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  1. PC advice

    Long-winded wall of text: Personally I own but have yet to play C:S, but I am moderately tech savvy and assembled the desktop I'm using now from parts (and joyously look forward to doing it again one day). I learned a lot about hardware during the building process, and have subsequently helped a few friends build theirs. My point being is I can't necessarily give any specific C:S advice, but I can throw in a pointer or two regarding your other questions. My standard first thing to say is you'll always get a far, far better deal when assembling a desktop from separately-purchased parts (and cooling is less of a concern) instead of buying a laptop, but I'm assuming if you need the thing for work you probably need the mobility. I always point that out just in case though. About the GPU, the difference is what the cards are for. I don't know what your work is (which in this case is actually kind of relevant), but the Quadro series is a work graphics card intended for stuff like video rendering, for example. If you look at Nvidia's promo pages for any of their Quadro products, you will see words like "industries," "rendering," and "workstations" pop up. They are very powerful GPUs, just like the GeForce GPUs, but they are intended for a different purpose. If you look up the debate on the internet, testing has pretty much consistently proven that a similarly-priced GeForce card will outperform a Quadro card (for gaming) because the GeForce cards are designed with gaming in mind. GeForce cards can also be used just fine for work, but a Quadro card would be better in that case since they are designed for work. That's why I mentioned your work being relevant - if you need graphics power for it, then a Quadro might be a consideration, but if you don't, there's really no reason to get one because GeForce cards are gaming cards. So, if we're strictly talking about gaming here then I'll swear the GeForce is a much better choice. The takeaway from that is a 4GB Quadro will be outdone by a 4GB GeForce, and the GeForce cards have come a long way since the 9xx line. You can pick up a 6GB GTX1060 that would out-do the 4GB GTX970 I used to have before I got a new card for less than the 970 went for. Raw GPU power is, compared to before, pretty cheap. The processor thing is a lot less clear-cut, and if you look up debates about that you won't find a very definitive answer. Of course, since you are looking at a laptop your options are limited as far as CPU choices go, so in this case, the Xeon might be better. Outside of that it's hard to say. There are many, many models of i7s and Xeons, which have a variety of different clock speeds, core counts, and whatever else. When talking about the CPUs in general (outside of the 2 or 3 choices the laptop has), you can usually buy an i7 with a higher clock speed for less than a Xeon, and i7s are offered in much higher clock speeds (and support overclocks), while Xeons (server processors, technically) are offered in variations with more cores. My processor, an i7 5930k, is about a year and half old, but the model was released in 2014 - so not current gen. The base clock on it is 3.5 GHz though and it has 6 physical cores... so really it depends on which specific model is being talked about. Strictly talking about the two choices on the laptop, they're pretty similar. The Xeon is a little bit faster and way more expensive, so there's that. The Xeon in this instance isn't actually an equivalent card to the model of i7 that is offered, so I'd say the Xeon is probably better. As an aside, I'm honestly a bit skeptical of running the boosted clock speed on a laptop for long periods of time though.... but that's just my overly cautious take on heat management. Maybe I typed (a lot) more than was needed, but I always go off on a tangent when it comes to computers... -Mushy
  2. Chevrolet Impala

    Definitely not one of my favorite cars, but you perfectly recreated it's "blah" look. Nice job once again!
  3. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Looks good! I'm confused though, where's the door? Is that part just not done yet?
  4. Honest Thing about the person above you - Take 2

    Is the reason why I suddenly had 20+ notifications today.
  5. What comes to your mind when you think about this user

    Airport pictures. Thin White Duke.
  6. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    Yeah, it does look like some of the text colors and some other things will need to be changed to increase contrast, but other than that I think it looks nice!
  7. NYBT Nos. 31-33 Madison Avenue

    Looks great! Really nice to see newer NYBT stuff. I was just going to point out that in the image the picture that is supposed to be the normal daytime render is still showing the Maxis night render, so there's no preview of the normal day render in the image.
  8. Mushy's Random BATs

    Regrettably I haven't been working on this too much lately, but I have done some work over the past few days. There really isn't all that much left to do on the day render... I do still need to post those HD closeups of the trucks though. One of these days I'll post on here why I'm so sporadic with my postings and why I jump around between projects so much. I can assure you there is a valid reason aside from my hatred of exporting and modding... gahh... --- I have a job now (my first!), and have been there for a few weeks, so I have been busier than I usually am this time of year. -Mushy
  9. The End of an Era (Photobucket Borks the Internet)

