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About this City Journal

Illryis: A once turbulent, now bustling, productive, beautiful and sometimes mystical world.  This is the City Journal of Fearless Mayor. 

Entries in this City Journal


Entry #6

Good afternoon all! This is FearlessMayor and I'm here with another City Journal entry.  I have unarguably neglected my poor city journal for months now, and in considering why I've done so, I realized it's because I was busy experimenting and testing the limits of CSL, Cities: Skylines.  I wrote a review on both Sim City 2013, and Cities: Skylines on my blog, but like with all new things I was not sure which would occupy the majority of my gaming time.  I decided, like most people, that CSL wins overall. I have not played SC2013 since writing the review - the city size I decided was just too small for my taste.  Over the past 8 months (whew that's a long time!) I've been experimenting with the new After Dark expansion, and the new item limit expansion.  I even went back to Sim City 4 for a little while.  As I decided long time ago, SC4 will not disappear from my my gaming life completely.  There is a certain appeal about it, the architecture, perhaps, that wins over CSL oftentimes, for me.  So I still play once a while.  But the road flexibility, and ease of installing new buildings and MODs is the reason I play CSL more. 

Anywhoo, I just wanted to update my city journal with some of the work I'm doing.  Most of the work is for my world called Illyris, the name of this city journal.  I have great fun building structures, neighorhoods and then writing stories around them.  However sometimes I build experimental cities where I just try new things to see how far I can push the CSL game engine, and how creative I can get.  Here is what I've been working on the past months.  Enjoy! 


A lovely township and seaport. 



University and Dorms. 



International Airport. 



When it rains in Cities: Skylines. 


Downtown of a small city. 


A local train station. 



The beginning of a lovely cityscape. 

That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed.  I had lots more screenshots but this post has a 4MB limit on pictures.  I will try and make a video of my cities and put them up on my channel or blog, here:


OR here:


Meanwhile, take care and keep on buildin' =)



I made a video, included some more pictures for ya!



















Entry #5 - After Dark

Hallo City-builders! It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything in my city journal. 

I was celebrating holidays with my family on Thursday, and then my brother got into a car accident earlier in the week, so the release of After Dark completely slipped my mind.  I logged into the Simtropolis boards on Friday morning where a banner reminded me of the "After Dark" night lights update. So  I downloaded and troubledshooted with the new update for a good 2 hours, and finally got a chance to play for another few hours.  I also spent a good deal of time Saturday playing and I wanted to do an "update" type entry for my City Journal. 

After some consideration I've decided to rebuild parts of my Sim City 4 cities in Cities: Skylines.  I considered rebuilding both regions I built in SC4, however, I think they serve their purpose where they are in SC4.  At the same time, some limitations such as inter-city road connections in and road flexibility in SC4 don't suit the types of cities I want to build right now.  I'm not playing SC4 at the moment. 

I may go back to SC4 in a few months, but for now I want to spend my city-building time on new cities on the world of Illyris in Cities: Skylines. 

The overall plan is to remake part of my original "Shining Star" region.  This region in SC4 inspired me to build story cities -- this is where it all started. 

The cities with a green check I'm keeping the same, the cities with an orange "R" I will be rebuilding. 


The first re-build will be the Amarian Space Port region, and will much look like this:



Here are some screenshots of what I've been working on this weekend:












I've also had my share of mishaps.  For a day and a half my street-views were completely blurred and distorted:






I hope you enjoyed this entry! Please let me know your thoughts on my photography as I am not the best photographer.  Feel free to "Like" my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fearlessmayor) as I post updates there and it's easier to post 1 screenshot of what I'm working on when I don't have a full city-journal to share with you all.  Take care and thanks for reading! Have fun with After Dark =)



Entry #4


Good afternoon all!!!! I hope this weekend's been fantastic for you! Today I bring you my first region in Cities: Skylines and a new video slideshow. 

Without further ado, welcome to the Omarion region of Illyris! East of the first Ruskin naval outpost, and the farthest West of all Amarian cities on the Red continent. 

