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  1. Mushy's Random BATs

    Those who keep up to date with the Discord may have seen this little thing. I've been distracted with other things so as a "getting back into BAT" thing, I wanted to make something small... Still needs roof junk, some stuff in the interior office, and nightlights (aside from the neon sign, which I already did).
  2. Mushy's Random BATs

    Thanks for the replies! 504 is still in the works, it actually has more progress than I have shown on the site, although it is taking a bit of a backseat in favor of this current building... I'm such a Discord-dweller that sometimes I forget to actually update the thread now. Still kind of squished due to no Z scaling, but the resemblance of the main hall to Armpit Central should be a bit more defined now with the approximate roof line defined. At this point in time I'm kind of leaning towards it not being a growable, and relegating it to ploppable status... the size is shaping up to reach the point where it's kind of stupid to even make it a growable. The current model pretty much fills up 6x4 tiles, but it will need extensions on both the front and back (probably a tile each), and much more significant addons to both the left and right, especially the left. The final product is looking like it will be >10 tiles wide and 6 tiles deep, which is pretty huge. If it became a ploppable, what if it was offered as some kind of Industrial Reward lot? Kind of like how we have the Advanced Research Center, but this could be fueled by a city and/or region's I-D population, and perhaps could increase demand and caps for I-M and I-HT... It's a zinc smelting facility, so without trying to copy SC2013 (barf) too much, it's kind of like it would be providing refined materials for use in the manufacture of actual products. Of course those would be benefits on top of excessive pollution and a healthy serving of jobs jobs jobs. Still just a concept.
  3. Mushy's Random BATs

    Those who keep up to date on Discord know that I have been working on some buildings for the SC3K project. Bear in mind that I am a realism guy, and SC3K is generally a bit sillier than SC4 (open vats of green goo...), so artistic liberties will be taken, potentially including size and many other factors. My big start has been something primarily rooted in Armpit Central, but will likely take queues from some other dirty industrial burners from the game. It's main hall will be the same as Armpit Central, just elongated considerably. Based on some research, this will likely be a zinc smelting plant, and will sit on a fairly large lot, hearkening back to the days of massive Jestarr industry. There will of course be tanks and a ore pile... it'll be fun. Some SC3K-based buildings put in a more realistic light. Keep in mind that while many of the textures are at their final state as far as colors go, many of them need fitting and grime variations (especially the brick). This will likely shape up to be a landmark (figuratively speaking) in your industrial zones, as well as your pollution map. Credit to Jasoncw for the original brick texture. The dump trucks aren't new but I haven't shown them on the forums yet, only on Discord. They are based on an old 80's model Chevy Topkick/GMC Kodiak. The one with the yellow cab can easily have different cab colors swapped in, while the white one is meant to represent an all-white paint job. At this point it kind of goes without saying since you all know how I work but: it's not scaled up by 133% on the Z axis currently -Mushy
  4. King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 2

    Good stuff! Variety is amazing. Glad something I made could be used on such fine lots haha.
  5. Mushy's Random BATs

    Yeah, I do hope to do some other widths. Will have to toy around on paper with the number of lanes used (versus the number for the corresponding RHW size) at the actual checkpoint though. --- Tinkered around here and there, with the result being a custom prop for one of @kingofsimcity's new sports fields. You may remember his big tennis complex, which had a unique curved parking lot. This would obviously be a challenge to fill up with the props we have at our disposal so... (second image credit: kingofsimcity) -Mushy
  6. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    In a similar vein to matt, I'd like to go ahead and say I'll make the red SimMars industrial building. It looks like it'll win anyway but I just want to make it.
  7. Mushy's Random BATs

    Haven't had a huge amount of time lately, getting caught up in classes and all... Decided to mess with something a little less intensive as a time-waster... RHW-10S 10x3 tile toll booth. Essentially RHW-"20S" at its widest point. I've already gotten offers to handle the custom pathing it would require. Heavily inspired by riiga's RHW-4S and 6S toll booths. As far as I know, nothing larger than RHW-6S has ever had a toll booth, so I believe this is a first. I had a fair bit of fun with the signs... can actually still see a fair bit of detail at Z6. Here's a shrunken down version of them...
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    I don't think it's actually reflective at all - that's just a texture (notice it's the same on both sides of the station). Gmax doesn't have reflections and as far as I've seen @Simmer2 works in Gmax.
  9. Mushy's Random BATs

