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  1. "Scoty Modular Airport" project

    With all the airport packs that have been released so far, shouldn't there be enough material? I mean, if you browse the "Show us your airports" thread, you see a bunch of super-realistic airports, all assembled from stuff that's readily available out there. I really like your concept because it's a good middle ground between the choices we currently have, namely: Plop down a Maxis airport that looks tiny and unrealistic Download a bazillion of items, read through a bunch of resources to learn how an airport is structured, and spent days plopping all the stuff manually A set of ready-built lots that are more realistic than the Maxis airport but require less effort than a fully manual build sounds like a really good third alternative to me, and I think the building/prop and texture resources to make it are already available.
  2. JP Schriefer's BATs

    I don't know what building this is, but I like how they went all Hogwarts towards the roof - holy cow! That chimney (?) tower looks so bizarre... especially in the bottom right view, as seen from the backyard. This looks like a beautiful addition to the Chicago tileset, it's W2W to boot... and as I always say, if the untextured clay model aready makes you drool buckets, the final result will be great if the person on the job knows half a bit about texturing, and taking into account your STEX history, I'm all optimistic!
  3. More Brown Boxes

    From the looks of the screenshot, you may have downloaded the filler sets, but not the core IRM. That one comes with an invisible blank building that I used for the fillers, among many other things. If you have indeed not done so, try downloading the core IRM. That should fix the problem. Let me know if it helped - if not, we'll see what else we can do. One thing is for sure: we will get this problem sorted out.
  4. Dang, that sucks indeed. Is it just the particular file that can no longer be worked on, or is 3dsmax knocked out entirely?
  5. Plaza Hotel New York

    OK, so I took a close look at this last night, and what I can say is that, IMO, you struck a great balance between recreation and interpretation. On the recreation side, this BAT is not just vaguely similar to its real-life counterpart, but immediately recognisable for anyone who knows the RL building. It's not just "Hm, this kinda looks like..." - it's "Hey, it's the Plaza Hotel!". While the roof junk may be streamlined, it's still by far detailed enough to look realistic and visually interesting, and it may be questioned just how far the game benefits from every vent grate having the correct number of slats, etc. On the playability side, you made very sure that the building wouldn't be awkward to handle, and even gave it a dedicated purpose of capping a W2W block on one end. I shouldn't have to mention that modeling and texturing are up to the highest standards. As a result, I think we could not wish for a better Plaza Hotel for SimCity. There may be better recreations, but these could play worse. For my part, I think you did exactly the right thing - realism paired with a sense for the purpose and usefulness of the result. Thank you for making this and finally bringing this famous building into the game!
  6. SM2 Concrete Sound Barriers

    While we're at it, is there any chance for a diagonal slope-friendly piece? I gave that set a spin yesterday, and I really love those models. The wall itself is super realistic and should work in many contexts. Pushing the props to the lot edge is also possible, which made me think of an IRM-compatible set. Unfortunately, this would have to do without any slope-conforming diagonal section, though. Consolidating the graffitti pieces into a prop family is something that could be done by others as well. I understand that there are different philosophies at work here. I wish I remembered which one(s), but I also found some piece(s) that didn't cast a shadow like the others. I need to do some more experiments, but IMO we've never been this close to a set that could form a new de-facto standard. Thank you so much for making and sharing this!
  7. mipro

    Holy crud, seeing this beauty clad in textures finally should be mind-blowing! You know it's gonna rock when a "clay model" already looks superb. Considering your proven texturing skills, it's probably safe to say we are witnessing the making of a BAT of the Year candidate here!
  8. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    Yup, but otherwise the roof is great and can stay like this IMO. I wouldn't worry about things being too cluttered unless the overall structure of the building is concerned (and you're not doing a faithful recreation of a ridiculously detailed building, that is). I'd even argue that some BATs out there on the exchanges suffer from too little detail, which results in them looking like toys. This one is great the way it is: Clear, clean lines around the sides, but the amount of detail on the roof shows that this is intentional and not just an overall lack of attention to detail. I like it!
  9. mipro

