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  1. I got the icon thing right on my own but I have another problem at my feet. My simcity4 tool don't want to work it does not even want to start up. The error message says " The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." I have reinstalled the program many times due to the error and even changed the compatibility then I searched the internet for the error code (0xc000007b) and they say I must install the latest Dirext X and .Net Framework and yet I did and it still don't want to work??? Any advice please inbox me privately thanks Regards Ruan
  2. Icon problem (help needed)

    Thank you Twalsh102 I appreciate it a lot thanks for the guidance
  3. Icon problem (help needed)

    Everything is fine to me except the background of the icon For exsample The elementary school background with green grass is perfect But the next icon one down is also a dublicate elementary school the problem is the grey scale background where green grass should be but it appears greyscale and I dont like it that way Hope you understand
  4. Hey if anybody read this. Im still a beginner in editing my Lots and im strugeling with my icon interface on my left side building lists on simcity 4 Do anybody have any guidelines for me or any info how to make it like maxis original building icon placement? Ill post a picture where I have the problem thanks everyone Regards Ruan
  5. Hey I don't know if anybody can help me with something but I want to merge a highschool and police station together on ilive reader but If I build the lot on sc4 the police station and highschool must be together as one lot.? Can anybody help me with this please thank you Regards Ruan
  6. Show us your - Region

    My main region I started with this region about 3 months ago
  7. Evil Clock Tower

    Nice looking good i like i like great idea
  8. Technopolis

    Thats actualy brilliant i love the idea on what simcity 4 are you playing? I also use the similar building pattern on my simcity 4
  9. New Lots (Advanced)

    Yes i know i were in a hurry my phone whas about to die im still new to this stuff but ill get there. Yeah i love the idea also but i have a limited of time to custom the lots. But ill work on it... is there any requests you want?
  10. There are 12 Lots I have custom build I only chaged the lot size and build another prop over the original building Put all Lot files in plugin folder Any qestions just ask me thanks Large High School.SC4Lot Osmosis Water Treatment Plant (Custom).SC4Lot Wind Mill Station (Custom).SC4Lot Waste To Energy Station Hi-Rise Station (Custom).SC4Lot Urgent Care Clinic (Custom).SC4Lot Science History Art Museum (Custom).SC4Lot Small Library (Custom).SC4Lot Large Medical Headquaters.SC4Lot Small School (Custom).SC4Lot Police Precinct Headquaters.SC4Lot City College Department.SC4Lot Fire Station Department.SC4Lot
  11. Blvd Park and 1x1 Anti-Pollution Grass Lot

    Thank you I will try it in aa few hours because it's 20:22 pm here and im working on solar power so cant start up my pc but earlier in the morning ill give it a try thanks for you patience ill let you know in 12 hours
  12. Blvd Park and 1x1 Anti-Pollution Grass Lot

    Thank you very much yes thats what I want just like you said. Thanks again Randy. ill be able to talk tommorow again because iv got phone battery problems so I have to swap my battery and chaarge it in another phone but anyways thanks.. just inbox me privately if you have the sample. Have a nice day Randy I appriciate it
  13. Highway that replaces roads

    Thank you very much I will try the traffic controller if it dsnt work ill download nam 35, just a quick qestion if I install nam 35 will I loose all my custom mods and recent modifications to my simcity1-5.dat files?
  14. Highway that replaces roads

    Yeah something like that. Well the download size is 200 and something mb's lol im on mobile. Can you get me a download link where I can download Nam 35 as a complete package (offline installation) thank you
  15. Need help to get a mod like normal road but like highway on ground like roads just a double layer please help me thanks