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78 - In Progress (Part 3 - Ogma & Jebe)





Our final stops in this series are two tiles, Ogma and Jebe.

Ogma is the location of Ionica's most prestigious University. Ogma, in Irish-Celtic mythology is the God of eloquence and learning.

I originally modeled it on Oxford and Yale but it's kind of already gone in it's own direction. I also wanted to integrate a 'Hogwartian' element but I'm saving that concept for another tile (Ionica's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).

This is mostly just a first phase sketch, trying to see where buildings fit and where roads will go. It will need a lot of Lot editing as well.

The image below is of the front gate of the university, kind of an indication of it's exclusivity. Only drivers with University issued permits are allowed to access its roads.


This is the 'quad' based around JBsimio's Clayhurst University pieces. The streams require a lot more mmp work and I want to have a system where they connect back to the river that splits this tile.


To the left of the quad is the 'old University' area and it's prominent features are the outdoors lecture halls. Luckily Andreas released a long awaited expansion to this set on SC4 Devotion and I plan on using some of those buildings to fill out this area.


To the right is another part of the 'old University' which has a monastery that has been turned in to a lecture hall as well as a green house. This is supposed to be the botany department.


Above the quad is a park that leads to Ogma church. On the left are more modern buildings, I'm not sure what kind of classes are held there, I'll assign them a purpose as I go along.


This is the 'business school' area. It needs a lot of mmp work around the edges of the pond as well as quite a bit of LE work to make things fit a bit better.


The crescent shaped building is the 'Sciences' building and next to it is the University Stadium. Both are going to need significant LE work.


Here is a full view of the University. JBSimio recently released an expansion to the Clayhurst University and I hope to add some of those buildings soon. The next phase will be adding the student residences which I hope to incorporate into a large multi-level park with waterfalls and ponds that connect to a river.


Now we arrive at the train station in Jebe, an industrial port area named after a famous General who served Genghis Khan.


Here we see some vertical farms next to the port. This tile will probably feature quite a few of these structures but I need to plan how they'll be laid out.


Here is a closer view of the port with Huston's Spaceport Terminal acting as a kind of port control tower.


This tile still needs a lot of work and I need to pick up a few more techniques on creating industrial areas from people like Ln X before I continue. I wanted to have a more extensive ATEX tube system but they never really worked the way I wanted them too, so I limited it to a straight line.

One thing I regret is that my train station is too close to the edge of the tile, makes it hard to take pics of, but oh well...


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Belfastsocrates: Absolutely delicious! Really loving the work on display here.  I've limited myself to a set map on a set geographical area. I've added some masterplanning and grand layouts but I've tried to make it look as if it's evolved and changed through the years, just like a typical European/British city. I do very miss spending hours on such showcase cities. I might return to it at some point though

Thanks. Hope you take another crack at something on this scale one of these days, know it would turn out to be epic.

gviper: I can tell you are picking your structures very carefully! :yes:  Love it!

Yeah, it's a bit of a time consuming process, but it's worth it. Thanks.

Ln X: Definitely progressing! I'm curious as to what those brown, arched retaining walls are? Additionally how about trying a different set- These are stone retaining walls, not quite vertical but they do have arches to make them look classy. You could perhaps add them in to break up the same retaining wall set which you always use in marina areas.

Brown arched retaining walls? I think what you're looking at elevated rails. Hopefully it integrates better once the city fills out a bit. Thanks.

raynev1: Looking good , some symmetry and some awesome parks . Ionica . And that marina does look fantastic . 

Glad you enjoy it, thanks.

Ng_pillow: looks cool and good. may you finish it in time and on schedule :D

Gonna push myself to do so. Thanks.

kschmidt: Worldfair worthy collection of landmarks and parks, business wahala for the world of Ionica; out with the old in with the new, some  bat a bit out of place, still a lot to do make this place emporious, well done !

