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  1. Still glad I never once bothered to play this game. It's absolutely wretched what ea did to this game. Greed ruined it all. That's why I only play SC4 and indie games.
  2. Minute Maid Park

    I love this!! I am glad to see it on here. I am currently learning how to do this and have posted a few "old school" style stadiums. Looks like I am going to have to step up my game
  3. A Nonny Moose Memorial

    Thank you very much. I hope he would like it. As far as the stone texture I simply google textures and find one I like then save the image then edit it and save it as a bmp file.
  4. A Nonny Moose Memorial

    Version 1.0.0


    Almost every regular here came to know, love, and respect A Nonny Moose. As most of us know he passed away in September. This is a little memorial I put together for those who wish to memorialize and honor him in their cities. It's not perfect but I am still learning and I hope that he would appreciate this modest attempt.
  5. Rest in peace my friend. I remember when someone asked you what your screen name meant and you told him to read it fast. I read it fast and got it and laughed so hard because it never dawned on me to even think about it ha ha ha!!

  6. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    This is just horrible news to hear. He is one of the few people who could actually make me laugh out loud in writing. This place hasn't been the same since he got sick because he was so consistent and so incredibly helpful. I always chuckled when I would log on here and see his name on like 10 posts on the recent updates thing off to the side of the main page. I am going to crack a beer in your honor as soon as I post this. Rest in peace Nonny. I will miss you.
  7. Adrianor's Latin American BATs

    Just a thought, since this is centered around Latin America, I think you would be the man for a Jose Fernandez memorial BAT. Just a suggestion, not a request or anything.
  8. I am using a different file for each. That is why I was so confused as to what was going on. I believe the issue was using the same textures for each stadium was causing some kind of funky misread by the program. Can you explain what you mean by "ensure your models are in the root of the plugins". I am not sure I understand what you mean. Thank you for your quick response.
  9. I still can't export to PIM So I was working on a project where I am creating baseball stadiums. I was having problems where when I exported from the BAT my projects were not exporting to the PIM and they were replacing stadiums I had already created. I alleviated the replacement issue by deleting the files from my old stadiums in the BAT folder (not the files in SC4), re-exported and everything was at it should be. However, when I went into the PIM the project I exported was not there. I have posted about this before but I haven't got any clear solutions on how to solve this.
  10. WOW!! Four years!!

    I just realized I joined this site 4 years ago tomorrow!! I think I was in Afghanistan when I joined. Man, how time flies!!
  11. Here is what I found. I opened the sc4model file. The Res Key on two of Recreation Park and baseball field layout are identical. Here is what it looks like. ResKey="0x5ad0e817-0xff76ec0c-0x00030000" If I change that in the file will it fix my problem?
  12. Thanks brother. I will look into it tonight. I will let you know what I find out.
  13. Ok, I might have to do that. I discovered I have a new issue now though. I built a generic baseball stadium a little while back. I started a new one recently and when I exported it the new one replaced the old one. When I remove the new one the old one reverts back. I had the same issue a while back with the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field and thought I had it fixed but alas I guess I don't. I have a MAC that I use for work and I think I am going to start BATing on that computer. Do you guys have any thought about what could possibly be going on? I am pretty sure it's not a texture issue that I thought I had before. That's possible. Where would that file be?
  14. Ok, so I tried something. I removed everything from my plugins folder and then re-exported what I was working on. I am beginning to think I have something in there that is making my PIM act wonky.