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A Redo-

Welcome back to Teddy City-
I decided to redo the city- I came up with better ideas to beautify the city. The city is now a forest side city, with some elements of its past remaining. Throughout you'll see the valley's and forests that make up this beautiful city.
We enter the city on the Kingston Interchange at Kingston Pkwy- While there's the Industry Row exit nearby, Kingston was designed to make exiting easy for people who come into this city and don't want to use the industry exit to get places. Designed with ease in mind, this exit is a great example of the infrastructure of the city.
A residential area on the north side of the city. These homes here are next to a high school, and homes go as low as $250,000 in a city with an average home cost of $675,000. These "affordable houses" are hard to come by on the market- and the market is hot in Teddy City.
Mixed use in the city- including a news station- News 3 RWGA and its tower occupy this area off K-97. These homes here are similar in price to those of the previous area, given the TV tower. However they are in an area thats less popular given the highway and tower.
Hospital Park- located at the Ashbury Medical Complex off K-95. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city itself, and a great location to live. Homes her are at a premium given the park, averaging around $456,500 for a 2 bedroom home.
Chamberlain Bvld and Warren Rd- again same neighborhood as before, but on the other side of K-95. And again homes come at a premium- higher in fact- averaging at $495,000 for a 2 bedroom, these are older homes, but they fit in nicely with the surroundings. Close to schools, hospitals and stores, this is a neighborhood people want to live in. Its living at its finest.

Hope you enjoyed Tour 1.


Eastleigh- A return

I know its been a while, but its back- Teddy City CJ is now being updated- this time Eastleigh is being shown again. If you recall last time we showed a building that was being constructed- well this time its completed.

Horman Field. Used still today, this 1899 baseball stadium is home to the minor league Eastleigh Dragons. Located in a forested area of the city, it maintains its original look. However less people attend the games unlike in years past. Sure its reached a slump, but what event doesn't?
Downhurst Mall. Located near downtown, Downhurst Mall is a popular shopping spot. Gracefully designed, it looks out of place in a way in this town.
Greatmore Shopping Center- This is the place that was under construction the last time- it opened on March 1, 2016 and is so far a success.  Those people who are on lunch nearby converge here. Its a wonderful edition to an already beautiful city.
Downtown- off Amstead Interchange, downtown Eastleigh is a small area. Buildings here are not allowed to get to tall, as an ordinance in the city prohibits high-rise construction. Still, its a gorgeous edition that maintains the small town atmosphere of this beautiful city.

Hope you enjoyed the return of Sim City 4- I know I've been focused on Skylines, hopefully I'll have more Sim City updates soon.



Welcome to Eastleigh- This city is cute, quaint and friendly. An amazing atmosphere, this city is beautiful.


COMING 2016:  GREATMORE SHOPPING CENTER- The newest edition to the city, Greatmore Shopping Center is designed to blend in with the quaint feel of the city- its located behind Windlock Shopping Plaza and next door to Sams Club off Kings 46. It'll feature many prominent places.


The main exit into the city, it exits out onto Vickland Bvld, the main North South route on the west end. To the south is industry, but to the north the community shines. Shops line Vickland, showing just another example of the beautiful city. Amazingly designed, this city is designed to please.


Windlock Shopping Plaza anchor store- Target, opened in 2012, this Target is a popular shopping place for all your needs. In a nation where Wal-Mart is rare, Target shines clear.  Windlock is located on Galdwell Rd running along the mid section of this city. With no defined downtown, Eastleigh keeps its quaint looks, with mostly shopping and homes, and a riverside walking trail, Eastleigh is a must visit location in the Teddy City metro.

Hope you enjoyed your look at Eastleigh, a city with a small town feel.









Teddy City wishes to express its deepest sympathies to the people of Paris


May Paris heal quickly, May the French united, may the world stand by France in there time of need.


United SimNations: United with France



The Royal Palace shows the colors of France in respect and honor of the lost.


Parliament in mourning. Together they stand with the French


Vive La France!!!






