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  1. RRetail Development

    Yup, lookin' good.
  2. JonM's W2W Euro BATs

    This thread was dead as a doornail in 2016, and had been dead as a doornail for five years already. It wasn't available then. Now the thread has been dead as a doornail for another two years. No, if it hasn't been available for the last five years and the author has last visited this site in July 2012, then it won't have appeared now - sad, but true. For future reference, please check before you 'bump' old threads and drag them back to the front page, pushing more recent and relevant threads further down: Is the author even still around? Simply hover the mouse cursor over the author's user name and wait for the little pop-up window that tells you when the author last visited the site. Someone who hasn't been around for years can logically not have uploaded or updated anything. If the author is still around, take a second to consider whether 'bumping' it is really needed. Is there substantial information to add that may be useful to others? If not, try sending a private message (PM) to the author first. This helps us to avoid clutter and ensure that the most recent and active discussions are always to be found on the first page(s), and it will help you on most Internet forums in the world because the so-called 'bumping' or 'thread necromancy' is something that's not really popular in most places. This is even written out in the site rules (see "Guidelines", rule no. 12): Please do not revive or bump old threads after they have dropped to the later pages, unless there is significant new topical information to add (which may be useful, or add to the discussion). Now we have this dead thread without any relevant content from the last seven years up front, and it will take quite a while for it to settle down to the back pages again. Please try to avoid this in future, ok? I see this is your first post and I don't know how actively you've followd the forums since your joining date in June 2012, but yeah... the rules apply to everyone. Thanks!
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hm, I'm not familiar with them, but maybe there's a problem with the building family setting. I'm not at my SimCity PC so I can't look right now, unfortunately. This would be my first guess, however.
  4. New County Courthouse (Vanilla Version)

    What a difference a day lot makes... Seriously, it's impressive just how much the building's appearance changes when you put it into a different context. I think the overall ensemble now hits the sweet spot of one third pompous/intimidating, one third sober/functional, and one third representative - the perfect courthouse!
  5. Western Dental

    Wow, you are getting a hang of this, eh? The roof texture is a clear improvement over your first attempt, and the modeling job looks fine as well - the only thing I'm wondering is: Do the roof junk elements float a bit above the roof, or does gmax just make it look that way? Gmax has a habit of making some roof-mounted structures look unattached, but especially that big block really looks like it's levitating above the roof. In any case, it looks like we now have a good BATter on board to take care of chains and stores that have been neglected so far, and although I'm unfamiliar with US businesses and chains, the reception clearly shows that this is much appreciated. For me, I just appreciate the BATs you kindly share with us. Thank you and keep 'em coming!
  6. RRetail Development

    This is off topic, but am I the only one to find this slightly disturbing? Toys R Us is where you go to buy toys, and Babies R Us...
  7. Maxis References

    Wow, now that is a find. And despite all artistic liberties, suspiciously many core elements and similarities are right there IMO.
  8. Lot - Resources / Help

    First of all: Yes, I'm confident that we will be able to help you sort out your problems. As for your first question: this is a contradiciton in itself, I'm afraid. There is no missing props despite having all dependencies. A missing prop always and inevitably means you don't have them all. It's a computer, and this part is pure, cruel logic. What often happens, however, is that there are either undocumented dependencies, or that a dependency package has been updated and your version is outdated, or that you simply forgot something (it all has happened to me), and similar things. I guess this is the case here as well. This is a Japanese BAT, right? It may very well be that it uses an elusive or less wide-spread prop pack that the author/uploader forgot to mention. In this case, it helps if you are as specific as possible: What is the exact BAT? (Name, author, download link) What are the listed dependencies? What dependency packages do you definitely have? This should make it possible for other users to point you in the right direction. ___________________ Regarding your second question, I can only guess, and my guess is as follows: The Lot Editor saves files in the root plugins directory. The lot you are editing is in a sub-folder. Now when you save the edited lot, the old version remains in the sub-folder, and your new copy is saved in the root plugins folder. When loading, both SC4 and the Lot Editor scan your plugins for files. Files in sub-folders get loaded after files in the root plugins folder. Since your edited lot is in the root plugins folder, it gets loaded first. Later, another copy of the lot (the old original) with the same ID is found in a sub-folder. The old original therefore overrides your new version. I guess this is what's happening here. To remedy this, simply move your edited lot from the root plugins folder into the sub-folder. Unless you changed the file name, you should now be asked whether you want to overwrite the existing file. Confirm, and then your new lot should be the only one that is loaded. _____________ This should do the trick - if it doesn't, please don't hesitate to let us know. There are more possibilities, so no reason to give up. I don't want to get too deep into technical details, though, if the simple solution works. Finally, a general piece of advice: If you want to edit something, it's always a good idea to rename your regular plugins folder to something else temporarily (e.g. "plugins_normal"), create a new plugins folder, and only copy the lot to be edited together with its dependencies into that folder. For even better overview, I recommend putting all the dependencies in a "dependencies" sub-folder so that your root plugins folder only contains the files you are working with.
  9. RRetail Development

