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  1. Cities of Tomorrow

    Good Morning, Whether for good or bad I've purchased Simcity Complete Edition, which includes Cities of Tomorrow. For the life of me I cannot locate any forum threads on issues pertaining to the version I own. It's supposed to include the an expanded core game and Cities of Tomorrow (COT). I have been known to be a newbie over the most obvious, but would appreciate someone pointing out where MODS, STEX buildings I should be able to use. Thank you all so kindly!
  2. looking for mod to incrs traffic cap on street/roads

    I found my answer - it is part of NAM
  3. I always thought this was a 7trumpets mod, but all I am finding are mods for that mod. If anyone knows, I would be grateful.
  4. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Good Morning - I am looking for the modd to increase the road/street capacities, all I see are the mods for 7trumpets but not the actual 7trumpets mod that if I remember lets you change the capacities. Thanks in advance.
  5. Can anyone ID this set of r$ housing 1x3

    If I could find the file, I would be able to figure out the missing dependencies. However, their is no author listed when you click to see the housing stats. This was not a dumb question that I asked. Obviously no one recognized the names of the growable housing that I describe.
  6. I have these r$ growable homes that have missing dependencies, but for the life of me I cannot find those files either in mydocs or maxis folders. They don't have the standard green topped box description box, it is graying with hwooden looking borders. I thought this was maybe a PEG MTP but I didn't see matching file names for the homes that appeared. If anyone can help, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  7. Loyalty Building

    Simgoober, I did not know you were a Cheesehead. I love downtown Milwaukee for it's architecture, I always look for the WI Gas Building whenever I visit. Yaya Wisconsin!
  8. Nexis New England Church

    I needed a church exactly like this! My only question....why a reward? In many farming communities you have farms bars and churches...sometimes the churches hardly have anything around it except for the county highway. Those are my thoughts anyway.
  9. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    Dang You Did Real Good I Better Of Been A 10/10 Or i Would Smack The Heck Out Of The Raters, Lol
  10. Japan

    Very Nice, Should Of Made Mt. Fuji Better Though. But it Does Look Very Nice. Good Job