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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I have made a model in SketchUp ,see image, and I want make the UV map in 3ds Max. Importing the model from SketchUp to 3ds Max goes normal (saved the model as sketchup version 8 and used the import function in 3ds). When i open de uvw unwrap modifer and use the option flatten mapping it appears that the model has a lot of flat polygons, see image. Any idea what caused this or is this normal?
  2. An asset i'm working on is having a weird light glitch that i first thought was because of the specular mask or something. I know it's most likely the police lights causing it, it only happens when the police lights are on and it seems the rotation of the lights light up certain parts of the car too. I'm guessing maybe the police lights are positioned awkwardly or in the center? But i don't know where to begin in asset editor because when you position the police lights, you can't see the police lights while you're doing it like you can with headlights.
  3. Hi i need help with an asset of mine, the wheels seem to flicker from completely shadowed to not shadowed whenever the car moves ingame. I was completely stumped on what the issue could be because in 3dsmax the wheels looked completely fine. But then i noticed something in the shading and realistic view, from a certain angle the wheels are completely shadowed just like ingame. I tried making the wheel's mesh more flat and making the wheels bigger but no luck, any other ideas? I'm not too experienced with all of this yet.
  4. I've just come across a post by @Reddonquixote over on SC4D, it would appear our problems with using BAT4Max on newer 3DS max releases are over. In one of the scripts is a reference to a function that was removed entirely from 3DS Max, it would appear that trying to call this function was causing the scripts to fail on newer 3DS Max releases. Now of course right now, this isn't hugely tested so I don't want to jump the gun, but it seems if 3DS 2017 works with this fix, then it should work for earlier affected versions, am I right in saying that's 2016, possibly 2015 too? Anyhow, all credit obviously goes to RDQ for finding this problem, but rather than everyone edit their scripts. I've made a patched file you can simply use to replace the one with the faulty reference (attached). Instructions (Readme included with fix also): Download/Install BAT4Max as usual Find the install location for the scripts included with BAT4Max Default = 3DS MAX INSTALL DIR\gamepacks\BAT\scripts Copy the included SF_LtbL_functions.ms file, overwriting the original Remember to backup the original (just in case), by copying/moving it elsewhere outside of the 3DS Max install path Lastly, if you've not already don't so, don't forget to also get the Gamma Fix for 3DS Max from here too: Disclaimer: I personally use 3DS Max 2011, so have no way of testing this fix. But it can't cause any harm, it either works or it doesn't. Worst case scenario, restore the original file and you are back to square one (i.e. it still doesn't work). Lastly, please can those who might make use of the patch confirm if it works and which version of 3DS Max they've applied the fix too. This will help greatly with troubleshooting the issue for other users and helping ensure 3DS Max can be used for batting models into the future. BAT4MAX_Fix.zip
  5. Night Light on 3ds Max

    Hi guys, Do you know any good tutorial that explain how to create and export night scenes on 3ds Max? I am using BAT4MAX and 3ds Max 2012. The only tutorial I found was for GMAX. Appretiate any help. Thanks!
  6. Greetings!!! I have been a member of this site for a while now but I have not been active for quite some time, nor have I played SC4 for quite a while now. I have decided to get back into the game once again. Not only am I looking to play, I am also looking to create some models for the game as well and I was wondering what I should use for this. I used to use gMax for my modeling but I have seen posts where others are using 3dsmax for their modeling. Which is better? gmax or 3dsmax? If you suggest 3dsmax, where is a good place to get it? Do I need anything to go with it like Bat4Max in order to export it to SC4? Thank for your input. P.S. If I posted in the wrong forum, my apologies, please move to correct forum.
  7. Reaching out to you all

