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  1. Tiling never works for LOD's. The game takes all LOD textures and combines them into an Atlas (big-ass texture containing all LOD textures). So the UV's you have there are on a random other item's LOD texture. Keep the UV's in the original texture space.
  2. Sorry, can't help you here, I never used Vehicle Effects. I will replace myself with @bsquiklehausen
  3. Custom station tracks

    Hey there, looking forward to what you come up with. As far as compatibility with Catenary Replacer you will just have to let me know what you like. If you want your tracks to be left untouched we don't have to do anything. If you would like the tracks to work with CR you will have to let me know the name of the default catenary prop (you need to have something, CR can't just add one) and the segment and node ID's of the wires. We can discuss that in private. You need to talk to @andreharv for permission to use anything from MOM. Good luck!
  4. For the wires I can confirm Catenary Replacer forgets to edit the node from Cargo Tracks to vanilla Single Track, which shows up even if you use the modded Single Track. For the catenary props I found out Single Tracks mod is using the wrong props for Single Tracks Two-Way, which is why Catenary Replacer fails to remove/replace them. @BloodyPenguin needs to fix the wrong prop in Single Tracks mod and then I will update Catenary Replacer with the node fix and prop update.
  5. I'm not sure what single track is used here. Unless I forgot a node from BloodyPenguin's Single Track Mod or the vanilla single tracks it's a custom track. I checked and there are no tracks included in the Single Track AI mod. Can you check which one you used exactly (include screenshot to be sure) @eufl
  6. I will update the code right away. I will also see if I should add the tracks from CoarzFlow. If wires are showing it's not a bug, this mod only works for tracks that I added to the mod, it doesn't magically work for all tracks, and since the Road Editor I think it might be better to keep it like that (I don't want to mess with other people's assets). All credits for the code go to boformer and BloodyPenguin. I just keep it up to date and make the models
  7. Mntoes Skylines Productions

    The simple answer is: By uploading a square image. Judging by Pack 1, he already knows how to replace the default PreviewImage (or any other default image)
  8. Question about asset editor

    Haha funny that you ask, and very kind of you to say. Unfortunately I have many big plans.. just not enough free time. I will open up my own thread someday so you can keep track (hint)
  9. REV0's Train Stuff

    Damn, how do you make those bogies??
  10. Question about asset editor

    No, you don't need the original. Only its prop (not necessary) or mods required to place it ect. You will have to save it with a different name to be sure you don't get errors (with RICO for example)
  11. I think he wants to have two floors of pedestrian paths (grond floor and second/third floor). I believe the paths needs to be 8m+ apart (vertically and horizontally) to work as intended, otherwise cims will float from one path to another. Correct me if I'm wrong @R3V0
  12. @Badi_Dea I believe Ronyx69 knows how to replace them. Not sure if that included saving them.
  13. Just know: if you shrink the planes, the wires get thicker.
  14. REV0's Train Stuff

    What are Animated articulations?
  15. Catenary Replacer

    Just run the game with the -noWorkshop and -noMods startup parameters, can't go wrong.