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  1. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I've never uvw unwrapped a BAT in my life. I break the building down into objects based on their material and uvw needs. So for example usually all of the brick on my building will be attached and will have a big uvw box map on it. Earlier on in the process my objects are broken down according to how I model them. The bend modifier will also bend the object's mapping. So if you make a cylinder for example, make sure it has a uvw map, and then add a bend modifier on top of that, the mapping should follow the bend. If you don't want the mapping the follow the bend, then put it after the bend modifier.
  2. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    That looks great!! You can get feedback about it if you post preview renders of your texturing. I can also answer any questions but you'd need to be more specific.
  3. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    Congratulations on finishing such a big project. This will be very useful to people who want to have this type of neighborhood in their cities.
  4. Chicago BAT Project

    So far so good! It's probably possible to recreate the camera and lighting rigs for Arnold but it's not something I can do because I don't have max 2018. If you make a really good looking BAT, and you keep your scene organized so that it's easy to work with, someone might be willing to work with you in order to finish and export it.
  5. There's Gmax, which is a free 3d modeling program. Then there's the BAT, which is a gamepack made for the free program which allows it to export for SC4. Then there's 3ds max, which is a professional 3d modeling program. Then there's BAT4Max, which makes it so that we can make SC4 buildings in 3ds max, but we still need gmax and BAT installed for part of the process. In 3ds max, typing "nitelite" (I think it's "nitelite" and not "nite" but it's been a long time since I've done it) infront of the object name doesn't do anything, that only works in gmax. You need to manually use the tools in 3ds max to make lights and glowing materials that look like nitelites. The BAT4Max version you should have installed is BAT4Max v.5, which is the version linked to in this thread. The thread that you posted in before was for the correct version, but I moved your post here because from now on all BAT related troubleshooting is going into this single thread to make things more organized. The version of gmax that you should have is version 1.2, which as far as I know is the only version available. I hope that clears things up a little.
  6. Instead of using the link that the installer or program tries to give you, try going to https://www.turbosquid.com/gmax and on the left one of the bullet points is about registration and has a link. That link should eventually get you to the registration page.
  7. Björn_1984's BAT's

    I'm glad you're still BATing.
  8. RRetail Development

    You need to model the front doors so that they don't get lit up funny at night.
  9. Don't say that too loudly, you might give Colossal Order ideas. But anyway I actually do like the traffic engineering part of Cities Skylines. But I've never liked laying water pipes. Or really doing most of the water infrastructure in the games. In the first 3 SimCity games you ended up smothering your coastlines with ugly pumping stations. In SC4 once you build your pumps and lay a grid of pipes across the map you can just forget about the water. Like you said it would have been much better if you could engage with actual water management issues instead of mindlessly laying pipes.
  10. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    It looks much better now. I would make the aluminum brighter still, but I also tend to make things a little too bright sometimes, so it's up to you. I personally have a hard time doing night squiggles. But the thing with them and metal in general is that you don't want fuzzy squiggles. The distortion comes from the bump. So you can see above that objects that are nearby have pretty clear reflections, while objects that are further away it's harder to see what the reflections are because the bumpy surface breaks them up a lot. But the reflections themselves are still sharp, just really scattered (if that makes sense). But like I said I'm not very good at the squiggleys, so when I do them I keep them toned down enough that they don't matter so much when they look weird lol. Regardless though it's looking good so don't let me bog you down.
  11. What Should I Do to Change the World.

    Your initial question was about making the world a better place. Your current questions are about choosing hobbies. Your hobbies are unrelated to making the world a better place. Do whatever seems like the most fun.
  12. What Should I Do to Change the World.

    If you'd like to be a positive force in the world you don't have to be famous or powerful. First, make positive changes to yourself, because you are the beginning of everything. But to be a positive force in the world, you only need to be a positive force in your own life. Be a good son. Be understanding of your parents, try to help around the house a little. If you have siblings, be a good brother. For example, if you have a little brother, spend time with him, take him places, teach him things. Make friends at school and be a good friend to them. Hang out with them, but also be kind to them and support and help them when they need it. Be good to your classmates. If someone is having trouble learning something in class, offer to help them. If a classmate is alone be friendly to them. These are things that make a big difference in people's lives, and you don't need to be a billionaire, or a youtube celebrity, to do those things. You can also do things like pick up garbage from the street You can also volunteer in your neighborhood. There are probably charity groups where you live that could use help. And remember that charity groups usually do not need managers, or consultants, or ideas, or things like that, what they really need are people who are willing to do work (so remember that if you go to them, your job is not to tell them what to do (they know more about what they do than you do), your job is to humbly do work for them). You might be too young to be able to do the type of work that they need done, but you might not be. Maybe there's a project that needs to be done at your school that you could help with. You linked to a youtuber, and his most recent video is "Good habits, help stop drugs today!". This is a good message, and it was good of him to make the video. But people do drugs because they feel sad, alone, and hopeless. Some kid on youtube saying "drugs are bad!" is not going to change that. But having a thoughtful, loving friend could. Don't worry about being a celebrity, or a billionaire, just be good to the people around you.
  13. Evan's Relots

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost everything.
  14. You need to model things in sketchup, and then import and export in such a way that the windows you want lit up are separate objects. Then in gmax, select the object(s) that you want lit up at night and add "nitelite" to the beginning of their object name. Then do a night preview render, and they should be lit up. For material selection, you also need to make things in sketchup a certain way and export them a certain way. Depending on how you model and how you export/import, everything will be one object with one multi-sub object material with a bunch of materials inside of that. I don't have sketchup installed so I can't look at the settings, but they are there. (someone else might be able to give more specific advice)
  15. Heblem's BAT Workshop

    You should make a thread about it in the City Building Games forum. You can also make a home page feature about it. To do so, go to the home page, and look at the top for "Features" and then click on it and go to "Add Feature". Just make sure you pick a good looking image for it. After submitting a feature, a moderator has to approve it (it might not be immediate because they try to space them out so that they all get time), and then it will join the rotation of features on the home page. People who usually come to this forum will see that your thread has updated and will see your project, but if you know some BATers who you think would be interested you can also send them a pm.