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  1. B62 Remastered - High's Store

    High's, a Maryland institution! Happy to see this come to SC4! Thank you very much!
  2. @Cacciatoria: There is a very nice, full-size map of Raleigh on sc4devotion.com or on this site, although I don't explicitly remember. There are also tons of maps of Southern cities/towns ranging from Mobile, AL to Charlotte, to Asheville and many, many more. As far as buildings go, JBsimio, C.P., and SimGoober have created a lot of buildings reminiscent of the South. A lot of C.P.'s buildings have that Antebellum/Charleston vibe. For more modern buildings, NDEX developers did a great job re-creating some of the skyscrapers in Atlanta and Charlotte, and SimGoober made a nice recreation of one of the tallest buildings in Columbia, SC. There are numerous plant props on sc4devotion that let you plant trees throughout the South......Live Oaks, Loblolly/Long-leaf Pine/palms/etc. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. Charleston: The Citadel

    Thanks @kschmidt! I appreciate your kind words! Those playing fields are basically fillers until I figure out something else to put there. The buildings I used as The Citadel's barracks is the Palacio Real in Madrid, Es. These were closest buildings I could find in SC4 to replicate The Citadel's barracks, as I haven't found anything similar to The Citadel's architecture: And here is the actual, real-life, campus of the college: *Sources for all images was a Google Search for The Citadel
  4. Charleston: The Citadel

    Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to the latest entry to "Southern Cities!" This entry introduces my very loose, fictional recreation of The Citadel: Military College of South Carolina, a senior military college in Charleston. My version is still a work in progress, as there are still a few things to add. The last few pictures showcase the North Charleston Botanical Park and Pond, which features numerous trees found throughout South Carolina's Low Country. Without further adieu, here is The Citadel: Here is the parade ground surrounded by barracks housing the college's cadets, as well as academic buildings, library, and the field house. The parade ground itself is surrounded by numerous Live Oaks. Here is the view of the Ashley River, with decorative cannons facing the river, over the marshes. The northern corner of The Citadel, surrounded by homes and businesses. Separated from the outside world by a decorative fence. Entry is restricted to two, guarded gate-houses to keep the cadets inside : The stadium where The Citadel Bulldog's play football, soccer, and lacrosse games: Eastern portion of the campus, abutting more marshland (still a WIP): Here is the North Charleston Botanical Park and Pond during autumn: Gravel parking lot at the Park, across the street from some very nice, historic houses: The park has several dirt paths to ride your bike, or go for a jog. There are also some ball-courts for soccer/rugby/lacrosse, and tennis: Hope you enjoyed this entry, stay tuned for additional entries!
  5. 18 - Sunnyville Part 2 & The Northern Pass

    Very nice! Looks like a relaxing spot to love/visit. Your usage of Maxis Highways is very well-done!
  6. Show Us Your Small Towns

    My recently created town of Port Tobacco:
  7. Update 34- The Foothills Update

    Awesome looking suburbs. Where did you get the football stadium in this image?
  8. United States of Simerica (USN)

    Awesome farms and skyscrapers! I like the region map too! Keep up the great work!
  9. Entry no.35 - Spaghetti Junction version 2.0

    That is one insane interchange complex! I love it!
  10. Council Chambers and Civic Center

    This is beautiful! I love it! This will look great in my cities, thank you so much! Maybe Azadi Square will be replicated in SC4 soon too!
  11. Fiat 500C

    YES!!! This is awesome! Thanks @airman15 and @Titanicbuff for requesting!
  12. Eastleigh- A Return

    Looking good! That is a sweet, albeit quaint, downtown!
  13. Parkland Lofts

    Beautiful! These will fit in nicely in my cities! Thank you so much for all of your amazing creations!
  14. Águas Claras

    Beautiful! Definitely has the feel of Rio or Fortaleza, I really like it! Now to sit back on that beach and drink some guarana, and eat some frango pasahrina!
  15. Beauty in Disquise

    Looks awesome! Really liking the mountains and the tram, can't wait to see more!