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City-building game(s)

Found 33 results

  1. Hi Simtropolians, I'm building my home town, Berlin, with the help of your many mods and assets (I am using 70+ mods and 600+ assets). I started playing Cities:Skylines about 2 months ago and I'm enthused by the activity happening here and in the Steam Workshop. Thank you guys! I'm endeavoring to add some of my own custom assets to the Workshop, but I'm new to the entire process. I'm good at photoshop, but I suck at Blender! I booted blender for the first time last week, so I'm at the rough end of a steep learning curve. You guys have been very helpful to get me over a few stumbling points. Now I'm getting ready to publish a couple of items and I'd like to run them by you first. I'm trying to start simple, but even simple objectives seem to morph into week-long efforts. Please let me know how my work can be improved. I've got a Checkpoint Charlie cooking (check my screenshot stream on steam or on twitter, if you're interested), but let's start with the Rosinenbomber from the Deutsches Technikmuseum: I found a DC-3 model by Giovanni E and lifted it to the top of the stock library with some prop anarchy: I was happy to find a DC-3, but the model has some texture problems (the illumination map is always fully on) because it's an old model and was probably made before After Dark. In wanting to fix the lighting problem, I wound up re-texturing the entire model to specifically be the famous Berlin C-47 "Rosinenbomber," as well as adding some propellers. It's starting to look decent in-game, but I still have some shadowing issues that I'm working on around the windows. I'd like to improve the body texture so that it looks more silvery and less white in the sun (I'm using PhotoReal3 LUT and Daylight Classic mods). Here are my current diffuse and spec maps: How would I go about improving the look of the body surface? I'd like it to be more shiny and silvery. My next question is, what is a good approach to make the LOD model? Thx for looking & thx in advance for your suggestions. -Ami
  2. Hello. There is a problem. That would be clear, I'm making screenshots. I do not understand, how to put the skeleton on a mesh. I did шт the instructions on YouTube, it was a complete garbage. I chose different positions, but 100% of the match did not work out all the same. How to do it right?
  3. So, I have a small problem: I'm getting started in asset making and, as a start, decided to dump then edit the vanilla metro station model so that it occupies a 1x1 space instead of a 2x2. Here's the model in Blender, viewed from above and from underneath: When I import it as .obj into the game, I notice these lightning artifacts on the stairs and floorplate: How can I fix this? I tried remaking the affected triangles and remapping them, but that didn't work. Also, I noticed a similar problem in the raw dump made with modtools: I tried searching for this problem on the web, but didn't find any exact results. Maybe I'm being a dunce and missing something obvious
  4. Hello, I have recently tried to model for Cities: Skylines. I have made a model in sketchup and I'm trying to convert it to Blender. The model shows up just fine, however, I keep failing in making an UVW map. I don't know what I am doing wrong because I have followed multiple tutorials doing exactly what they do. But my UVW map just never shows up. I select the building, scale it, then I create a new UV map, then Mesh > Edges > Mark Seam. Then I unwrap it but it doesn't show up. I hope anyone can help me figuring out what's wrong.
  5. Howdy all, Finally got a computer that can run skylines without it looking like a slideshow. Decided to fire up the old Blender and give a go at making assets. This is Suburban Station from Philadelphia. (the suburban trains terminated here, the station itself is certainly not suburban) Six tracks, underground. Direct underground pedestrian connections -- no more tedious under/overpasses. Still needs a lot of work, might be able to release this week, though. Questions for y'all: a. How do I get trains to stop in the right place? Right now they stop halfway in the station, and not centered on the platform. The platforms are long enough, I think. b. Is there a way to display transit lines underground? With 6 tracks to choose from it's really difficult to figure out where I'm putting lines. (I might reduce it to four tracks for ease of use if not.) EDIT: for reference, ~5500 polys and currently a 1024 x 512 texture sheet which will probably increase to 1024 x 1024
  6. Hi, I haven't posted here before. I've been building a version of Amsterdam Central Station and I need some help. I have the main building as a single asset and two sub-buildings make up the platforms. I created the model before the asset editor supported sub buildings, and placed them with sub-building enabler. However, when I try to place them with the asset editor I cannot place them precisely enough and things end up a little bit offset creating a visible seam. Are there any tricks to control the placements of sub-buildings precisely?
