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  1. 12 years ago today, on November 16, 2005, the first release of the now-RealHighway package hit the web, right here in this thread. Here's to many more. -Tarkus
  2. SC4 NAM Tram Station Crashes!

    Placing any sort of puzzle piece near a transit-enabled lot of the same transit type will cause the game to normally go into an endless loop, and thus crash. This is an issue that existed as long as the game has been out, and was thought of as unfixable, since the endless loop was triggered by the executable. However, simmaster07's breakthrough with game-readable DLL files two years ago brought about SC4Fix, which actually prevents this issue from happening. Drop the DLL file in that download into your root My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder (not in a subfolder of Plugins) and it should do the trick. -Tarkus
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Nope. Just an experiment in emulating some of the canals that one would encounter in Arizona, which sometimes have parks/trails along them, like the Kyrene Canal in Tempe. @Silur, nice job on the logging scene! -Tarkus
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Doing a little "study" for a potential new region: Still some refinement to do with my plugins. -Tarkus
  5. Problems for Accessing SC4D Forum

    Thanks, Cori! cperfdb dropped me a PM as well, so I've responded there, given that IP addresses and the like are involved. -Tarkus
  6. Regarding my personal take on the ordering, I'm okay with either SC4 or C:S being at the top. Statistically, they're fairly close, and I think a strong case can be made either way. SC2013, however, is in third place, and a very considerable distance behind the first two. The one very interesting thing that caught my eye with the stats, particularly on the C:S side, is that the General Discussion board for that game lags considerably behind the corresponding CJ and modding boards in activity. Looking at those proportions, it would appear that ST actually has a role in the C:S world that is at least somewhat analogous to the one SC4 Devotion plays in the SC4 community. The SC4 crowd here seems to have a higher percentage of casual players, as evidenced by the General Discussion breakdown there. -Tarkus
  7. The placement of C:S and SC2013 on top made sense initially, in terms of the site's goals. ST saw an opportunity to grow and attract interest from the game developers by embracing the new titles. For awhile, particularly leading up to the actual release of both games, those boards were indeed quite active. ST pretty much was the place to discuss SC2013, and it remained fairly lively in there through 2014, but hit a brick wall beginning in 2015, after EA closed down the Maxis studio in Emeryville and C:S was released. C:S fell off substantially after that game was released, as CO/Paradox dumped all their resources into commercially-owned discussion forums where they had more control--Steam, Paradox Forums, and Reddit. The fact that they also went all-in on using Steam Workshop effectively prevented the STEX (or any other fansite exchange) from gaining even the slightest toehold against an in-game integrated behemoth. There is still C:S discussion here, to a much greater extent than SC2013, though a lot of that traffic is from people who previously frequented ST for other games (SC4 and SC2013, primarily). The one thing that ST does have going for it on the C:S end is that it is one of the few places where one can find traditional city journals for that game, which seem to be a forgotten medium elsewhere, but it's a small niche in the wider community for that game. The General Discussion boards for each game are a fairly solid indicator of interest in each game here, and are likely to have activity from more casual players on display. We're just now into November 2017, so if we look back to the beginning of October, here's how many threads in each game's general board have had posts in the past month. I'll throw in SC3000 and Cities (X)XL for grins, too. Cities: Skylines General Discussion - 6 threads SimCity (2013) General Discussion - 1 thread (and it is titled "Is SimCity dead?") SimCity 4 General Discussion - 42 threads SimCity 3000 General Discussion - 1 thread Cities XXL General Discussion - 0 threads Based on this order, the order is (1) SC4 >> (2) C:S > (3 - tie) SC2013 = SC3000 > (5) CXXL. Going by the date of the most recent post on the last thread on the first page of each General Discussion board, here are the results: Cities: Skylines General Discussion - August 16, 2017 SimCity (2013) General Discussion - November 25, 2016 SimCity 4 General Discussion - October 16, 2017 SimCity 3000 General Discussion - June 4th, 2017 Cities XXL General Discussion - June 29, 2014 (!) Here, the order is (1) SC4 > (2) C:S > (3) SC3000 > (4) SC2013 > > (5) CXXL If we take a look at the more specific boards for each game, here's what we get (the date of the most recent post on the last thread--excluding stickies--on the first page of each board is shown in parentheses): General City Showcase Threads (i.e. "Show Us" threads) Cities: Skylines Showcase - 10 threads (April 9, 2017) SimCity (2013) Showcase - 0 threads (November 22, 2014) (most recent post was September 29th, just missed cutoff) SC4 Showcase - 26 threads (October 9, 2017) Neither SC3000 nor CXXL has a general showcase board. This leaves us with (1) SC4 > (2) C:S > (3) SC2013 City Journals (forums only, dedicated CJ section isn't easily sortable by game) Cities: Skylines City Journals - 21 threads (August 18, 2017) SimCity (2013) City Journals - 0 threads (November 14, 2014) (most recent post was January 9, 2016) SC4 City Journals - 3 threads (September 22, 2016) Cities XXL City Journals - 0 threads (December 9, 2011) (most recent post was August 7, 2015) SC3000 does not have a CJ section in the forum. Here, on the forum format, we actually see an order of (1) C:S >> (2) SC4 > (3) SC2013 > (4) CXXL. Based on my casual observation, the SC4 CJ authors tend to favor the CJ section and the C:S authors favor the forums, so more research would be needed on the CJ section's breakdown to get an accurate picture. This finding does support the idea that ST's niche in the C:S world is the traditional city journal, however. Modding Forums Cities: Skylines Modding - Open Discussion - 42 threads (October 22, 2017) SimCity (2013) Modding - Open Discussion - 1 thread (September 8, 2016) Cities XXL Custom Content Creation - 0 threads (August 13, 2012) (most recent post was February 21, 2017) The modding forums for the above games are "catch-all" for all content development, whereas SC4 is split into several areas. SC4 Custom Content - 13 threads (August 24, 2017) Mapping Community Room - 1 