Situated about 200 hundred feet above sea level, with the south-end of the Snake river running through, it boasts one of the most elaborate train systems in Amarian lands, with the some quite breath-taking views. 

It was the first region in all of Illyris to have a space shuttle launch pad, and space port.

Imen Genesi, aka, Mr. Genesis, creator of the first space-cruiser.  He was born and raised in Tawny Gables, and comes from a long line of aeronautical and space scientists.  He developed a spaceship to travel to the nearest planet.  He flew there and back with a crew of just 6 spacemen, in the year 2135. Amarians soon started to mine the closest of their two moons for metals and natural resources. 

In this video, I've placed lots of pictures.  I also take you on a train ride.  In the video you will see Omarion's space facilities, neighborhoods, towns, industrial and commercial centers. 

This is my first video journal, so please leave me your feedback.  Feel free to mute the music, if you'd rather just see the picture slideshow.  Suggestions are welcome and I hope something you see inspires your own city. Enjoy and Thank you for reading =)




Entry #3

Entry #3

Hi all! Welcome back to Illyris! Sorry it's been a while since my last entry, I've been busy with a family wedding, and...alas..life :/ However,  I am back today and looking forward to sharing some new city photos with you. 

Let's begin with Balks Islands! As a refresher -- Illyris, is a world in which live four major races (Elgers, Amarians, Ruskins, and Danis), this entry is primarily the story of the Amarians.  They live on continent Red, west of a landmass Elger (home of the magical Elger people).  Balks Islands is at the south-east end of Red, and southern peninsula of Elger. 

Balks Islands (on the Elger continent coast)




This series of 8 tiny tiny islands was a bit of challenge for me.

 It was the first port city started by Nate Harbinger and his sister Julie Harbinger's parents. Their father, James was an Amarian whose ancestors traveled the furthest east of any Amarian in known history all the way to the border of the Elger continent.  There he met and fell in love with an Elger woman from the then new city of Othello. They married, and had Nate and Julie. After James' death, ownership of Balks Islands transferred to Nate and Julie. 

Since most new cities need factories to invite new citizens and provide income, all islands, except for 2, were filled started with smoke-blowing factories. The sea around the islands was filthy with industrious waste.  When Julie went broke trying to recover these small islands financially, they moved the seaport to Balks Islands mainland and re-zoned the islands to be a residential tourist area. At the time, Elger cities Southampton, London, and Othello were growing and commercial opportunities opened up for the islands -- Julie dedicated one island to shops and offices, and finally built a long bridge north to Southampton (Elger).  The islands are still struggling to attract tourists, but since surrounding the waters become clean and clear, Nate and Julie are hopeful.

Chief Comptroller notes: I've decided to dedicated larger islands for more residential and commercial development. Balks islands simply don't have the space!

Next, is Tristana Hill - a lovely suburb north of Allistar (see Entry #1). Both are Amarian cities.    


Tristana Hill is a city of almost 28,000 residents, set upon none other than Tristana Hill*



 Tristana hill contains every amenity and comfort for the perfect suburban lifestyle including a baseball field, a golf course and soccer stadium!



It provides sweet tasty water from its water treatment plant, situated by the beautiful, flowing Snake River. 


And has the only bridge on the east side of the Snake River, Tristana Hill bridge, -- an important commercial connection to Red mainland, and its port city of Ephesus.   





New York


Next, let's follow up on New York and how it's growing into a lovely metropolis! This week I worked on the city and added a few new things. 

A disease research center was founded by New York Hospital doctors.  They believe it will become a great place for Columbia University's medical students for gaining research experience and perhaps find the cure for cancer!



I expanded its subway system to provide a station at the hospital and Disease Research center (above), Columbia University (below), Industrial area, commercial area (multiple stations), and riverside airport. 


Although there are a lot of great universities in the real New York City, I chose Columbia as the name for mine, as it's my colleague and friend's alma mater.  Also,I didn't like the un-embelished university, so I cleaned it up a bit, terraformed the brown terrain, leveled it, and added a cluster of trees, grass areas, and plazas with flowers. 


And that's about it for today!