  7. Hey all! I've been following this forum for a while now and all your amazing creations inspired me to start building assets myself. The first building is almost finished - a 3 track train station, as seen below (props for the person to recognise the station it's based on). I still have a few problems with it though, so bear with me: 1. The game is creating floors inside the building on its own. There's not even a vertex with the same z-coordinate where it's creating an xy plane inside the building. Is this something that's generated on purpose by the game? The floors are assigned the same textures as the roof of the building. They can be seen through the windows and are positioned about halfway behind the windows. 2. My sims are not using the third platform. I'm using the single station track with a platform on the left side of the track (relative to the direction it was laid). I thought it had to do with the pedestrian connections that I've laid down, but they are using the second platform which is accessed by the same pedestrian connection. 3. Speaking of pedestrian connections... I'd much prefer a rendered underground tunnel to the half-assed building I have there now but the game isn't letting me (it pushes the whole model upwards). How do I go about doing that? I know Joak uses them in his train stations, how did he do that? Any help regarding one of these questions would me much appreciated! Feedback on the model is also welcome by the way... it's my first time using blender and gimp. The textures aren't final either (mainly the roof and supports need work) but I've yet to learn how to use bump maps.
  8. Welcome! This topic is meant to be a sort of database for my upcoming and future projects, and a place to discuss them. RULES: No Profanity Be Respectful to All Keep Posts Relevant to the Topic
  9. Finally got the courage and interest to attempt to create some buildings myself. My first building is a 24 story modern art deco (but rather bland) office tower, but when i import it with the asset creator it is totally squeezed together, like all the 24 stories exist but the building is at least only 1/3 of it's height in Blender. Any help :D? EDIT;
  10. I am new to 3D modelling and not a lot of experience with texture maps. So it took me a long time to debug a problem with the illumination map output from Mod Tools dump. I do not think this is necessarily a problem with Mod Tools as it did not happen on the European models I dumped with it. The problem had first occurred with other models I had modified with Blender. To isolate the problem, I dumped a couple of asset buildings with Mod Tools and then went straight to the Asset Editor, Import to check out the problem. No blender processing, I imported the dumped .obj files directly to asset editor. Below you see the results with the original built-in asset on left side of streets and the Editor imported version of exactly the files that were dumped on the right side of the streets. At night some of the dumped/imported assets appeared to be randomly ALL lit up at night. Being a newbie to modeling it took me a while to focus on the illumination map. In the dumped illumination map almost all the mask value were 225 (= lights ON ALL over). It should have been 192 for neutral, i.e. no light at night. Changing the illumination map values from 225 to 192 with my graphics program (Paintshop Pro) fixed it.
  11. Hiya! I made a model of Albi's Sainte Cécile cathedral in the south of France in Blender, then tried to make the texture for it. The texture didn't work out but I didn't look into it as much because I had another problem: the model, once imported into the asset editor, was all squashed. I tried reducing the size of it but it still got squashed. And now when I try to select it in the asset editor, it crashes the game. I'm not sure why this is happening, and I'd appreciate any help on this topic! This is my model (I kept it simple) :
  12. So I have a model I am working on but this one corner of it gets a REALLY dark shadow. It is uvmapped the same as the other faces, the normals are facing right, it's not inset in the wall.. I just don't get it? It's driving me nuts. The shadow goes away if I put a light on it.. In blender I tried recreating the face and unwrapping it again to no avail. I don't know what else to try? It's definitely a shadowing issue because it goes away if I move the sun just right, or put a light on the area at night.
