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  1. Killed the city building genre? Nah, if anything it proves there's a market for it. Game's got its flaws, but it's manage to reignite a certain want for city builders. CO had limited resources, and given how many indie games with similar ambitions and resources crash and burn they did pretty well. Steam Workshop is also a much better way to do mods than the old SC4 way IMO, it's just less of a pain, though quality controls are also low - but that's less of a problem in the long run as big time modders have by now established themselves and their products. Yeah it's not "always offline" but it wards off piracy, if you pirate the game you get a subpar experience with no workshop, also the DLCs ensure there's a trickle of money back in the dev's account - basically almost a DRM method that's both effective and fair to the people who play the game legitimately (and none of that SC13 crap, ya?). Also as someone who's been through 4 copies of SC4 because of heavy CD use (and perhaps improper care ^^) I don't see the problem with Steam, it's all of the convenience with none of the crap and Steam accounts are fairly well protected. Also what's the deal against modding? Fan beloved "best city building" SC4 outright sucks without mods. People do need to take their rose tinted glasses off and look at SC4 without the NAM and such. It sucks. I couldn't play SC4 without the NAM, and I don't think I would like it much without other mods, either. People who make CJs or Youtube channels about CSL also aren't trying to "trick" you into buying a far less good looking game, they've just modded it and they use it as a user program more than a game. I fail to see how that's false advertising, *especially* since you can get those mods for yourself and build neat stuff, too. They do also take the game beyond what it's intended to do - so it's not the dev's fault if you hyped yourself for a game based on what people are doing to it outside of the game's parameters. I'll agree that the design choices aren't great - I hate default graphics and I hate the sound ambiance in this game, compared to SC4 or even SC5 it's pretty subpar, even if it's mostly design choices and it also comes down to the lack of resources - but they're by no means making the game unplayable. And yeah the game is poorly optimized, but did you play SC4 at launch? My PC couldn't cope with it, I had to upgrade before I started modding. But at least on a technical point of view, Cities Skylines is barebones on purpose - it relies on modding, at least from what I can see. And that's not a bad thing, SC4 relies on the NAM just as much! But if you want CSL to look and feel better, well, you're gonna have to pitch the idea to someone with far more resources and it's unlikely they'll agree, especially with all the bs around "live services" and phasing out the very notion of a "game" (there's a reason CSL is one of my last game purchases I've ever done, and why I'm not upgrading my consoles or anything) I'd point out my PC poorly copes with CSL these days, but it's a limitation I adapt around and I feel like I have a lot more fun around that than if I could just cover the entire 84 tiles in streets and buildings. But I agree 100% with everyone who complains at the small size of cities - SC4 allowed to build far more sprawling metropolis, but CSL doesn't, and that's also good for modding, since with less space to build stuff you can instead focus on detailing your city more closely, and make it yours. Now I get where you're coming from on the city building perspective, airports don't realistically grow, it all feels a bit fake and the agent simulation is pretty shallow, well...it's true, and perhaps a hybrid system would work better, but I can't help but feel like you're asking excessively much from CSL or hell any city building game. No game, especially a game without a AAA budget, is going to try and simulate that much. Even SC4 didn't simulate that much, even if it did simulate things better in some respects by having a statistical model. And many games that do try to add all these extra features end up bogged down by them - anyone can probably recall a game with a thousand options and a thousand variables, except in the end it becomes quickly apparent that only a few really matter and the rest is just completely subpar. So while I get where you're coming from, I feel like it's all a little unfair - and a little beyond the scope of CSL along. It also sounds like you don't really have much experience with city builders yourself - you talk about the spaghetti 4-deep roads, and I know what you mean it's a pain, but it also sounds to me like you randomly place roads and expect the game to look good around that. You could also make ugly cities in SC4. I hope they make a sequel, absolutely, and I hope they learn from what they've done and improve - but I also feel like you expect too much on the mechanics point of view, and you have a problem with the notion of modding entirely, and that while it all sounds neat on paper to have an unmodded experience that's very deep in everything it does while looking and playing great - it's nearly impossible to balance a game around some of the things you propose, and it's certainly hopeless with the kind of budget CO can actually spend. tl;dr the game has issues, but perhaps you also have too big an expectation for this genre in the current economy
  2. More Rural Development!

