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  1. Hi everyone!

    Here is the sequel of my last update with some mosaics. I think it's what I will do in my next updates: one bunch of 'normal' pictures, and then some mosaics, because what's better than this for showing a city? *;)

    Without more useless talk, here are the pictures:


    1. The Cathedral and some old residential neighbourhood:


    2. From top to bottom: the Old Harbour Station and its brand new office buildings, the 'Hertogsvaart' (Duke's canal), the Municipal Theatre, the 'Arsenaal' (another canal, the name comes from its former military allocation) and the Grand Moulins Museum. (Yes, the canals on the upper left are connected to the harbour!)


    3. St. Peter's Church, 'Hertogsvaart', 'Vrijheidsplein' (Liberty Square) and 'Oude Vaart' (Old Canal).


    4. St. Catherine's Church and the Cathedral.


    5. Same than #2 but in the opposite view.


    6. Autumn yeah!


    7. The biggest one for the end: the Municipal Theatre, 'Hertogsvaart', Our Lady Church, 'Oude Vaart', 'Looiersvaart' (Tanners' canal), St. Catherine's Church, and other random canals.


    Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

    - REPLIES -

    @_Michael There is indeed a main station. Or maybe two, I don't know yet *:lol: It will be close to a part of the harbour now redeveloped as a CBD, but I need to finish it before showing it! Thanks for the help btw!

    @TekindusT There is an old tramway in service for tourists in the summer season! Thank you for the comment!

    @Ln X Thanks a lot!

    @Abrams124 I officially thank you for the comment :thumb:

    @MissVanleider Thank you too!

    @Akallan You're welcome! Thanks too for the comment!

    @korver Thanks a lot!

    @kschmidt Thank you too! I tried to had some boats on those canals with the LE but that doesn't really work unfortunately! It's indeed Goober canals, but revisited by callagrafx. And the diagonal ones were added by rsc204 last year!

    @Dgmc2013 Thanks a lot!

    @sejr99999 Thanks to you for passing by!

    @Takingyouthere Thanks a lot! That's important for the sims to have some open areas!

    @raynev1 Thank you too!

    @Simmer2 Thanks a lot! I will find a way to add some of your work in the city!

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    Riverscross downtown completed but of course much growth yet to be had.

    Rivercross-Sep. 17, 181490841464.png

    Rivercross-Oct. 12, 181490841480.png

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    My region sits at 700k population.58d79811c4094_SouthShore-Apr.23401490249934.png.74f5b6e2bacaca5adbf8377290fc9b8d.png

    New Region 2-1488963118.png

  5. bitmap.png

    Hey there! It's been a while since I updated my CJ, because I've been busy making a new town. More to the point, I've decided to try and detail a little more. I've upgraded my PC to the point it can actually run a lot of props and CJ on decent quality settings, and while I still do not want to use CSL as a "city painter", I do want to go the extra mile in decorating and detailing.

    It's also been two years since I update this CJ and so far it's been my longest running one, and that's partly because I really enjoy Cities Skylines. Most great CJs are SC4 CJs, I'll say that much, but in terms of gameplay CSL is, for me, the superior game and it's keeping me coming back for more. 

    Sooo... Here's the 44th entry, but if you want a comparison of what I did (and the game supported) back two years ago, feel free to look back towards my very first entries. Back then it was...rough to say the least lol. Forum link here

    Anyway, we're leaving Ashford behind for a bit, and we're going to Santa Linna, the capital of the Anabon Overseas Commonwealth. I planned to reserve it for a Tropico entry, but well. :>~


    Downtown St Linna! The island is located in between mainland Tamriel and the Thalmor dominated Summerset Isles; it is one of the main small tropical islands that dot the Abecean Sea. With 65'000 people, it is a fairly well-sized town, and easily one of the richest. About 15% of the population of the entire state live here.


    St Linna itself is known for its bricked or brownstone buildings. Built in the colonial age at the end of the Fourth Era and early Fifth Era, a lot of its downtown are still packed with intricate brickworks and small, narrow square buildings. 


    That's not to say everything is grim and gritty. Some of the city's buildings are...colourful to say the least. This is the Parish Hall, by the way - the mayor's office is on the top floor.


    So what's to do in Santa Linna? Amongst the narrow towers full of finance and reinsurance companies, you could go dine and gamble at At The Penny's Casino and Cabaret! It's usually a must-go attraction for tourists willing to part with their cash.


    Or, you can wait for the evening and enjoy yourself in the city's many nightclubs. It's always warm, you might even enjoy a night dive in the sea!


    Many tourists also come to watch the Abecean Sharks play blitzball, too. They're one of Cathnoquey's finest teams, though because of the remoteness of Anabon, their stadium is also the smallest.


    For many tourists, however, the best hotels and attractions are outside of town, on one of the island's many sandy shores. Take the nearby town of Belle-Pointe : just off the Route 22 freeway, the once Breton town is no longer a commute village and fishing community, but instead a hub packed with casinos, five-star hotels, fine beaches and luxury condos. 


    Santa Linna's public transport system, one of the best in the country, links Belle-Pointe and other towns together. Tourists and locals alike can spend the morning in their hotels, then take the bus into Santa Linna proper for an afternoon spent exploring the city or shopping, before coming back in the evening to enjoy the sea.


