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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I'm having a problem with eternal commuters. I leave them no opportunity to complete the commute but they prefer in the last tile of the city use the invisible connector to get back and don't go to the other city. instead, the go all the way back to complete the circle. what should I do? I already know that is not all the traffic, but it is a significantly part of it (28000 of 52000). How can I avoid it? What is going on?
  2. Replies: raynev1: Thanks and I'm glad you like the narration! I enjoy coming up with the story! Entry 4: A tale of two farmers! So, as you can probably guess from the title of this entry were back with the regions two most famous farmers (which is actually quite a big claim seeing as everyone in the entire region works on a farm), Farmer Poppin and Farmer Pippin. Now, last entry we looked ta how some enterprising ventures into commerce had left farmer Poppins farmers market feeling a bit sorry for itself and, predictably, Farmer Poppin wasn't best pleased with this. Farmer Poppin however, was a pretty enterprising fellow and after a few meetings with some interested parties choose to redevlop this parcel of land. Into this lovely commercial plot, smack bang in the middle of Harrington itself. This had the desired effect, with the previous market stall owners, who had moved business to Roweaton seeing a fall in sales and Farmer Poppin seeing a nice amount of income from the rent and his own little convenience store. In fact, profit was so good that Farmer Poppin decided to buy himself a nice smart house on the newly settled and highly sought after Harnsea Island seen here. --- --- --- Meanwhile Farmer Pippin didn't really care to much for this commerce nonsense (though he liked the money they paid him for his produce) and had instead concentrated on expanding and buying himself more farms, having pretty much given up the running of his Fair. Anyway, space was getting a bit tight around Harrington so Farmer Pippin decided to move to quieter sticks and headed northwards, up past the newly settled and rapidly growing Sedmore. Too, where he currently resides, along with a load of his employees, in the self named Pippinsfield, east of Berrin Woods and surrounded by all his land. He was even nice enough to let his old rival Mr Poppin build one of his stores in his village! And that, is basically the most interesting story to come out of Harrington and it's surrounds at the moment. Life is pretty peaceful and quiet though expansion keeps moving steadily on such as in the town north of Harrington (that I've forgotten the name of) where limited space caused expansion to take place on the opposite side of the river (so north-west of Harrington). Anyway, to stop us going too far off the main focus of this entry we'll wrap it up with the first ever region view of the Harrington area. So, not much to report but as you can see from the region view it is growing nicely outwards which is nice. Anyway I'll see you next time with some more growth hopefully as the fledging town tries to find its way! Till next time!
  3. Drones for a region

    I have three cities built in a region each with it's own specialties 1. Trade & electronics 2. Casino's and Academy 3. Mining and Omega The only unlock I don't seem to be able to share is drones, while city 3 has a fully built Omega HQ producing drones I don't have access to drone hangers for the hospital, police centre or fire centre in cities 1 & 2 yet I can add a Vtol pad to trade port in city 1 which is also an unlock through expanding the Omega HQ. Do you need to have an Omega factory in a city to be able to use drones in that city?
  4. Expansion

    Metro Life Expands! Our residents have been hard at work expanding this region. Almost 2 Million citizens and counting. Have a look at some regional shots from what has been going on.... Metro Airport The previous air strips in Lakefront needed relocation once the economic boom hit. Lakefront expanded up and out creating air traffic problems. The residents voted for an airbus overhaul and relocated the airport and expanded it to include multiple terminals and runways. Connecting Everyone. The economic booms recently needed a way to transport all the goods and services. Ferry services are a main transport choice in the region however, bridges are spanning new opportunities and connecting all corners of the Metro Region. New Territories! Prosperity for new land acquired for Metro. This new land has been set aside for nature reserves and biologists to maintain a balanced ecosystem. (Officials have not mapped the entire section of new land yet) Teaser! Coming next is Arbor Woods
  5. Hello everybody! I have the normal version of SimCity with Cities of Tommorow expansion pack. I'm playing in sandbox mode in offline mode. I made one city and I have extended it out of borders, because I wanted to try out the Orion mod. I made streetcar avenues and then I plopped streetcar stops and they worked just fine. Then I've decided to make another city in the same region and also in another region. I also extended it and laid some streetcar track and standalone streetcar track, but when i want to plop down a stop on them, it doesn't want to let me do it, it says something like ''You have to place it on a snap point''. I tried to restart the game, save, quit etc. but nothing has worked... Also, I can't plop any buildings, fire and police stations, garbage dumps, parks... I'm really asking you to help me, because I'm really frustrated Check out the attached pictures, my game is in Hungarian Thanks for your help!
  6. Regional Udon Bridge Elevated