  13. I am new to 3d modeling. I have successfully used Blender to make extensive modifications to some existing models dumped vie ModTools. I have noticed that all the models have about a 1 meter "skirt" that extends down underground from the outside walls. I assume this is in case the model is placed on a slope and some of it is exposed then there won't be a hollow section. However in some cases the models have pretty extensive underground sections using a lot of tris matching all the detail above ground. If my assumption is correct, can't I just have a single piece (2 tris) covering the whole side wall? Here's I picture of a garage model showing all the extra tris below ground (the red line). In this case they are also double walled. Can I get rid of them for more efficiency? Should I replace with a single double tri underground piece?
  14. Hey guys - I was hoping to pester some experienced Blender users or anyone with good knowledge and techniques on UV Unwrapping assets in 3D modeling programs. I haven't created assets in a long while and one thing that always bugged me was the difficulty I had in matching up textures to the UV's. I've wondered how other asset users unwrap buildings and other assets so that when applying textures these textures match up nicely with one another with minimal individual UV island manipulation by hand. I've made a lot of mediocre assets but this is a technique that I've struggled at especially with buildings that have symetrical or identical textures on the buildings themselves. Unfortunately I do not have the full images of the UV Unwrapping screen but I do have an example of an asset I did a long while ago that can maybe be a good example at what I'm talking about: I seem to have a lot of trouble when applying my diffuse texture to a model to get all the "pieces" to match up correctly. Part of me believes this is a UV Unwrapping issue in conjuction with how I model the geometry on the mesh, in that however I unwrap the geometry doesn't seem to "match" with the textures so that requires me to manipulate the UV's way too much and in some instances I can never get them perfectly aligned. I will easily be able to provide any more details on the UV unwrapping and I hope I'm making sense about this. Ideally I'd like to see or hear any advice or recommendations on how some more experienced modelers unwrap and texture your UV's so that when you actually apply them to your model things end up working out. I've been familiar with the "tiling" concept but I still get a bit confused on how to arrange a diffuse texture to maximze the advantages of this system. I assume things that can be tiled should be stretched vertically or horizontally completely across the diffuse space so that when UV's extend beyond, the same texture is displayed. I always end up running into problems with space and texel density in this fashion. When I say "texel density" I mean I end up having to stretch or scale the UV's beyond what they or the other UV's have in pixel density on the texture and they end up displaying on the model oversized or undersized depending on how I'm stretching the UV's. I also understand that this may be a lot to answer and a lot more questions can arise from how I'm actually doing this so if I can provide a video, a GIF, more images, or more explanations on what I'm trying to achieve I'm more than happy to do so. The end result is I want to make better, higher quality assets, that don't have to over compensate for my lack of UV Unwrapping skills with more geometry and crappier textures. Thanks in advance everyone!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create my first prop. I can import my model from Blender to asset editor without any problems. Scale is fine, texture in blender looks good. When I open my model in C:S the textures change color, looks like the brightness is going all the way up (or something else). I'm creating asphalt textures and the color is way different than the original texture. I want to create a props to cover the spaces on the nodes (highway without road markings). Here are some screenshots. 1..The model in Blender - colors look like the original asphalt texture from the game 2.In game prop, plopped over the 2 lane highway - becomes very blueish.... I'm a total newbie in Blender, I watched few tutorials and so far that is it. Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions.
  16. I have a few old .max files that I would like to convert to a Blender friendly format (.dae, .obj or .3ds I guess?). If you could help me out I'd be super grateful! If you're up for it, add me on Steam and I'll send you a download link.
  17. So, I recently finalized my first set of 3d highway signs for cities skylines. Being a new modder, without the extensive knowledge of programming languages, I'm aware that uploading a bunch of individual models with similar images isn't the best way to go about. However, my results so far I assume aren't so bad. Certainly there is some difficulty in getting these into the Steam Workshop in a stress free manor but maybe I'm being overly cautious. Anyway, here are some images of my results so far. At some point over winter break, i'm in college btw, I'd like to release a maritime set with a wake sign and navigational markers.
