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  1. The West Side of Detroit & Downriver

    Edit to city name: Ecourse is spelled ECORSE. There is also a major road named after the small city.
  2. Fields Community

    Fields Community This community is located between Lakefront and Franklin Park and north of New Boston. It is a central plot of land on the regional map and for many years had no thru roads. All has changed with the Connecting Communities project. Now we have a high capacity thru multi-lane road. Here is an interesting photo I found. Cay Island. The Vegas of Metro!
  3. Arbor Woods

    Arbor Woods Just another suburb to the city of Lake. Arbor Woods is home to the regional sanitation department and the company set up home office in the area they occupy. Arbor Woods is known as a green city.
  4. Expansion

    Metro Life Expands! Our residents have been hard at work expanding this region. Almost 2 Million citizens and counting. Have a look at some regional shots from what has been going on.... Metro Airport The previous air strips in Lakefront needed relocation once the economic boom hit. Lakefront expanded up and out creating air traffic problems. The residents voted for an airbus overhaul and relocated the airport and expanded it to include multiple terminals and runways. Connecting Everyone. The economic booms recently needed a way to transport all the goods and services. Ferry services are a main transport choice in the region however, bridges are spanning new opportunities and connecting all corners of the Metro Region. New Territories! Prosperity for new land acquired for Metro. This new land has been set aside for nature reserves and biologists to maintain a balanced ecosystem. (Officials have not mapped the entire section of new land yet) Teaser! Coming next is Arbor Woods
  5. TRP: Neihu Plaza

    Mine appears as an orange building, too. Not as shown above.
  6. Ulthuan

    YES! For years I have wanted a map this style.   TY
  7. City of Eastpointe

    City of Eastpointe "The Little Side of Lakefront For Family" Eastpointe was established shortly after Lakefront incorporated. When the Lakefront area grew into a major commerce center, the residents wanted to be slightly further away from the stressful city life and Eastpointe started to grow as a community. That was then and this is now.... When new land opens up, Sims follow and repeat the same problems originally intended to leave behind in the big city. Eastpointe has now built itself into an urban neighbor of Lakefront. Eastland Park MIDTOWN E-POINT Marina's along the river limited to club members of wealthy sims.
  8. Detroit: The Inevitable

    Another major problem within the city limits is the literacy rate. It is pretty bad. I had a gentleman whos business was in the city and he came just outside for some business needs and wrote a check, I had to help this man write his check and he couldnt even spell "Nine Dollars and 30/100 cents" It simply said "nein 100/30"
  9. Detroit: The Inevitable

    YES! Pictures are from Detroit. I do believe these buildings if a little structural reinforcement would make GREAT museums for everyone to see what corruption does to a city. No city is safe from this fate. It happens all over the world and it is just America's ruins. But the sad part is, it is beautiful to look at and wonder what was once there. A lot of artists have moved into the city since the Detroit Institute of Arts and College for Creative Studies are in Midtown and just north in the suburbs is Cranbrook Institute.
  10. Kiesburro

    Yeah I get lazy at times. And just place the fillers in and then go back later. Will do though.
  11. Kiesburro

    Kiesburro Main Street City Owned Land Kiesburro's stretch of highway has been redesigned with nature in mind. View From Above Edit: Burial Grounds Redone
  12. Deerfield Community

    Welcome to the Deerfield Community. Deerfield is located midway between Lakefront & New Boston, traffic was once a problem until public transit initiatives finally got underway. Now the community is thriving. Downtown Historic Deerfield Community Photos Industry Parks, Education and Expansion
  13. Introduction - The getaway

    You'll have to inform us all about the game. I am 99% ready to purchase and play. But need to be sure it will be a great game. I discovered money is not a function in the game which is good. Leaves room for the reality of city services/planning.
  14. New Boston City Limits

    jmsepe - The rain in that photo is actually a game mod. Use with caution though I experienced a few bugs with it so only activate it when I wish to use it for photo effects.   http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2883   Follow that link to your eye popping experience.
  15. New Boston City Limits

    New Boston Vigilance and Protection Downtown Shopping and Farmers Market Districts New Boston is Military Center for Metro Entering New Boston from the expressway connecting to Arbor Woods. The Connector Expressway - Direct link from Downtown New Boston to Lakefront suburbs Voted Most Beautiful Urban Expressway Citizens voted YES for Urban Green Spaces Boston Avenue is lush in Greenery. Additional City Parks added after election. Telus Offices moved into town recently and designed an urban green space around their property. Teaser Shot! Has nothing to do with New Boston