    As you've probably guessed, tourism is critical to the economy of Santa Linna. A lot of infrastructure has been built across the state to accommodate that.


    However, tourism isn't everything in Anabon. It's also a major offshore trading hub, thanks to generous taxes and loopholes, with reinsurance companies especially well settled in the CBD's high rises. 


    Critics can complain about the lack of financial transparency, but most agree the island wouldn't be so well-off without the financial institutions that call it their home.


    Moving on, to the corner with the passenger train station, and a typical high-rise housing district. 



    And yes, Santa Linna does have a railway. Mostly it carries freight around the island, but there are about 15 trains per day per direction that leave Santa Linna and bring commuters into the city. The trains are air conditioned, and there are also special tourist trains that run excursions along the island.


    The islands aren't just beaches and settlements; inland, one can find plantations and farms dotted across the land, too. 


    Finally for this overview, let's have a look at the roads. Most roads are small, 1x1 roads, such as Route 25 here pictured.


    However, due to the large amount of traffic to and from Santa Linna and its busy harbour, some roads have been or are being upgraded to freeway standards.


    The interchange between Routes 2 and 22 - the two heaviest roads in the entire state - is the oldest piece of freeway infrastructure on the island. 


    At such, Route 22 (here entering Santa Linna from the north) is undergoing heavy maintenance works to accomodate an ever growing population. 


    And rural exits, such as the Route 22/Route 230 junction to Altmer's Cove, are being upgraded to full freeway standards.


    In the coming years, Santa Linna is expected to grow by 10 to 15%. It is going to be a massive challenge for a city that already cannot feed itself.


    Most of the food is imported from Tamriel, and routed through the state's many harbours into Santa Linna. This is one of the reasons why the rail network is so important - there is no single main harbour due to the geography of the area, and ships are instead routed to five satellite harbours linked together by railway.


    Anyway, let's close this overview now. We'll be coming back to Santa Linna later, so here's a view of the downtown area at night...


    As well as one of Belle-Pointe High Street, next to the Cathnoquey National Post Office.

    But I wouldn't leave without a map of the state, including Santa Linna. So, hope you enjoy, and thanks for the support I got with my CJ for the last two years :D

    And since it's been two years since Cities Skylines has been out, this is also the opportunity to give a massive thanks to the modders of Cities Skylines, as well as to the other CJ makers, and to everyone on and off site who shared pictures and videos of their creativity - it helped me, and I'm sure many others immensely, and I can only hope that I, too, give a bit of inspiration to others in building all these amazing cities. ^_^ 


  6. Replies:
    kschmidt:  Lol, yer it does. Luckily there's no damn to flood in the city so we should be safe. Though on the plus side, if it flooded it might put the fires out!

    Entry 7: Let's all catch a bus to Perrin Head!
    So, welcome back to Rokton where we've had a few problems, some new buses and several new settlements springing up like daisy's!
    Let's start by getting the boring bits out of the way with a look at several improvements to Roktons transport system and network with a couple of interchange upgrades being done. Firstly with this one, where as you can see a bonfire gone wrong ground the area to a complete standstill resulting in a slight decrease to the trees and farm buildings in the area.
    Deciding that we needed to prevent this in the future we gave the junction some slip lanes. These did precisely nothing in helping out with the traffic which is when some clever soul suggested improving the roundabout on the Henning Bay side. Thankfully this seems to have cleared it up completely which is useful when bonfires inevitably go wrong.
    Meanwhile in Rokton, the interchange was still giving us issues so we needed a solution for it fast. Luckily some tunnelling seems to have solved the problem of traffic trying to cross each-other and causing congestion. Its beginning to look a bit chaotic though.
    Speaking of Rokton though, we saw the tip of the peninsula that used to house the wind turbines until we built the WTEP (Waste To Energy Plant) be renovated with sea walls and some piers. No real word on what's going here yet but it looks like something's planned!
    Something else that was evidently planned had to be Henning's Bay new 'I want what my neighbour has!' craze where everyone has built pretty much identical houses across the board. Oh well, as long as their happy and paying taxes I suppose......
    So, your probably wondering where Perrin head is given that its in the title (ok, your not, but I needed a segway into this so were rolling with it). Its this small town that's begun to develop on the coast down from Henning Bay, I assume by people that wanted a quieter life.
    And, for people who wanted a even quieter life than that we have Riverbend and Cliffside which have developed inland from the rest of the settlements.
    And, for the other part of the title being a bus ride the city finally has a actual bus line. Well it has several lines (one for each of the three centres of population and then a regional line that visits every settlement (except Cliffside but their tiny anyway). Here's the lovely new bus terminal, right next to the fire heli depot which in turn, is right next to the WTEP (yes, it probably won't to shiny for too long).
    So, because I like abrupt endings to entries here's a current overview with all the lovely new towns and villages that have popped up over the last couple of entries. No idea what we'll be doing in the next entry but I'm sure it'll be interesting as always (don't laugh!).
    Till next time!
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    The Northfields

    Named after the famous Knight within the kingdom, Sir Cidius III, this side of town is home to some of the richest people in Sparkle. Some notables of Simtropolis own some penthouses here, including @Takingyouthere, @CorinaMarie, @Cyclone Boom, @Hamish, and @APSMS. The city is infamous for its building repetition, and it's not done in a good way either. I'm gonna try to download some medium density residential buildings to fix this, and will try to fix it in the YouTube series in this region as well.


