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  1. Site Suggestion Box

    Personally I agree with matt's stance, I think the comment section is useful, and the likes/llamas are good. I think at this point in time, with activity on the site quite a bit less than it was several years ago, the stars are really not needed. There are not many uploads these days and the vast majority of them are of exceptional quality, as most of the people still making content for the game know what they are doing. In line with that, people get fewer reviews and ratings are public. This leads to the situation where 5 stars are expected and anything else is seen as saying something is messed up or bad. I feel like a rating system made more sense when 50 people rated the download. I see the same problem on other sites for niche games, and stars always seem to cause unnecessary friction between content creators and everyone else, which isn't healthy for the content creation climate of a 13 or 14 year old game.
  2. Mushy's Random BATs

    Progress! 76 cars and counting... Download size will surprisingly not be that crazy, considering the fact that these are HD cars. Current ZIP size is 1.25 MB, and I'm looking to (approximately) double the number of cars, so possibly somewhere in the 2.5+ MB range. Of course, the different angles are all separated so it'll very likely top 10 MB for all of the angles (once they are released), but that's still not terrible. --- It actually makes me think Jason's 220 West Congress BAT, partially due to the wall coloration, although 220 is taller than mine. -Mushy
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Here's a more refined image (in-game!). Still less than half of the cars that will be included in the Japanese pack - keep in mind there are no repeating props here. Currently sitting at 76 individual props. For some reason most of the big cars have names that fell towards the beginning of the alphabet, but do not fear, more of the characteristic tiny Japanese cars are coming later. The other major point about this project is the cars are more or less 100% accurately-scaled (per Wikipedia dimensions), so they fit in with the older jim car pack and fit on parking textures that are scaled like his. My plan is to release the different car angles separately to make the workload more manageable, plus that means you'll get these ortho ones sooner. The American set will come later. I realized too late that I didn't make the parking lot large enough to fit all of the cars in the spots...
  4. Mushy's Random BATs

    Certainly, all of the cars I have been using on these BAT-ed lots are actually from my car pack folders, I just haven't released those packs because it's a lot of work, but as shown below the building I am working on it again. One of the vans shown in the building picture is currently modded and in the game (just didn't put in the Lot Editor picture), but I think I have 3 or 4 more vans to mod in... it's a rather extensive pack. As it stands I currently have 35 different car models in the Japanese set, but that number could fluctuate. The American set (which is quite a bit less developed) will be considerably larger due to the greater variety of cars.
  5. Mushy's Random BATs

    It's been determined that the building will be offered as I-HT and CS$$, with different textures of course. This white one will be the I-HT one while I'll probably go for a slightly darker color scheme for the CS$$ one. Not a ton of progress but I'm liking the way it is shaping up. --- Some of you might remember my two car packs... Not a very professional image and these would fit much better on a custom texture with 6 spaces per side (like the Japanese one), but uh... progress?
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Some of you might remember my two car packs... Not a very professional image and these would fit much better on a custom texture with 6 spaces per side (like the Japanese one), but uh... progress? Some of them are in the game now...
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    @scotttbarry Z-fighting occurs when you have more than one overlay texture stacked on top of each other (provided they visually overlap each other). It happens on lots made by the Maxis Lot Editor as well, and as far as I know it's just a game limitation. There shouldn't be any other ill effects from stacking overlays on each other though. If you want to avoid it, however, you'll have to modify the textures.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Simmer2 Walls are looking grand! Out of curiosity, are the angled versions tolerant of slopes as well? I feel like that would be pretty hand in some situations.
  9. Mushy's Random BATs

    Thanks for all of the nice replies! @kelistmac - Didn't have to wait long!... Just a reminder: as always, I do my vertical scaling adjustments as the last step of my day render. Wanted to go for something simple. This building fits almost perfectly on a 1x3 lot so I didn't have to play with dimensions or anything. It appears to only have 3 full stories, but it is actually pretty tall. The roof junk on the top makes it a little over 6 regular-size floors tall. This should be pretty simple to make. I am actually at a bit of a loss as to what type of Commercial to mod it as, and am open to suggestions. -Mushy
  10. Mushy's Random BATs

    Looks like 2020 came early. Now... now I can move on to something else.... finally....
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Kogyo Waste Services, the BAT I've been working on neglecting to work on for the past 6 months, has finally fumbled its way onto the STEX. This is also the first actual building that I've released. Happy to have this off my back! -Mushy
  12. Kogyo Waste Services