    This is neat landscape work! Winding river and fields to match. Well done, as usual
  3. Port de Caravella: Some more Suburbia

    I would love a tour on that tram. Neat infrastructure work - not everything has to be motorways, and a modern underpass under a tram line and parking lot is nothing to sneer at :>
  4. 1932 - Humble beginnings

    Ah, lovely update and new project
  5. Haussmann Reborn, Part 4 (Anno 2050)

    Neat! The detailing and narration are great
  6. Entry 45 - The Dragon Wakes (5E140)

    Belated, but thank you =) I will post something new soon, now the busy season is over Thank you I will attempt at showcasing some of the details better ;o Thank you
  7. I I I

    Conspiracy theories and counter-mainstream politics make for great fiction, and fanciful things like chemtrails make for interesting, if ultimately fictional topics - for instance in sci-fi or dystopias. When used right, they capture the mind, they're the stuff of epic stories and fascinating worlds. I say that because this video is as far removed from anything epic as it is imaginably possible. Let me just list a few of the issues : The English translation is flimsy and the script is weak even in its original French. Instead of inspiring the mind and sucking me into your city, it comes across as some kind of Alex Jones rambling. The music simply doesn't fit. I'm not sure what mood you are trying to convey, but it's not working. Boring font, white text on black cards, for 90% of the video. Why even make a video, if all you have is text and a few screenshots? That's what blogs are for (which the CJ section arguably is, naturally) Very few screenshots, with very few effects on them. So it's a lot of text for very little of substance. A few screens are pretty cool (as your CJ tends to be), but once again I'd rather see your city in good quality in a blog post for me to explore than for ten seconds on a badly compressed video. I'm gonna be honest, other than the nuke screenshot, I don't really see how the screens even relate to the text. The end result is that there's no theme, no sense of being sucked in. I would rather not get into the politics of it(this is not the website for it), but from a purely creative point of view, those are actually "mainstream" conspiracies, and they're very overused in fiction. I'm not really trying to be scathing, I just think the delivery is way, way off the mark. Right now, this feels nothing like a CJ or even a SC4 city showcase, and more like some kind of counter-mainstream propaganda ramble with some SC4 thrown in to justify posting it in Simtropolis. If you were trying to create some kind of cool dystopia and attempting a more narrative video, I feel you've got a long way to go, but I wish you good luck and hope you take my criticism with a pinch of salt (I'm no SC4 mastermind, and I dislike the video format) and in the good faith that I seek to be constructive, not mean-spirited. It's pretty hard to make fun narrative videos with city builders, really. However if you're actually using this CJ as a vector for harmful propaganda, all I'll respectfully say is that it really has no place in Simtropolis, and that because it's "outside the norm" does not necessarily mean it's "right". Some of your other videos and CJ posts are much better made, and they're genuinely interesting to watch, but this one is flat-out bland. I'm not taking offense to the politics, but merely the poor quality of the final product. So really, I'd just rather look at your pretty screenshots and explore your well-detailed world than stare at boring and pretentious text on my screen preaching to me about how vaccines are bad and I'm a braindead sheep watching telly.
  8. Perhaps in a few years, someone will have undertaken that project or the devs will have increased the limits further out (they do with each patch). Until then, it's going to be a massive undertaking, not something readily possible.
  9. Earthquake - already!?

    I know the feel...I'm working on an atoll map right now, and after six hours detailing my CBD with RICOs to remove the default grown buildings a tsunami came and razed everything. But hey rebuilding is part of the fun =)
  10. Solitaire: A Namibia themed map

    What Turjan said, and why I prefer making smaller towns myself. It's a nice town, and again not a very common locale ^^
  11. Thanks There's probably lots to improve, though I did not use Move-It back when I made the first pictures, so that motorway looks a little wonky. :/ As for the worldbuilding, well, that's why I've made a CJ and not a Youtube video series. (That and I don't like the exposure on Youtube) ^^'
  12. Entry 45 - The Dragon Wakes (5E140)

    Thanks <3 Thanks! And you are definitely right, trying too hard to do too much, there comes a point you lose your creativity and you need to take your head off things. This is still one of my older projects, back before I used move-it and similar mods that change everything, there's a part of me that wants to skip to my current project, but I probably should wait ... ^^ Feel free to leave feedback though! I'm always looking to improve
  13. Part 1

    Aww. What issues are you having with PLT?
  14. I've built many types of cities, but I think my favourites remain smaller towns. One of the reasons is that the simulation is out in full swing - no removing cars, no struggling, no being too close to limits. Beyond that, though, I feel it's a more intimate experience, so to speak. You can dedicate more time to each block, tweak traffic, decorate everything, and it feels like you get to the know the entire town closely. Especially with difficulty mods your budget isn't going to be as big, too, so you don't have the advantage of density and you must choose what services to provide more carefully. It also means you pay more attention to the roadways, as a city of 36'000 will never have a full-fledged metro system, and likewise, I like using things like 1x1 separated roads and such. I don't know, it's a bit more challenging that way.
  15. Part 1

    I think it's a good start! This locale is one of my favourite. I'd love to focus a little more on that road. Where does it lead? What sort of interesting details can you find along it? I imagine wooden bridges and a few creeks and brooks, with perhaps wooden cabins, and a few fences ...worn-down traffic signs that are all that separate you from some dangerous cliff?