Welcome back- sorry about the long hiatus- family life became a priority.Anyway I thought I'd show the first glimpse at how downtown Rockville is looking. With simple buildings rather then decorative, Rockville's downtown isn't as well known as Teddy City.
The city rail depot- Central Depot is downtown's main site. Its a landmark in the downtown area. Imposingly beautiful, Central Depot is among one of the most recognizable structures in the downtown area.
The Rockville Convention Center . Built in 2004, this structure is the first thing you come across as you enter the downtown area. it even features a restaurant that's open to the public 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  With exhibitions monthly, its never a dull moment here.
Midsized office buildings by the highway. These buildings house professional services such as law or psychiatric services. They are nothing special, but do have there purpose.
The general look of downtown. Simple structures, nothing real pretty. They make up the primary employment outside the rail industry. Employing 50,000+ people, downtown is the heart of the city.

Hope to show you more soon- bye for now.


[c]Rockville, VI- Regional capital of Viehie[/c]

Welcome to Rockville, Viehie. A railroad city and regional capital, this beautiful city is the heart of the nation. Located 50 miles northeast of Teddy City, Rockville is a lively place to live. With lots of jobs, the city is a hub for the economy.
The main employer of the city, Holly Railroad Corporation was founded in 1846 by James P. Holly (1801-1877). Today the city is the headquarters for the company.  With a national employment of 60k, Holly Railroad Corporation is the place to work.
One of several malls is Lambomm Mall. This mall is the largest mall in the city, complete with ground level and below ground parking, lots of shops, and beautiful decor.
The main entry into the city is at Cane Blvd.  Here is a mix of homes and commerce, and places for lodging, eating and shopping line this road. This is the main road in town.
Your typical design for residential areas in town. Homes in Rockville cost around $245,890 as a median price, making the city one of the most affordable city's in the nation.
Agland Park. One of the many parks in the city, Agland Park is an example of the beautiful design styles that make up the parks in the city. This park was designed in 1977 by Tyrell J. Cole, one of the city's top landscape designers.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of Rockville, VI

See you again soon.


North Teddy City: Teddy City's neighbor


Welcome to the city of North Teddy City. This city is mostly industrial in nature, but what you'll see is a different side of this city. Here we will focus on the more on the commercial aspects.

Need a place to stay when visiting? The city has many different lodging places to choose from. This Motel 8 is at 122 Helment Rd. It lies behind Win-Dixie's and across from a small strip mall. Its location on the south end also makes getting to Teddy City easy, and its right off the highway as well.
one of the many restaurants- Outback steakhouse. While new to the nation, Outback is proving popular for those looking for good food made to order. "Outback Steakhouse- No Rules, Just Right."
Embassies often appear in the area- this one belongs to Schulmania, a land of cats. Visiting cats can come here for feline friendly information. 



Disclosure: I am a member of the NAM Associates, and as a member you'll see things that you may not have seen yet. They are test parts and used for test purposes.

Teddy City- Residental Overlook


Welcome back to Teddy City- this time we will explore many neighborhoods that make up this city. The city is a beautiful city, and has many homes available. The average home price in Teddy City is $575,000 with as low as Welcome back to Teddy City- this time we will explore many neighborhoods that make up this city. The city is a beautiful city, and has many homes available. The average home price in Teddy City is $575,000 with as low as $150,000 for a fixer upper. Minimum wage in the nation is $14.50/hr and a median yearly wage for the city of Teddy City is around $75,000. This makes Teddy City one of the cities with the highest wages but a lower cost of living. 
50,000 for a fixer upper. Minimum wage in the nation is Welcome back to Teddy City- this time we will explore many neighborhoods that make up this city. The city is a beautiful city, and has many homes available. The average home price in Teddy City is $575,000 with as low as $150,000 for a fixer upper. Minimum wage in the nation is $14.50/hr and a median yearly wage for the city of Teddy City is around $75,000. This makes Teddy City one of the cities with the highest wages but a lower cost of living. 50/hr and a median yearly wage for the city of Teddy City is around $75,000. This makes Teddy City one of the cities with the highest wages but a lower cost of living. 
Welshbound Estates- A beautiful area located by Big Grove- a subdivision of working class homes, Welshbound Estates is a beautiful example of life in the city. Beautifully designed, easily seen from the highway, Welshbound Estates is a popular neighborhood for those looking for cheaper homes.
Rogers Park- Located along an industrial area, its less popular- still near Big Grove, this subdivision is an example of old style, in a modern world.

