 1865. In 1871, Dallas officially became a city.The major north-south (Houston and Texas Central Railroad) and east-west (Texas and Pacific Railway) railroads crossed in Dallas in 1873. These railroads quickly made Dallas a center for grain and cotton in the South. In 1880,the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was built in Dallas and caused the city to become the cotton capital of the world. In 1904, the Trinity River flooded and reached a depth of 52.6 ft. with a width of 1.5 miles. Although only five people died, over 4,000 were left homeless, and there was an estimated $2.5 million in property damages. This devastating flood caused the city to think of ways to try to tame the Trinity. In 1911, largely due to Dallas being the cotton capital of the world, the Federal Reserve Bank opened its eleventh regional branch in Dallas. During World War I, aviation became a concern for Dallas, and so Love Field was purchased in 1927 and became Dallas' municipal airport. During the Great Depression years, Dallas fared relatively well. In 1930, oil was struck 100 miles east of the city in Kilgore, causing an oil boom. This new discovery of oil caused Dallas to quickly become the financial center for the oil industry in both Texas and Oklahoma.In 1936, the state of Texas chose Dallas to host the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. The Exposition lead to the creation of Fair Park, an art-deco filled complex that serves today as the fairgrounds for the Texas State Fair, the largest in the country. Fair Park additionally houses numerous museums today. In 1958, a version of the integrated circuit was created in Texas Instruments. this creation lead to Dallas promoting high-tech development and the creation of the term "Silicone Prairie" due to the large amount of high-tech manufacturing companies based in the Dallas area. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from the nearby Texas School Book Depository. Today, that building has been converted into a historical museum dealing with both JFK's life and assassination. Although the assassination dubbed Dallas as a "Hate City", the 1970s and the 1980s turned Dallas into a real estate hot bed. Dozens of skyscrapers were built. In 1983, DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) was created and began light rail and bus operations. After the 1980s, Dallas experienced a lag in growth largely due to the Savings and Loan Crisis. However, in the late 1990s, the telecom industry boomed in Dallas. This, along with another boom in the high tech industry, created a building boom for Dallas today. Currently, the recession and hard economic times have not been heavily felt in Dallas. Unlike most other major US cities today, Dallas is still a real estate hot bed and is experiencing a construction boom in downtown and the surrounding areas. In the next update, I'll show how far I am in recreating Dallas in Simcity 4.
  13. Version


    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to show the second map of the Beaumont-Lake Charles map pack as requested by TJ1. Thankyou for your requests Teej. Beaumont is a short distance across the Texas border and this map butts to Lake Charles although it does not overlap. It's also flat and lakey around the area, another bridge builders ball really. See this map up CLOSE and personal. Ok, the technical stuff. This is a real world map and meassures 65.536km x 81.92km. It's in 16bits and .SC4M format. One requires wouanagaine's mapper to import it into the game. Terraformer will not load this map as it is too big for it. It's also terrain and scale accurate and was produced with dem and satellite data. A readme is included that has links and instructions. That's it... No wait, I found the map generator! He was sitting infront of the monitors all the time. Unfortunately though he doesn't upload or download very well through copper. Cheers

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