    Some of the nation's best prospects come from Cidius Central High School. This is one of the best scoring public schools on the Sparklian College Placement Exams (SCPE) with a score of 1376/1500 (92%, A-). It is also the home of the National Champion Cidius Valley Knights, who defeated Hershey Pointe Black Cats 26-21 in American Football.


    The CVX international Airport is the most famous airport in the country, and the one that most American and European tourists choose to land at, no matter where they go in the country. This airport is also the most famous for being the safest, as it is the farthest away from the Offensive Empire.


    This is where most people in this area of the city shop, the Cidius Township Target, which is the largest store in the area. It is where most people in the area do any of their shopping for just about anything, and there are even plans to open a mall in 2030.

    This is FoxxWorld, the home of the country's largest amusement park. Legend has it, that at night, Urban Foxes roam the amusement park, looking for food and a home.

    This is the Northfield Country Club, where the Sparkle Open PGA tournament is held. The torunament will be held just after the Masters at the middle of April 2017.


  7. 58ceb73063c8d_Opportunity4.png.e6790c37da042dd34207f299b4cb2a43.png

    On the edge of the river lies the somewhat secluded, high end communities of Cemetary Shores and the University of Opportunity.



    This amazing little neighborhood has everything you need to live, and thrive in Opportunity.  With parks, recreation, the Botanical Gardens and amazing shoreline views from one of the many tall residential buildings - this little community has it all!



    Opportunity is somewhat known for hosting some of the finest doctors in the world and the University Hospital is no exception. As home to Dr. Robert Wishinghouse, the worlds leading doctor on removing those disgusting blackheads you see in YouTube videos, the University Hospital receives a TON of visitors with huge pimples to pop.


    The residents of Opportunity LOVE their trees. They have a saying around these parts: "If its not a building, its a tree" and that is a motto they've kept with them for generations. City planners have been militant - if there is no building, a tree should be planted. You will see a LOT of green space in Opportunity!








  8. Saffron City - Part 2

    As we continue into Saffron City, the valley of honey continues to grow as a whole, and the city is starting to take shape. Or at least the suburban region...



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    SO. My game caught a virus (I have no idea what from) but I had to reinstall my game, delete all assets, all of that stuff. My game plays perfectly now, except for one teeny issue. The lower half of the screen is totally blurry. And it gets worse as you zoom in more. First person camera mods do not help. So goodbye. I am currently trying to do something with it but up to now nada. It was nice while it lasted.



  10. Hello simtropolis, it's been awhile but after a long adjournment I'm finally back with some new content. For those who many not be aware back in October my SC4(and windows) hard drive(SSD) crashed. This eliminated everything I had created after entry 35 on this Journal. Feb 2016 was the last time I backed everything up(plugins, cities, pictures, etc) on a separate hard drive. Foolish, I know. It's not that I overlooked the possibility of a hard drive crash, in fact all my important personal stuff is backed up on separate drive and some of that is even backed up a second time on bluray discs. I backed my SC4 cities on weekly basis but for some strange reason at some point in time, I can't recall why (or understand), I moved that backup folder onto the SSD drive. So while I was still well prepared for save file corruption I was not prepared for hard drive corruption.

    The rest of what follows would probably qualify as TMI so I've have put it in spoilers since most of it is not exactly SC4 related and it kind of bogs down this entry. Most of you are understandably here for pics so this way you can get right to them. *:) Note; Entry number 43 is reserved as a placeholder in case I'm one day able to recover the data that was meant to be shown in that entry.


    The computer issues...
    I probably should have expected the drive to crash as my computer was intermittently crashing or freezing on average a couple times a month for about two years. One particular program - Jet Audio, was causing a lot of those crashes/freezes. I keep my computer always on and not closing that program overnight would often result in the computer being frozen the next morning. I'm no computer expert but it seemed rather bizarre to me that a media player could do that and even more strangely it only happen when it was not actually playing music! So eventually I remembered to always close Jet Audio before going to sleep. But then suddenly firefox, which I also have running continuously as my primary browser started causing my computer to crash as well. Might of had something to do with the 500+ tabs I had open on at once(wtf I know). Then one day the computer froze when I tried to go into taskmanager to shut down firefox which was frozen itself. I had no other option but to pull the plug and when I turned the computer back on bios didn't recognize drive C:  :rage:
    Let me tell you, rebuilding your operating system hard drive is a royal pain in the arse. Reinstalling the operating system is the easy part, it's getting and installing all the 50 or so other programs I had on it. The good news is since the clean install in November the computer hasn't crashed once. I no longer use Jetaudio or Firefox but I also didn't overclock it this time, I'm wondering if that might of been what was really causing the instability. Back when I first got the computer it was heavily overclocked, it ran fine for a couple weeks but then it started crashing like crazy once every couple days. The vendor told me to reduce the overclock and it ran perfectly for a couple years before it started crashing again but much more infrequently due to those programs that I mentioned above. Anyhow, I sent the damaged drive to a SDD recovery specialist. I heard promising news at first but then the wait started. I couldn't work on anything SC4 related until I knew what was up with the drive. It wasn't until almost 2 months later shortly before Christmas that they told me the drive was damaged beyond recovery.

