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  1. I doubt you will ever see a major games developer, attempt another City Builder game anytime soon since the returns on such a game would be small, let alone how extraordinarily picky gamers have become.. Just reading some of the posts in this thread you get an idea of how much hate CSL has managed to garner, it is a real shame but unfortunately that is how it seems to be now..
  2. Thank you but think I will just start again using G+, had to use FB after losing my email and PW login years ago, can't even remember my name from way back then..
  3. It is still broken, the error I get when I try to use FB to login I get the following error " Something went wrong. Please try again. " So not sure what to do other than to use my Google+ login for now, just have to catch up on my post count..
  4. Hi this is Ghosty20 I am having to write this post on a new account via Google, as it seems that trying to sign in via Facebook is completely broken keeps telling me something went wrong and not sure why.. Thank you for all for the help I am now able to log in via FB now which is very cool thank you..