    <Darth Vader voice> The geometry is strong with this one! </Darth Vader voice>
  10. Ah, thanks for posting the screenshot. That shows what's going on. Well, I wouldn't say you are doing anything wrong... it's more like you understood something wrong. You see, the actual building in terms of SimCity is only one object on the lot. It could be any object, even an invisible one. You could make a skyscraper with a tree next to it, and as long as there's a model file for that tree somewhere, you could declare the tree as the building. The skyscraper - no matter how impressive it looks - would only be one of the props (other objects) on the lot. There's the difference: as a human, of course you tend to think that the building must be the house, factory, skyscraper... anything that looks like a building in real life. So if you see a nice W2W ensemble like Aaron_Graham's NYBT Tapscott Houses there, you think: "Well, everything that looks like a house on that lot is the building - obviously." And then you wonder when half of it disappears suddenly. That's understandable. The thing is, technically only one of the two houses on that lot is actually a building. The other house is a prop that was placed next to the building. So when you convert, the Plugins Manager converts the building - one of the two houses in this case. Then you place that building on a new lot, and now this is all you see. The other house - the one that was placed on the old lot as a prop next to the actual, technical building - is not on the new lot. Therefore it looks as if half the house had disappeared. As @rsc204 correctly stated, you will have to take a look at the original lot in the Lot Editor. There you will see a grey box, and if you click on it, everything that the game sees as the building will get highlighted. In the case of Aaron_Graham's NYBT Tapscott Houses, you will notice that only one of the two rowhouses on the lot is the actual building. The one next to it will have a blue box, it is only a prop. You will need to take a note of the name and/or IID that this prop has, open your eyecandy landmark lot and add the same prop to it. Just arrange everything as it was before, and then your landmark will look just like the original residential lot. It can be hard to explain... did this post help a little? By the way, there is also a method using iLive's Reader application to copy the entire design of a lot over if you're interested... I dunno if the tutorial is still around, though.
  11. What you are describing there is not possible, actually - at least not to my knowledge. When converting, you only generate a new descriptor file for the building, the model remains absolutely unchanged. The box that represents the building in the LE may have been manipulated so it has a different size, but the actual building cannot change size unless you manipulate the model file itself. Do you have a screenshot that illustrates the problem? There must be something else involved.
  12. Mom demands for Sleeping Beauty to be banned from school

    D'awww... this is the most (b)romantic thing I've read here in a while. On a more serious note, yes - I agree that covering that story and thinking a bit about its implications is definitely better than censoring it to suit today's standards, as happened with a few children's books already. Better to confront any problems, not least because it also teaches a valuable lesson about changing perceptions of appropriateness and any kind of problem that may exist in society without people noticing it for a long time... which might lead to some thought about whether there are ideas that are universally sensible and do not change with time, and how to tell those apart from ideas and concepts that everybody just takes for granted even though they might be considered wrong, harmful, and discriminating by following generations.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    Oh. My. Gosh. This thing is SO overdue it's not even funny. I must confess that I had pretty much given up on it. And BAM!, here you come. So I guess this very hotel - which is far out of my league IRL - will be one of my next stops when I travel the LEX or STEX. <Mr. Burns voice> Excellent... </Mr. Burns voice>
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Yeah, I totally understand why developers cannot just assign numbers - you'd need a uniform system for that, and this is not going to happen. Add to this that content is still being developed so things are bound to change... guess there's no way around some degree of user activity when it comes to getting the loading order where you want it. So depending on what you prefer and what you are used to, there are of course many different ways to achieve the correct loading order, and I guess as long as the result is as intended, one of these ways is as good as the other, and there is not the master solution (like so often). It just struck me as surprising that this clear and simple (IMO) numbers system hadn't been mentioned anywhere so far, especially because many people still are struggling with figuring out loading order. It would seem to me that, for a less computer-literate person, "two loads after one, but before three" would be easier to figure out than "adding another underscore will make it load after this folder with the same number of underscores but an earlier alphabet letter, while taking away an underscore will make it load before, no matter the letters" and the like. Since it seems to work just fine for me and you say that there's no reason why it would inherently cause any trouble (other than me screwing up, that is), I guess I'll stick to that method because I really get along great with it.
  15. IRM I-HT Modern Warehouses by SimGoober

    @Edvarz: Thank you for catching that mistake in the STEX description! I already fixed it to reflect the correct lot sizes and stages. It was a copy/paste error that only existed in the download description; the enclosed readme was not affected.