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  1. SC4 Websites On The Fritz

    Regarding #1, there's been quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work going on with the LEX of late--both with the software and with content packaging. The login and cookie handling systems have been the focus of a lot of the software work. -Tarkus
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Here's a preview of an interim version of a new interchange coming to Tarkusian Cities . . . It's interim as I still need to make diagonal D1 and E1 ramps to get rid of the nasty merges, and that highway is indeed planned to go over the river (and through the woods). -Tarkus
  3. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    Glad to hear you got it working! Unfortunately, the NAM Team is not particularly well-equipped to handle Linux (or Mac) support on our end (we're all on Windows), but you will find a small but active (and very helpful) Linux SC4 community here at Simtropolis, if you run into any future issues.
  4. It sounds like you're looking to make a diamond interchange in which the Avenue crosses over the freeway but then terminates at the second ramp, rather than continuing--something akin to this, perhaps? If so, the trick is to use the RHW-4 network instead of the base single-lane MIS Ramp network for the ramp where the Avenue will terminate. The MIS Ramp doesn't have enough lanes for the terminus to make sense, but the RHW-4 does (now) support Avenue intersections, including End-T setups. I'm not sure how well this will work with NAM 36, but it does work quite cleanly with my beefed-up test controller file, which has a bunch of additional adjacency stability for tight RHW situations. I used the Type A2 FLEXRamps in their default RHW-6S configuration to get the RHW-4 ramps (I've also done a little of my own texture work on the entrance one, so it'll look a bit different for everyone else at this point). -Tarkus
  5. Any Futuristic train mods? (no NAM)

    While the download itself is 350MB, and it needs a bit more room to extract, the most basic install (detailed here) only runs about 8-9MB. If you manually whittle that down further, the traffic simulator part isolated by itself is a mere 2.19KB. Assuming you have Java installed, you can also install the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool entirely on its own--it can be acquired off the developer's SourceForge page, and runs all of 876.9KB. We have actually discussed making a "NAM Lite" that is little more than a few basic features/fixes. It hasn't gotten beyond proposal at this point, however. -Tarkus
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    The 133% scaling also kind of fits with the general height scaling advice that many BATers have used for the past 14 years, and on the width end, it seems they fit the lanes rather nicely at that scale, too. -Tarkus
  7. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    @Tyberius06, that's awesome, and sounds like exactly the level of archiving we need for the project. Something along those lines would be an absolutely HUGE help! -Tarkus
  8. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    SC4D Admin here, and we hear you loud and clear on the installer issue. We've been discussing "Project ZIP" for awhile now behind the scenes, which, as one might expect, involves converting most of the installer files over to .zip setups (save for multi-option items, such as the NAM). The impetus is actually the Dependency Tracker--we actually have the means to effectively put together an entire Plugins folder worth of content by using it, but the installers greatly complicate things. The tendency of Norton/Symantec to generate false positives for certain installers has actually given us an excuse to undertake a few test cases, which have worked out well. The main issue that's prevented us from doing it to date is time. The LEX has 3344 files at this moment, and even if we assume that half of them are single-option downloads with installers, that's 1672 files we're going to have to convert. -Tarkus
  9. NAM General Support Topic

    That wouldn't be anything related to CAM/NAM compatibility (aside from that one ancient traffic file in CAM 1.0--removed in CAM 2.1--they effect completely different parts of the game), but some sort of NAM installation error. You ended up with the pieces and icons, from the sounds of it, but not the NAM Controller file, which is necessary to actually place anything. I'd reinstall the NAM. I wouldn't do an uninstall at this point, just install it right over top again. -Tarkus
  10. NAM General Support Topic

    There are isolated pieces in the GLR (Tram)-in/on-Network set that do have traffic signals on them, but the signals are non-functional. There are stop points on the pieces, but they are either not configured in such a way to be functional, or the dual CheckTyping of both the Avenue and Lightrail (Elevated Rail) networks may not permit stop points to be functional in that situation. As @APSMS correctly pointed out, this means they'll be stuck on green permanently. Generally, the NAM Team won't put signal props on intersections where permanent green is the only option--hence why One-Way Road and RealHighway approaches to intersections--at least without the Signalization and Turn Arrow Project (SITAP) or FLEX Piece workarounds--don't have signals throughout the mod. The GLR Tram-in/on-Network items were developed in several phases between NAM 21 in 2007, when GLR-in-Avenue was first introduced, and NAM 30 in 2011, when the developers of that project more or less retired from active modding (and when the last updates to the project happened, save for the initial stages of the later semi-draggable re-implementation). The SRM was designed to cover NAM and Maxis items that had signals--I suspect MandelSoft just covered what was already covered, and didn't handle the items that weren't, especially taking into consideration the permanent green condition of the signals on the GLR-in-Avenue items. -Tarkus
  11. Another update here--as of 12:01am Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7), the LEX has been re-opened. Most core functionality is in place, with some features coming back online in later phases. Special thanks to CasperVg, our LEX Developer, for all his hard work in getting the exchange back up and running, with increased security. His official announcement can be read here. Thank you all for your patience during the downtime. -Tarkus
  12. Just wanted to give everyone here at ST a heads up that the LEX download section is presently unavailable, due to ongoing maintenance work with the software. At present, much like NAM releases, we don't have an ETA for when the exchange will be back up and running, but we will keep everyone apprised of progress and any related news as needed. Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you to everyone in advance for their patience. -Tarkus
  13. The SC4 Devotion LEX is presently down for maintenance.  No ETA for return presently, but we'll keep everyone posted.

  14. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    We've yet to figure out the new implementation details for the Tram-in-Avenue diagonals, particularly as they occupy a split-tile footprint (more like some NWM and RHW networks) rather than the shared-tile setup used by the base Avenue network. There may also be some refinements down the line to the existing draggable orthogonal treatment, too. I have begun some preliminary experimentation, but my most recent attempt (an El-Rail-based draggable from a starter) had heavy doses of both pros (incredible ease of use) and cons (lack of R-zone access). There will be some FLEX intersections of similar footprints designed for the FTL system down the line as well, which will be how we'll implement some FTL (and likely NWM) diagonal functionality. I don't know if the future Tram-in-Avenue implementation will play nicely with it, but it's something I'm definitely going to make an effort to try. -Tarkus
  15. Minami Deutsch - "I've Seen A U.F.O." Imagine an alternate universe in which Neu! was fronted by Damo Suzuki of Can. Also, befitting the title, this is totally music for blasting down the desert highways in Nevada. -Tarkus