    What was lost...
    I find plugin and game modification to be a little tedious. As such I can't force myself to work on it, I can only work on them when the mood strikes me which it rarely does but it finally did last week. So I was able to remake the following of what was lost;
    -A set of about 2 dozen different custom sidewalk and several cement texture mods, remade most of these.
    -A set of custom embankment lots, remade some of these.
    -Street tree modification mod, haven't remade it yet but definitely planning on it.
    -Completely rebuild of my mmp folder. One of the biggest loses, if only because of how long it took me to do it the first time around. Surprisingly it wasn't as hard or boring to do the second time around. thus it has been remade! *:) 

    Miscellaneous stuff;
    -All my SC4 photo's. Well the best ones are basically the ones I've posted online in my CJ so while it was kinda of neat for me to see how my building style was like years ago I really didn't lose much in the way of quality work there. 
    -Old version of my cites. Again it was kinda of cool to loadup my old cities and check them out, but really the latest version of every city is always going to be the best version so again not a big loss
    -About 2 gb of plugins I had in my K4L folder short for "Keep for Later" meaning I had tried out these plugins but found no current use for them however they might be useful in the future. Not to big of a loss because I almost never ended up using stuff from that folder.

    The Important Stuff;
    -my city map project 200+ hours of work... good news is I have all the finished maps online, bad news is they're not in the highest quality. Not sure if I'll continue with the rest of the region so this project might be cancelled *:( 
    -About a 100 hrs of work on Astoria and another 50 hrs on Calgon, two large sized city tiles I've yet to show. I've been working on Calgon the last few days and I've rebuilt most of that city.
    -Somewhere between 250 to 300 hours of work on Baycole, basically the whole city *:( all that was seen in entries 37-42 and then some. I had one more entry to go which would of been similar in scale and quality to entry 42 so it sucks to lose that but I've since realized that I'm ok with losing everything else. Why? Well because I already showed it to you! In any case I'm am going to skip an entry # in the CJ just in case I get the city back. I figure some time in the future maybe a year or so from now, I'll try to get the hard drive fixed again. Hopefully the recovery technology for SSD drives will improve and the price will drop! Hence why this is entry 44 and not 43, which will be reserved for that last entry of Baycole in the unlikely event it is recovered.  
    -100+ hrs of work transferring over putting the finishing touches and rendering the 3DS versions of nearly all my lattice tower BAT's. Good news is I still have all the gmax version. So I don't have to recreate them from scratch, thanks god cause that would of probably taken me well over a 1000 hours to remake. Yet to start but will eventually.
    - Unfortunately I never made a backup of that "right-of-way hydro bat project" It's a complete loss, so it's release is cancelled *:(

    Now onto today's subject matter which will cover what is probably going to be the largest and most complicated interchange in the entire region of Pretoria - The 5 Point's Interchange.
    This interchange is located in the City of Calgon which is just west of Baycole and north of Dresden. It think I came up with the name Calgon from Calgary, but at this point I can't remember *:???:

    The interchange is the junction between Highways 700, 702 & 707 and as it's name suggests it is a 5 way interchange. This is the first RHW rebuild of this interchange. I say first because there is a second rebuild of the interchange which features no tunnels and is much more streamlined in appearance. But it's so different from this one that it's basically an entirely different interchange and this version is so massive that it would be a shame to not showcase it.

    edit* For a better understanding of the network I'm adding the regional highway map here;tL2b4hZ.png
    This entry was incredibly difficult to make. It seems the save file for the city is highly unstable/incompatible with my current plugins folder or something. In the process of rebuilding this interchange the game crashed about 50 or so times in the last several weeks which severely hampered my progress. I've encounter errors and crashes which I had never seen or even heard about before.  The numerous ways the game crashed on me are listed below, I've also placed this in the spoiler to shorten the dialog that is relevant to the point of this entry; 



    - the simple act of opening a menu like landmarks or parks would occasionally crash the game 
    - taking a screenshot would occasionally crash the game, more often when in night mode
    - clicking on buildings, which were otherwise perfectly fine meaning I could click on them with no issues at first but then the second or third time I clicked on it the game would crash
    - changing the terrain level using the smallest tool and by the smallest amount on a single tile would crash the city, again this was a weird crash because it would ok to do this on the exact same spot sometimes but then then the next time I reloaded the city and did this to the very same spot the game would crash
    - random freezing(crash) while scrolling
    - freezing(crash) after saving
    - worst of all I suddenly developed prop pox for the first time in 13 years of playing SC4 after saving one time, but strangely enough it only effect 1/3rd of the city basically all lots on the east side of the city. Afterwords the pox did not spread but for a time new lots that I plopped anywhere in the city would also have the pox after I saved and reloaded the city, props on those lots would be missing. But then just as suddenly the pox stopped happening on new lots 

    But somehow through all that and more I persevered to this projects completion. Lets just say I'll never touch that city save file again lol.


