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  1. RAM vs Loading Times

    What do you guys exactly mean when you say: "coding it better"? What exactly are this game's flaws code-wise?
  2. Hi guys! So, I just discovered something amazing! I run the game on a Laptop (it's an Asus i7 6700HQ@2.60GHz, GTX950M with 4GB dedicated RAM) and since now I haven't had any particular problems. The game runs smooth enough, but loading times... man! Were they a pain!! So I did something very simple, actually: I upgraded my 8GB of RAM into 16GB (this is the max this laptop would accept anyway) and: WOW!! I used to load the game (with approx. 1.2K assets and 60 mods) in 15 to 30 minutes (yeah, you read right!), now the same setup loads in less than 2 minutes! I could not believe that RAM upgrade would do so good form me! I assumed that loading times wouldn't improve much, because (this at least was my reasoning) the HD would still be the same, so reading speed would be the same, right? Boy, was I wrong! Upgrading RAM really REALLY improves your loading times! Those of you who haven't tried yet, should!
  3. City limits

    Wow! Thank you guys! Your replies are amazing! I love Judazz's suggestions!!! And, TekindusT, let me say this: the article you posted was such an interesting read! Thank you again! You guys are heroes!
  4. City limits

    Thanks alot for the suggestions: really appreciated! @Avanya: Yes, I saw that video... a looong time ago: I must have forgotten it! @Rotype: ok, you paint diagram is a bit crude, but the idea is very clear! Thanks! Also, I'm having a look at your YT series
  5. City limits

    G'day all! There's something I'm just struggling with ever since this game came out: how do you usually "end" your cities? Or, if you will: how do you transition from the very last building in your city to the vast wilderness oustide? I don't know how to make that transition. Do you have examples and such? Thanks
  6. Zurich Switzerland

    This is a thing of beauty! :)
  7. C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4

    This is the wierdest thing I have ever seen doing in this game... and yet it's genius!!!! Clouds for maps! Who would have thought that!!!! Absloutely brilliant!
  8. Hey biff... yeah, I've been away for some time... The remixes... are on hiatus... I just don't seem to b able to find the time to finish them....
  9. I don't care about the simulation AT ALL! Also, I don't get why people call it cheating... that's actually really childish and annoying! For me these kind of games are kinda like railroad modelling... not a lot of simulation there, is it? Having said that, I also enjoy playing a little vanilla SC4 every once in a while... just because I enjoy watching the city coming along and stuff... but yeah, generally I'm all for te looks and making the most beautful city I can. So I'm one of the (spolier!) very few that voted n.1
  10. Congrats! That's an awesome pack! Bought it day one! I made a commitment to buy any and every pack made by modders, just because you guys are awesome!!
  11. Because the music from SC 2013 is more recent... and the jackals tend to jump on these kinds of things...
  12. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I have no words, I'm simply shocked! He was what you can only define as a friend, a genuine person, selfless and funny! He encouraged me when I needed it, he gave precious advice, he made me feel home! Thank you, John: you had truly been a gift and I will always remember you!
  13. Hello good people! Something's happening to my game and I can't figure out why. When I play on an european map I can't seem to be able to load international growable (all the service buildings and uniques are still loaded); same thing happens on non euro maps (I can't load euro buildings; uniques and service still loaded) so I can't really use themes. Does anyone know why? I've subscribed to his mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=456408505&searchtext=unlocker and everything seems to be on/activated...