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New Scotland

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About this City Journal

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, New Scotland is a combination of the best things about the eastern United States. You can get some great crab cakes along the Milinockett Bay, visit old Civil War battlefields near the state's capital in Dumfries or go skiing in Burkesboro, and much much more. The New Scottish, known for their hospitality, hereby welcome you to their glorious state.

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When South African architect Maarten Haverkamp came to Dumfries in 1901 as a refugee of the Second Boer War, he had a dream for the area surrounding Loudon Square. After visiting several other American cities, he drew up designs for a neighborhood. At the time, the area around Loudon Square was mostly thirty/forty year old tenements, and the city gladly granted Haverkamp permission to redesign the square and several of the surrounding blocks. Thus, the Haverkamp neighborhood was born. His design choices included beautifying the park, constructing a large number of row homes around it, and planting numerous oaks in the sidewalk. The neighborhood is now mostly inhabited by students from the nearby New Scotland University.



KSCHIMDT - "Nice neighbourhood; SAM may help to older the streets, one way arrows size can be reduced if necessary in the NAM settings, well done!"

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Today, I will be presenting northern Dumfries, and the New Scotland Capitol building.


Immediately north downtown Dumfries is the neighborhood of McAllister, named for the banker who originally developed the land in the late 1800s. Many of the homes in this neighborhood date back to the 1950s or even earlier. As stated in the teaser, many of Dumfries' and New Scotland's most elite citizens live in this neighborhood.



Late in the afternoon and early in the morning, rush hour hits Valley Avenue before it goes into downtown Dumfries. Like in McAllister, the houses along Valley Avenue are older when compared to some of the newer buildings in downtown. 



A few blocks south of McAllister is the neighborhood of Georgetown. Located near the heart of Dumfries, Georgetown is home to many boarding houses, which are rented out by New Scotland lawmakers during legislative sessions. The local HOA has tried in vain to get the Westmoreland Jewelry Store (bottom left) to remove the palm tree in the front lawn.



Built in 1876, the New Scotland capitol has been home to both houses of the New Scotland legislature and the offices of the Governor of the State ever since. Tours are available at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. 



URBAN CONSTANTA: "Interesting start."

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