    Hello Simtropolis! I have been a member here for 5 years (Officially on 18th of December), and I know I have had my ups and downs with everyone, but I need your help with some things, if you guys do not mind giving me some advice. (Particularly the college graduates or current college students.) I am in my first semester of college as of right now, but I am still confused on what I want to go to college for, or what I need to be looking for. I come from a small town of around ~1000 people, so my resources are fairly limited. The small college I am at right now offers nothing in the Architecture department, nor does it offer anything in design of building or structures. What i am curious, is if you guys could give me some advice on what areas I need to look into, as I am very interested in something I can use my 3ds Max experience with, and my love for making buildings/designing. Anything helps, and I am very thankful for any help I may get, thanks again!
  8. Hello. I would like to ask a small request to the community. I need to convert a gmax file to a 3ds max file using this method. However, I do not have gmax installed, so I can't use this method. I still have the original gmax file though. Would someone be willing to convert it for me? The file is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/06pf2e26ddj7fhr/I%24%24industrial_factory_For_sim_marscopysav3.gmax
  9. I can't get my head around this... Please explain to me how do I tile part of a texture while keeping the UV mapping in place in 3dsMax with only 1 map channel? When I apply a uv map mod on a polygon I can tile it any way I want, but it resets my uv mapping I did using the "unwrap UWV " mod on that single texture and when I drag the uv map to it's original position it resets my tiling. UV mapping is already a giant pain in the ass, I wish they just kept this in 1 interface.
  10. 3dsMax doubt

    Hey everybody, I'm gonna start learning how to use 3dsMax to begin creating bats but my question is, You can import 3DsMax creations to SimCity 4?, there are some tutorial?, im a $%&^! in this sorry
  11. A request for all BATers.

    Unfortunately, this file is no longer availible. Where can I get it? This one is for Gmax. Can someone convert it into 3dsmax format? Does anyone have a copy of the SimMars roof junks, and would be willing to share it with me? It would be nice to have this file availible in 3dsmax format for all BATers.
  12. Hello and Welcome! I'm launching this thread to announce my, at this time, limited return to BATing after a 10 year hiatus. I've started this thread for the purpose of displaying developments, soliciting advice and/or help, and general support for all of my lots, both past and present. You may consider this the logical successor to my previous project in a past life, Operation Buffalo Wing, and to an extent you would be correct. However, life changes a lot in 10 years, and circumstances are such now that I may not be able to keep up the pace and dedication to the task that I may once have been able to. Also, as the erstwhile project was to some extent a group project, this likely will not. Scope: My primary focus is correcting varying aspects of just about (if not) every BAT I created that have always bugged me. Some of them are things that were unavoidable at the time. Others became apparent after release and I just never got around to and/or had an opportunity to fixing them. Finally, the real-life counterparts of some have changed over the course of the intervening decade, warranting updates to the models. Once that phase is complete, my next endeavor would be to finish at least a few of the several projects I started but never finished. There are no fewer than 8 such projects. At least 3 of them are ridiculously close to completion. But let's not put the cart before the horse just yet! All of my projects are recreations of existing structures and will continue to be. I just don't have the right level of creativity to come up with something original, nor do feel compelled to try on account of the vast talent already present in the community toward that niche. Additionally, nearly all of my projects have and will continue to focus on the City of Buffalo in particular and Upstate New York in general. Effort: One of my problems is that I'm a perfectionist and I easily get bogged down in minutiae. I need to make an effort to avoid that - along with an explosion of real life, it's one of the primary reasons I haven't created anything in 10 years. I simply burned out. On top of that, despite having considerable free time, I don't have as much as I once had. I also have never really ever focused on actually playing the game and that (along with maintaining a City Journal) is something I want to focus on as well. That said, I'm motivated enough to dedicate at least portions of a few days a week to the BAT. Assistance: There are a few aspects of custom content for which I will be seeking assistance. Off the top of my head, they are: Lotting. I stink at it, plain and simple. It's the achilles heel of my released projects.Modding. As an example, one of my existing lots features night lighting which changes with the time of the year. I have no idea how this was accomplished (credit goes to Smoncrie) and any update to the lot is going to require that effort to be replicated (or updated). Additionally, I would like to create a new custom query.I realize there are tutorials for some of these things, so maybe I'll be able to attempt and succeed at them on my own. But for now I'd like to serve notice that I may solicit assistance at some point(s) going forward. Enough of that; let's see where this takes us!
  13. I saw many vids in YouTube but they are too confusing. Do you Batters have any secret tutorial for 3dsMax Stair & Railing which is easy & simple. I am a newbie, I am still learning the basics of 3dsMax.
  14. Version


