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  1. Hi all, Just needing some help on finding the tags for a buildings futurization area of effect. I've been looking through some of the different CoT buildings with SimCityPak and I am unable to identify the right value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  2. COT Cross Over

    Thanks CapTon, I've been wanting to do modding for SImCity for a while but only just figured it out recently. Still trying to figure out a lot of what the various values change in the game... A little bit of trial and error...
  3. COT Cross Over

    Glad I could help . I had been using Felgard's mod for ages but after I got COT I noticed the roads wouldn't update to the futuristic versions when I had the mod installed. So since I've only really just started figuring modding out for SimCity i thought i might as well share this one with the community. I have been making some other mods for my own personal offline use, but I may upload them at some point if I think they might be useful.
  4. COT Cross Over

    The roads will still look like normal if their is no futurization in your city. Once you start introducing COT buildings then they will update to the new road styles. They function the exactly the same as felgard's mod, I've only used the files introduced from COT. Try them out and see for yourself :). Might need to remove felgard's mod first. 
  5. Hi All, Just released my first mod so please be kind. Nothing too fancy, just an update on Felgard's Cross Over mod from last year to make use of COT roads. Cheers.
  6. COT Cross Over

    Version 1


    This is the same as Felgard's Cross Over Mod. It has only been updated with the Cities of Tomorrow expansion. Please report any bugs. To install, extract either the 'COT Crossover All Roads' package or the individual roads package you with to use into '..\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages'