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  1. Random buildings and requests

    This looks great already! I think the roof texture could use some desaturation, and some elements on the rear side of the building look a bit untextured so far - namely the metal vent/HVAC thingy, the rear cargo door, and the power box (?) next to it. Night lighting is beautiful, though!
  2. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    @Tyberius06: Opinions on sharing aside (I won't open that can of worms), to be fair it's not the opposition or skepticism of a few BATters that fundamentally hinders implementation of the MODPACC idea. It's not like we have a shiny, perfectly built, powerful airplane ready for take-off, and just a few naysayers on the runway are keeping us on the ground. However, if the CAM actually does edit the SIMCITY_1.DAT on the user's computer (while creating a backup copy?), then the authors of that installer should have the technical skills and knowledge to the same for other stuff such as the I-HT fix. That's good news in any case.
  3. Dollar General

    These are simple, but great! I notice that there's some "Z fighting" on the wide version - those black horizontal lines that show the game can't quite decide what to display on top. You should be able to remedy this by raising the building by .1m (not that it's a deal breaker, I'm just mentioning it). I also like the realistically dimensioned sign - it's a nice departure from some oversaturated and clunky looking signs on the STEX. In general, the props you use can be characterised as "small enough to be unobtrusive, big enough to subtly complement the building and contribute something." Well done, and thank you for sharing!
  4. Random buildings and requests

    Well, the amount of details is quite tasty already. Pour some 1337 texture sauce on it, and I'll bite!
  5. Random buildings and requests

    Wow, now that is good news! You've been out of business for far too long.
  6. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Well, the pack with the bug fixes would be a viable first step. However, the question about either (1) distributing an altered SIMCITY_1.DAT with things like the I-HT fix correctly applied to it, or (2) writing an installer that would be capable of doing this on the user's computer remains unanswered. As a second step, some substantial packages from authors who do give consent might establish the concept and convince others. I'd be 100% willing to toss in my entire IRM and IRM W2W stuff, for example. Third problem is, we have many people demanding things to be done, but nobody willing to actually do the work. Everyone wants cake, but is "not skilled enough", "not experienced enough", "not that much of a baker to begin with", "not sure where the kitchen actually is" and thus, logically, can only sit back and wait for the cake to be brought by someone else, and please make it snappy. And with cream on top plox. Before anyone gets angry: Yes, the last part was somewhat ranty and not to be taken too seriously or personally by anyone, but take away the dose of sarcasm and that basically is what's happening. *shrugs* It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is - at least as far as I see it. I'd be glad to be proven wrong.
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    I like the second one better, tbh. Regarding the beach issue, when I was looking at xannepan's Poseidon mod, I noticed that there's a pebble brush tool for rocky coasts which really looks quite nice and can be applied selectively. When I took a look into the actual files using iLive's Reader, I noticed that the main components of this brush are an "endless" (= seamlessly tiling) pebble texture and a kind of alpha map that will ensure the brush is circular and fades out towards the edges to avoid sharp edges and allow for smooth transitions. Theoretically, it shouldn't be all that difficult to replace this pebble texture with a "wet sand" texture that has this typical ripple pattern on it, and use the brush to create the lower part of the beach... Of course, losing the pebble texture would be quite an expensive trade-off IMO because I really like that thing. I wonder if it would be possible to add more terrain brushes by using the existing ones as a template, changing IIDs and switching out the underlying texture graphics... this could open up MASSIVE opportunities in terms of terrain decoration.
  8. Show us your - Region

    This triggered my desire to go on holiday and see different places pretty hard, which means it must be a good picture. (Admittedly, seeing the name "korver" attached to it means "good picture" anyway, but I hope you know what I mean... )
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Sure thing! I'm with the others, btw. Now for something else: I really hate to be kind of a party pooper, but doesn't that wavy pattern on the sand result from water and only exist in the "wet" zone that's constantly affected by waves breaking on it and running down again? Wouldn't the dry sand further up be smoothed by the wind? I have no idea about the technical possibilites and limitations, but it would be ideal if we could have the wavy structure only in the surf zone, with smooth sand further up. These considerations aside, it's refreshing to see a Simtropolitan tackle terrain textures once again, and your work so far has been absoluely beautiful! I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with. Thank you for using your exceptional talent and work to share it with us. It's much appreciated.
  10. Walmart Neighborhood Market

    Neat! I really like how building and lot complement each other, plus the realistically toned-down overall look: everything is in place, nothing looks overdone. Thank you very much for this great addition to the SimRetail sector!
  11. Menu dividers...

    Well, in any case this idea should work. Menu items are grouped by their "Item Order" property, and items that share the same item order by plop cost IIRC. I'm not sure if it would be possible to make a dummy lot that will show up as a divider icon in the menu, but doesn't have any functionality.
  12. Welcome to Aeroes City: Part I

    We don't see many Vanilla cities (= pure Maxis default content) these days - an interesting change of pace! I'd recommend hiding the game's UI by clicking on that little [ _ ] button in the bottom right corner when you take screenshots. If you don't mind downloading a little thing, there's also a lightweight little mod that will hide the yellow pause frame, allowing for clutter-free screenshots even when the game is paused: the yellow pause thingy remover.
  13. Show us Your Oddities!

    While you're probably aware of the possibility, I'd like to chime in and mention what I did when creating a farm field that was supposed to be a traditional orchard (Streuobstwiese), where you have fruit trees planted in an irregular pattern, at varying distances, on grassland: I picked two or three of the seamlessly tiling Maxis grass textures (or their single-wealth counterparts from the BSC packs) and assigned all three texture IIDs as REPs to the lot exemplar. Then I searched for the lines in the lot exemplar that represented the fruit tree props (three in my example), and added many REPs pointing to an empty (invisible) dummy prop exemplar in order to ensure that, in most cases, only one or two (very rarely all three, and often none) of the possible spots would actually have a tree growing there. The result was quite nice IMO: Randomly textured grassland sprinkled with randomly positioned trees. Breaks the grid nicely. While awareness for prop families is definitely there, I often find that awareness of the ad-hoc type of prop families is somewhat lower, and the potential of ad-hoc "texture families" is hardly tapped into at all - which is a shame IMO.
  14. The GC's BAT thread

    Well, look who's talking! You're certainly no better, mister. But seriously - I was excited to see a new post from you, and one with BATting progress at that! Seeing you around on the forums and looking at a nice WIP screenie sure sounded like a nice treat, and I'm happy to report that I feel satisfied on both counts. To put it in your own words, I hope you won't fall off the face of the Earth again anytime soon...
  15. RRetail Development

    It sure looks good so far! Is it intenional that the parapet wall is interrupted above the main entrance, though?