Both pictures are of Big Grove Subdivision- This middle class suburban area is near the highway and is a popular spot- located in a natural forest area that winds along the highway, Big Grove is a popular spot for those looking for a decent home at fair prices. Developed in 1989 this newer area is high demand. However finding a place to buy in Big Grove is hard to come by.
Typical residential designing in Teddy City. Lots of curvy roads, tree lined streets, and beautifully designed homes. The city is beautifully designed, thanks to this style of residential zoning.

Until next time- don't forget to comment and rate.


Disclaimer- I am part of the NAM Associates Group and so from time to time you may see things that are not part of the current NAM. They are a test model and are not available for release.

Welcome back. Lets continue our shopping trip in the city of Teddy City.
As I've said before the nation has no country owned grocery stores, only international stores. One of the most popular:
Located near the Royal palace is the Sheridan at Royal View- overlooking the royal estate, people can see the majestic beauty of the stately royal home from the balconies.
Hardrock Cafe of Teddy City- A great place to eat, Hard Rock Teddy City is one of only 2 in the nation. Its popularity in the US lead to its opening here in the capital city.
This shopping /center features Target, and is part of a major revitalization project. The Same project brought Hard Rock Cafe to the area. This area was once a bad nieghborhood filled with criminal activity. When Joe Bates became mayor in 1994 he ordered some new looks. It wasn't until current mayor Jim Denicavan took over that the new looks became reality. As of 2014 the area has over come its past and has looked to the future.

Well hope to see you again. Bye for now.


Let's Go Shopping: A look at the many stores in Teddy City



Disclaimer: I am a member of NAM Associates. From time to time you may see unreleased material in my CJ's that have been approved for showing to the public. They are yet unreleased unreleased items.


Like all cities Teddy City features many places to shop and do business transactions. The city is a mecca for business, and a great place to shop when shopping is needed. From retail to banking, you can get all in 1 needs in the city. 


Hardware: We all home home improvement projects. Teddyland features the US retailer Lowe's as a 1 stop location for everything- whether it be a new Dewalt Drill, or paint and painting supplies Lowe's of Teddyland is here for you when you need them. 


Small strip malls appear in many locations in the city. They feature anything you can imagine making shopping easier. Many feature large grocery stores as well as general merchandise type stores for your convenience.


Need cash or a loan? Royal National Bank is here for you. At RNB they feature free checking, interest free loans for 12 months and friendly staff for your very need. So stop in today and get to know your friendly hometown banker.


Buying groceries was never easier then your friendly one stop grocery stores- Sam's Club and Wal-Mart ae new to Teddyland, but already are proving they can compete with other stores. As Teddyland has no nationally operated stores they rely on other countries for grocery stores. Places like Win-Dixie, Safeway, Cub Foods, Kroger and more all making there homes and new headquarters in the nation they provide local jobs with long term stability for families around the nation.



Hope you enjoyed this look at Teddy City's shopping areas. More to come- Until next time. Goodbye.


Teddy City- Summer Time, Tourist Time



Disclaimer- I am a member of NAM- from time to time you may see things that haven't been released yet. Reader be advised.


Ah its summer, and summer in the city means tourists. An tourists mean dollars. The city thrives anyway, but even more at tourist season. Here are some of the favorite sites:



Parliament- Where the government officials meet and live. family apartments are on the 2nd floor while on the main floor are the 2 chambers and offices are. Located across the highway from the Royal Palace, Parliament is a beautiful site to visit. Its dome and Spire is seen clearly form the highway. This helps people find it, and its easy to find.


On the other side of the highway directly across from Parliament is the Friendship clock. Donated as a symbol of friendship between England and Teddy land it was placed at a park across from the royal palace. It was completed in 1878 by Sir John Edmond, a building contractor and designed by Sir Robert Hunt in London as a gift from the king himself.


The Chamber and Visitor Bureau and Convention Center. Need Tourist help? No problem, Just come here and go to room C for assistance for your tourism needs.


As a seismic prone area Teddy City is home to this building- the Royal Seismic Society (RSS). The RSS gives tours free of charge to anyone who wants to see how it works. Here your see the lab when experiments are done for early warning systems, seismic proofing and even the seismographs themselves. Its well worth the look.


For a visitors guide call: (09)5659-03446 today or visit teddycitytourism.co.tl


See you again soon.


Disclaimer: I am a member of NAM- throughout the CJ you may see things that are unreleased material and are approved for show- Reader now advised.


