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  1. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Take a look at the details of the front glass and also the sign. By the way, outstanding model!
  2. Edificio Ilha De Bali

    SC4 needs more residential towers SC4 needs more quality BATs SC4 needs more Reddonquixote
  3. [PROJECT] Torquay

    Is an album made to accompany the evolution of the Torquay's construction.
  4. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    WHAAAAAAAT? I thought it was a joke, but it really does exist. Good news: I have free time today...
  5. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    I think i should work on FBI. And yes, i lost 5 minutes of my life doing this.
  6. Ritz-Carlton Toronto

    Seriously dude? After a long time you're back, upload a masterpiece and don't explain yourself? I'm kidding nice to have you back and thanks for sharing.
  7. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Actualy, i don't speak English, but i think i need to say my opinion. Life goes on, new users come in, old users get out, but during this last 5 years, i noticed that STEX and LEX are having fewer and fewer uploads. I'm not saying that they are dying, but people are less active. We need to do something to keep this site going foward, and that means that we have to do some changes. Obviously, we have rules to follow and some big problems to resolve if we want to create MODPACCs. One is create categories to every custom content we have. LEX already do this, separes them in categories, RCI, Transp., Mods, Civics, Parks, Rewards, Utilities, and others more. I don't see that in STEX, and i don't know who will select these plugins, but i think we could start by creating categories for these STEX files. If STEX already separes them by categories, so we need to put these categories in a submenu. I'm sorry if someone already said something about this, i don't understand everything that people say here.
  8. Pedriana Pharmaceuticals

    That night light....
  9. Very Large Maps Mod

    It wont work for me because some of my config files are 15x15 pixels, or 32x32 pixels. i tested one file that is 16x16 and we get this: The 2 files are in the Plugins folder correctly as well the other in the Apps folder. This is my Config file: Like said @jonnyphive, "It's a real shame though, this is exactly the mod I've wanted for 10+ years. Looks like it works great for everyone else so far!"
  10. Suburbs 5

    Thanks for the comment Julio! Amazing that you remind me of SCB, I have the CJ there for some time. Now in summer I went on vacation, so I could play a little, but I don't have much time to play normally, college and work consume my time hahahahahaha "Valeu pelo comentário Julio! Que foda que tu me lembra do SCB, faz tempo que tenho o jornal lá. Agora no verão entrei de férias, então consegui jogar um pouco, mas não tenho muito tempo pra jogar normalmente, faculdade e o trabalho consomem meu tempo hahahahahaha"
  11. Urban Abstractions BATs

    Very detailed, impressive! Maybe a little more brightness in some lights. Let's see how the building will behave with the lights on every floor. I think the result will be great!
  12. Incredible work! Where i can find this shopping mall on the last picture?
  13. Chanin Building

    Keep it up Diego! Thanks for sharing!
  14. It reminds me the Chaoyang Park Plaza, in Beijing. You can look out more of this plaza here. This idea of a futuristic building pleases me, keep it up!