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  1. Searching for a new antivirus

    I'll second TekindusT on that. I use avast on android devices, have done for at least 5 years, never had any problems. I've used win 10 for about a year now with only Defender running and no probs there either.
  2. Should I Install Windows or Linux?

    We will need more information about your system to advise you about what distros your machine can handle. Can you right click on your 'my computer' icon, select properties and then screenshot what appears onscreen please? This will tell us processor and ram info. Also, does the machine have any dedicated Graphics or Network cards? You might have to look in device manager to find this info.
  3. Ploppable Maxis buildings mod?

    This is a well known fault of SC4, plopped Res buildings, no matter the wealth level, will always abandon. There are some strategies that can delay the abandonment but not stop it entirely. Its one of these "un-solvable" bugs like the TE lot bug and prop pox. Like the rest of us it seems, you can hope for a fix at some point from simmaster07, our only resident C programmer.
  4. Pacific Northwest

    The Portland mosaic is a beauty and the Crater Lake shot is superb. Overachiever...
  5. Show us your tropical scenes!

    Dude, you and me both know that no one else is gonna post here after that as an opening entry. Epic work as always. I'm gonna go cry in the inadequate people's corner with everyone else.
  6. Western U.S.

    Seeing as you're cranking this stuff out at a frankly ridiculous rate, how about a shot-for-shot remake of Koyaanisqatsi in SC4? Go on, you know you want to...
  7. New York City - Landmarks & Mosaics

    Dude, that first Midtown Manhattan mosaic gave me flashbacks to watching Koyaanisqatsi (44:50). Epic. As always. Making the rest of us feel simply inadequate.
  8. Solving the Plobbable Residential Housing Bug

    This whole plopable Res thing is starting to sound more and more like a job for simmaster07.
  9. Quote of the Day

    @Terring: Didn't know there were any other 40k fans round here, nice to see. Although i now have the impulse to quote Lufgt Huron
  10. How about a "Breaking the Game" award? In my mind this would be for either a mod like SimMaster07's SC4fix dll or for extreme examples of korvering.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Did anyone ever make Flynn's Arcade from Tron?
  12. Anyone else playing Democracy 3?

    Nice to have another political manipulator on the site. There are some epic mods available for this game, Industry Redux and the Heritage Check System are two of my favourites, just for simulating the kind of stuff real world capitalists live in abject fear of. Here, check these, Main mod page http://positech.co.uk/democracy3/mods.html and the Master Mod List http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=8548
  13. Scenes From Europe

    @Leszczyk: What you saw was Korver kicking ass at this game. The thing is, it makes you feel bad after a while 'cause you realise you'll never be this good at the game or photoshop. @korver: Epic-ness all over once again man. I really need to play more and try harder...
  14. Civilization VI

    @LexusInfernus: What caused you to request a refund?
  15. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    First saw this thread a couple of days ago, didn't know how to respond. I'm gutted. Still. I received a PM from Nonny during his last login, http://imgur.com/wsvhfMV Goodbye my friend, you will be sorely missed on these boards. RIP John. I hope you catch up with Marilyn and the dogs. See ya around man...