Sorry for such a short entry, but I've been busy with family,  and testing out the new games SC2013 and CSL - -plus, that ever pesky frenemy - life!  I bought and have played SC2013, and C:SL for a good 20 hours each so far. I've really been having a blast playing around with these new games. I think the three of them have their own charm and I like testing their limits.  Now that I have the two, as well as my old faithful, SC4, I'll be making a city journal for my SC13 cities and CSL cities, so you can look forward to that if you're interested.  Hope you enjoyed this tour of south Illyris =)  I'll be seein' ya in my next entry =)  Until then, take care, city-builders!


*(This is a city I imported from the region I played several years ago.  As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create a new region this year, but didn't want to start from scratch so I imported a few cities from an old region.  I've added a couple of lovely additions since then. 


Entry #2

Illryis - Entry #2


Hi all!! Hope this Tuesday finds you all well.  I'm here for a second entry to my Illryis city journal -- continuing the story of the Amarians, however you will also see a lot of Elger cities today since I'm writing about the coast of both continents.    Today, I will show you some of the suburban, and smaller urban cities of Illyris and zoom in on some of the transportation systems. 

The most populous region of Illyris is one I named "Shining Star." It consists of the Red border west of the Snake River, to the seaport of the continent of Elger (in Southampton), and it's only urban city: London.  Because it is the junction of two landmasses (Red and Elger), with a river near it's coast, and harbors, and islands, the main transportation options are land, air, and water: ie road, plane, and boat.  

Residents travel by ferry down the Snake River, and the various islands and ports between the two continents.  They also utilize the three municipal airports in the area in Notre Dame, Allistar, and New York. 


Now onto the cities in this entry!

We begin today with New York.  With a population of 58,000, New York is a major urban city on a peninsula strip of Continent Red the farthest East Amarian city.  It boasts of being the first city on Red, with a subway system! Unlike the real-life Big Apple, it's system is small, but growing. 

Current Population: 58,000..



It has lovely high-density residential buildings, and the beautiful and prestigious Columbia University.


And a municipal airport!



New York is connected via bridge to the south to Avalon Island, and to the North west a hilly Suburban, and deeply religious city of Stiles: Canterbury. 

The Cathedral at Canterbury in between Canterbury Hill and Rabbit Hill and Mary is Queen Church at the summit of English Hill. 

Current Population: 11,800.






Next, onto Notre Dame - a bustling urban city to the West and South West of New York. 

It contains a municipal airport and a great suburban-style life next to the Snake River. As well as two avenues, which run through the city.  Here is one right next to Farlington High school.

 Notre Dame consists of two cities on my region map - Farlington and Notre Dame-- two cities run by Quasi Modo and Esmeralda.  Farlington is a city I imported from the time I played back in 2005, and developed it from there. 

The East side of Notre Dame contains a ferry that travels to two islands off the South East coast of Red, Treasure Island and Avalon. 


Current population of Notre Dame: 41,696


The South West border of Red is quite well-connected with a system of ferries, avenues, and highways. Several Islands are at this intersection of the two main continents.  Including Avalon and Balks Islands. 


Now onto a few Elger cities. 

First off is, London.  The largest city on the south west coast of Elger, established by the ancestors of Will Herondale and his wife, Tessa Gray --a family who detested the Elger's ancient and magical ways.  They adopted new technologies such as the railway, oil power plants, steam ships, and the Oz (a communication device), when it was first invented and put on the market.  Will and Tessa, see themselves as very progressive and secular, unlike their mystical counterparts who live beyond the forests of North Elger. 


London, after recovering from a small deficit and multiple fires, it now is in the green and boasts a population of 80,000.  It keeps its residents happy, by building its industries and their pollution behind a small cluster of mountains. 


Prada borders London to the north, and Southampton to the West. 

Population: 4,000


Southampton contains the only port on Elger. It trades with the only Elger/Amarian city in the region, Balks Islands. 

Population: 28,000



Finally, West of the Balks Islands is Juliet, a city of 13,000, containing the famous Juliet Bridge -- made of a special metal alloy called Zipzaar -- which is water resistant super strong.  It can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.  This is also the home-town of zipzaar inventor Julius McIntire.  Juliet is north of Romeo's Mountain which contains the only railway of the Elger continent. 