    Version 1.0


    Hello all! Regional Udon 40m Elevated (Highways) , 20m Transition for conect on 20m Elevated Udon ^^ For Offline use only. How to Install?? 1: Make Sure Install : Project Akar : Ui Enhancement 2. Download the mod. 3. Right click the rar file > Extract 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 5. Two SubMenu add "Elevated Ramp" , "Elevated Highways." Need Original Udon 1.9 By Xoxide Here Not Compatible with : • BoC • UDoN-Addon • Bridge and Tunnel mod
  7. Regional UDoN Coastline Roads

    Version 1.0


    Hello all , Regional Udon Coastline Roads can be Use on Water for do Perfect Bridge For Offline use only. How to Install?? 1: Make Sure Install : Project Akar : Ui Enhancement 2. Download the mod. 3. Right click the rar file > Extract 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 5. All roads place under “WaterWays” Submenu. If you have Bridge Udon Regional Need Original Udon 1.9 By Xoxide Here Not Compatible with : • BoC • UDoN-Addon • Bridge and Tunnel mod
  8. Version 1.0


    Another new addition, Pedestrian Path Sidewalk for both Bridge and Tunnel. Can be use on both land and water tiles. u can find in Pedestrian Path 'New' SubMenu Need Original Pedestrian Path v2 By Xoxide Make Sure have Project Akar by Yayieli If you got any problem or bug pm me thanks.
  9. Regional Tunnel

    Version 1.0


    Hi everyone, this is my Regional Tunnel mod. How to use : Use regional Bridges to connect both ends of the tunnels and use the normal roads to transition it on the ground. all services such as water/power/sewage also flows along with them. Enjoy (Located in Custom Roads.) Regional Bridge Link Make Sure have Project Akar If you got any problem or bug pm me thanks.
  10. Regional Subway Tracks

    Version 1.0


    Hey guys This mod allows you to draw regional subway tracks outside the normal 2k boundaries. NOTE: You must have MaxisGuillaume's Maglev as Subway mod in order for this to work as well as Project Akar. A video may be produced for this, although I don't know if one is necessary. NOTE #2: The icon in the picture is not the actual icon and the icon is not in the correct category in the picture. Please ignore that. How to install: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Install into your SimCityData folder. Special thanks to: - Yayie: For finding the correct property ID to help categorize the regional subway tracks. - HyugaHinata: For creating the icon. Enjoy! More mods are coming!
  11. ElevatedRailWay

    Version 1.2


    1: Hi all , today my mods and ''Elevented Trains , Now Stretched across region'' (need City Of Tomorow for the mods) 2: need original Elevated RailWay
  12. Version 1.6


