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  1. Question about asset editor

    Haha funny that you ask, and very kind of you to say. Unfortunately I have many big plans.. just not enough free time. I will open up my own thread someday so you can keep track (hint)
  2. Damn, how do you make those bogies??
  3. Question about asset editor

    No, you don't need the original. Only its prop (not necessary) or mods required to place it ect. You will have to save it with a different name to be sure you don't get errors (with RICO for example)
  4. I think he wants to have two floors of pedestrian paths (grond floor and second/third floor). I believe the paths needs to be 8m+ apart (vertically and horizontally) to work as intended, otherwise cims will float from one path to another. Correct me if I'm wrong @R3V0
  5. @Badi_Dea I believe Ronyx69 knows how to replace them. Not sure if that included saving them.
  6. Just know: if you shrink the planes, the wires get thicker.
  7. What are Animated articulations?
  8. Catenary Replacer

    Just run the game with the -noWorkshop and -noMods startup parameters, can't go wrong.
  9. Catenary Replacer

    I had that option in mind since the beginning, but I kept it for when we could change the style per segment using Network Skins, because it doesn't make sense to remove the props but keep the wires for the entire map. Best solution now would just be to take a train track (vanilla or custom) and remove the catenary props. That way you can decide where you want custom multi-track gantries. I'm working on a series of north American train tracks to explore the possibilities, hopefully I can release the first one in a few weeks.
  10. Awesome! Great step forwards!
  11. Additional Public Transit

    We are aware of the station mesh offset. The junction problom however is unknown but you seem to be the only one having it so far. Resubscribing might help. Contact me if the issue persists
  12. Additional Public Transit

    Thank you, but until further notice don't play with the mod and back-up your save files. We encountered an issue and are working on a fix. More information soon!
  13. Show us your...... Rails!!

    @donoteat Shame you're not using Catenary Replacer!
  14. Show us your...... Rails!!

    Different kinds of rails OK?
  15. Show us your night shots

    Sleeping busses...