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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    No, only straight orthogonal tracks presently have a Pedmall variant. There are no plans to make such a piece, mainly due to the fact that, for the past few years, the NAM Team has had a policy of avoiding the creation of static puzzle pieces whenever possible. It is possible that such functionality could be incorporated if/when the Pedmalls get a draggable treatment, however (that's long been on the list, though it has yet to happen). On another note, it was recently discovered that there was a pathing issue with the Type 120 FTL intersections with the Street network (thanks yddot). This issue has now been fixed on our end, and a patch can be downloaded below. Simply place the .dat file contained in the .zip into your My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\z___NAM folder, thereby ensuring it loads after the base FTL file. -Tarkus Type 120 x Street Fix_06Jan18.zip
  2. Red Robin Restaurant

    There's a little note at the bottom of the description: 2014-12-17 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags. Unfortunately, whenever the description gets edited on a STEX file (and there's had to be quite a few due to links/formatting breaking), it shows up that the file itself is updated--even in cases of staff edits. The file has not been updated, and while its original upload date here is later than the one on the LEX (2009/01/10), it's the same version of the same file. SimGoober was going largely LEX-only in 2007-2008, but brought a lot of his LEX files to the STEX in 2009, as he was competing with Pegasus for the #1 spot on the number of uploads list here. "
  3. NAM Euro Cosmetic Re-Texture Mod

    NAM 36 actually includes a newer version of this mod among its options, and such, this file is not supported. Simply choose Custom Installation, and go down to "Additional Features and Customizations" > "Road Textures and Markings", clicking the "+" to expand the menu, and select one of the Euro Road texture options listed there.
  4. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    Thanks for catching this--I've verified it was indeed an issue, and have attached a fix for it below. The turn paths were offset on the wrong tile, which has now been addressed. (See the Type 120 x Street Fix_06Jan18.zip link below--unzip the contents and place them in the Plugins\z___NAM folder to ensure they load after the originals.) Once you've unzipped the download, run the installer that is enclosed. Simply dumping the contents of the .zip into one's plugins folder will do nothing. If you are unable to download it here, try one of our other officially-supported mirrors, such as ModDB, or try again at a different time. The NAM is not available on a disc, in part because it regularly undergoes updates. Type 120 x Street Fix_06Jan18.zip
  5. Custom Route Traces in Region View

    The main file that effects it is an exemplar with the GID 0x690F693F IID 0x0B9EC13D. You'd find it in SimCity_1.dat. It includes a property called "DV/RegionalTransport: Color table", and then lists off a string of hex values, each of which corresponds to the color of a given network/object--it appears to be AARRGGBB in order (A = Alpha/Transparency, R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue). The Reader should show the network order in the description of the property, but just in case, it's (1) Street, (2) Rail, (3) Road, (4) One-Way Road, (5) Avenue, (6) Monorail, (7) El-Rail, (8) Highway, (9) Elevated Highway, (10) Airport, (11) Seaport, (12) Park, (13) Rail Station, (14) Default Zone. There isn't a value expressly designated for ferry routes, and I'm not sure if changing any of the above values would have any impact. There's also a PNG file (GID 0x46A006B0 IID 0x6BBE7795), also in SimCity_1.dat, that shows the colors used, which you'd want to edit as well, to make it correspond. Keep in mind, however, that the NAM does include an option for a special version of the Regional Transport View that allows for the RHW network to appear on the map, provided that one opens the Traffic Data View while in the city, triggering an exploit in the process. The file is installed to the Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Real Highway Mod folder, and is named RealHighway_Regional_Transport_Map.dat. The fact that this plugin allows for special functionality is the only reason there is anything relating to the Regional Transport View in the game (particularly as there was a vocal subset of our userbase that inexplicably refused to use the RHW simply for the fact that it didn't show up on the Regional Transport View). The colors used for the RHW Regional Transport View plugin were specifically chosen by jondor (who discovered the exploit and designed the plugin) to minimize artifacting when the exploit combines with the normal transport view. We've periodically had people express a desire for different colors for the plugin, but we're actually very limited due to how the exploit operates. As ferries are kind of in a weird place in the overall transportation milieu in SC4, it's possible that--provided you can determine where the game actually pulls the color for them--they may not have much of an impact on the rest of that functionality. As rsc204 mentioned, with our very small development team at present, we don't have the staff to maintain and constantly update a cadre of cosmetic mods in the NAM proper, even as popular as they may be. We've already had to drop some (i.e. the myriad RHW texture options by MandelSoft, which were pulled in NAM 33), and may have to drop more in the future. The particular all-encompassing "monolithic" design we established five years ago with NAM 31 was done when the team was at its largest extent. The team is about 15-20% of the size it was then, and with that smaller size, the impact of RL (which is increasingly common for those of us left) is significantly magnified. As far as the TSCT goes, the code is/was on SourceForge, but as SourceForge has apparently relegated CVS depositories to deprecated/read-only status, it's tricky to actually get it. Stefan79 (who goes by mapsonswen here at ST) hasn't been around for a few years now, and last updated it in 2013. If there's really that much interest in a Regional Transport View customizer outside of the Reader, it'd probably be better realized as its own entity, anyway, as it seems a bit too removed from the TSCT's intended purpose. -Tarkus
  6. Help with the Network Widening Mod