Welcome to Teddy City:

Up Next-A Random Look


Teddy City is a beautiful pace to live. And what your about to see shows its beauty. Each part of the city is unique to the next, and exploring is the only way to appreciate the city itself. By leaving the highways, a person can get lost but always end up where they started.


Royal Grove subdivision- This curvy neighborhood leaves people a bit dizzy. Located near the Royal Palace of King Fredrick the IV and Queen Emma, the neighborhood is a beautiful example of the urban planning the city allows.


The Royal residence itself- Called Packwell Palace it was built in 1200AD replacing an old 850AD castle. The Castle began falling into disrepair and need replacement- so the royal family decided to take down the castle and reuse the material on the new palace. After nearly being destroyed in several earthquakes, the royal family decided to retrofit the building- having it raised and placed on a rubber foundation to help the building roll. It was the first building in the city to be retrofitted. The royal family generously offered to bay for other buildings to be retrofitted for earthquakes, taking on 15 different buildings and paying the full cost.


One of the newest store in the nation- Target- This one opened in 2011 replacing the old warehouse discount superstore called Kelly's that once stood at the place. Kelly's lasted just 2 years as the shopping center opened in 2009. Target has become popular, and more are planned. Today 25 stores are in Teddyland itself, 7 in the metro area alone. This is a sign that the nations economy is going strong. 


See you again soon- Don't forget to comment and rate.




I'm Back- and this time with a new look to Teddy City. In this update I've chosen to show random neighborhoods and showcasing the majesty of this beautiful city.


City Limits Park- A multi city owned park, it shares its boundary with Tedsville- The park is the showcase of this neighborhood, and a popular spot to visit. No wonder, its gorgeously designed for everyones tastes.


Fulbrook Estates- A 1950s residential neighborhood, Fulbrook Estates has one dominating feature- A TV tower. Located off Kings 95 at the Kingston Pkwy exit ramp. Kingston is the main East/West road on the cities extensive North-end.


Kingston Pkwy and the Kingston Woods Mall Commercial area. The mall includes underground parking, and earthquake shelters. These same shelters are used for tornado's. The commercial area was designed in the 1990s as part of a rehabilitation project for the Kingston Woods neighborhood. Today its a reminder of its past, and a popular area for locals and tourists alike.


St. James Grove- A 1930s neighborhood on the North-west side of the city. Still along Kingston Pkwy. Today its a mixed middle and upper income area, but just as beautiful as the day it was designed.

Hope to see you in the next round. Goodbye for now.



Fly the Skies- See The World

Teddy City Intl. Airport Part 1

Welcome to Teddy City Intl. Airport. This beautiful airport is the nations largest and most beautiful. Here we will take a look at this amazing airport.

Designed in 1999 and completed in 2006 Teddy City Intl. is a welcoming airport. In part 1 we will see just a few parts of this amazing structure.


Jack Weber Terminal

As you arrive you encounter the Jack Weber Terminal- A beautiful terminal, It features fountains, statues and more and is compared as Roman in interior. Amazing art work dons the walls of this terminal fit for a king. Based of the Kings palace and a mixture of Roman and modern all in 1, this terminal is a place to seethat confused many


The National Airline for Teddyland is Taero Airlines- The new livery gets rid of the original TARROW that confused many over the years. Today the airport is based with its main hub here, its headquarters located in downtown Teddy City, The livery is a simple design, as a symbol of the nations humble beginnings. The concourse that holds the airline features a newly done glass facade, and painted gold like the livery.


A remnant of the past- The old 1940s airport is now the administration center for the airport. After all- they had to do something right? Attached to it is the airport police facility,complete with holding cells, interrogation rooms and a CSI unit.


The Freight Center At TCIA- Ordered something and asked for it overnight, well odds are it comes here- the Freight Center handles 67million tons a day of packages going all over the world- can you say busy.

Well that's the end of part 1- don't forget to put your tray tables in there upright and locked position upon leaving the plane, and watch your step.



Teddy City Demographics

Note: Game population is reflecting differently- as Teddy City is the nations largest city, seems odd to give the actual population of 412k.

City population:700,789(2012 Census)



Embassies are located in a tall sky scraper downtown. Some of them include Schulmania, Stepford Island, United States, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy and more. All are i nthe same structure downtown by the highway.


