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  1. Random buildings and requests

    Textures WIP. Hope to finish the BAT before I leave for Berlin.
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Request for a friend of mine. Soon to be released.
  3. Random buildings and requests

    Modeling is done. I had to make up most of the roof junk since neither Google Earth, nor Bing offers proper satellite views and there's no bird's eye view available for Wheeling for whatever reason (apparent, for the most current update of Street View, they don't even cover West Viriginia) There's one last modeling thing though. The orinigal building features a large, brick logo of a flame on the thick blue stripe. I'm not sure if I should include it. It would make the building look more unique and distinct, then again, it takes away some of its "genericism" and it would be less suited to serve as a filler building. Don't know if I should model it or not honestly.
  4. Madrid

    Korver + ilikehotdogsalot = World's self destruction.
  5. Random buildings and requests

    WIP, basic modelling done, few details and roofs missing.
  6. Random buildings and requests

    Meanwhile, a minor update on the Wheeling Gas Building requested by a friend of mine (yes, the benches look weird but they resemble the real ones)
  7. Random buildings and requests

    Minor updates. Wall with additional weathering and desaturated roof. And first upload with imgur after some of the old pictures seem to have been deleted.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Finally got back to batting. And something I had done in the meantime (not postet before because not SC4 related) "Photorealistic still life" challenge. Made with 3ds max 2018 and Arnold Renderer. First time I ever tried something like that. Based on my current messy desktop.
  9. Guess Who's Next V2

    Hi Tony Bye Prophet
  10. Random buildings and requests

    @gutterclub: in fact, it was a basic metal setup first, relatively blue-tinted. I didn't want to get rid of the reflectivity entirely, though in realy life, the metal is very rough and barely appears to refelctive due to the heavy metal material and all the scratches to it. I just later added in a little bump map and used it as a specular roughness map to avoid the reflections being too noticable. Due to its shape, you won't see much of actual material decoration. I added a little bit of noise just to check if you could even see it but due to the shape the most notable section is the one facing the sky which will always mostly appear blue. Though you are right, I only paid little attention to it since I have much contrast in the roof tiles. Keep in mind these are HD renders, so much of it won't be visible in SD export anyway. Same for the wall, it's a basic plaster setup, bump, displacement, spec inputs are all adjusted and two composite maps have been attach for color variations, yet, you barely see anytyhing since the level of detail would only be visible from street view (which most of the textures are based on). Roof variations. First row features different textures, second row has different noise seupts applied. Which one do you like best? Don't mind the different roof on that little-thru shack. It will get the same texture as the rest.
  11. Random buildings and requests

    @weixc812: Thank you, much appreciated! @T Wrecks: Yes, the roof has been desaturated and the additional dirt has been sized down. You can actually see some sharp adges from the tiling which, in this case however, add a nice effect. The rear side, in facte, was mostly plane colored, white doors and white power box. The HVAC thing is almost completely plain metal colored. I have added a little bit of dirt hard to sport from SD preview though. New renders and ready for export (which finally works, too), including SC4 z-axis stretch.
  12. Random buildings and requests

    Ready for export. Day: Maxis Nite: Dark Nite:
  13. Random buildings and requests

    Yocco's Hot Dogs, based on a store in Trexlertown, PA. Finished model. requested by @BossDragon in BAT Request Thread.
  14. Random buildings and requests

    BAT4MAX is working. Finally found a workaround and I'm very glad I can do SC4 based renders and eventually export them. Some WIP, old and new. Park Place (requested) North Harbor Wheeling Gas Building (requested) Yocco's (requested) May they come to an end. Got some others and my other hard drive, propably more to come.
  15. Buildings many people didn't even know they were existing

    Siping Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Siping City, JL, China