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  1. Perth Council Building

    Those balconies! Those windows! Those colors! Awesome building.
  2. Torre Latinoamericana

    Beautifully done...bravo!
  3. Bipin's Strip Mall #1 - Fabland and Convenience Stores

    I really love the nightlit Fabland! Thanks for these.
  4. NCD Real Railway Texture Override Pack

    Thanks for this hard work. Beautifully old looking tracks.
  5. Bedford Square

    These are magnificent, and so detailed! Thank you.
  6. Urban School

    Your models and buildings are always my faves. This one is no exception!
  7. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Realistic and not too flat. I like!
  8. How do you repaint the models of others that are too bright? What program or process is involved? I would love to be able to "grunge up" some older models.
  9. Modern Freight Cars Props

    These are simply EPIC! Thank you.
  10. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    I like the balconies, and the color. Why not make the roof a bit darker with gravelled texture, or with scattered leaves on the roof, or something. Also, if you could add a custom sign on the wall, or fancy up the entrance balcony with a cool fence or entry gate. Really great work, overall!
  11. CS$$ Pack Limeño 1

    I love it! Very colorful details.
  12. nos.17 StreetSide Parking (SSP)

    Bravo! It is very realistic.
  13. Kazan church in petersburg russia

    This is fantastic! BRAVO!