    Thank you for choosing Bipin's Industry Essentials pack! This download comes packed with four growable and ploppable warehouse and factory outbuildings, three smokestacks, a massive cooling tower, two utility buildings; one for power and one for water, as well as the essential transit-enabled lots for an HD, grungy road that may be plopped over the standard Maxis ones to give some old-time appeal! Furthermore, some filler items and extra props for the lotters out there are included. This is my largest upload to date. Don't forget to check out the pictures to see what's in store. You can expect to see "Vol. 2 - The Rust Belt" soon. Also be sure to check out my thread to see what's coming up after this: community.simtropolis.com/topic/46654-bats-by-bipin/?view=getlastpost Required Dependency Links: http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/wmp_power_lots.html http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27701-paengs-gridbuster-warehouses-vol01/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26504-wmp-allotment-set/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26425-paengs-grunge-concrete-set/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28814-paengs-grunge-ind-alleys/ Optional Dependency Link: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27200-light-replacement-mod-lrm-v40-mega-pack/ Psst... I hope you enjoy this little Festivus/Christmas present Simtropolis. I've been pretty ill recently, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from giving all you deserving members out there a gift!
  15. Hello, I have made this thread for people who need help with 3dsmax, or gmax. Everyone is welcome to join to help each other. Everyone who is feeling to share a trick in 3dsmax or gmax is also very welcome
  16. 3D MODEL - Bank Of Canada Toronto

    Version 1.0


    THIS IS A 3D MODEL. DOWNLOADING THIS FILE WILL NOT MAKE BUILDING APPEAR IN SimCity. FOR 3DSMAX USERS ONLY. Bank Of Canada - Toronto This is a 100% fictional building I created summer 2013 as an experiment in using different techniques on creating glass (as a quick tutorial for members in chat). The Simtropolis chat community loved it so much they asked for it to be exported in the game. Unfortunately I have no intention of exporting this building. With the cleaning of my computer, this is better uploaded to the Simtropolis community. This scene has a real good taste of how I actually create my glass for my exported buildings! Download at your own risk. STATS: Poly count: 1,685,955 (high, mainly due to tree foliage) Dependencies Included: Y Created in: 3dsmax 2012 x64 Compatibility: Unknown Lighting Rigs: Let There Be Light (2012) by Simfox File size (decompressed): 84.5 MB in 4 files File Extension: ".max" Permission to re-upload: Y (but with credit) Author's note(s): I made this really quick during chat on ST, so it wasn't as clean as I usually intend by buildings to be. In other words, don't mind the mess! haha Visit the "Skyscrapers Galore! " thread under "Bat - Open Discussion" for more projects! , Kellydale2003
  17. Designing for Dummies 2

    ok so im seriously not understanding what to do. i have 3ds max 2013, i know how to use it well and have built a model i just have absolutely no idea what to do and could use some good step be step help from opening a model to saving the final thing in the plugins folder as a file to use in the game. the model is already set. . . i just dont know what to do with it to get it to the sc4pim which i am still trtying to learn aswell. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! if sameone made a video tutorial i'd be ever so grateful!!!!!! thanks all
  18. BAT Soapbox

    Greetings! I'll ask everyone to bear with me here while I try once again to produce some BAT's, and hopefully get a few of them onto the STEX this time perhaps... Since I don't expect my presence to be known by anyone outside the ST live chat room, I'll just say that some many ages ago I attempted to kick-start a BAT thread which never got anywhere and I've staggered into BAT'ing on and off since. I have a limited knowledge when it comes to working in 3dsmax and everything I know I taught mostly myself, however I'll mainly be doing most projects I think with Gmax, so forgive my potential crudeness... Now to business - I've gathered the courage to start this thread and face the criticism (I hope) of the now very experienced and professionally BAT community so that I can finally contribute at last... by this I mean strictly Toronto BAT's, for now at least. However I don't have anything really I can post here yet, I do apologize if this thread turns out to be a little pre-mature, but as I am still busy in the real world I'll be sure to make the time to get something to show after the weekend when I get to really sit down and hammer something out... Looking forward to having something to show later and hear what you guys think! Cheers!
  19. I've seen people use 3DSMAX for BATs. I have looked on all the SimCity websites and nothing I have found shows me how to do this. I need help!!!!

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