Transit: Transit is done through Metrans , the department in charge of all roads within the entire metro area. During rush hour, traffic jams around the downtown area are likely. However mass transit is popular here, and those people that take it take it free thanks to an ordinance that is designed for mass transit within the metro area to be free, those leaving the metro area pay a fee depending on distance.

The chart below is to nearby commuter cities that are not within Metrans regulations:

Rockville, VI-$45 per month per person, $30 for seniors for round trip.

Bower, VI- $50 per month, no discounts under city law for round trip.

Axbey, CB- $30 per month via Valley Trans or :35 per month through Metrans Extension.



Teddy City allows only 1 waterway to be traveled- Calibearer River, The river has metrans ferry service between riverside cities, and as seen here a tourist boat that gives tours, tugs tend to help near areas where erosion prevention has occurred. Strict Waterway laws mean that any trash in the river is forbidden and if caught the company in charge of the vessel is charged a fee for the actions of the person, furthermore, the person throwing the trash is fined $2000 for throwing trash over the rail of a ship and into the river, these laws are provided as a means to prevent water pollution. Other Waterway laws include:

All ships and boats must besound with no fuel leakage, oil leaks ect when passing through, vessels must provide a certificate of operation for said vessel good for 3 years and be certified for capacity not exceeding that of 500 people unless permissions granted to cruise ships be certified. All shipping companies must pay a fee yearly to help maintain river cleaning and should an accsident occur the blocking and dredging of the river. There are many more laws, but these are just a few.

Hope you enjoyed this update. See you soon.




New hope in a River City

Welcome to Kents riverside neighbor. Asher-On-Calibearer. This mixed use city is less attractive then Kent, but its bustling industry gives the city a new hope it didn't previously have. in the 1960s the city began to fail, many homes were vacated as the city began to fail. So the industry has helped the city recover.


Downtown Asher-On-Calibearer. Like the rest of the city it began a decline that needed recovery. Nearby lies the main industrial sector, but the mid rise buildings provide commerce and housing for the city's residents to enjoy. A park was added in the 1980s as part of a revitalization project. This shows what a city can do when citizens stay and make it a better place.


despite its ugly appearance, this is what revitalized the hopes of the people. A large, imposing industrial mecca. Belching smokestacks, and pollution, this city seems to lack true beauty. But stricter laws are helping revitalize the the city by decreasing pollution, and making the city a cleaner place to live.


A newer residential area of the city, it reveals that the city is heading into the future and ready to provide for the economy with plenty of homes and jobs for all. A true masterpiece, this shows that the city is on the right track and ready to continue its climb towards a better tomorrow.

See you new time. And check out my SimCityBuffs exclusive CJ- Donrob River Valley at http://simcitybuffs.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=263&pid=2392#pid2392.


Kent, Calibearer



Welcome to Kent Calibearer- located by the city of Asher-On-Calibearer, Kent is a beautiful town with big dreams. A wonderful infrastructure based city, Kent shows it has charm, and beauty all built into 1 city.


Midtown Kent- no highrises here- the city forbids highrise construction. Known as the Gasin Commerce Center at Kent, downtown is a mix of shopping centers and small shops. Its exit is here, at the diverging diamond at Villaholt Pkwy.


Gasin Commerce Center at a glance. Always busy, Gasin is midtown Kent, again the infrastructure of the city shows clearly, beautifully designed, easy to move around, Kent is a city worth seeing.


The future- plenty of building lots are available, here next to a newer Target is a building about to go up- expected to be completed in May,2015, buildings go up fast.


Brower Switchover borders the 2 cities of Kent and Asher-On-Calibearer. During rush hour, thousands of people travel through. Not just locals but out of town commuters as well make this road a popular choice for metro area residents.

Have a great week, see you again soon.



Colwitten Village part 2- New businesses and homes-

Welcome back to Colwitten Village- got great responses the last round, so I figured I'd show more of this city- this time new businesses that have opened up, and a neighborhood of newer homes. Remember- this city doesn't have a lot of grid, so you'll see a bit of it this time, as most of the commercial zoning in the metro area is grid type roads, often right off highways.


Target- the newest Target store in the country, Target first appeared in Teddyland in 2000 and since then has opened 1000 stores nationwide. This one lies off a single point diamond interchange on the city's main roads.