That's a brief run-down of some of the major transportation stations in the Shining Star region -- the intersection of Continent Elger and Red.  I hope you enjoyed this entry and get some ideas for your own city(es). Let me know what you think! See you next time for another city journal chronicling the beautiful land of Illyris!



Entry #1

The World of Illyris

Hello to all the SimCity-ers in Simtropolis! I'm excited to share with you my first journal entry for my tentatively titled world.  Sorry it took so long!  I finally tried Modds for the first time Wednesday which led to one of my major cities crashing, and me being unable to successfully uninstall the modd I ended -- and literally wiped one of my largest cities off the map -- so I had to re-install sim City and rebuild ALL of the South east part of Continent Red.

It was not a pretty day, but I did trial and error a few basic modds and added some nice new additions to my cities =) So, while I'm working on getting my region up to the population is was (one city had 117,000 residents) before a new Modd destroyed it, I thought I'd give you my first entry.  So, on the journal!

I decided on a world name -- it is called Illyris (EE-LEE-RIS), a combo of two names I was thinking of making it -- but decided on this one and to me, the name seems brand new, instead of "borrowed." Just to remind you if you haven't read the background on this city journal... I like stories, so I decided to create story around the cities that I'm developing -- currently on Sim City 4 - my favorite of all the Sim city games thus far.  The world consists of 5 landmasses, 2 at the poles are uninhabitable.  This entry will be about the peoples of the middle and most populous continent called Red.

You can read the background and history if you want to know a little more about the world in my first entry in this city journal called "A Background and Short History." I've recently added a few important dates to remember. 

So, if you're ready to read on, I will start with the story of the Amarians!

The Amarians -


The Amarians are a race of people in Illyris, who are nonmagical.  They survived and won a  civil war, know little about their heritage, and are of two religions: The Stiles and Trists.    They are the largest, uber-confident and most powerful race on Illryis.  Their history is known only from the time of the earthquake of 1427 where all the elders of the community were wiped out.  They were a religious group of people who gathered shortly before sundown every 7th day of the week for prayers while the children played.  As far as what is known, a 8.5 magnitude earthquake destroyed their monastery/church and all 2,000 people in that building perished.  The very old men and women who could not climb atop the great mountain, had stayed at home that day, survived and took care of the remaining Amarians. 

This was 71 years after the start of the Red Rail Road -- most of the railroad was destroyed in the quake.  Shortly after the earthquake, a civil war erupted between the two races of Red City -- Ruskins and The Amarians.  The Amarians won, and most Ruskins fled. The Amarians then completed their forefathers work and built the Red Railroad to the Snake river where they settled Red Port city. 

The year 1510 brought The Great Exploration of Illyris, during that time, a group of people from another race and 2nd land mass, the magical Elgers, traversed their Europe-sized continent to the South West end, and established London. 

Current Populations of Major Cities:

·        Red Port City: 60,000

·        Padua: 55,000

·        Allistar: 59,000

·        Note Dame: 38,000

·        London: 68,000

·        Baghdad: 22,000

It is currently the year 2100 in Illyris...

The Amarians from time immemorial were a resourceful, and intelligent race.  They learned the secrets of metals and electricity are equipped with modern technology.  They've developed personalized computers, and rudimentary electronic communication devices called Oz, which can text message like today's smart phones and send voice messages, but cannot do voice/video steaming.  They have not yet developed that broadband nor satellite technology since a few of the oldest races on the planet rely on magic and have no need for electronic communication.  The Oz devices are useful for the businessman, the teenager, parents, and farmers alike.  However, only specialized technicians know how the Oz really works.   

Here is Red Port city, a lively, bustling port city which sits along the bank of the Snake river neighboring one of its tributaries. 



Here is Padua, slightly smaller than Red Port.  It is a beautiful city with both an urban suburban side. 



Below lies Allistar, a great urban city on the banks of the Snake river with a commercial airport of it's own. 



