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  1. One Lot and Thousunds Props

    Well, it all started with props made by others, namely Maxis. Back in 2003, there was no BAT yet. Of course, there was a golden age for new BATs, and you could say that this age is over. The community is old, which means less content, fewer modelers and fewer fan communities. Another aspect is that many building categories are pretty saturated. With so many models available, it might be natural that the few remaining people turn their attention to lots. In many cases, the resources are there now (unlike 2006), so you can simply mix and match existing props to create something that looks better than what was done originally. Moreover, in 2006 there were so many new BATs that some people thought lots were obsolete. And this is one aspect where things look different: Compare a 2016/2017 lot to a 2006 lot, and you will also see a difference. The same applies to overall quality. The NAM is also being further developed and allows more possibilities than ever. We have reached a very high standard in everything. The STEX as it is is - fortunately - not just 2017 or any other single year, but everything from the earliest days until now. So, in a certain sense, 2006 (or whatever year you pick) is not lost - it's just over. As you say, it's just life. The community is dwindling in numbers, and the pioneering spirit of the earlier years is long since gone. However, this old community may have some nice things in store yet, and it may stay around for a few further years. We all can contribute our little part to that, but even the most avid contributors won't turn the tide and defy time: this game and its community will die eventually, just like everything in life. IMO, if we can lean back one day, reflect on those times, remember that we used to be part of them, and think to ourselves that they were good times, we have created something worthwhile together. But that might still be a few years away, so enjoy it while you can, and if you contribute just a little, all the better (and perhaps a little longer).
  2. Solving the Plobbable Residential Housing Bug

    OK, so I finally found some time to test. This time it was a partial success indeed. I haven't tested for too long or with too many lots, but when I stuck to the same type (residential in this case), wealth (I tried R§§ and R§§§), lot size, and orientation, I could finally replicate your results: The buildings would not abandon even after several game years at cheetah speed passed by, but they no longer contributed to the simulation in any way that I could see - no commuters, no nothing. If this works on a bigger scale, it will enable far more creative freedom, but on the other hand it might cause trouble when you have too few grown lots to support your commercial and industrial buildings. I guess the best applications would be either for static "showcase" cities where you don't even run the simulation, or simply to fill gaps in simulated cities so you get the desired buildings in key places / on stubborn lots while not messing up the simulation too much. Now it would be interesting to hear how others fared, and I'll also check again to gather some more data.
  3. Modern Freight Cars Props

    "if anyone still cares about it" - seriously? It's "only" the biggest (and probably best) freight car pack that SC4 has ever seen! I know I care about it, and it's great to see that this project hasn't died. It's even better to read that it's finished and will be released soon! Thank you and all the testers involved for your hard work and your ongoing dedication. You guys rock! CHOO CHOO!
  4. Solving the Plobbable Residential Housing Bug

    Yes, the first part I quoted is true without doubt. While long freight trips will lower desirability somewhat, they do not lead industry to abandonment. Plopped commercials work without restriction because, as I wrote, they don't require anything to be able to leave the lot. They are simply unaffected by any difference between growing and plopping. The latter part is what puzzles me (and not only me, I guess) because so far I have invariably been unable to replicate it. I haven't had time so far, but maybe tonight I'll be able to conduct another test.
  5. Solving the Plobbable Residential Housing Bug

    This method of letting growable buildings of matching size develop and then plopping over them is, in fact, pretty old. Throughout the years, there have always been claims made by some folks that it worked for them. Yours is the second one that's backed up by actual pictures, though. However, every time I tried it exactly like this, it failed to work - and apparently I was not the only one to experience this, because it is one of the most desired features and would have been widely adopted if it had been found to work reliably for everyone, or so you should think. The fact that you don't see any Sim getting out of the building when querying the lots with the Route Query tool shows once again that the basic problem with ploppable lots persists: While workers can enter the lot, nothing can leave it. This is why commercials work best as ploppables: They need workers to enter the lot, but nothing to leave it. Plopped industry will show freight trips as "long" because while the workers are able to enter the lot, the freight generated can't leave it. Residential lots don't have anything entering them, but they have the Sims leaving them to find work. Remove that possibility, and they should normally abandon. Now, since not every Sim actually needs to have a job (think of children and elderly people, for example) a lot may actually not abandon every single time, but generally it should. I have never seen such a large amount of plopped lots not abandoning. In any case, I will try again, though. I'm pretty busy testing stuff anyway, so I might as well try once more. Once I'm commenting, I might as well add that I like the pictures you are showing, not to mention your avatar/nick combo makes me smile every time.
  6. Lot Editor - Help

