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  1. Dealing with EPS files

    I did try Inkscape as Dirk recommended. However, it appears that the EPS files I received are too complex for it. I had to go with Illustrator.
  2. Dealing with EPS files

    Right now, I'm trying to speed-learn EPS files. I've commissioned a lot of artwork over the years, but this is the first time for logo design. Evidently, a standard for logos is EPS file format. I've been doing my best to read up on these, but it's all gibberish to me. The info sites keep talking about "vectors" and I have no clue what those are. From what I can tell, I do no have a program that can handle these properly. I can open them in Photoshop, but they appear as regular, flattened, pictures. Are there good, free EPS editors? Are EPS files layered or flat?
  3. Halloween 2017 on Simtropolis

    Oh, I got screenied. Preserved for post... prostadig... prostatearity!
  4. Commissioning Music

    Thanks for the replies! I realize I should probably have stated the sort of music I'm looking for, which might help with suggestions. I'm looking for a trailer-style piece. Whether it's orchestral, synth, or whatever doesn't really matter as long as the mood is right. I have had limited experience with sidtes like SoundCloud, but I shall investigate further as suggested.
  5. Commissioning Music

    I reckon that anyone who knows me and knows what I do has a pretty good idea that I've commissioned many, many pieces of art over the years. For a new project I'm working on, I am might be interested in commissioning a piece of music for it. My searches for people to take music commissions, however, show prices that frequently run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars for something a few minutes long. I'm not looking for anything massive or commercial here. This is a personal project for which I receive rather minimal donations. If anyone can help steer me in the right direction, towards some affordable music commissions, that would be nice.
  6. I didn't take Jaze and Rhoskel down to Kentucky last time I went, so I took them this time.I took other dolls down as well, I didn't have time for everyone. Here's Beowulf doing some GQ poses.
  7. Back up... $400??? I purchased my own webspace with tons of storage, my own domain, and the ability to host my own website for way, way less than that! And I get to control basically everything. $400 is an utter rip-off.
  8. Original Thread: Get your Maxis files here! ****************************************************************************************************** A note for those looking for the Maxis files. With the closing of the MobileMe site, the Maxis files have become a little more difficult to find. Fortunately, a couple of the members here have made them available at their own sites. See the links below for the Maxis files (including the two bldgprop files and the additional Landmarks): Craig_Abcvs: Screwpile Developments Site (Official Maxis BAT Tool, Dependencies, Landmarks, Lot Editor, etc) Simtropolis Hosted: Official Patches for SimCity 4 Rush Hour v. 1.1.638.0 ****************************************************************************************************** This is a thread that originally appeared in the Mac forum, but it seems that many Windows users have the same problem of obtaining simcity.com downloads. Awhile back, I had a long chat with the folks at EA. The entire conversation isn't relevant, but here is the relevant part: Me: I just want to confirm something that you said. You stated "If you are looking for that particular download you may be able to find it on other Sim City community websites." So, may I assume from this statement that this would be 100% legal? Is the same true for other downloads such as bldgprops_vol1.dat and bldgprops_vol2.dat as well? Thank you for your time. Ian Response from Landon F.: Hello again, It is legal to host the downloads on other websites, yes. It is when you begin making money off of our copywrited content that it raises concerns. Feel free to use other sites at your leisure. Thank you for your patience. In other words, it is perfectly legal to download all the stuff on simcity.com from other sites as long as you do not make a profit off of it. That said, I have obtained permission from Dirk to host the files on my website and then link from here. Edit: Not on mine anymore. See the top of the post Aug. 2, 2006: The first downloads are up! For now, I have the bldgprops_vol1.dat and bldgprops_vol2.dat files. Aug. 7, 2006: Lot Editor and BAT are now up! Aug. 8, 2006: MAC ONLY!!! Graphics rules.sgr now up! Warning!!! This file is NOT for use by just anyone! If you are having gameplay smoothness troubles with your Mac, download this file. After downloading, go to your SimCity4 Data folder and move the current graphics rules.sgr file to a safe place. Then place the new graphics rules.sgr file directly into your SimCity4 Data folder. DO NOT place it in any Plugins folders. If it works, yay! If not, throw out the new file and replace it with the old one that you carefully saved. Aug. 13, 2006: With the help of Dirk and kbooms1w, the EA landmarks are now up! Aug. 16, 2006: Landmarks which were previously available at the Aspyr site are now up! The Aspyr links were dead... September 10, 2006: NDEX Global Essentials.dat now up with permission from SC4meister! September 27, 2006: MAC ONLY!!! Highway interchanges are now up! Be ABSOLUTELY SURE you read the instructions in this thread: http://www.simtropol...ndpost__p__4884 It is best if you read the entire thread. If not, at the very minimum, read the post on the second page by jjakucyk that was posted on 07/12/05. If you do not read this, you are guaranteed to mess up the installation! File is entitled: SC4_RH&Deluxe_Pre2PostUpdate...blahblahblah...zip You get the idea. Special thanks to Tropod for making this and kbooms1w for making it available to me. Original Thread: Get your Maxis files here! Return to Top
  9. A-Z Cars

    Mohs Safarikar You like leather interior? How about a leather exterior?
  10. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Oh, there are plenty of us around. This thread was originally a sort of refuge, but it's really not needed for that purpose anymore. I think that's why it's not used as much as it once was.
  11. On supporting bitcoin donations...

    Opera might be a good alternative if you're not a fan of Chrome. It's a Chrome build without all the garbage. I've found that it works much better than Chrome overall.
  12. On supporting bitcoin donations...

    Can't we just throw our panties at you like we just snuck into a rock concert?
  13. Mac made City Journals

    The Carpathia series is no longer on ST. Now, you can find it at http://www.newcarpathia.com
  14. Hi Zelgadis.  Just came back to SC4Deluxe, sort of lost.  But, the Stex Collection may be salvation, but are they usable with a Imac?

    While checking out people's comments I realized that they are older.  Where are the latest remarks?

    And where would I find your response if you did?

    Thank you

    1. Zelgadis


      People generally send PMs rather than status comments, which is why so many of them are old.

      As for SC4 on iMac, the STEX collection would work just fine. My recommendation is to get the Windows version and install VMware. This will allow you to install Windows 7 on your Mac. It runs much better on that.