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City-building game(s)

Found 6 results

  1. Update 34- The Foothills Update

    Previous Update: The University Update Next Update: Midtown Santa Rio No prologue today... Replies are at the bottom... First up...Palos Verdes Foothills Population: 15,032 Median Household Income: $104,683 Intersection of W. Redwood Avenue and N. Foothills Blvd., the center of life in Palos Verdes A local distribution center as well as Palos Verdes High School, a school that is so known for it's snobby student body that it was the setting of a high school drama show that became very popular in Henderson. A condominium overlooks Foothills Blvd in this rotated view. Some commercial on Foothills Blvd. Despite the area's strong suburban feel, big corporations still found a way to nestle themselves into the city. Eastbound transmission lines from the nearby nuclear power plant are hidden in a forest of trees. State Route 10 Zoe Nuclear Power Plant, which became functional in 1993, provides over 55% of the region's power, with the rest coming from hydroelectricity, something the Pacific Northwest is known for. Interchange of State Route 10 and Interstate 45, a freeway that one can take past Catalina Foothills and all the way to the US-Henderson Border in Alaska. At the bottom is the exit to the nuclear plant. Catalina Foothills Population: 14,338 Median Household Income: $86,229 A view of Interstate 45 entering Catalina Foothills An over-sized exit onto Foothills Avenue in the Southern portion of Catalina Foothills Catalina Foothills Police Department More commercial along Foothills Avenue Northbound transmission lines in the southern portion of the city Some affordable housing in Catalina Foothills, something Palos Verdes does not have. Some houses along the small mountain range that divides the city into two. Downtown Catalina Foothills, located in the Northern portion of the city More of Downtown Replies korver Thanks! MilitantRadical Thanks, and I always did have a small feeling the building didn't fit in... sunda Obrigado! Que bom que você gostou! gviper Lol thanks! Nexusfire I'm planning to show the airport sometime soon, but I must warn you it is a pretty basic airport...
  2. Update 33- The University Update

    [Click banner for full size] College Town, home to three different colleges, is a district of Santa Rio that is full of young, ambitious adults that finally managed to move away from their parents and find a creepy roommate to bunk with. Although the district is often criticized for it's virtually absent nightlife, students still find a way to have police show up to the dorms every night, and with a median age of 20, that tradition isn't going away any time soon... Replies are at the bottom... First things first, the University of English Vancouver, the main college of the district and the fifth oldest in the U of EV system. PS, if you didn't figure it out after all these updates, English Vancouver is supposed to be an alternative British Columbia and a state of Henderson. There it is, the Santa Rio campus of the University of English Vancouver. Home to raving block parties, an ominous forest, and an occasional sewage smell, this campus of the U of EV definitely isn't the nicest. Other than it's medical school/hospital, Vu Medical Center, and the College of Built Environments, all of the school's academic programs are ranked last in the entire U of EV system and don't even make it into top 100 programs in all of Henderson. This is the North Campus Science Multiplex. The Foster Science Complex is home to four different schools, including the College of Built Environments, which is known for having the 11th best undergraduate Architecture program in North America and the 15th best undergraduate Interior Design program in Henderson. A CVS Pharmacy next to the NCSM. The Vu Medical Center, formerly known as Vu Research, is home to one of the best medical programs on the entire continent. Some more schools and buildings in the main part of the campus Some stores and a Hyvee Groceries & Gas along Foster Ave. Here you can see the SRMMA and the English Vancouver School of Design, a separate college that is almost always ranked higher than the neighboring U of EV campus. Intersection of Foster Ave. & Jackson Ave. Southeastern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex. Southwestern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex. Northern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex. Westwood Village, a group of condominiums that is marketed exclusively towards graduate students. Parkland Lofts, an upscale student housing development that replaced Brennan Hall in 2010. A local Super Target that has been known as a place unsafe for kids at night since it can sometimes fall victim to the local streakers of the campus. Next up are the two other colleges in the district, the Kingston Institute and the E.V. School of Design. The English Vancouver School of Design was originally founded as Northwestern College in 1965 but relocated from the Kellan Metropolitan Area and "relaunched" to become the college it is known as today. The former school became defunct in 1990 after a majority of the school's professors were caught giving their students answers to major licensing tests for various degrees for over four years. 11 years later, the school relaunched with an entirely new persona to work it's way up to one of the most respected design schools on the North American West Coast. The school has since then produced many successful alumni including Mark Hamelberg, a famous NFL player, Janice Smith, co-founder of social media site InstaFace with a net worth of over 18.9 billion dollars, and Jack Hodgins, an actor known for his big movie roles including Captain Henderson in The Revengers. The school also offers a number of dual degree programs with the nearby Kingston Institute as well as a dual degree in Photography with the neighboring U of EV campus. The Kingston Institute, founded in 1950, is a premium college known for it's well-respected law school as well as it's superb MBA program. Because of this, the school is made up of mostly graduate students from all over the world who managed to get past the relatively difficult admission process. On February 15th, 2015, the school gained even more recognition after Stephen Hawking gave a very compelling lecture in the school's library building, and in July 2014 when one of Morgan Freeman's grandchildren enrolled in the school. Untouched Panoramas Replies Compdude787 Thanks! And it only has one freeway because it is supposed to be situated in the relatively remote region. Ln X That is very true. And lucky for you, Palos Verdes is in the next update. gviper Thanks! Linoa06 Thanks kschmidt Thanks! It is a shame that grid patterns are hard to escape from. sunda obrigado! (Thanks!) Next Update: Palos Verdes Foothills & Catalina Foothills.
  3. Update 32- Santa Rio Maps