    So where to begin with this one... how about with a map of the entire interchange and how it compares to the previous record holder of the title of the regions largest interchange - Spaghetti Junction. All maps are the exact same scale. 

    Spaghetti Junction(newest & more compact version) vs 5 points.GttuOKV.jpg

    And the old Spaghetti Junction which was larger vs 5 points

    vs The 5 points                                                   <---- is north

    One of the reasons why creating maps of interchanges interest me so much is long ago even well before I ever played SimCity when I was maybe 10 year old I was completely mesmerized by city maps and the most interesting part of those city maps were where all those squiggly and curved lines which converged in tiny areas - interchanges. Afterword I would create random huge interchange designs on paper, wish I still had those but they disappeared long ago most likely throw away as junk by my parents 

    Ok let's go through the interchange from south to north starting from the 702 Northbound at the south portal. 

    Highway 702 comes from Dresden and the South Shore borough of Pretoria. There is also one other(very large) interchange between the 5 Points and Dresden in Calgon that I'll show later. The 702 is highly congested at this point being only 4 lanes across. In the final version of 5 points this section has been upgrade to 6 lanes. The Fastraxx ME(Middle East) Commuter Rail line can be see at the top running underneath the highway in a tunnel before reaching Calgon (Central) Station while the L(Loop) line runs over the highway at the bottom of the image. For a refresher on commuter rail the network click HERE. Meanwhile ICR's freight line is on the right hand side of this image.

    Now here is where things start to get messy. The first lane at the top of the image is a local off ramp from the 702. Next is the EB 707 to SB 702 ramp. Then a local on-ramp, followed by 4 lanes of the 702 itself, then the NB 702 to EB 700/707 & NB 707 ramp and then finally a local off ramp.

    4. (note: image number count does not include the road maps)VJoSGMN.jpg
    The next off ramp is the NB 702 to WB 707 which takes you directly into downtown Calgon.
    Overview of the Southern portal to the interchange.

    8. The NB 702 to WB 700 ramp is the tallest ramp in the interchange and is 45m/148ft above the lowest part of the interchange about 50m/164ft above the lowest tunnel. 
    9. Crossing over the 700
    Overview of the Eastern portal of the interchange. The 700/707 is up to 13 lanes wide in this section and from here continues on to Spaghetti Junction in Lindin City.

    Next we come to my favorite portion of the interchange, the central section. This maps shows the 7 levels of the interchange + arguably a 8th level for one of the tunnels.

    What little help this may be, it explains the purpose of each overhead ramps and the routing of the tunnels which are functional for cars and buses but not trucks. Yup it's a little on the complicated side *:P

    7 levels of interchange in one image. Can you make out all the height transitions in there? Hint; there's 13 *:D
    Moving further north we get to the point where the 700 crosses over the 702
    And then we get to the second big section of cluster of ramps. I'm not sure it would help to talk about which ramp goes where, probably best just to look at panoramic shots at the bottom of the entry to make sense of it all. :P
    18. The 700 crossing over the 3 rail lines with exit ramps going both over and under it, one of my favorite images
    This would be the western portal of the interchange.
    Back to the 702 which now turns into a collector/express highway system.
    This leads us to the final part of the interchange the northern gate and the boundary to Astoria, which takes us to the downtown area of Pretoria. 
    Aside from those sharp level 3 RHW curves, which hopefully will be smooth out in the future, I'm quite satisfied with the look and compactness of this section.

    You may have noticed a few other unusual things up there and kudos to you if you noticed all four :thumb:
    The most obvious one is probably that one way bridge in there which might seem odd because it looks a little different from the rhw roads above and below it. I could of used a rhw overpass but then there wouldn't have been enough space to transition into the one-way road tunnel. I suppose I could of just built the rhw bridge just for eye candy purposes but I wanted to show the interchange in it's functional configuration. That is every path is usable by sims, although I'm having a heck of a time trying to get them to take some of those paths, seems they'd rather be stuck in traffic on local roads then take the express out of town.

    I had to use a subway portal where the level 3 RHW crosses the the 3 railway tracks. It might look a little strange but it's much better than the alternative. Seems the level 3 RHW can't cross over 3 consecutive rail lines, it drops to a ground level crossing for the one in the middle which would of course look ridiculous. Meanwhile the subway portal ensure functionality on the railway line in the middle since passenger trains can turn into subway turns and vice versa without issue. The freight line on the top remains functional as well.  

    It was very difficult to create this interchange because of all the grade changes over it's length, which resulted in the irregular ripples on the maxis highway curve. For those who don't know grade changes and the RHW go together like oil and water, thankfully with each version of the NAM terrain stability continues to improve. The original footprint of the maxis interchange that came before was much smaller so the city was originally built without realizing that one day I would need much more space for an interchange. For the final version of the 5 points I'm building I completely leveled out the terrain and started from scratch againt to build a fully accessible version without the use of tunnels. 