    Technically, based on what the Imgur staff member said (that CB quoted), we should be fine. We are only using the images for forum posts and the like. The Simtropolis site itself isn't linking to imgur images for official ST things... I'm not too worried about Imgur for the time being. It's more than an image hosting site. It seems like it has a pretty large reddit-esque community that comments on public images on the site, and has upvotes and all that other stuff. It has ads on the site, so I'm guessing with the large amount of traffic they get there they probably get a decent amount of ad revenue.
  10. A-Z Cars

    Been a while since I've posted in this thread... Mitsubishi Pajero
  11. I just logged on just now and when I try to read any post I get many lines (equaling the size of the post,  whether the post is 1 line or many lines) the following screen capture bellow instead of the post it self.  I tried many different posts. They are all the same. Can you please fix this or have someone fix it. 



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    2. reble1


      I tried to read a post in Simtropolis  using Google Chrome and I got same message about the "template forums/font/topics/postContainer is throwing an error".



    3. reble1


      I Normlly use Firefox.


    4. MushyMushy


      Looks like it's been fixed based on Dirkator's message. Also, my apologies for not replying to this sooner, I was super busy today.

  12. Vertical Scaling, a new approach?

    Rivit's article was really informative. I can say that I already thought the way he did about scaling, though I had a lot less factual/mathematical reasoning to back my opinion up. The reason I don't really like vertical scaling is because as an artist who does a lot of work with perspective (of buildings no less)... I see foreshortening as normal. If there is a circle on the side of a building in the game, at the viewing angle we have the circle should logically appear somewhat flattened. I noticed the problem more when I started BATting. I tried scaling my cars up by 133%, and it didn't just make the tires look like circles... it stretched them into ovals that were taller than they were wide. After going to a lot of trouble (in most cases) to make sure my models are accurate in size, it just looks off for them to be stretched upwards. The only altered scaling that I really think looks normal is messing with the ground floor height, as matt said. For some reason Maxis made their sims horrific monsters so we have to at least make them able to get in the first floor of the building. Beyond that they can just crouch I guess.
  13. Mushy's Random BATs

    I posted some progress in the Show Us What You're Working On thread earlier... so here's some more - this time from a different angle finally! Don't mind the bright thing in the bottom left window... There's no back wall as of yet (technically the building continues behind the part that I've modeled, so that's why), so light is coming in. The wall textures have been updated and should look better now. It's starting to come together finally. @Jasoncw - Thanks for pointing that out. I wanted to see if anyone thought they were too reflective - got my answer. I forgot to tone it down for this render, but it'll be fixed by the next update. I think the reflectivity is set to something like that of car paint - way too high. @philforhockey51 - Yeah, I was drawing a blank too. I ended up just going for some faint effects that make it look like metal, since the garage roof is. The first render should show the lines so it's more obvious. I'll probably end up doing the same for the light grey roof on the rear portion of the building. @T Wrecks - Thanks! Yeah, those are the 20-foot models. Should be pretty easy to make the 40-foot ones (and whatever other sizes they come in). I'll probably get around to posting separate HD renders of the containers and the various trucks from this project one of these days. I really made the containers for HD rendering - they have much sharper details and textures than these SD renders can show unfortunately...
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    Well, I've been working on my little 3x3 industrial building some more, which some of you may have seen in my BAT thread. Made some progress last night, and am sitting down now to do some more. I'll probably update my BAT thread later with a newer picture...
  15. I agree with matt there. The US has scrapped a lot of the systems used to care for people with severe mental illnesses. It still has some things, but nothing is really mandatory - a person has to be voluntarily institutionalized. The exception is if you are put in such care as the result of a conviction - but that requires you to do something (and I suppose plead insanity) first. This affects a lot of people, and stretches far beyond the scope of the few murderous people. There are a lot of mentally ill people that end up homeless because they can't properly care for themselves (it's not uncommon to see homeless people that are most likely schizophrenic around here), but never went anywhere to get help or get medication. The US has a lot of problems due to all of the severely mentally ill people that do not have any care or meds - and even if it is known that they are mentally unstable then can still legally amass an arsenal of weapons here. We have a lot of mass shootings here, and not that many of them are committed by people who pledged allegiance to ISIS or anything like that. The majority of the ones that I've read about are committed by mentally unstable/insane individuals who have some delusion or misguided hatred as a motive - "home-grown terrorists". Couple that with the easy access to types of guns that are specifically designed to kill many people quickly, and you get all of these 20 or 30+ shootings that the US frequently appears in the news for.