    Really informal update, 4AM and I'd very much like to go to bed... site is also running slow as molasses... replies tomorrow or something. Also that brick texture is a stand-in. Just wanted to use it to get some ideas as far as colors go... everything else (that has a texture) is pretty final. Catwalk doesn't have a texture yet. More details to come....
  10. Mushy's Random BATs

    @SC4L0ver - Thanks! I haven't worked on those trucks in a while but I think the last time I did I was working on exporting them... I'd have to look. @weixc812 - Thanks! --- Put a lot of time into the glass and the ground plane over the past couple days. The glass itself still needs a dedicated texture, but for now it's fine as a representation. The waviness of it and the ground plane are done though. I also added a railing on all levels to prevent your mindless sims from walking off the sides...
  11. Mushy's Random BATs

    Quick Replies (it's late): @art128 - That would be something worth considering. I would likely need to reconfigure the garage layout slightly and probably remove most of the fancy sunken base addons, but it's something that could happen. @matias93 - I could probably make the fake lot with the bus station have subway service as well. I'm also looking at increasing the bus capacity slightly because the Maxis bus stop has abysmally low capacity now that I've actually looked it up. @Aaron Graham, @Hanson784 - Thanks! --- Making headway... It still isn't scaled up vertically yet (I think I've said it before, but I generally save that for the end of the modelling process), but I'm still feeling like the tower part is kind of... stubby? It currently has 9 windowed floors, but I'm thinking about adding 2 or 3 more. It's also shaping up a bit. It's designed to be an "end cap" for a 6 tile wide block. It will look odd if it doesn't have roads on 3 sides of it.... and due to how dark the back is it would probably be best to have a building back up to it on that side. I also realized it might be somewhat difficult to picture the building's scale (6x4 tiles, so 96x64m) without some sort of reference, so I made this quick Z6 HD render with some cars to give a rough idea. My reflective paint finally has something to reflect...
  12. Mushy's Random BATs

    Quick post, replies later. Been gone a while, long story, also later. Started this today. Inspiration, not a recreation: Logo still needs some touching up, but I'm hoping to plaster it above the entrance (glowing white at night).
  13. Site Suggestion Box

    Personally I agree with matt's stance, I think the comment section is useful, and the likes/llamas are good. I think at this point in time, with activity on the site quite a bit less than it was several years ago, the stars are really not needed. There are not many uploads these days and the vast majority of them are of exceptional quality, as most of the people still making content for the game know what they are doing. In line with that, people get fewer reviews and ratings are public. This leads to the situation where 5 stars are expected and anything else is seen as saying something is messed up or bad. I feel like a rating system made more sense when 50 people rated the download. I see the same problem on other sites for niche games, and stars always seem to cause unnecessary friction between content creators and everyone else, which isn't healthy for the content creation climate of a 13 or 14 year old game.
  14. Mushy's Random BATs

    Progress! 76 cars and counting... Download size will surprisingly not be that crazy, considering the fact that these are HD cars. Current ZIP size is 1.25 MB, and I'm looking to (approximately) double the number of cars, so possibly somewhere in the 2.5+ MB range. Of course, the different angles are all separated so it'll very likely top 10 MB for all of the angles (once they are released), but that's still not terrible. --- It actually makes me think Jason's 220 West Congress BAT, partially due to the wall coloration, although 220 is taller than mine. -Mushy
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    Here's a more refined image (in-game!). Still less than half of the cars that will be included in the Japanese pack - keep in mind there are no repeating props here. Currently sitting at 76 individual props. For some reason most of the big cars have names that fell towards the beginning of the alphabet, but do not fear, more of the characteristic tiny Japanese cars are coming later. The other major point about this project is the cars are more or less 100% accurately-scaled (per Wikipedia dimensions), so they fit in with the older jim car pack and fit on parking textures that are scaled like his. My plan is to release the different car angles separately to make the workload more manageable, plus that means you'll get these ortho ones sooner. The American set will come later. I realized too late that I didn't make the parking lot large enough to fit all of the cars in the spots...