    Lastly I had to use one of the old 45 degree flex fly ramps because the new piece is one zone large(5x5 as opposed to 4x4). That tiny little difference would otherwise have resulted in major changes to the interchange and a large expansion of its overall footprint. I know many rhw users might of been fine with that since highway interchange are space consuming objects, but I pride myself on building the tightest possible interchange while using smooth curves and transitions as much as possible. I had to modify the NAM files in order for this legacy piece to still show up in game. While I can't plop them anymore they won't disappear, which is what would happen if I didn't modify the file and more importantly they are still completely functional.

    Next a few night shots to show that there is sufficient lighting around the interchange. Even though you may not know how to get to where you want to be you can at least see where your going!

    Now time for a little something I call the "eye spy" section... Let me know if you like this new section. *:)





    And finally, of course the mosaics. For reference sake I put the the original maxis version of the interchange that I set out to replace long ago in the spoilers below.


    Note that only things left from back then is the rail line and the townhouse subdivision on the left.



    Forgot to add the interchange Stats!
    Levels - 4
    All Highways total entrance lanes - 41
    Bridge Structures - 15
    Total Crossings, time sa highway ramp crosses another - 37(not including tunnels)
    Tunnels - 5
    Ramps - 26 
    FlexFly Ramps -  (2 - 90 degree/6 - 45 degree)
    Height Transitions - 33

    Thanks for stopping by, it feels good to get the CJ up and running again.

  11. Glengarry

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    Recent Entries

    Some progress on the the actual farming around the little town and a bit more residential development


  12. Green Valley

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    Recent Entries

    The Lost Paradise




  13. River Bow

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    River Bow First Look


    From the humble beginnings with just a small gas station pit stop for wear travelers, be they truckers or tourists, River Bow has become a nice pit stop on the way between Point A and Point B. Now a small town, the city is mainly gas stations and restaurants, but as you can see to the left, a small brick factory has popped up.


    Main Street greets visitors with a variety of typical fast food restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, and an Auto Zone. 

    Shady Oaks Trailer Park

    Not farm from main street, Shady Oaks Trailer Park boasts a convenient walk to work as well as inexpensive living. I'll let the pictures do the talking.






    I hope you've enjoyed this first look at River Bow. Feel free to like, comment, rate, and all that jazz.

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    This is a preview of my new CJ, it has a lot of sprawling to come, but here are a few shots...





    The Pacific Circle

    In the heart of Pacific Bay, a census designated area in south San Joaqin Beach, lies the Pacific Circle and plaza.  The intersection and surrounding town was founded in 1918 and has become host to annual events such as "The International Food Festival" the first weekend in May, as well as the "Harvest Festival & Oktoberfest" in September.  All six streets are blocked off for each event and local restaurants cook outdoors.  Most of the businesses in and around the circle are restaurants; health food, gastropub, pizza, mexican food, and diners.  At Christmas, lights are strung from building to palm tree and palm tree to building.  Many of the buildings around the circle have been deemed local landmarks, and the old overgrown trees have plenty of hearts with initials scratched in their bark.  Pacific Bay is a close-knit community, and the circle is the meeting point.











    Canary Palm Estates

    Upscale neighborhood in north Pacific Bay.  Median home price: §1.5M






    San Joaquin Beach Civic Center & City Hall

    The center for city management and administration.  Some events are held here like the annual Taste of Los Reyes, the 4th of July City Block Party & BBQ, and the April 20th Smokeout for Freedom and Date Shake Festival.  Further down is Grizzly Bear Park, packed on the weekends with kids sports.






    Little Manila

    An area of Serrano with with highest population of Philippine-born residents in the US






    Old Spanish Station

    At Picante St. and Los Reyes Rd.






    Pacific Bay and San Joaquin Beach






    Lots of drunk drivers on the 101 freeway...






    The Circle from another angle








    For more like this, check out my last CJ California 2:






  14. Under the desert sun and endless dusty wastes, thin ribbons of civilization begin to cut through the sand and a beacon of humanity begins to rise.

    Freeways 64 and 55 as they meet in the desert, and depart their separate ways into the wastelands.

    The sandy hills give way to little more than dust and the occasional cactus as vehicles cling to the narrow highways.

    KOzqQw.jpgA mighty structure rises above the Crystal Canyon, the Crystal Canyon Bridge.

    Two thousand feet to the bottom. (This is a testament to the incredible power of the move-it mod.)

    As the sun sets, the scorching oppression of the desert heat begins to loss it's grip.

    Crystal Canyon Bridge at night.

    Human ingenuity brings water and life to a barren expanse.

    Even the desert isn't immune to the grip of industry.


  15. Hi there!

    It has been a long time since my last post. Events in real life, the state of the world and of the political situation developing in my own country and elsewhere have made games seem a little pointless to me. I have been checking in to the site quite frequently and although I post rarely, i really value the community here, so I would like to dedicate this post to all of you reading (and those not reading). However, I do want to give a couple of special shoutouts for people who have really helped inspire / create some superb content to this wonderful game: RSC/MGB204. All the texture unification work is incredible, but what really counts are the really detailed replies to my (and many other people's) questions in all the forums, I could not have got all these Japanese overpasses and whatnot working without your wonderful tutorial on installing them. LnX - just for mindboggleingly consistent uploads that I try to copy (badly - please see images below). Finally Fasan, who may be gone, but the pictures that remain on SC4D are for my personal preferences, the best pictures ever created using the medium of Simcity 4.