  18. Hello everyone! My first post here. I'm in the need of some assistance. I'm making a metro/subway entrance based of the ones seen in Fukuoka, Japan (where I currently live and study). This is also my first attempt modding Cities Skylines, the second game I've ever modded. I'm using Blender. So what's the problem? After reading and watching tutorial after tutorial I finally managed to get my model into the game, diffuse and illumination textures working. However, the stairwell leading down gets cut by the ground. The ground clips into the model. I took a look at the vanilla metro entrance model and it has stairs leading down without the ground clips into it I've tried a couple of different methods to solve the problem but none has succeeded. I've tried to create a platform like the vanilla entrance, didn't work. I've tried to change the position of the origin point into different places, didn't work. I found a "cheat" solution and that is placing a black plane in front of the stairs so it looks like the stairs are leading into darkness. But only one or two steps are visible. It looks quite bad to be honest. I also have a little problem getting the scale and orientation correct. Every time I load the model into the asset editor, I have to rotate the model 3 times before it stands up correctly. The model is very very tiny however, so I must scale it to 32 which gives a somewhat good result in game. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  19. Hello everyone I hope you are well, I want to ask several questions about creating mod for Cities Skylines. First I have to say that I am using the following programs for them. 3ds Max 2014 SketchUp 2014 Blender 2.74 Ok my first question is for SketchUp What are the dimensions to make any type of object should take. For I have heard a lot about that if you make the measure 16x16 'in the game that is 4x4 if you do it 8'x8' is 2x2 and do not quite understand that serefiere these dimensions. But in my creation I created a table in 3ds Max 2014 with its texture but the moment the game gives me an error and I close the game otherwise shown but without the texture and another nothing is displayed and another It's too big. I have seen several tutorials and do exactly what they do but still have the same problem, or mentioned errors. finally someone could put the dimension table to follow as the game is 4x4, 2x4 ... etc.
  20. Hi there... a bit nervous to make this thread. I am very new to 3D, but I'm finding it pretty fun to create buildings for CS. Being so new, my models are pretty simple, and boy do I feel way inferior to all of the creators out there. But it is a learning process, which is why I wanted to put this thread out there! I feel I've gotten decent at keeping tris low on my simple buildings, but struggle with the LOD and overall nice texturing. One thing I'm so annoyed about is how white-washed or over saturated things appear in the asset editor.. I just request that any advice given is with this in mind. I use Blender and Photoshop. Photoshop I'm fluent in as I use it for work, but I barely grasp blender lingo yet So anyway. Here is the first thing I ever made, and these are from last year before I took a long break from CS. It's a chapel based on one called the Anthony Chapel I once visited. I found it a beautiful place and wanted to kind of recreate it, but the entire building is pretty much glass and doing that in CS made it lose a lot of it's charm so I had decided to create it with no windows/glass. Maybe it looks a bit silly like that. Heres an actual photo: (Workshop) Next, I did this bell tower thing. (Workshop) Then a huge cathedral. (I guess I went on a church like spree) (Workshop) A growable commercial building, meant to be a cafe (Workshop) That's what I did last year. I did these two buildings this week, two high residential apartments: (Workshop) (Workshop) There are a few other things in my workshop, but these are the ones I'm most happy with. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to join the community a bit more, I've found a lot of useful information here and appreciate it a lot. I hope to continue updating this thread with more releases soon Thinking of doing some commercial buildings.
  21. Hi everyone. I am a total beginner at modeling and I have a problem with smooth shading on my project in Blender. I am creating my assets in Sketchup then importing them to Blender for texturing and (hopefully) smooth shading. I'm doing this because my models are fairly simple and I'm much more at ease with Sketchup (I'm not planning on getting serious with modeling so I don't think that's an issue). The issue I have is that smooth shading doesn't work on the models I import. I have tried with the default cube and it works fine, so it might be related to Sketchup but I have no idea what it could be... Any idea about what causes this? Thanks for your help and have fun with Cities Skylines!
