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  1. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Hi, folks! Almost 2 months with no news here, but I'm having my last exam tomorrow and then I'll be back This year I still intend to release 2 models, one of them is the main tower from the Wellington Hotel. I'll post the replies in a spoiler from now on, I think it will make visualization better. So, for me to warm up, I did some previews from a building I was doing for a while. I don't know if you hate when I ask that, but................can you guess the building? I think it's a bit hard although it's flashy design. There are just a few ornaments to add and I also intend to release a HD version as well. HD previews:
  2. New Zealand

    Very beautiful pictures! I love the animated ones as well,. Great job!
  3. mipro

    Looks wonderful! I like the brick texture although you said it's not the perfect one, but you have the best eyes to check textures
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Opened the game only to add the wonderful Plaza Hotel by Matt at my NYC recreation
  5. Plaza Hotel New York

    What a wonderful work, Matt! Thank you very much for this one
  6. Episode 1 - building Central Park's Lake

    Nice video. I use this canal set as well, it's truly amazing.
  7. U1: The Price of Expansion

    Wonderful entry! It's great to see your pictures again
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    @mattb325 I'm really happy you're doing this one! It's even unfair this gem not being in game for 14 years. You're doing a brilliant work there! Once I even thought about doing it, so I went to Google Earth, looked at the roof junk and said 'eeeerrrr...don't think that's gonna happen'
  9. Toronto

    It's wonderful how you cover such a diverse range of landscapes, from forests to cities, houses to skyscrapers, from awesome to perfect!
  10. This one is in Portuguese, but it's still nice to hear.
  11. Los Angeles

    Fantastic recreation! LA is such an amazing city and you perfectly represented that with your images! Congratulations!!
  12. Niederbauen - Further Exploration

    Very good work, Michael! Niederbauen is truly a gem!
  13. Video Montage of Pololomia

    That's a very beautiful city. I love the song you chose