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  1. Thank you, this looks great. Awesome, I got it to work, cheers
  2. Did you ever release this re-texturing ? It would be perfect for the project I am working on but I can't find this one on workshop. Also your LA buildings are awesome from someone who lived in Los Angeles in the 1980s
  3. Is this only relevant for growables? Or could it affect RICO buildings if I let my game play for a long time (I have only build on pause to my best efforts). I ask because I am only about 10% into a project I don't expect to complete until Nov so I have been very paranoid about trying to avoid things that might cause this problem. For instance I haven't used network extensions roads or even Traffic manager and a few others because I am so paranoid about losing my saves.
  4. Sobotka's Newby Experiments

    So the update seems to have sorted out my population issues. Thanks to all the great tutorials on here and suggestions here, I am continuing to make progress. I have the first workable version of a unique monument for my city in game: a smaller version of the Cenotaph of Newton that was designed by French architect Étienne-Louis Boullée in the 1800s. This is an important monument in my city's version of Huntington Gardens (long back story because my city in Skylines is intended as a graphical representation of a fictional city I have been world building for over a decade). Its a conversion of a 3d Warehouse model that originally had about 50,000 tris in 3ds Max that I have finally managed to work down to 15,512 tris in game. I still have to fix some texture scaling issues (you can see the panels in the pic below and I don't like that) and try to get the model below 15K or ideally 10K tris but for now, it can exist in my city!
  5. PDXCon2018 Was a Blast!

    Congrats on the award and thanks for posting pics of the trip. Always good to see conventions like this. Also great to see a company supporting modding so much. Did Paradox have modders there from all their games?
  6. Thanks. Very informative post. Fortunately I haven't used Network Extensions or the Metro Overhaul so my city can now load without error.
  7. So is it better to Unsubscribe to the mods that are not currently working? Or just turn them off in the Content Manager? Or it doesn't matter?
  8. Quick question, how do all of you deal with the DLC updates? I read to start game in offline mode and set the game to only update when game loads but I can't seem to load my saved games in offline mode I just want to prepare so I don't have a meltdown if this Parklife crashes my game save I have put so much time into
  9. Thanks for all this info, that helps a lot. I had been paranoid about assets since I crashed my game when I first started loading it up but since I learned a lot more I'm pretty confident that crash and save ruin had to do with Mod clashes rather than too many assets. I've been strict about sticking 1000 assets at ~10GB but I know I'll need more when I really start opening up the city rather than just experimenting. And I am much more careful about the mods I am using - although I still have that silly 6.5 million invisible population listed haha
  10. Sobotka's Newby Experiments

    Thanks for the feedback! I tried a few different texture options before I was happy with that one. I didn't subscribe to the Fudged Population Enhanced but maybe there is some mod or asset or RICO building I added that did something. I'll have to double check after I get over this cold I am fighting
  11. Sobotka's Newby Experiments

    Thanks @Badi_Dea and @hemeac I encountered a weird issue. I was testing a my first building in game and I just noticed that suddenly my population jumped from about 400 total to 6 million! I have no clue how this happened but I hope I didn't break this map somehow testing my assets. Here is screenshot
  12. Thanks for the encouragement. Also thanks for your assets! I just realized I have been using your parking garage all over my city build =)

    1. Badi_Dea


      Any time! :thumb:

  13. @Avanya Sadly I just had to upgrade my resolution. I've been using three 19-21 inch monitors at 1440x900 for years but my main monitor just died so I had to upgrade to a 24 inch 1900x900 (I use my other two other monitors to a) watch shows while working b) keep reference stats opened) My current build is Intel i5-6600 32 GB ddr4 Geforce 1050 TI (4GB ram) The only other game I play in last 3 years is Football Manager and its CPU intense not GPU so I have no idea about GPU really. I do use Photoshop frequently for work but my 32GB and SSD is more than okay for anything I do for work. Maybe someone else can help me if you don't know because I am thinking of an upgrade, should I go to 64GB of RAM or GPU uprade
  14. I was wondering about this. How much does video card matter and when does the game bottleneck with the GPU. So it sounds only when the city is very full of props and running active that the stress is on the GPU? I ask because while I have 32gb of RAM, I don't have a high end video card so I was wondering if I should upgrade that when I have a chance.
  15. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    These are truly awesome stuff! Reminds me of the old HBO show Carnivale. Do you have plans to release these on the workshop? I would love them in my 1993 Santa Norton.