    Enough about me, here are some pictures:



    This is an overview of the city on the shores of Lake Pointless. Last Entry covered the suburban area to the right of this image and the fields beyond. This time we are looking at the northern end of the lake and the town around it in more detail.


    Ok, it's a highway interchange, but it was a slightly unusual one, so here is a picture


    Simcity 4 doesn't have many aggressive youths, but those that have a bit too much aggression can run like crazy on these football pitches, which should keep them out of mischief. There is some need for a fence to stop the ball going into the busy road, but times are tight!


    First 'flipped' image. I really like the totally different feel you get from doing this to a picture.


    A railway, some retaining walls


    overview of the area


    more flipping. Here in the suburbs the other side of the highway.


    suburbs giving way to industry


    crossing the bridge now onto the other bank of the river


    I wanted to try something a bit clever, and i'm not sure it has been wholly successful, but here is a combination of game water and MMP water, and lots of retaining walls. I guess the MMP side will improve with practice.


    A jumbled little neighbourhood of mainly working class homes.


    railway crossing. I really enjoythe reskinned japanese overpasses. This is not the most spectacular use of them!


    A local school surrounded by suburbia. Looks washed out because i forgot to change the contrast :D


    Old mills on the edge of town by the lake shore


    Now we get into the proper city centre. Trying to keep the shapes interesting!


    I know there is quite a mix of building styles but diagonals are really hard to find!


    close to the station are some very grand buildings


    wider overview of the city centre


    The Cricket ground (Americans and other Europeans, if you don't know what this is ask an Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan//English/Australian etc.) the library, the station and then the waterfront in mosaic.


    Different perspective. I love the distinctive library BAT in the middle.


    Now back across the river to finish off the rest of the city centre. I dont know why I couldn't make the water look nice here with MMPs, but once I had built everything was too scared to take serious remedial action in order to spruce up the water!


    closeup of the same area.


    why not stop for a coffee (or Tea if that way inclined) in the waterfront coffee shop.


    More quayside


    Finally my favourite of the lot, horizontally flipped mosaic of  the small station down to the quayside, taking in some parkland and diagonals en-route.

    Hope you enjoyed :)





















  16. It's been a little while since my last update, and I still as of yet do not have a full update. My time is now going to be divided between this journal and my Crystal Junction project, which I am really eager to start on.

    In the meantime here are some pics of various regions of Frontier City that are currently under development.

    Starting work on the car dealership section of the city. Once finished, will have 4 large car dealerships and associated repair shops. Most large towns and major cities have large stretches of major roads lined with multiple car dealerships that in some extreme cases can stretch for dozens of blocks.

    North Frontier City under development. Still working on the strip malls along Mountain Side Avenue, and need to do some major detailing surrounding the stores and restaurants.

    Lake View Apartments and the northern-most sections of North Frontier City. Some fast food joints, and a high school in the background. With the exception of Blue Gill Cove (A future Planned suburb), there is little development north of here.

    Freeway 10/ Flyer Bypass intersection. This is the only major highway intersection in the city. Freeway 10 in the foreground, and the Flyer Bypass jetting off to the right. Was an interesting intersection to design considering I had to lay the roads around an existing railroad, power lines and steep terrain. More pics of this intersection in the "Show us your Interchanges" section of the C:SL forums on page 19.

    Bird's Eye view of the entire city looking towards the east.

    Satellite view of Frontier City (Population 20,100). As you can see, I have finally finished the Flyer Bypass (Highway on the north side of the city).

  17. Been working on a new, more modern downtown.

    First off is the main railyard:



    View from the other side:



    Maintenance halls:




    One during the dark hours:



    More shots from the "actual" downtown is coming up shortly!

    Stay tuned!




    When South African architect Maarten Haverkamp came to Dumfries in 1901 as a refugee of the Second Boer War, he had a dream for the area surrounding Loudon Square. After visiting several other American cities, he drew up designs for a neighborhood. At the time, the area around Loudon Square was mostly thirty/forty year old tenements, and the city gladly granted Haverkamp permission to redesign the square and several of the surrounding blocks. Thus, the Haverkamp neighborhood was born. His design choices included beautifying the park, constructing a large number of row homes around it, and planting numerous oaks in the sidewalk. The neighborhood is now mostly inhabited by students from the nearby New Scotland University.



    KSCHIMDT - "Nice neighbourhood; SAM may help to older the streets, one way arrows size can be reduced if necessary in the NAM settings, well done!"

    Thanks for the advice!

  19. 170122050051988988.jpg


    Hello everyone,

    It has been about six months since the R.C.D. was stopped because of a backup problem... I am happy to announce the good news that the region is finally resuming! Yes, a few weeks ago when I was not very inspired for the region of Helsakoh, I decided to restart the R.C.D. just for me to remember the work I had done. Out of curiosity, I tried to make backups to see if the backup bug persisted, I was persuaded that the backups would not work and would make a CTD... But to my utter astonishment, no bugs and I can play normally on it...

    I do not understand how this is possible, at the time my region had started planting suddenly from day to day without even making a change in the Plugins folder. Since my folder Plugins has changed a lot and there have been new additions, I do not know if I put something in the folder plugins that was missing in the tile of Fanèse like for example a BAT or mod, but now it works... I have been testing for several days to officially confirm that the R.C.D. is working normally.