Notre Dame is one of the geographically larger cities on the coast of Red.  It also contains Farlington (renamed to Notre Dame), also a sizable commercial center. 



Here we have London, the first urban city established by people of the Elger race which contains 2 major health centers. 


Baghdad, a smaller city population-wise, contains an inter-city-railroad for its industrial community. 


I'll be experimenting with different ploppables and road networks this week, and working on re-growing my previously destroyed inland cities of Red.  Please let me know in the comments below what you think of my city-story so far and I hope you have a great week!

other info:

I didn't want to start an entirely new 1+ million population region, so I imported Farlington (now Notre Dame), and Allistar from a previous game play a few years ago, along with a few others, which I'll let you know when I write an entry about them. 

I started the port of Red continent on a pre-made region called Timbuktu, but it is actually the intersection of Red continent and The Land of the Elgers.  The rest of the entire continent of Red is in 3 other regions, which I terraformed myself using a region creating application.  I tried my best to make the edges of each region match up to the port or inland regions.  Small portions of it will just have to be left to your imagination.  =)


Allistar-Apr. 7, 101435860014.png



Thought I'd give you some background and a little taste of the world before I post my first entry, which, I'm not sure when I'll be putting up yet because there are a few things I wanted to do in the regions before sharing it with the Simtropolis community =)

The World Tentatively Named: Massie's World Illyris (EE-LEE-RIS)

Illyris consists of 5 continents, and 3 island nations. 

Two continents are at the north and south poles and uninhabitable.  Two are in the middle of the planet, near the equator, however, unlike Earth, the equator is not the hottest point as the planet is not tilted as our globe is.  The last continent is south west of Continent #1 (Red). 

Continent #2 (Unamed) is the oldest and most sparsely populated continent with a single railroad line that travels from its main city in the north eastern region to the southwestern port cities.  Little is known about the history of Continent #2, as its residents, a race of people called the Elgers, are magical and mystical people with long histories, and knowledge that is handed down from person to person, instead of by written word and books.  A brave family from amongst the Elgers who disliked the old folks mystical ways, and were not fond of magic, traversed the entire continent, settled and developed the modern day port cities in the southwest region of Continent #2. 

Continent #1 (Red) is slightly newer with two mountain ranges, the Snake river and several tributaries.  The Snake dumps out into the ocean surrounding the continent. Here lives the race of the Amarians and Ruskins (both nonmagical) whose forefathers died in the earthquake of 1427.  Shortly after the quake, a civil war ensued amongst the remaining, and the Amarians won over the darker-skinned Ruskin race.  Rather than being enslaved by the Amarians, many Ruskins fled by ship to an Island continent, known as Continent #3.  Not much is known about the history of peoples prior to the civil war.  Armed with superb technology, the Amarians continued to develop this vast continent, which is now, in 2100, the most vibrant and populous of all the nations in Illyris.

- Mimi aka FearlessMayor



Farlington-Aug. 27, 111436040813.png


A little History

YR 1000  - Earliest known history of  the planet, the history of the mysterious race - the Elgers

1356 - Red Rail Road started

The Amarian Elders started building a Railroad to start a new settlement north of the winding Snake river. 

1427 - Earthquake of 1427

The elder Amarians died in a major earthquake. 

1430 - Red Civil War

The Ruskins and Amarians fought a bitter civil war after the earthquake. 

1454 - End of Amarian/Ruskin civil war

1455 - Ruskins fled from Red

1510 -  The Great Exploration

Every major race on the face of the planet left their home cities or sent a group of people to explore the ends of their planet and settle in new areas. 

1512 - Red Port City founded

Red Port City founded by the Amarians. 

1514 - Red Rail Road completed

The Amarians completed the major railroad from their home city of Red to Red Port for industry. 

1598 - London Founded

The Elger renaissance men and women left their home city to meet with the other races of the planet and settling at the South West coast of their continent. 

2100 - Modern Day Illyris

Main land mass, Red, contains 1,559,000 residents

Elger contains 245,000 residents on its coastal metropolis, with London at its center. 

Allistar-Apr. 7, 101435860014.png

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