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  1. How to play SC4 Deluxe again?

    No wonder, I didn't really explain it, after all... Here, i think these guys have done a better job than I ever could.
  2. Bwahahaha, I didn't know that video - hilarious indeed! The song is fun, too. I'm not the biggest Type O fan in the world, but I really do like some of their stuff - this song definitely belongs to it. I wanna see if you know these guys (plus gal)... imagine the year is 1997, NWOSDM is going at full steam, and you got a new Swedish album in your hands with a Kristian Wåhlin cover artwork - what could possibly go wrong, eh? Except that these guys also added violins and a female guest singer, and managed to avoid sounding all tacky. For me, this album is one of the most underappreciated releases from that era, and I find myself liking it as much as I did 20 years ago. If I could build a home using music, this would be part of it because it sure feels like home whenever I listen to it.
  3. How to play SC4 Deluxe again?

    First things first, I urgently recommend configuring your Windows Explorer such that it does NOT hide extensions for known file types. You can't really know what you're doing if you don't see all file extensions. As for what to keep and what to delete, SimCity will not benefit from leaving the following files in your Plugins folder(s): loose screenshots in .PNG, .JPG, or other image formats readme files in .TXT, .HTML, or .PDF or other document formats The other files (.dat, .sc4lot, .sc4model, .sc4desc) should be game-related files that need to be kept in order for stuff to work properly. However, I do not recommend adding stuff to your plugins and simply deleting all documentation and screenshots. Instead, you could keep a download archive where you store all the extracted downloads complete with readme, screenshots, and whatnot. This archive can become your resource library from which you take items and copy them over to your plugins - this time only the game-relevant files. Should you ever discover that, for example, "Blue House #7" seems to lack something because it doesn't show properly, you can go back to your archive and check the readme in order to make sure you got everything you need. This method is also useful when you messed up a plugins folder and want to start from scratch - instead of downloading everything again, you simply reassemble your plugins suite from your locally stored archive.
  4. I can definitely confirm that my WinZip (x64) is perfectly capable of opening multi-volume .rar archives in the shape of several files called "[NAME].partXX.rar". Not sure if I remember correctly, but unless I'm mistaken, in the earlier days of WinRar there were multi-volume archives with extensions likr .r00, .r01, and so forth - something along these lines. No idea if it would be capable of opening those, but the other ones? Not a problem.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what would those cases be? So far I haven't encountered any scenario where 7-zip let me down, but that doesn't have to mean anything.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    I like it, especially you didn't go crazy with terraces formed by embankment lots and ended up turning your city into a huge Ziggurat. The following is something I often fail to remember myself, but instead of using one of the halfways level rows of tiles for the road, you can also drag the road over the steep slope, which will automatically result in embankments. This leaves more space for the actual RCI development, and it isn't unrealistic at all, unless you exaggerate the height difference. There is also a parameter that can be used to make the game switch from massive embankments to a concrete underconstruction with pillars more often, but I don't remember where that parameter can be found or what it is called.
  7. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    You make it easy for us to forgive you. And yes, I guess the building is structured such that it should be easy to create a few modules that can be combined like building blocks. This could become a very useful, generic low-wealth residential toolkit and not just a single BAT.
  8. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    I'm eager to know if it worked because you sure have lots of potential, and it would be great to know that you have the tools at hand to fully use this potential, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    *cough* *splutter* Wow, that's nothing short of amazing! I love the realism, the detail, and the beautiful texture work! Separating it all into different props may be tricky, but I do agree that at least some degree of separation may come in handy. For example, the surrounding walls do not necessarily have to be part of the central model. The bunch of smaller sorting areas at the North wall could also be separated easily (and might find re-use in a small, local scra yard or even on industry lots. The office building, too, could be used flexibly... I guess you get the idea. And while I agree that the material handlers aren't quite up to the standard of the other items yet, this cannot go without emphasising that this general quality standard is absolutely superb!
  10. How to play SC4 Deluxe again?

    This is probably due to the fact that SimCity stores your cities and regions in folders inside your "My Documents" folder. Since these (A) get created as you build and do not form part of the original game installation, and (B) are not inside the game's installation directory, they typically remain on your hard drive after game deinstallation and would have to be deleted manually. If you make yourself familiar with the folder structure used by SimCity, you can also use this to safely back up anything you build - store it on a USB drive, use it on any PC, and so forth. Congrats on getting the game back - and at such a killer price! - and being able to continue playing your region. Have fun!
  11. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    Do you mean the readme file enclosed in the download? I just tried the link from the STEX description, which works fine. Oh yeah, and there may be a copy/paste error where it still says ".sc4model file", but it actually is a .dat file that contains the model. I'm gonna check and fix the readme as soon as I have time.
  12. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Doesn't matter if it has been done already... this one is sure good, and good stuff never gets old IMO.
  13. King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 2

    Wow, just wow. I might not use all of these parks at once, but these are so beautifully made, with so much attention to detail, and in such large numbers that this download is nothing short of epic!
  14. mipro

    And I know what I don't want to see in the thread of BATs that never made it to the STEX.
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    While you're clearly not finished and the city is visually stunning at the first glance (as could be expected from you!), I actually do have some thoughts to share. Mind you, these are not meant as criticism, they're just some feelings that I had when I took a second (third, fourth) glance at the pictures, and that maybe could be useful to give you some inspiration. The waterfront feels a bit undecided to me. There's that lovely old marina and the wide beach promenade, but the actual seawalls look rather utilitarian. The stadium and the sculpture make the area look recreational, but then there's that harbour control tower and the small harbour which looks more industrial. However, it appears way too small for its actual purpose, and I have a hard time imagining how that bulk freighter even reached its destination. The highway bridge offers sufficient clearance for tall ships to pass through, but its pillars restrict the already narrow passage even further, and only a few metres upstream there's a low bridge that cannot be passed by ships, and behind that, an amusement park. All in all, I'm getting mixed signals here and can't help thinking that going for one of the two things (beachfront promenade OR harbour) and doing it full scale might work better. Those housing complexes towards the upper left in your first pic might be a tad too squarish and regular, especially since they are so close to each other. Making their shape vary a bit (why not an L-shaped complex?) might make them appear less griddy and blocky. Besides, you have a magnificent and luxuroius historical train station there that's entirely surrounded by modern developments, some of which look pretty low-wealth from what I can see. The highrises are all pretty much the same height, and while that height looks realistic and credible for the given city size, the uniformity kinda makes the buildings cancel out each other. Some more mid-rise could help the existing buildings 'pop', or you could add one signature building that really stands out if you wish to add some more character to that area. The same effect of different buildings canceling each other out also applies to some of the landmarks you used. There's that stadium (Allianz Arena), AND the control tower right in front, AND the statue, AND another huge stadium - the circular one by dmscopio - (that even comes with ANOTHER statue!) only a bit further back, AND the conference center, AND the amusement park, and on top of that hill in the back lurks psander's Millennium Dome or whatever it is called... all that in an area that doesn't have one clear and overarching topic such as "sports and recreation" or "CBD" or "historic city centre" or "harbour district". I think weeding out some of the landmarks and replacing them with RCI might be worth a thought. This is, of course, just my very personal approach, and there are millions of possibilities. Whatever you decide for this city, the one and only thing I'm sure about is that I would love to see another progress shot!