    The R.C.D. that comes back, also want the Helsakoh region to stop with the cooperation of kbieniu7. Helsakoh was for me the replacement of Dahammas because despite the Phoenix Project, I always love to build cities with a minimum of management. I discussed with kbieniu7 whether it's the kind that I abandon Helsakoh, and after discussion he agrees that I take over Dahammas.

    I apologize for creating a false hope for Helsakoh, and I apologize again to you kbieniu7.

  20. sabstion
    Latest Entry

    The Metro, or M, is Alexandria's subway system. With 4 lines and 30 stations, and a light rail line with 23 stations,  it's unusually comprehensive for such a small city, particularly in the United States. Today it serves more than 150,000 riders each day.


    Each line is named after the color as it appears on the map, except for the Brookline Shuttle, which is orange, and the Capital Connect, which is lavender. Every line is subway and elevated rail, apart from the Black Line, which is light rail. Black Line stops are marked with dashes, but stop at the regular stations as well. Sanders used to be called Pullman Street, State House used to be called Central Station, and Capitol Commons used to be called State House (I know, it's confusing). The Madison Black Line Stop is actually nearly directly in front of Sanders Station, but for realism purposes and aesthetic reasons it made more sense for the Blue Line to continue straight west.

    History of the M

    Starting in the late 19th century, Alexandria had a network of rail lines running across town. From the west, lines ran from southern Yorktown and the Industrial District, in what is now Kensington. These converged roughly where Sanders Station is today and rose up onto a viaduct. This continued east, stopping at a Chapman Avenue station, and crossed the Seneca River. The Yorktown line then headed northeast before curving east to College Park, while the Industrial District line turned south, descending to ground level. It had two branches: one to Industrial Park, where Acton Park is now, and one to Brownsville, via Hartford and Burlington. The tracks were extended beyond College Park on the first line to Brownsville in 1908, closely following the present alignment of the Blue and Purple Lines. The Halifax line, some of which is still in operation, ran from Halifax to Central Station, near the State House. It passed under Chapman Avenue and ran along the same route as the Capital Connect does today. This line is still in operation. Additionally, two streetcars ran through Alexandria: the downtown Chapman Streetcar, opened in 1908, and the East Side's Brown Streetcar, opened in 1912. All of these were privately owned and operated.

    By the late 1940s, ridership on the train lines was declining, in part due to the rise of the automobile as the dominant form of transportation. When I-85 was completed in 1956, the lines' fate was effectively sealed, and they closed in 1959.

    However, with Alexandria growing and congestion increasing, it became clear that Alexandrians needed another way to get around. Studies commenced in 1963, and in 1964 recommended the construction of a rapid transit system. The plan was finalized in 1966, calling for purchasing the old rail right of way and rebuilding viaducts on the East Side with a tunnel under I-85 as well as elevated rail in Seneca and subways downtown. The Blue and Purple Lines would take the same route and stations as the old rail lines on the East Side, but would dive underground to cross the Seneca River. They would stop at Mattapan Square, then diverge. The Purple Line would stop at Camsden Square, the State House, and Central Station. The Blue Line would stop at the planned Robert B. Reich Convention Center, Pullman Street, Ellis Street, and Wellesley Hill. The Red Line, starting at the State House, would head north, stopping at the Convention Center station, continuing north into Seneca with an eastward curve through Kensington. The Chapman and Brown Streetcars would be converted into modern light rail, with their own rights of way and a tube under the Seneca River connecting the two. Construction began on January 25, 1967.

    Halifax wanted its own line, and the Green Line was added to the plan in 1968. The lines opened in phases, with the Blue Line from Brownsville to College Hill first, then the Red Line from Fisher Street to Kensington, then the Green Line from West Halifax to Yorktown, and then the Purple Line from Burlington to MacArthur. The Black Line opened next, followed by the underground section from Brownsville to Burlington, and finally the downtown subway.

    The system opened with the full Green Line, the Purple Line from Brownsville to Central Station (which has since been renamed State House), the Blue Line from Brownsville to Wellesley Hill, the Red Line from Fisher Street to State House (which has since been renamed Capitol Commons), and the Black Line from Hartford to Madison.

    The system has expanded several times since then. The Red Line was extended from Capitol Commons to Hartford as part of the Acton Park redevelopment in 1992; The Black Line was extended to Warren Street in 1998; the Purple Line between State House and Sanders and the Brookline Shuttle was built as part of the Capital Connect in 2015; and the Black Line branch to Newton was built in 2016.

    Today, 157,000 riders take the M each day, or 38% of all trips made within the city. Alexandria has the fourth-highest transit ridership of any U.S. city. However, problems still remain: the system's proved too popular and the network is over capacity, particularly on the Red Line. The Alexandria Transit Authority is considering options to address this, but no plans have gained traction.


    A Blue Line train leaving College Hill. The original brown-brick viaducts were restored in 1968.


    A Black Line train on Brown Street.


    A Green Line train. Yorktown residents refused a concrete viaduct, so the tracks were placed on an embankment.

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