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  1. mipro

    I've been working on the elevator/stairs towers. It's still pretty messy, but that part is starting to come together. It's an area that I have some of the best and some of the worst reference for. I have a great photo taken from the roof which lets me count bricks for a good chunk of it, and in 2007 I was fortunate enough to go there and take pics (I was standing on the roof of the newly BATed section), and for those areas I have great reference. But for everything out of frame I have no reference other than distant aerials and trying to interpret google map's garbled 3d models. Click on it to get actual size.
  2. mipro

    Thanks! It's a possibility, and I do have the earlier version of the crown still saved. But the project is already taking forever (1.5 years of active BATing) so I don't think I can handle doing extra versions. I also don't have good reference for some of the pre-modification sections. The building was better originally though, and I'd like to have the crown and lower base fixed. In the more recent renovations they replaced the windows with ones with a different shape. And I'm not sure, but I think when the building was first built, the spandrels were exposed grey metal, and today they're painted beige. I'd have to do more research about it, but I'd also really like a version with metal spandrels and not painted spandrels. A book about the architect, which presumably features the Guardian Building heavily, was released recently (unfortunately after I had already done most of the modeling) which I might get for Christmas, and that might shed enough light on the original building to make a BAT version. But I've also been working on this for so long that I'm not going to want to go back to working on it for a very very long time lol
  3. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    Are you going to ceremoniously burn all of your winter clothes? Seriously though, congrats, and I'm looking forward to everything.
  4. mipro

    oh no, trust me, it *is* that slow. Although today was pretty productive. Sometimes it's counting bricks and trying to get a bunch of angled things to line up, and sometimes it's just looking at the photo and seeing how things are supposed to go. In the 1950s the building was renovated, and sadly they cut these big windows into the crown. I've gone in and done the renovatios. They left some parts alone. One of the gold parts did not have a window added (you can see it on the preview render to the right. It's the only one missing the rectangular window at the bottom). And then on the brick part underneath the gold part, they changed the shapes of the windows, and extended some of the windows to become doors. But they only changed that on the front of the building, to make two of the setbacks into balconies. And it's impossible to see, two of the windows in the black band right above the gold are still original. The 1950s renovation is also responsible for the simple roof line on the base of the building. Originally it had the same type of ornament as the rest of the building, and they replaced it with flat brick and simple stone coping. You can see some pre-renovation photos of the building here: http://historicdetroit.org/galleries/guardian-building-old-photos/
  5. mipro

    Thanks guys Slowly but surely... Modeled the part just to the left of the crown, added some panel lines to the crown (can't see those yet unfortunately), and filled in a bunch of gaps.
  6. mipro

    Took longer than I thought it would but the crown is mostly done: (click on it a few times to get fullsize) A few things: - Right now the crown is how the building was originally, because geometrically it's simpler. In the 1950s they added and changed some windows, and I'll be adding those changes in later. - I made a small mistake in the thickness of the piers that cap the corners of the crown, so I'll have to go through and fix that. I'm hoping that it will make the crown look a little more integrated with the rest of the building. But sometimes how we see a building in SC4 doesn't match up with our impressions in real life. - And like elsewhere on the building there are still some missing bits here and there that I still have to fill in.
  7. I'm not an expert when it comes to that kind of thing but I don't think I've ever seen it before. I don't think corina's link worked quite right Basically you empty your plugins folder and keep on adding half of your plugins back in until the bug comes back. If it's a bad plugin, then doing this will narrow it down to the bad plugin exponentially fast. But it doesn't look like you have many plugins so you could just add them back in one at a time. But honestly idk if this is a plugins conflict. If you remove all of your plugins and the problem is still there, reinstall SC4.
  8. Yeah we really need to get BAT4Max fixed. The problem is just as T Wrecks explained. The light gets cut off. Imagine it exported and in the game and you have a clear circle of light that gets cut off once it leaves the edge of the BATed part. The solution is to make it so that the edge of the sidewalk is not lit up. To do this you can either expand the BATed sidewalk or make the light cone smaller. To change the size of the light, there should be Hotspot and Falloff parameters on the lights. The hotspot is the main circle of the spotlight, or in other words the area where the lighting is at 100% of it's amount at that location. Outside of the falloff circle the light is at 0%, and in between the two the lighting transitions ("falls off"). Having a big difference between the falloff and hotspot will make a spotlight with fuzzy edges and having a small difference between them will make a spotlight with sharp edges. The falloff and hotspot are described in degrees. Instead of making it so that there isn't any lighting on the transition area (where the edge of the BATed ground meets the in-game ground), you can instead make the lighting soft and vague enough that you don't really notice that the lighting isn't showing up on the in-game ground. So for example in my Blackburn Tower BAT, the BATed ground in front of the main entrance is fully illuminated, but the stairs are strong enough of a transition and the lighting is indistinct enough that it's not noticeable. Another good example of this is Trier Tower, where the floor of the lobby is brightly lit but the pavement literally right next to the lobby floor is not lit up at all. In real life the outside pavement would be equally lit up and would gradually fade away further out. But SC4 has a certain visual language and players have certain expectations and understandings of how things look, so the lobby light getting cut off isn't a big deal. But really obvious light cones getting cut off is definitely noticeable. If I was doing the BAT I would try to solve the problem by making the lit up area smaller and closer to the wall so that not as much of it would touch the edge of the sidewalk, and then I would make the lights fuzzier by changing the hotspot/falloff to make the lighting more ambiguous, and then I would probably make the lights dimmer so that there would be less of a difference between the adjacent grounds.
  9. So you also have to redo the rendering settings every time you switch from day to night. The lower settings aren't as noticeable at night though. I think I'd make the blocks darker. I think the sidewalk should be darker too. Right now the blocks look like they were freshly painted with bright white paint.
  10. BAT4Max v.5

    I don't think I've seen that error before. Did you press the "(1) Select Target Model" button first? The error looks like it had trouble getting the filename of the .SC4Model file, but I don't see a .SC4Model file selected under the "(1) Select Target Model" button.
  11. BAT4Max v.5

    You need to give more details for us to help you.
  12. If your UVW Map is set up correctly, and your preview render looks correct, then everything is probably fine. The viewport isn't a reliable way of knowing how something will look and it's prone to visual problems.
  13. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    I mean I guess 5 years is a long time but it feels like you've been here for longer than just the last few years!
  14. I think the issue with the rendering is that you might have forgotten to manually set up the rendering settings. The BAT4Max thread has instructions at the bottom of the first post.
  15. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    The people who oppose the monuments are not trying to erase history, and they themselves tend to have more accurate understandings of history than the pro-monument people, who tend to push the Lost Cause and other revisionist history, or are simply unaware of where the monuments came from. The civil war took place in the 1860s. A very large number of the confederate monuments were built in the 1920s, 60 years after the war. Some were built in the early 1900s and another batch were built in the 1960s during the civil rights movement, but few were built in the same time period as the war. So imagine you're Jewish and living in Germany, and it's the year *2005* (60 years after WW2 ended), and your high school gets renamed to Adolf Hitler High, you drive on the newly dedicated Goebbels Memorial Highway, and the local mountain has the world's largest swastika carved into it. And that all of these efforts are being spearheaded by literal neo-Nazis who explicitly want to restart the holocaust. Monuments like that built in the year 2005 are obviously not neutral monuments to anonymous soldiers, and they're not educational historical markers either. If in the 2080s people in Iraq start building glorious statues of ISIS leaders, what do you think that means? Monuments built by white supremacists to glorify white supremacy have no place in our schools, parks, or government buildings. I feel like that is something simple, that well intentioned and reasonable people would agree on.