Houerland Shops- Located on the backside of one of the roman roads (see part 1), Houerland Shops was named for its designer, who died of cancer just after designing this building. Completed in 2013, its the newest shopping center in the city. On the average day, the shopping center is packed with cars, this however is Sunday, and most of the roads are empty, as well as most shops. Only the restaurants of Subway and Chili's are open at this shopping center.


With Homes as low as $759,800, this neighborhood is the the newest in the city, located off the highway, you'd think there'd be a lot of noise, not so here, its quiet and peaceful, with a neighborhood watch program, you can feel safe letting your kids play outside.



Colwitten Village: Old Roman Meets New Modern.

Teddyland's oldest city, Colwitten Village is originally a roman trading post. The modern city was once part of a roman farm, with the trading post surrounding a road that still exists.


The first exit into town, Dowquist Pkwy is a busy street that runs through Tedsville and cities north of Colwitten Village. This main throughfare is beautifully designed, with a mix of residental, commerce and industrial zoning.


Downtown- this historic district dates to the 12th century, when the Christian Wars nearly destroyed this town. Only when the Christians won over the Pagans did the town truly thrive.


Grasmore Park, This roman inspired park features many gardens, and is a showcase of its past. Popular, beautiful, and above all a mirage in a constant cityscape, Grasmore Park is a wonderful edition to the city.


The original roman road remains here on Adelmark Rd. Tress line parts of the road, and its beauty is a remnant of its roman past.


An example of neighborhood design within the city, the contemporary European style shows clearly. Many think the city is designed with a confusing, and disorienting layout, but locals love it. So I guess the design is here to stay.

See you again soon.



Teddyland Demographics Part 2

I thought I'd continue with the demographic issues about the nation of Teddyland. Here we will explore more details about the country as a whole, rather then regional.


Parks are classified as followed, Regional, City and Historic.

Regional: Regional Parks are parks that are paid for by multipal cities within an area of influance.

City: These are funded by there respective city's. Big or small, there are guildlines for each park. Failing to follow the guildlines provided by the rules and regulations of recreation within the kingdom means a city park could end up under governmental control.


Picture provided by the City of Tedsville Parks and Recreational District.

Historic: Historic parks and national parks fall under the same catagory. These are funded by the Royal Parks and Legacy Services Division. Each is maintained by the Royal Parks Foundation, and restored by the Royal Legacy Restoration Services fund.


Bowerly Castle. Tedsville. Part of the Royal Parks and Legacy Services Division. Picture provided by the City of Tedsville Parks and Pecreation District.


Airports are classified as followed, Regional, International and local.

Regional: Funded by there respective city. They provide flights within the nation only. No international flights are provided. However, as royal regulations state, each airport is to provide swiches through a co-op system with international airports.

International: Funded by the Royal Aviation Commision(RAC), and there respective city, The International airports are to provide services based upon a ratings system. The higher the rating, the more Royal Funding is provided. This makes it so that airports are to provide the best possable service avalable.

Local: RAC funding is provided for the local single prop, single runway type airports. Farming community airports are funded by the Royal Agricultural Deveolopment Fund.


Teddy City Intl. Airport Main Terminal. Photo provided by the Teddy City Dept. of Tourism.

Hospitals: All hospital are government owned and follow strict guildlines of operation.

Schools: Schools are funded based on a cost plus basis.

Funding is based on the following:

$1,000,000 per student

$250k per school year per teacher plus summer pay based upon local living conditions.

Staffing of support staff including security, janitorial services, ect is based upon position.

Additional funds are based upon a "plus" basis and are provided by service performance. The higher the performance, The higher the extra funds paid by the Royal Acadamy of Educational Services.

Roads: Roads are funded by the Royal Transit Commision, and provide services for each city and regional transit service. Often, Metro areas fall under 1 service. For example the Teddy City metro area falls under the corperation of Metrans. The Royal Highway Commision maintains all national highways rather them falling under the regional or metro area transit services, therefore saving such services for city and regional roads rather then extra services for the whole system. Roads are to follow strict guildlines on manitaining, and are not to fall into disrepair at anytime.Should a road fall into disrepair, the city or region is fined based on the amount of mileage in need of repair.

Thats the latest details on the national demographics- hope you enjoyed.



Welcome back To Tedsville. This round a look at 3 popular sites.


First is Tedsville's beautiful downtown. Located off Kings 50 and Kings85 at the Hapstead Cross, this is like a beacon on the horizon. Seen along the highway its easy to find your way as long as you can see downtown. With lots of places to explore in the city downtown seems to be a popular choice. Though not as spectacular as its eastern neighbor of Teddy City, its still a beautiful example of national pride for the future.