    This will allow some of you to delete regional MAIN roads and freeways within the region to make modifications to your master cities. This is being put up by request. Thanks to the team for helping solve this little problem. As always Everyone involved behind the scenes and in front deserve thanks for making everything possible. WARNING DO NOT D O N O T Delete huge sections of Original Regional Roads or you will crash your game due to hidden Paths and Units which must stay in place to make and keep the game functional. THIS MOD IS FOR EXTREME USERS AND THOSE WHOM WISH TO PUSH THE LIMITS. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHEN USING ANY REGIONAL DELETE TOOLS AS THEY WILL IMPACT OTHER ASPECTS PERIOD. WATER SEWER AND ELECTRIC OR EVEN CARS AND VEHICLES THEMSELVES COULD STOP FLOWING IF THE SINKS ARE REMOVED. Use carefully as needed best results. You can create and separate your Roads into sections to create master or main loops with UDoN's and other approaches to shift traffic loads and create new directions as a result and open up useable land if needed But again is our team providing you with Rope to hang yourself if your not careful and do not listen to the warnings we give you. Enjoy.
  13. Bigger maps may never be available in the current state of modding, Maybe not by expanding the fictitious white dotted lines, but maybe modifying everything to be allowed outside the boundary. So I spent most of the day today working up a regional freeway mod, (finally allowing freeways to be bulldozed and full control over them) most regional road mods don't allow bulldozing, And then for added bonus to allow all roads outside the boundary. I found a few things in this attempt to build larger cities. First, I figured out, anything you build, such as modding the freeways and inter-connected streets to other cites, will not be rendered once you load the other cities. So that is a fail. you can't sync all the cities to use connections with streets or roads from other cities. I think you need to modify on the region level and not being inside a city itself (which only maxis can do) Another thing, I was able to transfer water, power etc down freeways (but it of course doesnt allow passed your border, I made it so you can place freeways within your borders to better optimize traffic, such as restructuring the freeways for congestion), I was also able to allow you to plop any buildings/services onto a freeway (plopping only worked in the border) of course could build a mod to allow you to plop buildings outside boundary and possibly onto freeways. But again, would require power/water to have another mod to leave the city limits (still not sure if that is available in modding) A lot of potential, but also a lot of issues that would need to be addressed. But the more you can mod the elements outside, it can become closer to allowing you to build everything outside city limits (expanding the city, without expanding actual borders itself). But this also posed another issue, Zoning, I was able to get zones to work on freeways as well, but they dont build or construct anything outside borders (again another mod, but still unclear if it could happen due to maxis restrictions, zoning and resources, power, water etc seem to be locked up)
  14. Regional Dirt Road Mod

    Version 1.0


    hi all to day i give you the regional dirt road mod this is a hidden road in the game as like with the regional freeway i put it in the roads menu for all to use i know this may have been done with BOC or somthing. enjoy How to install extract the RAR and place the package file in C:\program files(86)\origin Games\SimcityData i am not responsible for any damage or errors caused to the game or PC please tell me if there is anything wrong P.S ignore the item next to the road in the menu in the screenshots
  15. And not a drop to drink! Alright, so I'm a little late to this particular region I'm playing in. They've already constructed an archology so I'm basically at my leisure to do as I please. I figure with coal and ore under the zone I chose, I'd go for a high tech industrial city. No big deal. I'm purchasing sewage, power, and water from the three neighboring zones connected by roads. Sewage and Power seem to be no sweat- they're easily outpacing my demand. The same should be true (if not more so) for water. I've constructed a metric ton of water towers (and even ran a water pumping station dry) in my city of 45K people in addition to the water they're providing. According to the regional charts, each one of the three cities should have been enough to cover my consumption alone. But it isn't. I'm running a huge water deficit somehow. All of that would be moot... except that the one building that perpetually has problems getting water is the advanced Coal Mine. When that shuts down due to lack of water, so does the smelting plant. When that goes I lose alloy. Once that's gone it's only a matter of time before the processor plants shut down (because the recycling plant can only provide so much.) I've tapped my entire zone completely dry (seriously- not a blue spec on the map.) Given that everything else, regionally, seems to be working I'm curious as to what could be the cause. I've considered that it could be a time factor. My city sprang up (literally) overnight and the game mechanics could be just really, really late to the game... but then why is everything else working? I'm consuming less than a 1/4 of what the cities in my region have available for sale. Is there a way to increase that number? What am I missing here?
  16. There is a group of people who are gathering together to prepare for the multi-player aspect of SimCity. The URE is a group that is designed for both the elite player and the leisurely player. For players that wish to conquer leaderboards by collaborative efforts, we have Telephone Regions that use TeamSpeak to collaborate. We also help leisurely players find trustworthy mayors to play in regions with. The website is www.unitedregionaleasements.org and anyone who is reported for abusing the trust of fellow mayors in a region will be banned from the site, therefor it is a safe place to find friends to build regions with.

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