    Fair enough. It was worth a shot. I was just asking because I might have given it a spin myself, but guess not.
  7. Lot Editor - Help

    @redfox85: Your tree problem is related to the actual LOD size of the tree. I have fought with the same problem when piecing together my HD tree replacement mod. The occupant size parameter actually only seems to change the size of that blue box you see in the LE - a very useful trick if you want to make lots with overhanging props, and it is also a nice idea for trees because it will show you exactly where the trunk will be (assuming that the tree was rendered properly centred, that is!). This makes it easier to place trees inside planters than dragging around a huge blue square and either eyeballing its centre or constantly checking against the 3D preview. Maxis did the same with their trees. However, the actual model - and, hence, its LODs - remain the same. So when your tree LOD cuts into the building LOD, you'll get the effect that you witnessed. The only way to avoid this is to either live with it and increase the distance between tree and house or to change the actual model size using cogeo's Model Tweaker application. Regarding the crashing lot, have you checked for any special characters in the exemplar name using iLive's Reader? What's the lot in question anyway - do you have a link?
  8. LivingInThePast's BAT Thread

    *gets RRetail in trouble* But seriously, I see that livinginthepast has last logged in 15 hrs ago at the moment I'm typing this, so I understand your hope. Still, the last post in this thread was made 3.5 years ago, so maybe a PM to the author may have been the more elegant solution in this case. While we do get unexpected thread resurrections now and then, there's also a lot of necromancy going on, and I prefer the former reason over the latter when a thread pops up on the first page again. Well, here's to hoping that this may actually jump-start the thread again now its's back to the front...
  9. T21 Props Question

    Ah yes, in that case deleting the objects altogether will be the better option anyway.
  10. Train station

    Wow, what a stunning image! Love the filter, the overall mood, the realism... fantastic work!
  11. Yes - technically, everything should work. Some people may have stuff both in their My Documents plugins folder (the one you should be using) and the game plugins folder, and then they may forget about one of these and end up with missing plugins. If this is not the case, you should be fine. However, it may be useful for the NAM to do a re-install because the installer will no longer be able to see what has been installed before. I'm not aware of any other plugins that leave traces in the list of installed software. In some cases, this may not even be necessary, but if you are not sure about that. I guess a re-install is the safer option.
  12. @licoricebomb: Ah yes, I was not separating that thoroughly enough - not least because Maxis always assigned identical values. Yes, "worth" doesn't really affect gameplay at all. Maybe it was planned to become something else (or something more), but Maxis didn't get around to finishing it? After all, there's a lot of unfinished stuff in that game. @CorinaMarie: I can understand that properties have a higher value if they are in a well-off area, but having tax revenue and property value identical by law sounds awfully specific, especially since tax revenue can vary a lot depending on the economy, whereas the property remains unchanged. On what tax revenue basis do they calculate property values? Surely not on a per property basis? That would be too fluctuating, I imagine. Sorry if I sound like a complete dunce, but I'm really not familiar with that concept, and it looks like I have the opportunity to learn something here.
  13. Well, I guess "worth" was introduced as a little penalty to bulldozing zones - the bigger and more buildings you'd bulldoze, the more expensive it gets. Helps a little to make reconstructions feel expensive and force SimMayors to think ahead and/or rebuild around existing stuff instead of just tearing it all down and rebuilding a million times. One could argue, though, that too large a sum would be too punishing and ruin the fun, but the sum they eventually went for is so low that it's not really noticeable once your city has taken off. "Building value", however, represents tax revenue... why would this be identical to the compensation you need to pay to buy out some property? IMO it makes sense that the two are different... in any case, to confirm what @nos.17 correctly stated, building value is the property you need to change if you want to modify tax revenue.
  14. Yes, that would be a nice idea, especially since we cannot draw four tracks on one tile, like on ncd's lot textures. As for the stations themselves, you did a mighty fine job as usual! I think the timber loading station is my personal favourite. Other than the obvious Maxis props (well, obvious to any avid LE user), how much of what I'm looking at is pre-existing and how much did you make yourself? I take it that all the main buildings are your own work, right?
  15. mipro

    I'm not sure if the visible progress actually is as excruciatingly, scandalously, outrageously, painstakingly slow as I feel it or if that's because I'm looking forward to the final result so much.