thread (June 24, 2014) Lot Editor and Plugin Manager - 8 threads (June 5, 2017) SC4 BAT - Open Discussion - 14 threads (August 14, 2017) HKABT - 0 threads (September 4, 2010) (most recent post was August 10, 2017) NYBT - 0 threads (February 19, 2013) (most recent post was July 22, 2017) SimPeg Night Owls - 0 threads (May 31, 2010) (most recent post was August 4, 2015) SimMars - 0 threads (February 20, 2012) (most recent post was September 3, 2017) (not counting the BATting school) SC4 Modding - Open Discussion - 16 threads (September 20, 2017) NAM & Transit Networks - 8 threads (July 4, 2017) TOTAL SC4 Content/Modding - 60 threads SC3000, again, does not have a separate modding area. After that summation on the SC4 side, we get (1) SC4 > (2) C:S >> (3) SC2013 > (4) CXXL. It's also interesting, on the SC4 side, to notice that the one-time domination of "BAT Teams" has almost completely collapsed, giving way to "indie BATters" (as Shadow Assassin once called them). This is a trend we have noticed at SC4D as well. There are probably more comparisons one could do, such as diving into actual post count in each area (which would produce really accurate results), but that would require going into each thread and actually counting all the posts since October 1. If we total these areas up, it looks to me as though SC4 has at least some edge on C:S in the activity levels here at Simtropolis, but SC2013 has completely dropped off the radar. (And CXXL is even more dead--hence its relegation to a subforum of an off-topic board.) Getting to the point of SC3000, it's not anywhere near SC4 or C:S levels of activity, and remains a small niche, but is about on par with SC2013 and the CXXL franchise here--not bad for an almost 19-year-old game. -Tarkus
  8. NWM stations are a major component of what the RTMT Team is working on for RTMT 4.0. That version has been in development for several years now. Like most major transit modding projects, there is no release date or timeline for release, but the project is still moving forward. -Tarkus
  9. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    The NAM is already held up as an example in the MODPACC proposal, and it was produced through the result of cooperation among transportation network modders over the past 13 1/2 years, not competition between them. It's a package containing virtually every released RUL-bound transportation item, and by virtue of that, ensures the compatibility and inter-operability of those components to the greatest extent possible. Competition in this area isn't going to create innovation--it will merely recreate the seaport controller fiasco, and the permission entanglements that have, to date, prevented MODPACC-type packages from being legitimately created for buildings/lots. Also, consider the absurdity of wanting to make the SC4 community more like the SC2013 community (which is basically dead, and has been for a couple years now). -Tarkus
  10. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    There's always memo's JDatPacker, which is even cross-platform. It does require Java to be installed, albeit you'd be getting that directly from Oracle. And you would need Java anyway to use the NAM's Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT). We actually have a prompt in the NAM installer that directs people to java.com if they don't have it, so installing the NAM first (or re-using bits of the NAM's installer script) would solve that. The DLL files used by many of wouanagaine's utilities (including PIM-X and SC4Mapper as well as the DatPacker) are actually part of official Microsoft framework packages. If they were to be linked up with the actual Microsoft downloads, rather than having people Google them or go to the site that tries to make one pay for them, then it would mitigate some of the issues there. The DLLs are freely distributable under certain situations from what I've read on the Microsoft EULAs, so there may even be a route to include them. -Tarkus
  11. Many of the NRD-4 T-intersections with Maxis base networks seem to lack stop points, including the Avenue intersection shown above. I will correct the other ones, and provide an interim fix once I have everything worked out. The files will also go into my build folder when I am done, assuring this issue will go away in future releases. If you see a non-functioning signal in game, there's two reasons for it--either the stop points are missing or improperly configured, or the underlying network was not given the ability to have functional stop points in the executable. 99% of the time, the first reason is what you would encounter. The NAM Team is usually pretty careful about not putting signals on networks that don't support them (the base One-Way Road, RealHighway, and Maxis Highway networks), or using things like SITAP to circumvent those restrictions (as seen in the One-Way Road example above). To clear up a couple-related technical concepts that have been invoked here, if it were a RUL issue, that'd refer to network placement (i.e. the intersection not drawing, drawing in the wrong rotation, or the network not continuing properly on the other side of the intersection). The fact that it's an override network would have no impact on signal functionality, as override networks inherit the underlying properties of the network upon which they are based. The Road network supports stop points, so the same is true of the NRD-4 and every other Road-based NWM network, provided the stop points are actually in the path file. -Tarkus
  12. NAM General Support Topic

    The NAM Traffic Simulator has undergone virtually no change since the introduction of the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT) in 2011 (NAM 30), and even those were small changes from the initial Simulator Z model of 2009. It's "fixed" compared to the Maxis simulator, but it hasn't been fixed anymore than it had been in the past several years. The Eternal Commuter Loop would require a fair bit of .exe modification to solve, so it's out of our purview. The only real recent development with the simulator is another capacity boost trick that was discovered earlier this month, which may find its way to the NWM or FLEX Turn Lanes (FTLs). -Tarkus
  13. NAM: Development

    Thanks again, @APSMS! Now, to celebrate the return of this thread, here's a peek at another thing in the works--a draggable implementation of the Small 90° Wide-Radius Curves for the Road and One-Way Road networks. The pattern for this one is identical to the Street version that has existed since the NAM 31. Unlike the old puzzle piece version, this one will feature wealth-level textures. -Tarkus
  14. NAM: Development

    @APSMS, thanks for excavating the old one--I actually missed it somehow myself. Let's unite the threads! -Tarkus