The Tedsville Mustangs play here at this stadium. Popular and immense it even feature apartments for those who don't mind the noise at game time.


Cotby Park. This hiking trail alongside the Hapstead Cross overlooks downtown and is a beautiful edition to the city. Located in the suburban neighborhood of Cotsby Village, the park is always busy with people, especially at the early morning hours when joggers and walkers get there daily exercise.

Hope to see you again.





Welcome to Tedsville. Located west of Teddy City, this beautifully designed city is a beacon on the horizen.

We begin at the Hapstead Cross:


Designed in 1981 by the Warrin- Yates Corporation, this is one of the most well known, and best designed interchanges in the city. On the edge of downtown, the Hapstead Cross is identified as one of the nations Royal Transit Model award winners, and you can see why. easy on, easy off, and pleasent to look at.


A dominating residential area of Kings 50, Riverbrooke is peaceful, and beautiful with an elegant off center grid format. Rather then continuing as a strait road, it curves gracefully on to the main road. Its curving main roads give the area a look of grace, and a distictly european style the nation is known for.


The newest commercial center. Once a run down, trash ridden field, the city decided to add a shopping center to beautify the area. Located in Riverbrooke, its an example of modern architecture and is easily seen of the highway.



Eastleigh: Border city of Calibearer

Sorry for the delay. Had a family emergancy. Hoped to get this out last week.

Welcome to the city of Eastleigh. This border city borders Viehie and Calibearer and is to the north-east of Teddy City. What started out as an old farm village for the kings table in 1230AD has become a bustling city of beauty. With lots of parks, this city is a one o a kind city.


The original town of Eastleigh. Beautiful, it was once surrounded by farmland. Today its surrounded by city.


A look at how the nieghborhoods are arranged within the city. Located along a major highway this example shows how beautifully this city is designed.


Belvue Changeover- A beautifully designed interchange, its often packed on workdays. Commuters take this to get downtown, and often find that its a relatively easy commute.


The exit into downtown on a workday. Busy, congested and not much fun the city is trying to work on an exit the works. The residents hope that the future holds an easy offramp for this spot. Only time will tell however.

Hope you enjoyed. More to come of this city in future updates. Also in a future update is a national map with a 2nd part to the demographics- Still a ways off however.




Welcome- this time theres limited pictures. I thought I'd go over demographics for the nation. This is all in good fun. I've been so focused on 1 area that I failed to realize people might want to know more about the nation as a whole. So here we go.



The flag for the nation features a center yellow star and an "X" lined with green and white.

Here is what each thing menas. While all these are royal shield colors, each has a meaning. The star represents the union itself. The yellow standing for the royal crown. Green stands for the land, White means purity, while the red "bar" is that of the blood of war and he orange "bar" means the citizens of the nation.


King of our Lands


Nam et hi, qui ad regnum. Latin

For Those of the kingdom. English


Primary: English

Secondary: French, Gaelic


National Capital: Teddy City

Government: True monarchy


The palace flanked by parliament.

Ruler: King Fredrick Henry Charles Chesterton IV

Population: 25,789,656 (2014 Est.)

White: 75%

Aboriginal: 15%

Other: 10%


Calibearer: Named for Theadore Calibearer- surrounds Teddy City

Capital Region: Home of Teddy City

Zyphone: To the north of Calibearer. Aboriginal word for Big Waters- The Ocean borders Zyphone.

Viehie: Region east of Calibearer. Named for Joesph. C. Viehie- explorer.

Stetson: To the west of Calibearer. Named for explorer John R. Stetson

Kingsland: to the south of Calibearer. Named for the king.

Unionton: south of Kingsland. The southernmost region. Named inonor of the union.

Outlying islands include Anderson Island, Yokoko Island and Belfast Island


None- claimed by a sovern king in 1101AD. Prior to this time there were 50 kings ruling seperate embattled kingdoms.


Majority: Hon. Sir Harold F. Mills (Poole Party)

Minority: Hon. Sir Oliver. C. Peters (Brown Party)

seats: 105

75 Poole

25 Brown

5 Unaffiliated

I hope to get a map to people in an upcoming entry. Until next time. Happy 2015 and goodbye.


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