    Version 1.0.0


    I present to you Kogyo Waste Services, a neat little waste-handling company. If you need some trash gone, you know who to call.... --- KWS is a fully-batted building/lot combo that fills a 3x3 I-D lot. It can help break up the monotony with its characteristic yellow roof and parking lot filled with yellow trucks. The building is a partially accurate rendition of this small industrial building in Osaka: Maxisnite and Darknite are both supported, and the bat features TruNite lights. Download the appropriate version depending on whether you use SimFox's Day and Nite Mod (or an equivalent) or not. -Installation: Simply unzip the the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder. The aren't any extraneous files in the folder (like images) so you don't have to worry about deleting anything. -Building Plop: The building is listed as MM_JPN_ID_3x3_KogyoWaste in the Building Plop window. This requires Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. Keep in mind that plopped industrial buildings will not generate freight truck automata. --- All stats automatically generated by PIMX. Many thanks to the various people who have helped me along the way, and I hope you enjoy this! -Mushy
  13. Mushy's Random BATs

    I actually sat down a few times over the past few weeks and put my mind to learning how to do night lights reading Jasoncw's tutorials. Pretty happy with the results. All that's left is exporting and modding, maybe at this rate it'll be released in November of 2020. Edit: Looks like this is also my 2,000th post on the site.
  14. Willoughby Tower

    The model is great, as others have said. As far as the lighting goes, I've had that problem before. All it's doing is facing the wrong way... you can see a little of the shadow of the taller part of the building casts on the wider lower part, going the wrong way. The fix is honestly pretty simple for me usually, you just need to import the LODs and the model into another scene and re-render it (be sure to run a test render from one of the angles to make sure the problem isn't persisting).
  15. PC advice

    Long-winded wall of text: Personally I own but have yet to play C:S, but I am moderately tech savvy and assembled the desktop I'm using now from parts (and joyously look forward to doing it again one day). I learned a lot about hardware during the building process, and have subsequently helped a few friends build theirs. My point being is I can't necessarily give any specific C:S advice, but I can throw in a pointer or two regarding your other questions. My standard first thing to say is you'll always get a far, far better deal when assembling a desktop from separately-purchased parts (and cooling is less of a concern) instead of buying a laptop, but I'm assuming if you need the thing for work you probably need the mobility. I always point that out just in case though. About the GPU, the difference is what the cards are for. I don't know what your work is (which in this case is actually kind of relevant), but the Quadro series is a work graphics card intended for stuff like video rendering, for example. If you look at Nvidia's promo pages for any of their Quadro products, you will see words like "industries," "rendering," and "workstations" pop up. They are very powerful GPUs, just like the GeForce GPUs, but they are intended for a different purpose. If you look up the debate on the internet, testing has pretty much consistently proven that a similarly-priced GeForce card will outperform a Quadro card (for gaming) because the GeForce cards are designed with gaming in mind. GeForce cards can also be used just fine for work, but a Quadro card would be better in that case since they are designed for work. That's why I mentioned your work being relevant - if you need graphics power for it, then a Quadro might be a consideration, but if you don't, there's really no reason to get one because GeForce cards are gaming cards. So, if we're strictly talking about gaming here then I'll swear the GeForce is a much better choice. The takeaway from that is a 4GB Quadro will be outdone by a 4GB GeForce, and the GeForce cards have come a long way since the 9xx line. You can pick up a 6GB GTX1060 that would out-do the 4GB GTX970 I used to have before I got a new card for less than the 970 went for. Raw GPU power is, compared to before, pretty cheap. The processor thing is a lot less clear-cut, and if you look up debates about that you won't find a very definitive answer. Of course, since you are looking at a laptop your options are limited as far as CPU choices go, so in this case, the Xeon might be better. Outside of that it's hard to say. There are many, many models of i7s and Xeons, which have a variety of different clock speeds, core counts, and whatever else. When talking about the CPUs in general (outside of the 2 or 3 choices the laptop has), you can usually buy an i7 with a higher clock speed for less than a Xeon, and i7s are offered in much higher clock speeds (and support overclocks), while Xeons (server processors, technically) are offered in variations with more cores. My processor, an i7 5930k, is about a year and half old, but the model was released in 2014 - so not current gen. The base clock on it is 3.5 GHz though and it has 6 physical cores... so really it depends on which specific model is being talked about. Strictly talking about the two choices on the laptop, they're pretty similar. The Xeon is a little bit faster and way more expensive, so there's that. The Xeon in this instance isn't actually an equivalent card to the model of i7 that is offered, so I'd say the Xeon is probably better. As an aside, I'm honestly a bit skeptical of running the boosted clock speed on a laptop for long periods of time though.... but that's just my overly cautious take on heat management. Maybe I typed (a lot) more than was needed, but I always go off on a tangent when it comes to computers... -Mushy