  22. Hi everyone, been a very long time since I posted here (since sc4 days) but I've been trying to get into modeling for skylines. I can't afford 3dmax and really don't care for sketchup, so I've been spending the last week trying to learn blender. I'm having a lot of trouble though because most all the tutorials and resources out there are just general tutorials, not really focused on making things for skylines, which have a few requirements and obviously a lot of "best practices" and tricks to make things efficient and do night lighting and all that. A few of my friends make models for skylines, but they all use 3dmax and photoshop, not the poor mans blender and gimp like I'll be using so can't really help me that much. What I'm really looking for is just someone I could maybe chat with in some real-time setting and help me through the basics of the process from starter-box to in-game asset. I've watched youtubes on the subject, read articles, but they always gloss over important steps or I'm just not getting things. Just hoping to find someone or a group of someone's who could chat on irc or google or what ever format and give me some real-time help here and there.
  23. Greetings fellow humanoids and city-builders! I have, for quite some time, been following all the amazing creations that you've been making, and first of all, I want to say thanks to all of you for your awesome assets and supportive attitude, you've really made Cities Skylines a much better game . As you'll likely notice, I'm new, and I have also been interested in creating models for the game for quite a while. I want to create more modern, even futuristic, buildings (not sci-fi, just high-tech-eco-buildings), and more modest and realistic modern buildings, and some larger structures (like malls, apartment complexes, public service buildings, schools, modern factories) if I can (once I get the hang of it), and some other random things maybe. I will probably take a long time to make and publish things, though. I, however, have almost no experience with using 3D Modelling software and texturing, and virtually no experience programming (it's the idea that counts, right?). So, having seen how many of you have given your support to others, I'll be uploading progress and be looking for help here, so I can make "good" quality assets. I do have Blender, and I'll be using that for modelling. So, I know there are many resources here for help, which I'll be using, but if anyone can give me pointers as to which topics, articles, etc. I should prioritise consulting, and where to start, being such a newbie, I would be very grateful. Cheers Also, I would like to mention that my computer's specs are barely enough to even run the game (integrated graphics, I know ), so, above all, I will take priority in making sure my models are as efficient as possible so as to not lag my own computer to death. So any recommendations to make a model lighter would be very welcome.
  24. Hello Ladies and gentlemen,like the title told you i m a newcomer in the game and i kinda get addicted to it:).But more than the game ,i've been stunned by the quality of some of the mods and custom building made by the community. So one thing to another i started reading guide on how such assets were made,my curiosity kept growing until last night when i downloaded Blender and tried to create my first 3D object took me 4 hours to learn about a few basics commands and finally i managed to build a ladder Far from being discouraged, but well i guess you know the feeling , i was kinda overwhelmed by the astronomic content my brain had to absorb just to get a very simple object out of this program and learn a fewkeybind. So here is my question/offer,does any of you has time to spare to teach a complete newbie like me the basics of assets creation and give me simple exercices focused on assets creation for CS (blender can do much more ,but well my goal isnt to get a job at pixar), in return i'm more than willing to help you back with grunt work for yours projects . Basiccaly i'm looking for a master >apprentice relationship were both parties have something to gain from it,so let me know if you re interested .In the mean time i m going to keep practicing by myself ,and try to improve my skills, but well i definitivly have the feelings that i'd save a lot of time and efforts doing it that way. I hope i do not sound too cocky, landing here and asking for a special treatment . I'm perfectly aware some or most of you learned by themselves and may not see that approach in a favorable way,but hey you do not know unless you try. That's pretty much it, so let me know if spending a few hours teaching a newbie is something you re interested in . Cheers have fun, and see you soon .

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