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  1. Torre Latina

    That flat gray roof on top of the section at the base looks a bit weird, but other than that, it looks nice.
  2. Welp, I think my issue has finally been solved. I'll just remove LRM. One more quick question though, does USL work with Software Rendering? I'd assume not.
  3. I think it might actually be LRM. I looked in the readme of LRM 4.0, and I found the same exact blue lightposts in the Miscellaneous Styles (as seen below). If it is LRM, I must've installed it wrong or something. Maybe it's having a conflict with something else? EDIT: After a quick look, I have found out the culprit most likely is LRM. It is probably something wrong with the lightcones. I'll try reinstalling it and then I'll edit the post with the results. If the issue isn't LRM, then I don't know what is. EDIT #2: I just reinstalled LRM with the USA Style... now it's making EVERY streetlight in my city have rainbow squares! I guess I'm living with eternal daylight for a bit longer than expected...
  4. I have NO clue which T21/Light Mods I'm using, if any. I have NAM 36 installed, if that helps. The lights on the bridges seem to be these weird blue ones...
  5. First of all, I use software rendering because Hardware Rendering makes my game run at 1 FPS in any kind of tile that is halfway full. The rainbow boxes are still there in hardware rendering, btw. I also did try the steps in that thread you linked to, but hardware rendering still made the game run at 1 FPS in my city. If you couldn't tell already, my computer is crap. What's really strange is that this issue is ONLY happening in that one city It seems to only happen if there are buildings near the bridge... I'm seriously thinking this is un-fixable
  6. 1. I opened up a new city and made a river. I built the same two bridges in my city that have the rainbow boxes, and they didn't have the issue... must be a city-specific issue. 2. The problem is indeed still there. 3. Same as #2, problem is still there.
  7. Hello. I haven't played SimCity 4 in ages, so I decided I'd pick the game back up today. As soon as I built a bridge, which was during the night, I saw rainbow-colored boxes all across the bridge. In the day it was obviously fine, but when it turned to night again, I saw the same rainbow-colored boxes. This was not pleasing to my eye at all, so I decided to bulldoze it and rebuild it during night so I could see the bridge that produced the least amount of those boxes. I eventually found that bridge, and now it really doesn't bother me anymore. I then put in another bridge that, luckily, had no boxes appearing at night at all. When I build another bridge in the same style as the first bridge, the rainbow-colored boxes were still there, but EVEN WORSE. This has never happened before. If it is due to a mod, I have no idea which one it would be because my Plugins folder is 1.29 GB and it's a mess. I'm using Software Rendering on the Steam version of the game on Windows 7 SP1. Attached is a picture at night of those three bridges I mentioned (those 3 are the only bridges in my city).
  8. A-Z Cars

    Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404
  9. The Preference Game

    Friday, obviously. Even though the weekend is only two days, I really don't care. SimCity 4 or SimCity 5?
  10. The Preference Game

    Trains. I have a huge fear of Airplanes (except planes like Cessna or a Cessna, and helicopters), so trains would most likely be my choice. If a train can't get me to my destination... I guess automobiles. Nintendo, Playstation, or Sony for your game console needs? Edit 5/11/17: I meant to put Nintendo instead of Playstation...
  11. A-Z Cars

    Yamaha OX99-11
  12. A-Z Cars

    Fiat Uno
  13. The Preference Game

    Deep ocean exploring FTW! Your Simtrop account being banned for a month, or muted for two months?
  14. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned because you're a Reservist.
  15. The Preference Game

    Obviously Deadpool. Would you rather live in Las Vegas, Orlando, or San Francisco?