    Guessing from the context, are you referring to something like this (shown below)? If so, these actually have nothing to do with the Network Widening Mod, but are instead part of the Network Addon Mod's "cul-de-sac" plugin, which is one of the cosmetic options in the Network Addon Mod installer. Select the "Custom Installation" option, then near the bottom of the list, go under "Additional Features and Customizations" > "Road Textures and Markings", click the "+" to expand, then select the "Cul-de-Sacs" box (see below). It is not checked by default, and can only be installed by going into Custom Installation. If you're instead referring to Roundabouts (circular intersections), again, those are also not part of the Network Widening Mod, but are selected under the "Roundabouts and Other Interchanges" box shown in the above image (clicking "+" can expand the options there). -Tarkus
  7. -Thanks for featuring it, Cori! @Bridge XL, to answer your question, EA has very little to do with the Mac port itself. All they did was license Aspyr Media to port the game over to the Mac platform, and to my knowledge, they've left Aspyr solely in charge of everything pertaining to the port. Aspyr does seem to care more about SC4 than EA does--evidenced by Aspyr re-releasing their port with a Universal Binary fix in 2014, at the same time that EA was offering a nerfed copy on Origin. That said, the margin of profit that Aspyr is getting off the port likely isn't anywhere close to justifying the amount of work that would be necessary to re-write SC4 as a 64-bit application, especially without EA doing so first on the Windows side. Aspyr starts their ports from the completed Windows source code they obtain from the original developer, and they generally only work on making the game Mac-compatible. They've already indicated that they have no plans to go back to EA to obtain the source for the SC4 patches, and that's code that already exists. It is also worth noting that Apple has killed 32-bit app support with iOS 11, and Aspyr announced earlier this month that they are discontinuing an iOS app due to that change. -Tarkus
  8. For those who haven't heard yet, Apple announced at this year's Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) that it was going to be phasing out support for 32-bit applications for macOS in 2018. The main points of the announcement are as follows: Beginning January 2018, no new 32-bit applications will be allowed on the Mac App Store. Beginning June 2018, all apps on the Mac App Store must have 64-bit support. macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit applications "without compromise". As SimCity 4 is a 32-bit application, and it is very, very unlikely that Aspyr would invest in conversion to 64-bit (it would require a complete re-work of the original source code from EA), this would appear to put the future of the Mac port of the game in doubt, particularly once macOS 10.14 is released. Since EA also built SC2013 as a 32-bit application, it would also be subject to the same. If so, this is a pretty huge blow on Apple's part, and even more damaging to SC4's Mac userbase than Microsoft's changes were for Windows users. -Tarkus
  9. From what I know, the properties that would control this sort of behavior are in the Automata Tuning Exemplar, modified versions of which exist in the NAM's Automata Plugin options. Looking at the (long) list of properties contained in that exemplar, the ones that begin with "Playerdrive" all appear to be related to UDI. Playerdrive Vehicle Max Count and Playerdrive Vehicles Per Second appear to be the two properties that would be involved with the effect you've described. As the Automata Tuning Exemplar has never really been a major area of research among transit modders, it's unknown just how far these values can be cranked up. -Tarkus
  10. Looking for basic NAM tutorial

    The reason you're not getting access there has nothing to do with the RHW. For some reason or another, you have part of a multi-tile NWM network (the RD-4) connecting to your Avenue out of your neighborhoods. As it's only part of a multi-tile network, all the pathing is heading in a single direction, thereby preventing traffic from getting in on one side, and getting out on the other. Completely bulldoze that stretch and rebuild. -Tarkus
  11. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Out of curiosity, what issues have you run into with getting the updates installed? We may be able to help. -Tarkus
  12. NAM - placing various elements

    I'll also add that the NAM's documentation was revamped for the NAM 36 release, and includes some detailed step-by-step guides for many features, including the SAM. You'll find it in the My Documents\SimCity 4\NAM Auxiliary Files\Documentation folder. The "1-start.html" file will get you started. -Tarkus
  13. Regarding the NAM upload/update dates, historically, we've always just updated our existing download from whenever, in order to keep the URL constant. The bigger issue for us has been that whenever we need to make a small tweak on the description, that triggers the "updated" date to change. The actual upload date for the NAM on the STEX before the two deletions from 2011 probably wouldn't have been listed properly, as the NAM technically wasn't on the STEX until 2009 (it had been in the separate "Modds & Downloads" area, where approved larger files had been hosted), but the release of NAM 1 came on April 24, 2004. Those two deletions were the result of a perfect storm, coming from the combination of a new reporting system, and newbies making errant reports on tons of popular files. The STEX mods accidentally purged all of the reported files on multiple occasions, which wiped out the NAM twice, and I suspect this might have been what got the Industry Quadrupler. The NAM's download count wasn't carried over after the second deletion, but it would be somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000,000 if it had. -Tarkus
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    There were some new transitions added, but they were all NWM-related. There still isn't a longer version of a Road-to-Avenue transition. I tried making one years back, but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. It may be something I revisit at some point, though, as it's something I want as well. -Tarkus
  15. NAM: Development

    Go big or go home . . . Yes, this is an example of the illustrious Type 230 FLEX Turn Lanes. Thanks to @Ryan B for providing his mast arm source models a few years back, which I modified to get this "extra long" setup. And in case anyone is wondering, the signals are all green right now simply because I haven't pathed it yet (signal props require stop points to be in place in order to properly cycle). -Tarkus