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  1. HBS Mall del Sur

    Found my addition to my growing city of "Phoenix, AZ".
  2. Q1, Goldcoast, Australia

    Beautiful *tear*
  3. Building and designing

    So I've been on Simtrpolis for years downloading away and now that its a new year, I would like to learn how to make BATs. I have my eye on Las Vegas hotels and resorts which would be a feat but I could do it. So my questions are how do I start and where are some good tutorials located? What tools would I need and what should I already be familiar with?
  4. Memph's BAT Thread

    Hmm. I want to learn how to model building too. Can't find any good tutorials or tutors. Haha I have my eye on Las Vegas hotels which would be a feat.
  5. BATs by Bipin

    Good stuff man. Can't wait!
  6. BATs by Bipin

    Will these homes be released as growables? Something like mattb325 did with his homes....that would be epic!
  7. London Bridge Quarter- The Shard and Place

    Sweet......Jesus....... *tear* Its beautiful.
  8. mipro

    Beautiful stuff.
  9. 3D MODEL - Bank Of Canada Toronto

    I have 3DS Max 2014. I could maybe do something with it. idk. lol
  10. 11 King Street West

    fantastic job sir.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Oh wow. I was just looking for that stadium a couple of days ago. Sad stuff.
  12. Bowman Gray Stadium

    Dudeeee. Awesome to finally see something from my area (The Triad). Yeeee great work! I live in Greensboro btw.
  13. United Nations Building

    Best BAT yet!! Masterpiece!
  14. Bank of America Plaza

    omg. i have been waiting for this for awhile. looks great!
  15. Popeyes Chicken

    My sims are gonna be fat. hahaha. This is awesome.