    Whoa, whoa. Hold it right there. Let's make no mistake here: Aspen Dental's roof is decent. The entire BAT is more than decent, it's really good. I don't want you to feel bad about this BAT in any way because there's no reason to do so. This is all your work, and it's absolutely good, and you can be rightfully proud of it. I'm not mentioning all that stuff to suggest that anything about your BAT is bad. I'm merely trying to contibute some ideas and possible techniques for you to take into consideration (or not) for the future if you feel like it. I'm doing so because I think you have what it takes to become even better if you want to, and hoping that you might like the prospect of some new tools at your disposal. In the end of the day, though, this is your hobby, and you should pursue it to have fun and take something out of it. It's cool that you're doing this, and it's super cool that you share your work and maintain this thread so that people may comment and make suggestions, but ultimately you don't owe us anything, so please don't feel pressured in any way, okay? Take it easy, one step at a time, and only if you actually want to take that step. I've probably been ahead of time by a few steps, but I do tend to get carried away sometimes when I see things that make me feel enthusiastic.
  10. RRetail Development

    The "old advert on brick" scenario was just an example. You could do the same to compose a roof texture like this one. You could pick a generic red texture. As a next step, you could add a texture that looks like a slightly irregular surface in a layer on top of your red texture, take all colour out of it, set it to really low opacity - now you'd have a red, slightly irregular looking texture. Finally, you could use a generic rust texture as your third layer, fade/erase it in some places and then play with opacity until you have something that looks pretty much like in the satellite photo, only adapted to the shape of your building. Something along these lines. Theoretically, this technique has limitless applications, and you can always go back and change something. Need a blue, slightly less faded roof texture? Just replace the red base layer from the example with a blue one, set the rust/dirt layer to even lower opacity, save as a new file, and there you have it.
  11. Linus van Pelt's BAT Thread

    Wow, this is SUPERB!
  12. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I must confess that I also think the slightly altered shape looks somewhat more natural. I noticed the difference and thought I'd mention it, but it's really fine with me.
  13. RRetail Development

    I guess you should be able to find a better texture, probably something that resembles tar paper or whatever the roof material is. However, it might be difficult to find a texture that will fit like a glove. In the long run, you can get far superior results with a bit of image editing. Then you can take a stock texture you found as a foundation to build on, and tweak it to your liking using some editing tools. A free software application like GIMP is sufficient - basically anything that allows you to import/exports PNGs, has some basic editing tools, and - most importantly - allows the use of layers and changing the opacity of layers. For example, you could use a brick texture, add a layer with an old-style advertisement on top of it, set the layer with the advertisement to some degree of opacity, maybe lower saturation, delete some small parts, and then you'll have a brick texture with a faded old advert on it that has partly peeled off. You're not likely to find anything like that in the precise size and style that you need "out in the wild", ready to download. This can be applied to the roof, too: You could take a birds-eye screenshot of your BAT in gmax and use the roof contour as a stencil to "punch out" a part of a pre-made texture that will fit the roof exactly. Then you could apply some smudges and dirt right where you want them, and the resulting texture will look like an organic part of your building rather than a pattern that matches more or less.
  14. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Hahaha, an impressive retrospective... first a lot of evolution, and then - BAM! - a revolution with the RHW. This game has come a long way, and your highway network certainly reflects that.
  15. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise! I guess it would make sense to leave the parking lot for the lot work and keep the actual BAT as is. I'm not quite decided about the "Euro Büros" sign - keep it or ditch it? On the one hand, it addds flavour and is true to the original building. On the other hand, this is a very useful, generic office building. Hmm... A little difference I noticed is that the podium doesn't protrude as far from the main tower as in your interpretation. The modeling and texturing job so far is stunningly crisp and absolutely convincing so far, though. It would be cool if you managed to recreate that slight copper tone for the window panes although I'd gladly take the building as is. Great job so far, and thank you for tackling this one!