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Ash City

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Ash City- A city to remember

Welcome back- in this edition we'll show you some parts of the city- some are hidden treasures, others are well visible.  We'll see many of the sites of the city, and an oddly placed residential zone that backs against the airport.
The Bus Terminal- Built in 1989, the bus terminal is a hub of activity. Beautifully designed inside and out, it features large windows that are great for viewing the city's mountains. Many tourists come through here. Depending on how far you've come, its not a cheap ride.
2 historic structures- located near the stadium and city hall, these structures were part of the city rebuild as mentioned last time- The telephone building- built in 1899, it was designed by Frank Marshall.  Next door is the old Gruberton Hotel- built in 1889 it was designed by Bobby Troyal Mills and features an impressive interior. Its interior is all original and features a marble fountain as a center piece.
A residential area backed against the airport- an odd location it overlooks the man made Bowerly Lake. Even with its odd location against the runways it is still one of the most popular areas to live in the city.
Horchester Interchange- Completed in 1988 it bridges 3 highways- 2 don't connect to each other, but all 3 connect to the main highway through town heading east to west- an odd layout, its a frequent hub of activity in this majestic city.
Downtown- simple designs make up this area of town. The reason? Its believed that if a building is too fancy, it'll take away from the surrounding mountains, thus the city chose to use a more simplistic style for its downtown. A pine tree lined street makes up the northern artery, while here a simple design makes up the south route. Many office buildings line this beautiful location, and apartments in sky-rises are at a premium. Average rent- $4500/mo for a 2 bedroom.

Thats a look at the majestic Ash City- enjoy the stay.
Brought to you by:
Ash City Visitors Association
12 Huntler Dr.
Ash City, CB Zone B 788-PO9
PH: 1 800990-2232



Ash City-  beauty in Disguise

Welcome to Ash City- Located 20 miles from Mt Collins Volcano, Ash City is a beautiful place. Located in the Franmoor Valley- a large valley in the volcanic "Safe Zone", Ash City is a popular, and populous place. Though seismically active, the area is quite peaceful. With demanding views of the Stanhope Mountain Range, Ash City is a wonderful city.
Ash City Intl. Airport- The airport backs up against the mountains, making for an intense and tricky landing for even the most professional pilots. Yet there has never been a plane crash here. The landing has a commanding view as the Stanhope Range becomes larger as you come down from the air. Located on the Ash City Bypass, a highway designed to take you to the north of the city's main sector, This shows the example of what makes Ash City such an amazing place.
Ash City City Hall. Built in 1603, This once majestic structure was in ruin, only in the revitalization of 1920 saved it. The quakes had left the roof caving in, as the building once sat in the middle of no where, where the city once stood before the eruption of 1788 destroyed it. Today, this part of town has undergone a transition, new structures, new homes, and a new life, beginning to reappear.
Holy Rood Baptist Church on Milburn Pkwy, a looping main road 8 lanes wide stands near a major residential zone. Here we see a tram, part of the system from the 1920 revitalization project. This tram is heading to the airport. Anyway about the church: Built in 1804, the church is part of the Royal Historic Designation Society. Built of local red clay, the church is an example of the rebuilding phase that the city underwent. Its believed that the volcano is now extinct, but that doesn't mean that the ground won't move.
Making an entrance- the first City exit along the Bypass takes you up onto the mountain- a beautiful entry into the city, the views are amazing. Homes line the highway and have amazing views of the mountains, these are the best available views in the city.
The valley and the city- at its widest the valley is 7 miles wide, and the city squeezes in. And man is it a tight squeeze- this shows clearly the amazing views that people here see.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Ash City- enjoy your stay.







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