    [Click banner for full size] I planned to update Santa Rio a long time ago, but my hard drive got corrupted. Luckily, Santa Rio is backed up but my wife decided to send my computer to Geek Squad despite the fact I told her I could fix it myself. Toshiba, for some reason, decided to replace the motherboard as well so now I'm dealing with a whole new slew of problems related to Windows 10 not being activated now. Also, two things about the the valley's grid pattern (I know people are silently judging me on it): 1) I am REALLY bad at finding a way to zone along diagonal and curved roads in SC4 while making it look good at the same time. 2) Despite this, I actually made the cities of Langley, Ironwood, and Hawthorne disconnect from the grid pattern. Sadly, those are all in the Southeast valley so they do not show up in any of these photos. Replies are at the bottom... Replies kschmidt Thanks! Glad to see someone else in the city building community that appreciates non-European architecture. BugeyedDragon That is the Treasure Island Casino (from Las Vegas). I'm not sure if I got it from the STEX or SC4D Themistokles Thanks! And the cities Santa Rio is based off of don't really have expansive light rail systems. They are present, but certain parts of the North American West Coast are known for being very car dependent, so Santa Rio's realism is based off that factor. feyss Thanks! raynev1 Thanks! And I was actually going for that dense Manhattanization of the CBD. Schulmanator Thanks! Glad you liked the variety. Mr. Bluescreen Lol thanks! It is a really nice region. inspire224 Thanks! jmsepe Thanks! I usually don't do tall buildings so that was a special. sejr99999 Thanks! Next Update: Northwest Santa Rio (Greene, Owen Heights, & College Town)
  4. Rio_de_Janeiro_22km.zip

    Version 1.0


    Hi guys! I made this map based on exported heighmaps by http://terrain.party using 22km of resolution. I´m from Rio, borned and live here in this city and applied my knowledge do correct and enhance the heightmaps, appearance, roads and natural resources. This way I got build map that is well similar to the reality. I hope that you enjoy! Best regards! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olá pessoal! Criei este mapa baseado nos heightmaps gerados pelo http://terrain.party em resolução 22km. Sou do Rio mesmo, nasci aqui e vivo aqui nesta cidade e usei meu conhecimento para corrigir e aperfeiçoar os heightmaps, aspectos, estradas e recursos naturais. Consegui assim criar um mapa bem semelhante à realidade. Espero que curtam! Abraços! Rodrigo Cunha https://www.facebook.com/rod.scunha rscunha13@msn.com
  5. Version