I'm still working on integrating those old buildings. I'm hoping that once there are more it will make it seem like a cohesive area.

takemethere: That is shaping up to be one grand city, can't wait to see the end result. You have quite a talent for building aesthetically pleasing city blocks and large parks.

Well I've been inspired by so many people on Simtropolis. In a way it's just playing catch-up and while I think I've improved a lot it feels like I'm still so far behind. Thanks.

Schulmanator: Nifty! This is a bit of a different look for you... and I like it. Nice work :D

Yeah, I was really inspired by Fox's Asgard as well as some of Belfastsocrates stuff. I mean I'm always inspired by them, but this is the first time I really tried to emulate them. Thanks.

lucasfg3: This looks incredible! I'd love to drive in this city and many others!

Ionica's doors are always welcome to visitors. Thanks.

kelistmac: That's crazy !! Your planning is really cool with the mix of all those plugins and different styles ;)

Can't compliment the people who've come before me enough. Without such a community of talented players such a city wouldn't exist. Thanks.

tankmank: I like the master plan that you have done so far, in terms of parking you can use multistorey puzzle parking pieces. 

Multistory parking puzzle pieces are indeed something I'm looking in to. I've seen Ln X do some really fantastic stuff with that so I might try to imitate him. However, I really like the idea that Ionica isn't just what you see on the surface, there are a lot of underground spaces, so I might go with that.

Benedict: Beautiful as always. And congratulations, Ioinca was number one on BTT for the week ending Oct 22.

You know how much I like to be #1! Thanks.


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Nice campus area; dorm´s maybe a bit low capacity, grid off would be better. Port nicely created; would have moved it up nearer  the rivermouth, less bends to take more town near the rail station; rail connection to harbour missing something odd, nicely done !

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6 minutes ago, kschmidt said:

Nice campus area; dorm´s maybe a bit low capacity, grid off would be better. Port nicely created; would have moved it up nearer  the rivermouth, less bends to take more town near the rail station; rail connection to harbour missing something odd, nicely done !

There are no dorms yet. Grid is still on 'cause it's a work in progress. There is a rail connection to the harbour.

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The university and port area look promising, however you say you want more realistic industry? Well get rid of those vertical farms for starters. That's some space-age SC2000 archology stuff right there! So unless you intend to create a futuristic port or city then those vertical farms simply will not work with industry.

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Love the first section, the Jebe industrial area feels a bit crammed for me. The university area is magnificent, and with the exception of the church the meshing of the post-modern architectural lines really looks awesome!

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I really like how you have all those creeks and rivers flowing all over the place, that is going to be one scenic university campus when finished.

Also I'd second Ln X's thoughts about the vertical farms. I think you could still make use of them, perhaps even in the same city but some where further away from the port. The sheer size of them directs your attention more towards them over all else. I think there's too much of a contrast between their high tech appearance and the grungy appearance of the port. Spaced further apart they could both serve as focal points rather then competing against each other.

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On the vertical farms. I like them. Isn't Ionica a near-future society? - In this context I think that they make some sense. I imagine that economically speaking, locating the production right next to the means of export also makes some sense, and would maximise the advantages over traditional farmland, which could be located many kilometres from the port.

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I'm a researcher in a university here in Germany... Can I ask for a transfer to yours? It will take half an hour to reach my workplace but sure will be worth! Hope you have some nice noise & vibrations labs! ;)

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wow, now that's a University !!! (One of those modern new buildings should be a school of Architecture...:-)

It's nice to see terring's futuristic bats being used. I love that vertical farm too (I'm not mistaken, am I, it is terring's ?)

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I like the university, some great building selections, it personally is very American in style and layout, but then this is just an observation based on what i have seen on tv and in films, and that the universities i have been to and seen in the UK are much smaller and are compact, and spread around the town/city that they are located in. 

And i like the port area, i feel like Tokyo and Hong Kong are to be ideal inspirations for this area, i want to see how you go about filing it in, will you use some older style, for your CJ that is industrial buildings or will it be primarily modern and more futuristic in nature 

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