    The Rio 2016 Olympic Project is proud to present... Christ the Redeemer Cristo Redentor is a 30 metre Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot. The statue is located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city of Rio. As a symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1922 and 1931. (Source: Wikipedia) This is the first BAT release for the Rio 2016 Project. Cristo Redentor is a Landmark that comes in several versions. It's a pretty complicated BAT, I've tried to keep it simple... Start by downloading either the Darknite or Maxis night versions (xx_DN or xx_MN respectively) not both. If you're unsure, download the Maxis Night version. Versions: 1) Statue with Observation Deck, is an overhanging prop that sits on 1x1 lot. Costs §5000 to build and §150 per month. This version has the statue and plinth atop the stone viewing platform that sits on top of the mountain. It comes with a separate staircase, on a 2x1 lot. (zero effect, zero cost) Delete folder 'Cristo Redentor Observation Deck' if you don't want the Observation Deck. 2) A standalone version on a 1x1 lot. This version has only the statue and plinth standing directly on the ground. Delete folder 'Cristo Redentor Standalone Statue' if you don't want the standalone statue. You can use both! 3) The night versions come in 7 different colours. You can only use one version, please delete the versions you don't want (or just remove them from your plugin folder). Do not delete them all! You need at least one. There are no external Prop dependencies, although the Dark Nite version requires SimFox_Day_n_Nite_Modd. Disclaimer: I have tried to test all of these but there's so many versions I may have missed something. If you find a problem please let me know. This is my 30th BAT.
  6. Replies Hoodlife Thanks! The avenue is not a Mod, it is 100% made with the Lot Editor, the textures come from a pack made by Heblem, which is not available for download, and the medians are props made by Erjolog, and are available on the STEX. Check on the Simtropolis Omnibus section, there is a great tutorial on how to make your own textures! feeroz123 Thanks a lot! dossenaandrea Thank you! Again, it's 100% lot editor, so nothing functional, but you can actually use those props in Maxis avenues, by creating a lot and transit-enabling it! The medians are available here: As for the houses, they are available in the LBT house pack: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=750 ccy Thank you very much ccy! tankmank Well, stand by for the coming update Thanks for your comment! Hazani Pratama Thanks my friend! Luiz P. Romanini Could be your next vacation destination Thank you! Ln X LBT stuff and Goldvia Palm trees give an amazing tropical feeling to SC4, thanks mate! MatTSW Welcome to San Theodoros! MilitantRadical Also freezing my butt in Canada, that makes two of us! Come visit us in San Theodoros! Kruness Yes we did! And we also stole the French part and turned it into a natural reserve Thanks a lot Kruness! TekindusT Wish I could be there Gracias amigo! Benedict Thank you very much Ben, appreciate it! burnzie_16 That's why so many people still play this amazing game, custom content! Takes SC4 to another level and allows us to create anything! Thanks a lot for your comment! Rio de Mayo Okay,so moving West to the main Island, Trinidad! Its capital, Rio de Mayo is San Theodoros' second largest city, with more than a million souls. Because of its strategic position on the Atlantic Ocean, it was used as the main hub to trade goods. Rio de Mayo's port is still the country's busiest port and thanks to the development of manufacturing, agriculture, oil and mining industry, the city is now San Theodoros' richest city, despite huge social inequalities that remain. Founded by the Portuguese, the city still reflects the Portuguese colonization and 80% of the inhabitants (called the Mariocas) speak Portuguese. Welcome to Rio de Mayo! Centro: Downtown Rio de Mayo. Because of its early development, many neoclassical buildings can be found in the center of Rio de Mayo, which is a unique feature in San Theodoros. Some classical architecture can also be found in that area, the most famous landmark being the Teatro Municipal, inspired by the Opera Garnier in Paris. Estádio Jornalista Assis Chateaubriand known as the Maracaxá: Despite its small size, this stadium is considered the temple of football, which is considered a religion in San Theodoros. A football game between San Theodoros' most famous teams, Flamengo do San Theodoros and Fluminense do San Theodoros Morro de Nova Esperança: Because of the huge development of the city, people from all over the country came to Rio de Mayo. Some found success and wealth, others ended up in favelas, the most notorious being the Favela da Nova Esperança. It is often said that Rio de Mayo is a city located at the corner of Heaven and Hell. Police Operation in the Favela

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